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Sharpy/Tazer college AU and/or secretly a virgin please?

“Well, I’m going to hell for this,” Sharpy said, just to see Jonny’s face turn red, a frown turning down the corners of his mouth.

“I’m not a kid,” he said, and then, in a rush of bravado, stripped his shirt off and tossed it on Sharpy’s dorm room floor, tilting his head back like, ‘there, now what?’

Sharpy shook his head, but stepped in closer, close enough to rest a hand on the smooth muscle of Jonny’s side. Jonny jumped under his touch, and fuck, his eyes were so wide and dark and yeah, no matter what he said, Sharpy was definitely going to hell.

“Hey, c'mon.” Sharpy rubbed his hand up and down, leaned in to kiss Jonny’s shoulder, his collarbone. “Settle down. You’ve done this before, right?”

He was half joking, but the way Jonny froze under him made his heart skip a beat. He looked up into Jonny’s face, and took half a step back.

“You have, right? Please tell me you’re not a virgin, kid.”

“I’m not - not a kid,” Jonny said again, petulantly, and okay, that was all the answer Sharpy needed.

But as Jonny moved shaky hands to his waistband and shoved his shorts down, proving that yeah, he might have been a virgin, but he was definitely interested in learning something new, Sharpy realised that there was no way on Earth he was gonna be able to make himself stop.

Okay. The path to hell was lined with virgin college freshman. Good to know.

Hey guys! So I already announced this over on twitter last week, but according to that handy arrow labelled ‘BABY’ on that ultrasound picture up there, it turns out I’m expecting! Woooo! So far being pregnant involves lots of puking and taking three naps a day, but apparently it’s all part of the 'wonder of nature’ or something (???) Anyway, I’m very excited and happy and nervous and terrified and over the moon and all sorts of other emotions, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. But hey, it’s still early days! I’ve got until December, and then the rest of my entire life, to get used to the idea!


So there, I just wanted you all to know. I love you guys, you’ve always been great to me, and you all mean the world <3 Thanks for being around all this time, and thanks in advance for putting up with all my gross pregnancy stories. MWAH.

Wow, people like that are why feminism is viewed as negative and evil… like, how can you defend a woman for having sex with an 8 year old boy? How does that even work? Like serously idegi

How is she the victim here? How is a woman over twice this boy’s age the VICTIM? How does the boy even know any better? Like what the fuck is wrong with people

Fuck that lady, she’s a fucking pedophile. No doubt about it.




so here is what i got from my friend who translated the two last pages of VK. 

Kaname did throw his heart in the furnace but he still was alive and i guess was too weak so he went into a slumber (apparently Zeki is endgame I heard and that Yuki’s love interest in the end was Zero.. what the fuck hino? you don’t make shit sense!)

Yuki comes with her 2 kids and she says that Aidou has succeeded in making this potion that’ll heal his heart. before that she tells Kaname she has lived a very happy life with Zero but it turns out the potion wasn’t going to help much since he will be weak when he awakens, so she chooses to sacrifice her life and die. her last words were, “what a peaceful light…” (something like that). so that’s probably Hino’s way of making Yuki his “equal”. WHAT THE FUCK HINO?????!!!!!!!!!!!! UUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!!!