But seriously what is wrong with the people going to the Dallas EXO concert wearing Luhan and Tao’s shirts? And that BTS Suga shirt. Seriously? 

It’s EXO whose performing for you today, it’s EXO who will probably get no sleep or rest this tour practicing and working hard to make the NA fans happy. Why bring in the ex members or other groups? They’re completely irrelevant and I find it rude as hell. It isn’t funny. 

So my sister just asked me if I was gonna change clothes before going out and I was like: what do you mean “change”? What’s wrong with these? And she said: well, since you’re still wearing your pajamas I thought you would like to change….? And I said: I’m not wearing pajamas! These are my regular clothes!?!! What the hell?!

just caught a glimpse of a Disney show starring Zendaya (not sure what it’s called) where her character’s mother says to her “I know you think that girl’s a make-up genius, but I’ve never seen you look worse. honestly, you look horrible” WTF??? that’s so horrible and degrading, and they tried to play it off as a joke by adding a stupid laugh track afterwards.

that is not a joke. that is a rude insult that can seriously damage someone’s self esteem, and should not be said to anyone. even worse, right after she says that, Zendaya’s character explains that she doesn’t have any make-up on yet - is this what we should be teaching young girls? that not wearing make-up makes you look horrible?? what the hell is wrong with everyone???

  • Doesn't wear makeup:Damn you are ugly!
  • Wears makeup:this is why i have trust issues.
  • This utter bullshit here is why we are self conscious about ourselves. Like what the hell? We (as any gender) can wear whatever the hell we want and shouldn't be judged on appearance for it. You are not fake you are not ugly you are beautiful inside and out.

Thank god this episode was released on a friday because this way I have all weekend to think about what the hell was todays episode.

sooo i was tagged by @glassesharry  and @certifiedzalo (thank you rhea and charlotte ily) to do the thing where you tag ppl you wanna get to know better, so! yeah!

 name: addie

star sign? pisces

average hours of sleep?
 it depends but like 5?

lucky number? 

last thing i googled? “desks” bc i need one

favorite fictional character? JESSE PINKMAN JESSE PINKMAN JESSE PINKMAN (seriously plz cry with me about jesse)

what are you wearing right now? 
a white shirt, a green and white flannel, jeans

when did you start this blog? at the end of 2014

what do i post mostly? uh…..larry, ot5, protective louis, idk man

do i run anymore blogs? 

why did i join tumblr? @phanidk dragged me to this hell site

i get a lot of asks?
 i mean….i usually get like 2 or 3 asks a day at least so idk it depends on your definition of “a lot”

why did i choose this URL? 
bc larry is real

i tagggg @amemorymaze @agenderhes @gottazlast @eyelashkink and anyone else who wants to!!!

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what religion are you? I'm just curious because of the tag you put on the picture of Hutcherson. Sorry if the question is to nosy

Ohhh wearing camo is against everyone’s religion because it renders you invisible and thus is witchcraft.

Adorable Dachshund Stampede Makes Cutest Super Bowl Ad Ever (VIDEO)
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Super Bowl 50 airs this Sunday, and that means tons of unique, colorful, eye-popping, buzzworthy Super Bowl commercials to grab headlines. Of course, some of the commercials are also cute, to say the least. For example, this ad for Heinz.

In what may be the cutest Super Bowl ad ever, Heinz has brought in a stampede of adorable dachshunds wearing hot dog buns, all while a fleet of people dressed as Heinz condiments wait in anticipation. It sounds a lot weirder than it is, honestly. Hell, if anything’s weird about it, it’s that overhead shot with half the dogs computer generated. We love the real thing over here! Seriously though, a stampede of dachshunds in hot dog buns is something I didn’t even know I wanted to see until now. God bless Super Bowl commercials. Watch the video below:

External image

If you liked this video, meet the adorable, adoptable dogs who will be competing in Puppy Bowl XII this weekend!

from Adorable Dachshund Stampede Makes Cutest Super Bowl Ad Ever (VIDEO)

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That's the most hurr-durr expression she's ever worn. Also, has she SEEN herself in that getup? You need goddamn Spanx if you're going to insist on wearing a Lycra skirt two sizes too small, otherwise you look sloppy, and no one need to see your beer belly bulging over your thong. I shudder to think what it looked like from the back. And braless? Really? Seriously? How the hell can these people let her go on camera looking like that?


Labyrinth: Hell on Earth | 18+ / No App // Not for the easily offended
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Getting Started x Rules x Species x Setting x Advertise x Affiliate

☠ Old school role-playing style. No application, post templates, no signatures, no pictures of what you are wearing, etc. 
☠ Hard coded, dedicated member profiles with images. No messy codes to copy and confuse, and no searching through forums for your character info!
☠ Our boards will inspire you. We have some of the best and most creative places to roleplay. Check our boards out and let your muses out of their cages! (Seriously. Come take a peek.)
☠ 18+ Only members means that we understand your real-life obligations. We know that your time is limited so we are easy to get into. We know that you have responsibilities so we provide a generous non-explained-absence window of one month, with an option in your profile to put an ‘away’ message for anything longer.
☠ Open Sandbox Roleplay. There is no site plot, besides what side of Heaven or Hell you sell your soul to. Your characters drive the world and shape their own destinies.
☠ Destiny Finds You. We give our little nudges for your roleplays in the form of Random Events, interesting NPCs, monthly site events, and subtle prompts right in our board descriptions.
☠ Relaxed atmosphere. Everyone on Lab leaves their drama at the door, because this is fantasy-land! Characters die all the time - but account creation is easy-peasy! 
☠ NSFW. We have foul mouths and terrifying ideas. Not a site for your work, or your grandma, to view. 
☠ Debauchery and Taboo Roleplays. A lot of bad things happen here, mmmkay? But, thanks to our Thread Prefixes, you’ll never read anything unexpected or triggering.

Put Deyon Ver as your referrer :D

Can't even be comfortable in my own damn house #FtMProblems #grossedoutparents
  • Me:*is printing my timetable for school in my trunks cos I'm too lazy to put pants on*
  • Mum:*walks in and gives me a dirty look* Why are you just wearing your trunks?
  • Me:because I want to..
  • Mum:you don't see your dad walking around like that
  • Me:uh yeah you do. Every damn night actually
  • Mum:that's disgusting *walks out shaking her head*
  • Seriously what the hell, why can't I even be comfortable in my own house, there's nothing wrong with just wanting to be yourself and be comfortable in what you wear..