A one off comic (Yes for reals, replacement for patience update cause I just couldn’t draw it)

I really wanted to do this after I thought of it. Basically a thought of “What happens just before a reset?” Memories? A minor thought of a human who destroyed everything- except you. Ah. I love the neutral endings

The voice Undyne hears is her own, the echo flower - Mod Dusty


So, I said last night that I really wanted to draw silly stuff of characters I’ve seen, but never watched or played their games. Yeah, it was Layton. I never played his games before, though I remember watching a movie or something several years ago. So I know him from that and my friend, Doodlechill, used to talk about him quite a lot.

Since the 2nd image is inspired by some of SquigglyDigg’s recent text posts, I’m holding her partially responsible for this. The pozzls broke me.

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I love SAM tbh. It's such a coolio concept. He does as much as he's able to do for Ryder. I can't get mad at him for that

Dude, I could talk to you for HOURS about SAM.

Sure, his writing is a little stilted, a little repetitive and tutorial-like (then again, he IS kind of the narrator-tutorial-helper kind of thing, I understand it’s hard to write a character like that that also feels like a person), but I’m SUPER into the idea of a companion AI- especially when it becomes difficult to tell where the Artificial ends and the Intelligence begins.

The idea had so much potential, and with a few rewrites or headcanons that would make him more of a fully fledged character, he would make for some very interesting moral- and otherwise difficult questions. Kind of in the same vein as EDI and the geth, only on a more intimate, personal level. More like Anders and Justice in DA2 than anything in the original trilogy.

Like, questions of what constitutes personhood. The question of privacy and trust, knowing that SAM is present in not just Ryder’s, but all of the Pathfinders’ heads. Whether the Pathfinders and SAM, beings that essentially use the same body, constitute a network of separate identities that converge in one node, or are they all separate beings with a direct communication channel between them. Does an active SAM implant enable Ryder to communicate with all of the other Pathfinders quasi-telepathically, like they are able to talk to their comatose sibling? Imagine what an asset that would be to the Alliance, four separate elite strike teams the leaders of which are able to communicate instantaneously and wirelessly, on a channel that physically cannot be wiretapped, because it’s basically a peripheral nervous system, and if a part of it is destroyed, it can easily be repaired and replaced! So many unanswered questions.

Before release, I actually really wanted there to be a possibility to maybe romance SAM, tbh. Mainly because of the aforementioned questions, I thought it would be a fascinating insight into how exactly players (and I, tbh) would think about AI- like, how important is corporeality in a relationship. How does this kind of symbiosis and mutual reliance affect bonds. Is it gonna be a Her kinda situation, where the human’s brain is unable to comprehend the vastness of their AI partner’s potential and develops jealousy and feelings of inferiority when learning about others’ possible connection to the AI.

I’m just. I’m really intrigued and truth be told there is a part of me that would absolutely love to not just read, but WRITE a novel about this.

Hey, if anyone has suggestions about sci-fi books featuring human/AI relationships, @ me? Or shoot me a message? Seriously, I’d LOVE that.

The only thing even remotely like what I’m looking for that I can think of is Anne McCaffrey’s “The Ship Who Sang”, a short story from the 1950′s, but even then it’s not really an AI and a human, but an immortal, hyperintelligent (super)human consciousness implanted into a spaceship??? Guys, I eat this kinda shit RIGHT up.