One time I was wearing my hair really nicely and I was like “I look fabulous rn” and this girl was like “oh my god your so big headed shut up” I was so freaking annoyed. People tell girls to be more confident but when they are and say it they say theyre big headed. LIKE WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT ME TO THINK

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How tall are you? Uh Ike I think I’m like 5'7…?
What style and color is your hair? Pixie cut ish and it’s dark brown
What color are your eyes? Green and brown lol
Do you wear glasses/contacts? Yea I’m super blind lol
Do you wear braces? Nope
What is your fashion style? Um idk… Really gay.
Whats your full name? Not saying~~~
When were you born? Vermont
How old are you? It’s a secret
Where are you from/live now? Montreal
Do you have any siblings and what are their names? Nope
What kind of student are you? I stress out too much. My grades are pretty ok tho 
Do you even like school? Kinda
What are your favorite school subjects? History and science
What are your favorite tv shows? Um last week tonight with john Oliver, Steven universe, we bare bears, the daily show, 30 Rock, the fosters…. 
What are your favorite movies? Literally everything by studio ghibli. I also liked 500 days of summer and the titanic. 
What is your favorite pass time? Drawing, listening to music and writing 
Do you have any regrets? Yeah sure 
What is your dream job? Artist
Would you like to get married and where? Yeah sure! Um idk maybe on the beach? My parents got married in the living room of the minister who was marrying them so I might just do that lol 
Would you like to have kids someday? Uh no
Are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or a tomboy? Hm I dunno. I really dress like a tomboy in the fall but when it’s all hot and stuff during summer I can’t really. I guess I’m a regular girl who has her butch moments lol 
Do you like shopping? Sure
What countries have you visited so far? Well I split my time between the U.S. and Canada. I haven’t been outside those 2 countries yet tho 
Whats the scariest nightmare you have had? When I was little I had a dream this creepy girl killed my dad with a frisbee but there was also a sequel to the dream a few nights later and that was creepy. 
Do you have enemies? Not really 
Who are your best friends? Oh I have a lot. Nick, Suzie, Louisa, liana, Mathilde, feng Dan, Ana, Lianne, tess, Virginie, evita, naviha I have like 3 or 4 squads at this point lol 
Put your phone on shuffle and write the first 10 songs without skipping:
Oh Mom by GD&T.O.P
Zero by B.A.P
Going Crazy by Song Jieun and Bang Yongguk
Gotta be You by 2NE1
One Shot by B.A.P
Crash by B.A.P
Q by Bang Yongguk
Very Good by Block B
Voicemail by B.A.P
Knock Out by GD&T.O.P


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Our 25% off all summer items SALE continues this week!!! Including this Aztec top! Originally $35, now $26!!! This and MANY other items available on sale NOW!!! Happy Shopping Ladies!!! 💗💗💗 (in store only) - Repost from @bigsiscloset — What’s up with all these ridiculous fashion “rules” that plus size women are “supposed” to adhere to? Seriously guys, it’s 2015, I can wear whatever the hell I want to.

Oprah Magazine’s been getting a lot of heat lately for printing an article stating that “you can only wear a crop top if (and only if!) you have a flat stomach”. What kind of bullshit is that? And the sad part is, a lot of women and girls will *actually* believe this nonsense, and other forms of body-shaming in the media.

Do what *YOU* want with *YOUR* fashion. It’s *YOUR* body. *YOU* get to decide what goes on it. Period. -Karen (EX-follower of @oprahmagazine)

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Im a 15 year old girl and 5'2 with long brown hair thats sometimes wavy idk and i really only wear yoga pants and t-shirts but whatever #aesthetic. my ideal date is probably watching marvel movies and eating kettle corn and maybe coloring. i have so many crayons its not even funny, please help me color with them.


describe urself on anon and your ideal date and i will say if i would date you!!(plz include ur age!!)

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No that's what pisses me off so much from some sq shippers. I'm straight and my sister is a lesbian. I dress more like Emma and relate so much to her but at times I like to get girly and I'm still me. Nothing wrong with dressing up from time to time which Emma's worn dresses quite a bit along with other stuff. My sister whose a lesbian pretty much only wears dresses and skirts unless she has to wear pants. So it annoys the hell out of me when I see the stereotypes because I know gays and (part 1

Lesbians along with the whole queer community fight to not have stereotypes since my sister is on it all the time. But then you have people using the stereotypes to scream about a ship and it annoys me. My sister hears all the time she can’t be gay because of how she dresses and it’s like shush stupid people cause clothes define you with your style choices but not your sexuality. Though if I say it on my blog cause I ship Cs I’ll get how I’m a homophobic and all so I had to rant here sorry.

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okay no I have to continue from that reply it's all just the way they talk and talk to each other and how prickly Hyukjae is but just like a cactus, there's this soft squishy center to him that soaks up Donghae's care and attention to hold him through separations like these but Donghae wears his squishy on the outside and he dries up faster but seriously how Hyukjae told him to just call (and lol like hell he won't bend over backwards for Donghae as an adult) and the roundabout missing eachother

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA but no esp this part it’s my fav:

there’s this soft squishy center to him that soaks up Donghae’s care and attention to hold him through separations like these but Donghae wears his squishy on the outside and he dries up faster but seriously how Hyukjae told him to just call

I just think that’s incredibly lovey and poetic about what you said *______* bc when i was choosing what kind of plants hyukjae would give him i was thinking cactus bc they’re pretty easy to take care of compares to other house plants but they’re prickly things and not exactly standard stuff beautitful and there’s this idea that you can leave them alone for months and they’ll be fine and that’s true in a way since they can survive in the hashes condition but THEY THRIVE under the best care so with donghae careful attention they’ll grow stronger and that’s a lot of way like how he is with hyukjae. he’s under hyukjae’s care for REASONS and hyukaje is the one providing him with a roof, food, and money while he help hyukjae with the house chores and stuff but donghae unabashed love for hyukjae (so open and fierce yet bc it’s young and new it’s layer with a bunch of insecurity) is the kind of thing hyukjae soak up bc idk sometimes to be love so fiercely like that it’s scary and humbling at the same time.

ALSO I LOVE THAT YOU MENTION HYUKJAE=CACTUS bc hahaha yes!!! hyukjae has such a prickly personality in this ‘verse he’s like 1000% grumpy all the time but inside he’s so soft and squishy and prob more sensitive then anybody else :( but he put up a front a lot so that he can protect himself from the hurt that may or may not come. YET here’s donghae seeing through his pretense and he doesn’t knock it over, but carefully one by one, brick by brick he starts to remove that wall around hyukjae’s heart. the thing is hyukjae is when it comes to teasing hyukjae has no problem saying mushy stuff (”do you miss me? because i miss you.”) and he loves teasing donghae bc donghae rarely indulge himself and for a kid still he try so hard to act like an adult and hyukjae just want to break him down so can be selfish around hyukjae and hey life is too SHORT to grow up that fast. so he has no problem with admiring to missing when he’s doing it to get a reaction out of donghae and donghae is the hesitant party here BUT if donghae is the pursueing/aggressive party and on the offense hyukjae is the one retreating back and hesitatating bc he doesn’ know how to deal when donghae has the upper hand and attack him (the first one to admit he miss hyukjae w/o hyukjae prompting so) and hyukjae is the one flustered about the confession and goes THE ROUNDABOUT WAY TO ADMIT THAT HE TOO MISS DONGHAE bc when donghae is serious hyukjae doesn’t know how to answer it *____*. it’s a constant tug and war w/ them and changing battlefield ;D and I JUST LOVE LOVE YOUR COMMENT SO MUCH AHHHHH IT’S SO SO PRETTY AND ON POINT THAT I JUST WANT TO PRINT IT OUT AND STARE AT IT. tHANK YOU!!<3

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[Min-ji~] ♕♡♢♦

nonsexual acts of intimacy - select from the following for my muse to respond to

  • ♔ :Finding your muse wearing their clothes

     …There are moments she wonders what is going on in the world, and it was certainly one of them. What the hell was he doing with one of her shirts? Granted, it was a men’s shirt to begin with, but… “Did you have fun raiding my closet, Kira?” Seriously, wasn’t it meant to be the other way around?

  • ♡:Accidentally falling asleep together

     Another long, tiring day for both of them. Somehow, they had ended up with this little routine of spending nights together after particularly tough days, and it was one of them. Settled together on the couch, a movie on that Min couldn’t quite remember the title of, it didn’t take long for her to realize that Kira had, somehow, dozed off before her. Oh well. Curling closer to him, a small yawn escaped as she closed her eyes in turn, eventually drifting off with him.

  • ♢:Forehead or cheek kisses

     A soft laugh sounded from the pinkette as she was suddenly pulled against Kira’s side, though she was surprised to suddenly receive a kiss to her forehead. While she was curious as to just what had made him do such a thing, before she could ask, her cheek received the same attention, causing a faint blush to appear. “G-Geez, doing this so suddenly…~”

  • ♦:Slow dancing

     Though they were in front of an entire film crew, working together on a section for a music video, to be slow dancing together in such a way… Was it cheesy to say she felt like they had gone off into their own little world? Allowing Kira to lead, a surprisingly soft smile could be seen on the pinkette’s lips, one hand sliding from around his neck to run along his jaw as she whispered. “We should do this again some time… But, when we’re alone…~”

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Are you excited about tonight's episode? :D what is your prediction?

Hell yeah I am! xD

But seriously, I am really looking forward to it.

As for some of my predictions for it, I think mind control will play a part in it, mainly due to the title and Stan’s oddly blissful expression on one of the promo images.

Another theory I have is that picture of Dipper wearing the bizarre helmet might be coming back in this one with all the mind control stuff. I think we could figure out about Bill’s backstory and what the Cipher file is.  After all, it could be possible that the title is referring to a government plot with Bill’s comment in the AMA.

I also heard in an interview that Alex said that there is going to be a subplot about Ford’s getting help from old faces. Whether or not this is truth or just a rumour, I am really not sure. With this said, this all just guess and I have no idea what will happen next.

Either way, I am really looking forward to this next one.

Thanks for the ask, the-nyx-wish. :)

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Because you have no fashion sense from what is obvious in your avatar or because who the hell wears a dress that ugly or because it's you that made it ugly orrrr because you're so ugly that you're desperate to even start this game and take it so seriously? It must be all of the above..

😂😂😂😂 I feel sorry for you sweetie for being too lifeless. Who still writes hate messages? Go find something better to do with your life x

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“You seriously call that a disguise?”

Idol Life Starter Sentences: ‘Incognito’ edition.
   ↳ status: still accepting!

Jackson blinked and eyed the male again. « What’s wrong with my outfit? I like this snapback, there’s no way in hell I’m going to take it off, » wearing a snapback at all times nearly became his fashion signature, by now. It was only making him more recognizable when Jackson was supposed to remain discreet. « Girls like me with that on, I swear. I’ll even send the not-so-pretty ones off to you, if you want. Just ask for it. » 

6 facts about me

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Apparently this is the part where I come up with 6 facts about me

1. I’m terrible at talking about myself or describing myself in any way so you know the rest of this is going to be a disaster. Seriously it’s bad. You ask me to tell you about myself and suddenly I forget my name and my memories somehow disappear and I’m kind of left with a gaping mouth like a fish out of water.

2. I’m in my senior year and really for the longest time I have just wanted high school to last forever so that I could be a kid and have fun and have my main worry be what I would wear the next day. But now I can’t wait to get the hell out. Sure it will mean responsibility (which by the way I’m horrible with) but I’m so done with the IB (stressful program that I decided to start and I really don’t remember why). 

3. Sometimes I’m a writer. I’ll be a writer for a month and then nothing at all for 11 months after that. I have so many folders with ideas that might never actually reach their full potential. If you’re ever looking for something shitty to read I write this: Cell Mates 

4. My newest obsession is the Gallavich ship. Go watch Shameless US right now and become a shipper because this is one of my favorite ships of all time. It’s so unique and I’ve never seen a couple quite like them. Please ignore the end of Season 5 because it didn’t happen. 

5. My deepest inner struggle is wanting things but being too insecure/ too lazy to go for them. Life keeps getting in the way. Oh and I’m also a master at making up excuses for why I don’t do things. whoops. 

6. Oh, last one. I may or may not be addicted to chocolate. But like lowkey okay? Leave me alone. 

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You know, all of that crap that Miley was saying how Taylor looks down on girls who show too much skin etc... um. Have you seen Taylor's outfits? Don't judge a girl by her clothes but seriously, her shorts are so short (wear what ever the hell you want) how on earth could anyone thing she has a problem with showing skin?? It's actually one of the silliest things I have ever heard. Also, one music video about violence and she's sexualizing it??? it's not even that violent??? sorry end rant.

The whole thing is a bit of a stretch. I only read a little bit about it but it seems like maybe Miley just meant that the media creates this image that Taylor is a good role model but Miley isn’t and it got twisted to seem like she was bashing Taylor. I mean, they are two completely different artists and people want to see drama and a feud so they will make it appear to be something it isn’t. I’ll never understand why people compare the two like they have nothing in common and aren’t even that close in age so I find it ridiculous. I mean I do not see Taylor’s video as “violent” but that is my opinion. I mean Miley talks about drugs in her songs so I’m not 100% sure I understand where she is trying to come from. I am bias because I am not a fan of Miley’s music or style so my opinion probably doesn’t count lol