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the child abuse thing?

I’m not sure if you’re asking me which thing I am talking about, or if you are asking for details, but here is what I know at this point:

Some fanartists drew Starscream as a human and dressed him in a schoolgirl outfit. (I believe they refer to him as “he” and depict him with breasts and a vagina as well, but this may vary.) They ship him with a humanized Megatron who is depicted looking older. They tag this with “schoolgirl hell,” which implies that Starscream is under 18. (I could also imagine this referring to ageplay between adults where Starscream is pretending to be in high school (or, for example, Starscream being older but still in high school, for a long list of reasons), but I am not one of the shippers so I don’t know if his age is specified, and I know it is the implication he is under 18 that is at issue.)

A group of people, many of whom are minors themselves and many of whom identify as neurodivergent and/or as having mental illness, have taken it upon themselves to destroy this AU. They don’t just ask “can you make this a college AU instead so SS is clearly of age” or ask for tags – it is tagged “schoolgirl hell” – but go into the tags and spam them with “if you are an adult who is okay with this AU you are bad” and spam with lengthy photo posts and angry messages. When they have been called on going into the tags, they have said that “glorifying csa” is different from any other fetish and defended ruining the tags. When people point out that some of these artists and writers are themselves survivors of CSA, they insist that they are the important ones.

They send people anonymous hate, and they have sent messages saying people should die, graphically describing violence they want to do to people, etc. When they are called out for this, they mention their mental illness, as though it forces them to describe being violent to others in graphic detail. When you’re troubled by this they accuse you of mocking people with mental illness or mocking autistic people, as though “don’t talk about graphically killing real people” was just a social cue they miss or something.

They also claim that they want a safe space for minors to talk about this issue and tell adults to stay away because adults fetishize CSA, which directly affects them as minors. This is probably the thing I’m most OK with – if someone wants me to leave a space that’s fine. If someone wants to talk about something that affects them without me around, that’s fine.

But I’m troubled by invoking safe space like that AND THEN shitting in the tag. It reminds me uncomfortably of TERFs. “We just want our own spaces, what do you mean we’re being terrible in public?!?! Go away!”

There is also talk of one of the fanartists who drew high school hell, who was herself 17, being hospitalized after a trigger brought on my the stress. This also troubles me, but I have seen people cite this kind of thing in many fandom kerfuffles and it’s difficult to verify so I’ve kinda stayed Away.

That’s why I say I’ve begun to feel leery of SJ. SJ is what justifies, to many people, this idea that “whatever we say is right and unassailable because we are oppressed. Any means is acceptable for us to win.”

I just feel right now like I’ve seen it too often to try to focus on how SJ can be used well. I’m now really leaning toward “stay away. Unsafe at any speed.”

List top ten characters (1 per series) + tag 10 people.

tagged by a-quick-drink it didn’t specify what’s meant by series so i shall do books and tv

1. Cut & Run books - Beaumont Tyler Grady

2. Hell or Highwater books - Elijah ‘Prophet Drews

3. The Flash - Cisco

4. Orphan Black - all the clones lol :p whatevs it’s hard to choose just one ok

5. Lost Girl - Kenzie

6. Banshee - Job

7. Archer - Lana

8. The Hunter Kiss books - Maxine Kiss

9. Castle - Ryan & Esposito,  i can’t choose between the duo :P

10. Jane the Virgin - Rogelio de la Vega.

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I think I found your blog through the Persona 2 tag, and since you seemed to be an expert in P2 I thought you were one of those serious and academic blogs (you know the ones I mean, IDK if they have a name for the type of blog) that should be cautious about interacting with in case I make an ass out of myself lol

Really? I remember it differently… I was going through the Time Count tag and holy shit this person drew Time Count he looks beautiful what the hell


Anyway you seemed really cool so I had to gather up a lot of courage to finally send you an ask.

God that’s funny that we were both cautious around each other at first and now I’m just like

/drapes self over your shoulder and makes it rain swarovski crystal skulls

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i remember you telling me about ace before you made him ort of and ofc i was like "OC" so that's what drew me and now i'm in HELL

WELCOME TO HELL.gif i’m so glad i told you about him and that you were interested in him because honestly i might not have made him otherwise











Portals to Hell by hrmphfft





This is one of those posts that you need to save and tag or you’ll never see it again for 84 years.

Whoever drew this is an amazing person and I love them.

What in hell

I started crying from laughing at the horse one.


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