Look at all these fucking idiots I drew.

Top left is Captain Taniss, we’ve called her now.  Gave her a pretty face and a lovely gap tooth.  Also, her hair is perfection.

In the light blue is the as of yet unnamed First Mate, probably wondering what the hell Taniss is smoking right now.

Top right purple is the cute redhead who knows how to belly dance.  Other information is pending. u.u

In the green is Chef, also known as Nathen, being too fucking attractive.  Whoever his wife is?  She’s a lucky lady.

In the orange is Nobility.  We’ve got a last name for her now: Tankov.  Still no first name, though.

The older lady there is the ship’s magical protector.  She’s old, but she’s a total badass and really does not act her age.  She will kick your ass.

And finally, the pretty girl in the pink is the Doctor.  We’ve decided now that she is asexual.

Feel free to ask questions about any of them!  Appearance, personality, hobbies, family, anything~

tyler-the-cuddle-machine i’m not even gonna reblog that post b/c it’s that disgusting… jfc.. like i’d say these people need to learn to fact-check and get the whole fucking story before they go and say this kinda shit, but we know they won’t. i’ve seen so many of us give full-on fucking masterposts-worth of links to anons to show what actually happened with drew’s case, but i s2g none of them listen. like i said in my tags, practically anyone who’s not a kings fan is just so ready and willing to demonize every single little thing about the kings, so like hell they’ll listen.. every single player on this team is capable of the most deplorable things imaginable, apparently…