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What about for a pack of Love Hearts and a can of Tizer? *audible wink*

make it a dr pepper and i’m all yours

(tizer used to be so good x___x what the heck happened to it)


Brienne Book Two- A Clash of Kings:   "You have courage.  Not battle courage perhaps but…I don’t know…a woman’s courage.“

Brienne in GOT Season Two:  "You have courage. Not battle courage perhaps, but, I don’t know, a woman’s kind of courage.”

Game of Thrones Official Twitter:  “You have courage. Not battle courage perhaps, but, I don’t know, a woman’s kind of courage.” - Brienne SHARE: http://twitpic.com/9ha6fn 

Brienne in GOT Season Three:  “You whine, and cry, and quit.  You sound like a bloody woman.”


Mid Show Switch Out Craziness

So yesterday’s finding neverland craziness. Oh my goodness. So basically this is what happened without repeating too much of what I said yesterday. I got to the theater at 1pm. And all day I kinda just had a weird feeling that a main was not going to be on. I don’t know why I just had this feeling. When we got there everyone was on except Rory otherwise it was a full show. When we got there we saw everyone walking in, including Laura. Laura looked happy and healthy and in great spirits and we noticed that as we saw her.

So about 20 minutes into the show, we’re sitting front row. All of a sudden Dana went missing. I instantly had a feeling she was getting into Sylvia garb for whatever reason. Sure enough, I was able to see the wings and waiting in the wing during Believe was Dana as Sylvia. I gasped and went “OH MY GOD” and our jaws just dropped. We spent the whole first act laughing because we were like WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING. We didn’t know how to react because we were hoping that Laura was ok. But we were also so happy because we were finally getting to see Dana on for Sylvia. (right before the show started I was saying how I was totally ready to see Dana!Sylvia now). So we were kinda laughing and were anxiously waiting for intermission so we could talk & I could run to my friend who was sitting across the theater to talk to her. After ranting and laughing, I suddenly just got extremely worried about Laura. She’s an incredibly strong person and is rarely ever out so for there to be a midshow switch with her, I figured it couldn’t have been good.

Then 2nd act started & I was getting nervous. All that was running through my head was I hope she’s ok. But then I was also smiling like an idiot over how amazing Dana was doing. Then When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground happened and I LOST IT. & this time it wasn’t because the storyline. Matt started the song, “When did life become so complicated.” THEN STOPPED SINGING BECAUSE HE WAS CRYING SO HARD, MISSED THAT ENTIRE LINE, TOOK A BREATH IN CRYING, AND THEN CAME BACK IN FOR “and in each line upon my face” I BURST INTO TEARS SO BADLY. That made me sooososososo worried. So I started shaking and crying and having a full on panic attack in the middle of the song I almost had to get up and go to the back. I was really truly worried. I was concerned the whole time but once that happened with matt, I was so extremely worried I can’t even begin to tell you.

Dana freaking killllllllleeeedddd itttttt. I love her so much oh my goodness. As you know I’m attached to seeing LMK and you think I would’ve been a little bit like “noo.” But I wasn’t. I was loving every second of it. Her vocals were soooo on point. Her accent was the cutest thing. And I just loved it so much oh my goodness.

As a side note, Laura is ok. She’s fine she should be back in the show today. Dana went on for the night show just to give Laura some rest. But it wasn’t like a big emergency , she’s all good so don’t worry!

But those 2 hours in between were just the worst because I just wanted to know that she was okay and wow that was my first midshow switch ever & it was so scary but so great and wow.

Another side note, I freaking love that ensemble. Just watching them in the background of scenes is SO FUNNY. They don’t get enough appreciation. But they are all amazing & the show is all amazing & wow what a trip to neverland that was!

The Raven Boys Reread Things

- Gansey’s a frappuchino drinking nerd I bet he can’t even handle real coffee

- Adam has a secret warning knock for monmouth. Its such a #clubhouse honestly these boys

- For some reason there are copies of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition all over the place?? I honestly can’t imagine who they belong to????? who would buy them???

- What the heck ever happened to Ashley? She was prepped to be a major character with all her knowledge about Glendower and connection to Declan and then she just vanishes completely?? Is she actually Piper, just pretending to be Ashley and picking up hot young men?

- Ronan collects his speeding tickets. What a dork. 

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