I was trying to work on a cute drawing but coudn’t get it to look cute enough no matter what so when I completely stressed myself out I just drew this cute lil Kaneki to calm the hell down

Tbh I am all for month long fandom art challenges, but could people stop making some of the prompts about least favorites?? Why would I ever want to draw my least favorite character or notp?? And when people do draw art of their choices and tag it as such, it just upsets anyone tracking the tag. It’s not a fun experience for the person drawing the art or the person unlucky enough to see your tagged disgust. So chill out and come up with better prompts.

Music Tagging Thingy

I was tagged by ugamyrain for this :D

The two rules:set my mp3 player on shuffle and no skipping

1- Second Chance- Shinedown
2- Running Away- Hoobastank 
3- Kill Me- The Pretty Reckless
4- Points of Authority- Linkin Park
5- A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorta (Run DMT)- Asking Alexandria
6- Sinkin Man- Of Monsters and Men
7- Paradise Lost- Hollywood Undead
8- The Curse of Curves- Cute is What We Aim For
9- I Drew a Line- Folk Family Revival (I have no idea where the hell this came from)
10- Use Somebody- Kings of Leon

Thank you so much for tagging me! 

I am tagging kairaion lifeandtimesat221b izzyk279 therewithasmile icronagorgon ilarual and whoever else wants to 

turtlesarawesome replied to your photoset “the reason why i drew them not so romantic is because i’m too shy to…”

You should post it! I love Talkat, and i hate that i keep seeing both Garen and Kat as well as Talon with Riven, there needs to be more Talkat

hahaha idk man sometimes when my hope are too big for responses i just get sad later, so i better keep it for myself. (i can count how many of talkat fans who put some comments/tags on their reblog to develop my feels over this ship). i believe some of talkat fans can feel how i feel right?

i’ll never leave this ship, it’s just that… i… *sigh* i will post it someday when my heart is ready.

for GarenKat and TalonRiven, it’s good that their fans contribute what they love, it’s good that they share opinions and headcanons because they’re on the same boat. it’s good for them.

you hate that ship, because there’s only 2-3 persons that post our ship. but, hey, we can fix that if every Talkat fans make a contribute of our favorite ship. fanart, fanfic, rp, or just headcanons. it doesn’t matter as long as you start to contribute to this ship too. (we can have more Talkat by then muahaha)

ah engrish…

anonymous asked:

Slcjskfkakxkskd sorry i fell asleep ;w; First thing i do when i have free time is to hike or walk with the dogs ! If i can't i play video games or read. I wish i'd draw more though... I have so many ideas that i'd like to be able to draw~ <3 (Pssst, everytime i read your tags i end up blushing and being all fkskfmekfmw)

Don’t be sorry! sleep is a thing you’re supposed to do that time of night.

What kind of dogs??? I love dogs and miss mine so much so I live vicariously through anyone willing to tell me about their dogs. Hell I wish I drew more, I haven’t done much lately.