Haunted Houses

Bucky x Reader
WC 1729
swearing, haunted houses, “dead” people (like people working at the haunted house dresses like the dead), creepy children (also at the haunted house)
AN This is written for  @bookybuns fic fest and my propt is:  “Your O face is blasted across every major magazine in the world, by the way.”

Aliens? Didn’t phase you. Psychotic scientists? Pft. But haunted houses? With ghosts? And zombies? And creepy children usually with chainsaws?! No thank you. Which is why you were wondering what the hell you were doing visiting a series of haunted houses with your fellow Avengers.

Walking towards the haunted mansion, you jumped when a person wearing a mask, holding a chainsaw walked near you, “What the actual hell am I doing here?” you muttered under your breath.

Natasha was walking next to you and she laughed at your actions, “C’mon, Y/N, it’s all in fun.”

“Fun?” you raised a brow at her, “This is not my idea of fun! This is bullshit.”

She gave you a look, “Hush you and watch your language. You know the money’s going to charity. Besides,” she grinned mischievously at you, “It’ll give you a chance to cozy up to a certain super soldier.”

It was your turn to give a look, “Please,” you were getting into the lineup for the mansion, “no one believes that I’m legitimately frightened,” you frowned, “which sucks because I am!”

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My heart says yes (yes…)

(Still) rewatching all of South Park, and I couldn’t stop laughing during “Butterballs.” Cartman in a dress singing about his lady parts is just… oh god.

You know, it’s drawings like this that make me question, just for a moment, what the actual hell am I doing with my life. Fortunately I’m quite good at silencing those thoughts, so I’m able to go on my merry way making masterpieces like this.

Am I trash yet?

What's my name? (Jiyong Smut)

Groaning, I grabbed my coat from my closet as I trudged out my front door. “Are they serious right now? Who requires students to come to school when there isn’t even any classes scheduled.” “Today’s going be even more annoying than usual,” I thought, as I walked through the halls.

“They must be crazy. That’s definitely it.” I whispered to myself as I watched a large group of girls fight for mirror space and another group pour an entire bottle of pink glitter onto a self made fansign which read ‘My precious Jiyongie, don’t get sick.’ “Aishh, how much more cringe can they get,” I muttered under my breath as I pushed past another group of incoming fangirls.

Today Kwon Jiyong was hosting a fan-signing at our school. Apparently girls stayed up for 4 days straight, voting online to ensure that our school would host the event. Giggling hysterically at their obvious stupidity I opened the door to the principals office and dropped the envelope labeled class funds onto the front desk that I, as class president, had collected the previous day. Not even bothering to look up I grabbed a paper cup from the office desk and filled it with water from the nearby fountain.

“Oh my god…I really didn’t want to come to school today, but seeing these girls today is just too funny.” I spoke to myself as I broke out into another fit of giggles. “I mean wh-wh-w-whoo do they think he is?” I sputered out hysterically, clutching my stomaching in pain. Laughing was a real workout. “Ms. Y/L/N, I see you’re in a good mood this morning,” I heard a stern voice speak. Looking up, I quickly covered my mouth.

“I entrust that it isn’t Mr. Kwon, you’re speaking of in such a tone?” Goddamitt…not the school president. How does he even remember my name, he literally never visits! Peeking behind him, I spotted the man himself, legs wide open on the couch, a deep smirk protruding from his million dollar face. Scoffing I downed my water and threw the cup in the nearest bin “Who’s Mr. Kwon? I’ve really never heard of him before. What’s the name again?” I spoke innocently as I forced a naive confused expression onto my face.

Looking back at him I noticed a hard expression take over his face. “Allow me to introduce myself then. I’m Jiyong, but please drop the formalities. I’d appreciate it if you’d just call me oppa,” He spoke smoothly. Not bad, Kwon Jiyong, I guess you’ve got some game. “Nice to meet you Mr. Kwon,” I answered sarcastically while shaking his hand, making sure to stress the ‘Mr. Kwon.’

“President, do you mind if I ask Y/N to show me around the school? I’d love to get a tour in before the event.” What the hell did this dickhead think he was doing. As I opened my mouth to protest, my president quickly opened the door and ushered us out. “Please, please, please, take as long as you like. Y/N, guide him well please.” My president spoke while gritting his teeth.

If i pushed him any further he would definitely be after my ass tomorrow. “Yes, I will.” I sighed while bowing 90 degrees as he turned back into his office, completely disregarding me. Just then I felt a hand pull on my lace thong. “Class president huh?” Jiyong whispered into my ear while still holding onto my underwear, as I was stuck bent down, somehow unable to move. He’d been peeking up my skirt. “Wh-What do you think you’re doing, huh?!” I whisper shouted.

Holding up his phone, there plastered on the screen, was a picture that he had somehow managed to take of me bent over, my thong clad ass clearly visible. “I’m sure there’s manyyy boys here who’d love a picture like this in their messages, don’t you think?” He teased. “Drop the act you dick head, I know you won’t. You’re a fucking international superstar” I retorted. But I knew he would. And god fucking dammit, I was nervous.

“Exactly. International superstar. There’s no such thing as consequences for me. I would. I really would,” He laughed as he toyed with his phone, finger hovering over the ‘send’ button. “No! Fine! Fine. What…what do you want.” I muttered, defeated. “Ahhh…there’s my precious Y/N.” He smirked again. That annoying ass smirk, I swear to god i’m gonna murder it off his face.

“Here’s how today’s gonna happen.” He spoke into my ear as he pulled my ass right up against his front. “I’m gonna hold you around the waist as we walk around school, and you’re gonna call me oppa and agree with everything I say. Then i’m going to take you back to my dressing room and you’re gonna let me fuck you however I want. After that i’ll decide if I want to delete the picture or not,” he growled while nipping at my ear.

If that picture got out it would be the absolute end of me. Defeated, I dropped my head as I whispered out a quiet “Yes.” “Who? Yes, who?” he growled into my ear as he yanked my chin up to meet his face. “Y-yes oppa.” I whispered again. Smirking, he released me only to grab me again, this time his arm firmly secure around my waist. “That’s my good girl,” He spoke as we walked out to the main hallway where all the students gathered in the morning.

Rounding the corner everyone’s head turned to stare, as all eyes dropped to the arm he had wound tightly around my waist. “What is this?” “How does she know GD?” I heard everyone whisper. “She’s my girlfriend.” he spoke confidently, as everyone gasped and grabbed their phones to take pictures of us together. What the fuck?! Annoyed, I quickly tried to push his hand from my waist, but he only pulled me closer.

“You’re gonna repeat what I tell you loud enough for everyone to hear you. Okay?” He spoke, obviously exasperated with me. “Oppa, I think I left my shirt at your house last night.” he smirked. When I didn’t speak immediately he squeezed my hip tightly. “You have 3 seconds baby-girl…One, Two-“"Oppa, I think I left my shirt at your house last night.” I choked out. A loud collective gasp came from the girls as the boys whistled loudly. “Ah, really? I found your bra this morning, but I didn’t see your shirt. Which one was it? You’ve left quite a lot.”

That’s it. I’m done for. Bury me in a fucking grave. Embarrassed at all the guys who were hungrily staring at me, I forcefully detached myself from Jiyong and ran off. Looking behind me I saw him chasing me. Grabbing me by the back of my shirt he pulled me into the nearest empty classroom.

“What was that? I don’t remember telling you to run off,” Jiyong growled. Bending me over a desk, he quickly yanked my skirt down and pulled my thong to the side, rubbing his fingers against my wet folds. I was so wet for him. Wait why was I wet?! “Huh? What is this?” He chuckled pulling his fingers up and inspecting the wet liquid that coated them. “Your mouth says one thing but your body says another my little slut.”

He laughed as he yanked my hair back. Not wasting any time, he pulled his own pants down and shoved his cock straight into me. “Jiyong!” I screamed. He was fucking huge. Nothing like I had ever had before, and my pussy felt like it was being ripped apart. Thrusting quickly, he reached around and played with my clit. Covering my mouth, I held my moans in. There was no way in hell I was going to satisfy him with my moans.

Rubbing my clit faster, he brought his mouth to my ear as he increased his pace. “Scream my name.” He growled into my ear. Refusing, I quickly shook my head. Dissatisfied he completely pulled out and slammed back into me. “Oh my fucking god, Jiyong!” I screamed, this time my mouth betraying my body. “That’s my bitch. Again.” He groaned as he hit my g-spot repeatedly “Jiyong! Oh god, i’m gonna cum.” I moaned out.

What the hell am I doing?
What the actual hell am I doing?

“Mhmm, that’s my little slut, I knew you’d enjoy this.” He growled. Pulling at the front of my school blouse, he ripped open all of the buttons, taking one of my large breasts into his hands. Was I so tired that I forgot to put on a bra this morning?! “Since I saw you in the office, I had to have you. Your perky little nipples were poking straight through.” He moaned as he pulled harshly at one of my nubs.

“Ahhh!!” I screamed out in pain. “Cum for me, Y/N,” He whispered into my ear. That’s all it took. Screaming, my walls clenched tightly around his member as he moved his hand to my clit, my body shaking violently. “Oh fuck, fuck Y/N your pussy is so tight, ah” He moaned as I felt a warm liquid fill me. Did he just…release inside of me?!

Turning me around, he wrapped a hand around my throat and pushed me up against the wall. “Still don’t know my name?” He smirked that same smirk that made me want to murder him a thousand times. When I didn’t answer quick enough, he shoved me onto my knees. “Well, if you’re not going to say anything useful with that mouth, I suppose you don’t need it.” He chuckled.

Forcing my mouth open he shoved his member down my throat as he repeatedly fucked my face. Gagging on his cock, I looked up to see his head thrown back, eyes screwed shut in pleasure. “Ah shit your mouth is so warm.” He moaned out. After a good 10 minutes he had cummed again, only this time in my mouth.

He has the stamina of a champion, who is he?

Yanking me by the arm, he forced me up again. “Now i’m gonna ask you one more time.” he growled out, “What’s. My. Name?”

“Jiyong.” I whispered

“Your name’s Jiyong.”

smoldinopup replied to your post “not to get too personal but like…does anyone miss Jonghyun?”

What a funny person you are! Missing Jonghyun? Who is Jonghyun? I don’t know her :P I light up candles every night in front of my Jonghyun photos and pray for a sign of life from him….so his heavenly being might bless our poor souls with his presence.

OH MAI GAWHD you are completely right! I only know a Jjong whoops (changes url to blingjjong) 

I have a Jjong shrine that I worship day and night so that I may receive good fortune (and by good fortune I simply mean more jjong photos and roo photos and instagram lives and performances and songs and just more jjong more jjong more jjong period)