Imagine being at the beach, you are enjoying the sun and walking barefood through the ice cold water. When suddenly you see a guy coming towards you. He is way too overdressed to be at the beach with his suit and blackish coat. The second thing you notice about him are his cheekbones which would most of people look like aliens, but not this one! He is so freaking handsome you can’t handle to watch him anymore so you look down on the ground. “Hey!”, what the heck? Is that guy actually waving for you? No way! Ignoring him you make your way further. “You! Woman! In the water!”, you turn around just to see him standing right behind you. So near you, frightened by his sudden appearance, fall down as into the water as you turn around. “Iiiih!Cold!”, you scream laughing. “Sorry!”, handsome man helps you stand up. “I didn’t want to scare you, I just thought it would be nice to talk to someone from around here!” “Oh, no problem! But I am not from here, actually I’m a tourist.” You smile awkwardly at him. “Hm…”, he seems to think hard about what to say now. “Well, that means you won’t be able to help me solve the case but… Why do you seem so nice? You know what? I invite you to my hotel, you need some dry clothes and I would like to drink a tea with you!”. What should you say? He is so nice, strange and.. handsome! “Oh, my name is Sherlock! Sherlock Holmes!”, he smirks and goes through his dark curly hair with one hand.

on their way to get some alien sighting

will stop by the bubble tea shop if they come across it

Here’s a question I would like Bungou Stray Dogs to answer in the near future. How do they figure out their ability?
Like. When was the first time doctor Yosano saw a nearly dead dude and was like ‘I can fix him right up maybe, take him off life support, let me try something’.

And very specifically.

What, exactly, was the scene where Kaiji figured out he can’t be harmed by bombs, as long as they are lemon shaped. Because that… is not something I see occurring naturally, in normal everyday life. That shit just doesn’t come up.

I want an entire OVA on Kaiji’s back story, just for that.

Ok, so...

I have a friend who goes to UC Davis, and apparently the students there get like roughly 250 pages of printer paper to use over the quarter. Apparently, his neighbors hadn’t used much of their paper, so they thought to might as well use them now since they won’t roll over onto next quarter….








i think i just saw heaven

If you can’t figure out a way to discipline your kid without physically harming them, then I’m sorry but you should not be a parent. Take away their toys, take away their dessert, send them to their room, don’t allow them to go to Timmy’s birthday party on Saturday. There are so many other ways to punish your kids that don’t involve violence. If that kid weren’t yours and you hit them, you’d be in court, so why is it hitting your own kid any different? Just because you helped create them doesn’t give you free reign to do whatever you want with them.

If you’re a parent, act like one. Don’t hit your kids.

I feel like Cole Sprouse went missing for almost 10 years after the suite life and then appeared out of nowhere with riverdale.
Like seriously the last time I saw this guy was in 2008 when he was a cute little nerd and suddenly it’s 2017 and there’s a bunch of riverdale-asexuality-discussions on my dash.
What happened

“When’s the fucking bus coming?” Katsuki grumbled, his chin tucked into his scarf. “I’m freezin’ my ass off here.”

“You gotta be patient Kacchan,” Izuku sighed. “They’re just running a little late today, that’s all.”

“It’s cold as shit,” Katsuki said. “Gimme your hands, nerd.”

“Wha – your hands are freezing Kacchan!”

Katsuki paused for a moment before a wide, wide grin split his face. Izuku leaned back at that expression, eyes wide.

“Is handholding too much for you?” Katsuki mocked. “I am your boyfriend after all.”

“That’s not the issue here!” Izuku protested.

Katsuki leaned in and it wasn’t the cold that Izuku shivered from when his breath brushed against Izuku’s cheek. “What is the issue then?”

“Kacchan, your hands are blocks of ice,” Izuku complained. “And besides, if I warm them up, you’ll get mine all sweaty.”

“You’re such a baby,” Katsuki scoffed and dropped a kiss on his cheek.

Izuku rolled his eyes and leaned back into his space. “You’re the one who can’t handle the cold.”

Kacchan gave Izuku another peck on the cheek. “That’s why I brought you along to warm me up.”

“So that’s all I am to you, huh? A portable radiator?” Izuku teased, elbowing Katsuki in return. Katsuki kissed him again.

Izuku felt his face flush. “Okay, this is getting embarassing,” Izuku said. “You can kiss me all you like when we get back. We’re in public right now, Kacchan.”

“You tellin’ me I can’t hold my boyfriend’s hand and kiss him in public? What are you, the PDA police?”

Katsuki peppered Izuku’s face with kisses and Izuku squirmed.

“Kacchan! Stop!” Izuku cried, laughing, trying to push him off.

Katsuki held his hands tight and leaned in, undeterred, pecking each of Izuku’s freckles.

“Your face is so cold, get off of me!” Izuku forced his hands on Katsuki’s chest and attempted to shove him back through his laughter.

A flash of colour caught Izuku’s eye and he started to push at Katsuki in earnest.

“Stop, stop, stop!” he gasped, trying to catch his breath. “Look, the bus is here!”

Katsuki gave him one last exaggerated peck, smacking his lips and making Izuku snigger before he got up.

“Thanks for warming up my hands, Deku,” he snickered. He let one hand go and pulled Izuku up with the other. “You got your bus pass?”

“Yeah,” Izuku fished it out with his newly-freed hand and waved it in front of Katsuki in response. Katsuki pushed his hand away with a snort.

“Let’s go then.”

He didn’t let go of Izuku’s hand the whole way home.

inspired by a convo with a group of friends in skype. thank u @goldendeku for the inspiration :’)

Imagine studying at the school’s library after school. It was mid-term hell month. It seemed like all the professors planned for your midterms to land so close together. You had a midterm for Psychology and your Gender Studies on the same day, an English take-home essay to finish the next day and a Biology lab the day after that. You were exhausted, but determined to at least past all your midterms. At this point, you just needed to pass… No need to try to overachieve. You were exhausted, but you pulled all the motivation to continue on. 

You just finished two subjects and was about to start on your essay when you noticed unfamiliar white blurb in front of you. You follow the white blurb and you see your boyfriend, Johnny’s head laying on top his arm on the table. 

 “Why don’t you stop here for today, hmm~” He says in a cute tone, raising his eyebrows.

“I still have my lab report and my essay to work on.” You replied, trying to ignore him.

He straightens up on his chair. You notice that he’s wearing a denim collar shirt inside his fluffy-looking white cardigan. It was hard to say no to him, most especially when he’s acting like this while wearing what he was wearing. Double shot to your poor, fragile heart. You look back on to your essay, hoping that he would just leave or stay quiet. 

It was quiet for a good 30 seconds (you actually counted) before he spoke again.

“Do you want something to drink? Caramel Macchiato?” He said.

You eyes looked up at him… He could see that his charms was working. You were suddenly craving a caramel macchiato.

“You like it?” He teased.

You hushed him. You went back to work. He quiet down until he got bored again.

“It’s so frustrating in here.” He whined, pushing himself off his chair to stand up. You giggled at his attempts. He smiled back and continued on.  

“The weather’s nice, you want to get a sun tan?” He joked, pointing towards the door.

You looked at him with a ‘what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about’ look and he shook his head. He went to sit down and with his head supported by his hand. 

 “Let’s go…” He said with a huge smile.

You let out a small giggle. You shook your head with a pinched face.

“Let’s go ~~~” He said again in a cute voice.

You squished his cheeks and huffed out an “okay.”  You heard him cheer really quietly to himself before he began to help you pack all your belongings and books into your bags. He took hold of your book bag as the two of you headed off to a nearby cafe. He sneakily intertwines his free hand with yours. You look up towards him with your face slightly red, he tightens his grip just a little bit and smirks. This boy, making you fall in love with him even more. 

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Like a Boss | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars Rebels

I give up I cannot draw Imperial battle droids.  But Thrawn is a cutie and I want to pinch his cheeks and lbr that’s what’s important here.  ;)

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)


Well, I don’t have access or money for hallucinogenic drugs, but Dan and Swampy shows are a pretty good substitute.