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I am here to take your virginity! Well, your ass.. ask virginity. Right. I have an actual question, too: what were your three favourite J2 moments of 2016?

Oh, my Dear @seraphyde666, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to take my TumblrCherry!!

And girl, is this thing painful… Only three best moments? You’re killing me here, I’m a terrible lister, I never do them because the moment I’m done with them I know I’ll remember something better than what I’d picked. But, hell, I’m not gonna be a virgin forever, no, siree, I refuse! So here goes cheating….

1. JIB 2016

For all that JIB 2015 killed us with sorrow, JIB 2016 redeemed us with quite a few memorable moments. I’ll tell you three of my favorites:

The Epic Hug

There’s not much you can say about that, especially not now, everything has been said and we all kinda have an idea of how important that entire moment was: from Jared choking up to Jensen fiercely pulling Jared to him—and the pats on the head.


The Blushing Bride

This is a moment that not many talked about but I loved for so many reasons. Look at Jared self-conscious at hearing his friend Jason tell him and the world how much Jensen was smitten when he met Jared. It’s such a sweet moment.

“The one that changes everything”

“Smitten” was actually the word Jason used to describe how gone Jensen was, form day one; it’s a pity that I can’t seem to find were I read that, back in the day.


The Non-stop Looks (Jailbreak)

Here we have Jensen once again serenading his husband. Through all the songs he sang he found a way to sneak a peek to his Jared.


And it all culminated with this…


2. Hiatus Bliss

J2 roaming the Arrow Stages and their awesome caps.

My boy

A post shared by Jensen Ackles (@jensenackles) on Aug 8, 2016 at 3:44pm PDT

J2 reenacting some of our fanfics…

This very significant moment…

And this… I have no words…

3. The Last Hurray

When I saw this picture my heart legit skipped a couple of beats. This picture SCREAMS couple so much that I had to change the captions for Jared's sake

Unfortunately, that was the last time J2 willingly let us know they were having a Date Night.

Honorable Mentions



Mom finally managed to catch a free moment with Dad.

“Why are we in the bathroom, are you about to distribute top secret information or something?” Dad half-joked.

“I am, actually. Ruby doesn’t want the kids or Luke hearing this,” Mom replied. “As you know, we all previously believed that Ruby could read the minds of people close by to her, which of course she tries not to do if she can help it. Well, last night she was doing housework, minding her own business when an… unpleasant… image came to her head. Turns out she was reading Jeremy’s mind from wherever the hell he ran off to.”

“Really?! So she can read minds long-distance too?”

“That’s what I believe, yes. Whether it’s just minds of people she already knows or not, that’s a different story. But when she told me this, it made me wonder if she could read someone else’s mind…”

“Whose are you thinking? Surely not… right?”

“That’s exactly who I’m thinking of. We’ve wondered ever since Ruby was a tiny baby what happened to Mia and although it seems selfish and intrusive, this may seem like the perfect way to try and find out.”

“Well, it’s definitely worth a try… how do you know it’ll work though? I’m not familiar with how all this alien stuff works.”

“I’m thinking she can at least practice this ability a bit first to see if it’ll work when prompted or not, she can probably test it on one of her cousins or something. So, do you think we should talk to her about it? You mentioned once that you’ve already told her about Mia.”

“Yeah, we’ll talk to her when Luke’s preoccupied with the kids. Why she doesn’t want him knowing, I don’t know.”

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"Wait, you're not a virgin? do you even stay awake long enough for sex?"

I fucking love this request! Thank you anon who sent it! Lol

“Wait, you’re not a virgin? do you even stay awake long enough for sex?” Jason said pulling away mid make-out session.

He had just asked if you were ready and you clarified by saying ‘this isn’t my first rodeo babe.’

“What the hell Jay!” You yelled at his comment.

“No this is a serious question” he sat back more, making you groan.

“Will you stop making fun of the fact that I actually go to bed at a reasonable hour. Not all of us are out saving the city until 3 am”

“It’s not that I make fun of that, I make fun of how you attempt to stay up for me then crash on the couch” he chuckled.

You crossed your arms and turned your head pouting. “Well sorry then”

He looked at you confused for a second. Smirking he said “You don’t have to apologize” while trying to resume where you both left off.

Turning your face farther away, “No you ruined the moment”

He began to kiss your neck “Then let’s make a new moment.” Making you think ‘Damn this boy’

‘Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next lines (incase I want to do more than five)’

Viktor’s Final Goodbye to Figure Skating: Two Yuris and Two World Records

Alternatively titled: English Major With Nothing Better To Do With Her Life Overanalyzes Things (finals??? haha what are those)

Now, for the sake of sparing you time because this meta is going to get long as hell, here’s the gist right now: I’m thinking 1. Yuuri’s going to take Viktor’s World Record in the Free Skate and 2. Viktor’s never going to go back to competitive skating again. 

Now, am I right about this? Who the fuck knows! Is that going to stop me from writing a god damn essay about it? No. No it is not. So. Let’s begin:

Okay, so I know people have talked about it before (a lot), but the OP is the crowning jewel of both this show and my theory, so bear with me. 

One of the most interesting things about the OP is that, despite being sung by one singer, it’s generally agreed that the different parts of the OP are “sung” by different characters. The OP starts off with someone talking about how they’re “tired of feeling” like they’re “never enough,” and Yuuri’s shown on screen. Then, Viktor shows up on screen and the lyrics are about encouraging someone to believe in themselves. That is, Viktor encouraging Yuuri to believe in himself. Basically, the main idea here is that skater on screen = who’s singing the current lyrics.


Yuri shows up! And Yuuri’s on screen with him! And the lines are “Don’t stop us now, the moment of truth, we were born to make history.”

There are two singers in this part! In fact, go listen to the song right now and you’ll notice that there are literally two singers in this part (a background vocalist joins in on this line). So the “we” is Yuri and Yuuri, and they’re both singing about how they’re going to “make history” during “the moment of truth” (aka the Grand Prix Finals). 

Well, guess who just made history by blasting Viktor Nikiforov’s SP record out of the water?

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Straight White Boy Problem #987

last time I smoked weed (two years ago lol) I got really existential while listening to Childish Gambino when i was at Ryan’s house and i took a couple hits and was like what the hell am I going to do with my life? Am I going to find my soulmate some day? Do my friends actually value my feelings and do they value me for who I am or are friends just using me for their own gain? Is it okay to root for the New England Patriots even though I’m not from New England? All these questions were going through my mind and I was breaking down. I didn’t know what was going on I didn’t know I had all of these pent up emotions that were being brought out. I was scared. I wanted to talk about my dilemnas with Ryan but the last time i tried that, he made fun of me I need to start letting myself feel emotions rather than smoke my troubles away. So I quit weed. Granted, I still hang out with Ryan but it’s just not the same bc I dont smoke anymore :/


07 . 08 . 2016 // (now it’s already 17:40) I guess this is it for today! I’m not gonna lie, I’m incredibly tired and my back hurts like hell, but at least I finished studying history. (Priorities, yay)

Anyways, I would like to thank you guys SOOO much for 30k followers!!! This is completely mind-blowing, I don’t even have the words to say how happy I am right now. It amazes me every day that so many people actually care for what I’m doing!

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 💕

(Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to hunt some Pokemon)


They’re called “nightmares” for a reason ;-;

double pink (pink matter)

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Yoongi thinks he can stay happy, here.


the 25.9k yoonmin fluff piece no one ever asked for, for my for my darling and precious @yoongtg — happy birthday, my tiny beb. 

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Man it just does not feel like Christmas this year. I can’t get into the spirit-
*thinks about otp fucking in front of a Christmas tree on Christmas morning*

when ppl describe having bpd as “literal hell” and all the sudden ur spiraling into panic bc is my life actually hell?? if it’s not, do i Not have bpd??? am i making this all up???? what does “normal” even feel like??? is what i’m feeling “normal”???? is my functioning even at all impaired, or is my level of dysfunction “normal”??????? did things used to feel worse????? bc i can’t remember at all what i’ve felt before????????? who would i be without my bpd label???? who am i???? am i ok??????????

Candy Cane Stockings

I need to go take a shower. In holy water. It’s Christmas Eve; how could I write something like this?

I am so going to hell, lmao.

Summary: I’m too tired to even come up with a proper summary, so you know what? Sin. That’s all this is. Pure (snort) Christmas sin. Enjoy your filth. Merry Christmas.

Warning(s): Smut. Duh. Curse words. Duh. A one-way ticket to hell. Duh.

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One More Thing About That Scene

Can we all also please appreciate the fact that, during their ridiculous conversation at Vader’s Mount Doom Summer Home, if I am recalling correctly, Vader tells Krennic that apparently they told the Senate that what happened on Jedha was because of some kind of a mining incident and not the Death Star which totally does not exist? PLEASE RECALL WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO JEDHA CITY. It was more or less vaporized. That would have had to be ONE HELL OF A MINING ACCIDENT. 

I mean, I know they were mining the hell out of the place but STILL. Come on. If the Senate actually bought this, then I guess I really DO understand why the universe fell to darkness. Oh my God. Also of course Anakin thinks this is a great cover story.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day

There was a short valentine’s day omake in which Lucy wanted to give chocolate to Natsu, but she ended up not giving it to him because he ended up grossing her out lol. (Translation below) As you can tell by the artstyle, it was drawn when FT was still a fairly new manga. 

I can’t vouch for its accuracy but this translation was provided by Ju-da-Su on mangahelpers. 

(Panel 1) 

Lucy: “It is actually a really nice thing, but … ”
 Did I make it a bit too cute?
Hope he doesn’t … come up with any weird thoughts about this.

(Panel 2)

Lucy: Ah!
Natsu: How the hell am I supposed to choose!!!
Happy:  How ‘bout if you’re told that you have to choose one of them?

(Panel 3)

Natsu: I don’t want to eat both the “chocolate-favored shit” and “shit-favored chocolate”!!!
Also, just whose shit is that!!!
Happy: Well … that actually doesn’t really matter

(Panel 4)

Natsu: Lucy!! What do you think!?
Lucy:  I’ll never give this to you

i am crying, my heart actually is hurting. what the hell guys. i am seeing all of these people proudly saying that trump is winning, all over snapchat stories. what the hell. what the actual hell. are you heartless?? do you not care about anyone but yourselves?? all of these people actually excited are straight, white wealthier people. that’s who trump stands for, and that’s who he supports. he will do nothing good for anyone else. it’s so selfish. and ridiculous. i am so unbelievably upset right now.

Ok, I’m officially sick of it.

I reblog one finnrey thing and I’m already being told that I “don’t have the right to do that because I am a reylo”

Who the hell do you think you are? You’re going to tell me what I am “allowed” to put on MY blog?

I used to actually ship both reylo and finnrey but now I only ship reylo purely because of the hateful finnrey shippers.

Listen, I am a grown-ass woman who is too busy, too tired, and too physically ill to receive complaints from whiny 14 year olds who think one year of high school gives them all the experience and emotional maturity the world can give, and all because I want two FICTIONAL characters to be together.

I’m getting really sick of it. Get a life. Get a hobby. (Yelling at adults in the computer for fictional character preferences cannot be healthy in the long term)

Trent Reznor Era Summaries
  • Option 30/ Exotic Birds/ Slam Bamboo/ Purest Feeling: 2 Kewl 4 Sk00l Tr0nt.
  • Pretty Hate Machine: Synthesizers and Movie Samples.
  • Broken: Fuck the establishment (mostly Steve Gotlieb)
  • The Downward Spiral: Fist Fucker Extraordinaire, leather gloves, keyboard abuser.
  • The Fragile: Death is everywhere and is after everyone I love. No I did not get my heart broken by Marilyn Manson and none of the songs are written about the death of my dog.
  • With Teeth: The second coming, sober yet wiser
  • Year Zero: The Truth is Out There...
  • Ghosts/ The Slip: Fuck The Establishment 2.0, (Mostly Interscope) I'm releasing shit for free
  • The Scoring Era: Oscar winner and married with children
  • Hesitation Marks: What the hell did I do in 1994?
  • Apple Music: I Am The Establishment now....
  • Not The Actual Events: The Truth Is Still Out There

I’m sorry if I am not shouting with excitement over things right now.

Louis’ team is doing nothing to promote him. Yayyyy! I’m so happy. Woo-hoo!

Harry’s team is doing nothing at all. Woo-hooo! This is the best! Yip-yip!

Oh look another stunt to go along with all the other stunts. HELL YEAH! I AM LIVING! THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS!


If I complain, I obviously hate Harry and Louis. Right?! It has nothing to do with the fact that I actually adore them and want what is best for them. Nope not at all.


{{OKAY LISTEN UP BECAUSE I AM GOING TO ADDRESS THIS AND ONLY ADDRESS IT ONCE BECAUSE THIS HAS ME LIVID. Do not tell a person who has ADHD, AUTISM, OR ANY MENTAL DISORDER TO STOP USING IT AS AN EXCUSE. Do you think we actually wanted to be born with the disorders we were given? Do you think it’s fun to have to explain what we have to others? Do you think it makes us happy to be looked at and treated differently? Because we don’t like it and we sure as hell don’t want depression, anxiety, autism, and other things. Who are you to call us names and use AUTISTIC as an insult? Do you even understand how it makes us feel? Can you stop and take a second to walk in our shoes?

We are still people and I can tell you people with disabilities are just as wonderful as you all are so don’t you DARE put someone down for something they CANNOT HELP. Especially when coming online to roleplay can be difficult yet we all still do it and fight with our disabilities. I respect everyone who has a disability and still stands tall, tries to roleplay, interact, and make friends. So if you agree like or reblog. Let’s spread this and educate people on this stuff. IT’S NOT FREAKING COOL}}

  • Dimaria: What the hell are you doing here? Are you actually dreaming right now?
  • Natsu: I'm not sure.
  • Dimaria: You can't dream, demon. Dreaming's for humans.
  • Lucy: Be quiet, Dimaria. He can dream if he wants to.
  • *Lucy approaches Natsu*
  • Lucy: What about you, Natsu? What do you want to be?
  • Natsu: I don't know. I don't even know what I am.
  • Lucy: Well you can be whatever you want. Isn't that what they say?
  • Natsu: We can, right? You and me?
  • *Lucy nods and smiles at Natsu*
A Virgo Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Scorpio Rising's Experience with the Signs

ARIES///You guys have no chill and I mean that in the worst way. You’re naturally positive and kind, but as soon as someone says or does something that you don’t like everyone within a 100 meter distance better fucking duck and cover. You’re pretty bad at group projects, too. I know you want control, but you have no idea what you’re doing so sit down and let someone who actually knows what they’re doing take charge. Though I am very jealous of the way that you can out preform everyone at athletics without even trying.

TAURUS///I’ve never met a Taurus I didn’t get along with. You’re chill as hell and down for almost anything. There is a such thing as being too chill, though. You can’t seem to clean up after yourselves and can you please pick up your socks and wash your own dishes? Tauruses aren’t that lazy, btw. If you can get them to start their work then they’ll work until it’s done. They love to eat, and when they’re the ones cooking everyone else loves to eat as well. Also, they’re super generous. If they like you they insist on paying for everything.

GEMINI///These guys are my favourites. You’re so social and smart and happy. You’re loving and protective and forgiving and kind! It’s like the perfect balance of sweet and attention loving without being to clingy. Leo’s could learn something from you. How do you do it? I don’t think Geminis are that two faced, honestly. They’re just adaptable. They act different in front of different people depending on what impression they want to make. That’s the type of social intelligence that makes people successful.

CANCER///You guys are so damn strong. Not just physically (although my Cancer friend can probably outlift you all, just saying), but emotionally. I know that you don’t believe it. Yes, you do cry a lot and you always say that you’re going to give up, but then an hour later you’re right back in the game trying harder than ever before. You just don’t stay down and that’s amazing. (By the way, it’s your turn to do the dishes, stop putting things off).

LEO///Drama royalty. You complain way too much and can’t solve your own problems. You succeed without trying, and if you even put an ounce of effort into your work then you could be at the top of the class. I hate you, but I can never stay mad. You guys are super amusing and it’s hilarious when you throw your little hissy fits.

VIRGO///As a Virgo myself, I can tell you just how picky we are, in every way, shape, and form. We also have trouble saying the ‘right thing.’ I’m sorry that you’re having a bad day, but is that really an excuse for not returning that book I lent you half a year ago? We also notice every little detail, and that usually gives us more to criticize. Honestly, though, the whole criticizing process is just as frustrating for us as it is for you. It’s the feeling you get when someone cleans your room without your permission, the nervous feeling that everything’s wrong.

LIBRA///Annoying as all hell. You guys are so fucking fake, deny it all you want. You can’t make up your minds. You’ll say it one way, but you’ll mean it in another way and that’s way nothing gets done. Generally you are very social and popular, and you do try to be fair. You aren’t always fair, though, because you don’t always understand the situation. Use your empathy, please.

SCORPIO///You guys are act metal as fuck, but inside you are actually angry little cinnamon rolls. As soon as you open up, you’ve got these beautiful sensitive souls (and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you cried during E.T.). You’re so paranoid when it comes to getting hurt, and I’m sorry that you’ve been hurt before. It’s okay to open up. I can’t promise that you won’t get hurt again, but it’s okay to try. Also, you guys are so determined and have a work drive to rival a Capricorn. I would say that out of all the signs, Scorpios try the hardest with their relationships.

SAGITTARIUS///You guys go from being chill as fuck to being hyped as hell. One moment we’re smoking weed in the parking lot, then suddenly you have to be held back from jumping into the river in the middle of goddamn January. You’re so fun, though, and your atmosphere puts me at ease. You also have a really strong sense of justice and it’s so inspiring to talk about life with you.

CAPRICORN///I love working with you guys. You get your shit done fast and then you help everyone else get their shit done. Tenacious as hell, which can be good or bad. I love it when you take my side in arguments, because that means I’ll win. Then when it comes to projects you instantly get this 'my way or the highway’ attitude. Also, total disciplinarians. Sex with you is very emotional, but it’s fun as hell and super kinky.

AQUARIUS///You guys are so detached and quiet at first, then when I get to know you, you just don’t shut up. I don’t mind talking, but all you talk about is weird shit. It’s interesting and I will never see Stalin’s moustache the same way again, but geez, where do you get your ideas? Smart and the best at creating conspiracy theories.

PISCES///You guys are so lowkey manipulative, then when you can’t manipulate people you just get so mean and annoying. Stop it. You have amazing emotional ranges, though, and you can tap into it so well. I love the way that you draw and paint and you’re such good musicians or singers. I didn’t know it was possible to put emotion in tuba music until I heard a Pisces play it. That’s how good they are.

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