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Glee, Iz abouts to endz you Santana style. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. 

We might have to break up if you don’t bring Santana and Brittany back together. Think about that.  

Soooooooo I just finished re-watching Doomsday and it sent me on an emotional roller coaster - no surprise there.

First Rose gets sent to the parallel universe:

And then the Doctor doesn't get to say “I love you”:

And then they show the Doctor crying:

So of course I’m all like:

And then Donna shows up:

And then my mum walks into the room and looks at me like:

Mum, you don’t understand what this episode has done to me. bhfgbfbgcasbhdavsgdvhsvdhasvfhsvfsdhfdhjddfjvrdy RAAAAAAGE.