NCT U REACTION where their significant other accidentally burns herself making him a surprise dinner.

There you go dear!



“C’mere let me help you with that… You gotta be more careful but thanks for the surprise!”


He giggles finding your attempt cute, and helps you with your burned finger. But then he sees the mess you made in the kitchen so he’d be like:


He enters the house and gets surprised by seeing all decorated, but he doesn’t see you or the rest of the food so he goes to the kitchen to see you trying to fix your dinner with your finger wrapped in a band-aid.

“What the heck happened here?”


“You need help with that? Maybe?”


“Ok now. I’ll take care of the kitchen and you go take care of that burn”


“OMG Are you ok?!”


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~ADM Pandacchi

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Should writing a book always be fun? Does it mean anything serious if I can't always force myself to write? Ugh! Where's the enjoyment and sense of sheer joy I used to get? What happened?

Should it? Maybe. Is it always fun? Heck no! Writing is like giving yourself homework all the time and you cannot seem to get writing out of your head even when you are not writing.

Writing is hard and often you will find it tiresome, but you always have to try to remember what sparked your interest in the story you are writing in the first place. If you keep holding on to that you will be able to push through the harder parts. 

Hope this helped!

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Question for Ms. (Mr.?) Hollywood. It has been months since the dreaded IFH and the whole dumb fuck "Obsessable" Starz campaign. Has she/he heard anything (even whispers) about what in the heck happened and is going on? I would think publicists, agents, managers (?) would have heard little "drips" of something by now. Thanks Sherri and Hollywood!

Gosh…..I appreciate that we all want answers or hints but I do not feel comfortable putting Hollywood on the spot like this.  She is a professional, and while she is able to comment on protocol and general habits in the industry, I would hate for her to feel obligated to compromise her ethics.

I guess if she answers that is up to her.  But I respect her too much to expect anything from her.

What they showed us:

What’s in the data files:

What we get in game:

What the heck happened to the longcoat SE?

I can only hope they’re holding it for another rank or some other kind of reward. The other coats for the Flames and Adders have some changes too from their shown designs but nothing on the same level as what happened to the Maelstrom one.

Overwatch has a pile of story you should know about

Whoa oh no the Overwatch open beta is over what are we going to do now

Here’s something to keep you occupied: Overwatch has a veritable mountain of story hidden away in all the profiles, character descriptions, news releases, cinematics and everything else that’s been released. Really good story. Normally you’d be going ‘how the heck am I supposed to keep track of all of this,’ we know - which is why we’ve been piecing it all together for you

Overwatch and the Omnic Crisis - covers the formation of Overwatch and what the heck happened to make it all fall apart. Basically the foundation of Overwatch’s story.

Space Gorillas and Test Pilots - covers Winston and Tracer’s origins, and the weird possibility that apparently there’s still some kind of angry space gorilla infested moon colony up there.

Robots With Soul - WHAT THE HECK IS AN OMNIC why don’t they just call them robots what makes them different and why you should probably love Bastion even though, you know, he’s probably going to kill you a lot

Fallen Heroes - What’s up with Soldier: 76 and Reaper? What went down when Overwatch was disbanded, and why is Reaper so….reaper-y?

Junkrat and Roadhog - Weirdly even though these guys are supposedly comic relief and all that they’ve got a pretty sad backstory that says a lot about the state of the world after Overwatch fell apart

The Shimada Clan - Hanzo and Genji have a lot of beef with each other, probably because they tried to kill each other. Here’s why

Widowmaker and Talon - Who is Talon? Why are they in every Overwatch animated short? What are they up to, anyway? And who is the elusive and deadly Widowmaker?

Zarya and the second Omnic Crisis - You think the first Omnic Crisis was bad? Prepare for part two.

Symmetra and Lúcio - What’s the beef between these two? Is Symmetra a bad guy? Maybe not, but the company she’s working for is pretty shady

McCree and the Deadlock Gang - IT’S HIGH NOON and McCree’s a former outlaw who decided to be a good guy until he decided not to. Or maybe he still is

Overwatch’s ongoing story - So how does all this stuff hook together in the cinematics? Where is the story going from here? Why isn’t any of this actually in the game - and why is that potentially a good thing?

literally started this right before watching the episode that we don’t like to talk about bc I thought ‘hey I haven’t done anything for this dumb dumb show so why not’ but then the thing happened and i couldn’t bring myself to finish it until now

so yeah… one last time for allison i guess :*(

tfw your gf thinks she’s being funny

fenris: the inquisitor should lock you up for this, hawke.
hawke: no! please don’t put me in the pun-geon
hawke: unless i can bring varric, in which case it becomes the fun-geon
fenris: stop.
hawke: cassandra? if we can get her to flex it’ll be the double-gun-geon
fenris: [walks away]
hawke: looks like you’re getting none-geon tonight then

(i heard it’s fenhawke week)

funny story

When my cat wants to come inside, it has a habit of standing up against the screen on our front door, making it bang loudly.
It does this all day, and in the middle of the night.
We’re trying to get it out out of this habit, by placing a water gun by the door, and squirting it if we hear it.

One day, we heard a banging noise at the front door. My mother grabbed the water gun.
She opened the door a tiny bit, and lined up the target.
She was about to squirt the water when she looks up and sees… two Jehovah’s Witness ladies.
They had a completely shocked look on their faces.
My mother simply put down the water gun and pretended it never happened.

Throughout their whole conversation, none of them acknowledged what had happened out loud.
I bet they told one heck of a story at church the next week.


Itou Kuramoto finally opens an eye and looks agitated for once…is even more shit going to happen?

Just to make you guys start thinking, Kuramoto’s default eyes closed, happy expression is known as “Kitsune no me”, or “fox eyes”, which indicates that he is a mischievous trickster. Opening the eyes means that something important/dangerous is going to happen…

Also, the Auction Raid is taking place on November 11. Guess when Kuramoto’s birthday is? You guessed, it, November 11! The Auction Raid is on Kuramoto’s birthday…which can’t just be a coincidence, given Ishida’s track record of including details like this (trivia: Kaneki was tortured in Aogiri on his birthday). Whether Kuramoto is going to do something or something is going to happen to Kuramoto is still unknown.

A final thing to add: Ishida painted a picture of Kuramoto as one of his April Fools drawings.

Kuramoto is wearing a #10 jersey, and you know how Ishida loves his tarot cards…

The Major Arcana tarot card 10 corresponds with the Wheel of Fortune, which is associated with change.

  • Turning point — Opportunities — Possibilities
  • Destiny — Fate — Superiority — Movement
  • Development — Activity — Surprises — Expansion
  • Sudden events — Speed — New developments — Life cycles
  • Interpretation — Sudden change — Dissension — Approachability

So back to the panel in chapter 26. At first it seems as if Kuramoto is opening his eye and saying, “You’re in my way” to Roma while she is still messing around and lashing her kagune at him. He seems to care for his comrades, especially Takeomi, because he keeps calling Takeomi’s name. However, at a second glance:

The angry dialogue boxes are Kuramoto directed to Takeomi.

“Takeomi! Ugh! Don’t be an idiot! Retreat! You’re in the way.”

So now it seems that Kuramoto is actually saying his threatening message to Takeomi, which is even more disturbing because they’re on the same team. It might just be that Kuramoto is pissed at Takeomi for getting in trouble so easily, with his quinque breaking and all, but Kuramoto opening his eye suggests otherwise.


I’ve been thinking a lot, about how important this community is. I don’t really know how to put my thoughts into words, but I know I’m not alone in feeling like the channel is a safe place, like the community is a family. It’s hard for me to remember sometimes that Jack really does need us as much as we need him. 

There’s so much love here…

7 million strong and ever-growing.