that resource post for trans women and transfems i posted was deleted bcuz like a trans woman told me how it felt condescending and supported cissexist transmisogynistic passing politics and i am sorry for contributing to that

if any trans women and transfems have resource posts they made for each other plz submit them or tag us in them and we can reblog them

i kno that helpful advice that isnt from the perspective of a transmisogynist or doesnt center transmascs is rly hard to find and we wanna post more without putting the work solely on the transfeminine mods to search for this

so plz keep letting us kno if any of us step out of line or what would be better and more useful 💜

-Mod Virgil


HEY GUYS, i’m sure you love seeing these badass vagilantes beat the shit out of rapists as much as i do but they need your help 
there are four more episodes left in the first season of sweet vicious but after that the future of this incredible show is not set in stone. there may not even be a future, this show has yet to be renewed for a second season 
i know not everyone can watch this show through mtv and give it the ratings it deserves but please, please tell mtv you like it. 
tell them you want a second season. tell them how much it means to you. 

do you want to see ophelia’s bisexuality explored? do you want to see the way jules and ophelia’s friendship develops? do you want to see more of kennedy or any of the zeta girls? more of harris being adorable? do you just want to see cool montages of the girls beating people up? 

tweet them, facebook them, tumblr them, email them, hell even mail them a letter but DON’T LEAVE THEM ALONE! KEEP TELLING THEM YOU LOVE THIS SHOW 
i would be devastated if this show didn’t get the time it deserves to tell its story. please. 
communicate it to @mtv in any way you can that you want more of this show.

Can’t we just put aside our differences and all agree that whether you love ice-skating boys or esper kids that what we’re all really excited for is another season of an egg and a toaster in domestic bliss?

hi this is my new davekat baby ive just been calling him kidd. hes rlly loving and p loud but he deff has shy bouts and tens to be rlly clingy w his dads. his eyes are sensitive x2 combo so,,,

he likes tying on capes and zoomin around the house like hes flying ?? how cool is it that his dad can fly ??? wow ???? and his other dad is so so smart wow ?????? he loves them sm

Reblog if you post Voltron content and post absolutely no hate on your blog

I was thinking it would be nice to have a post circulating that people can use to find blogs that are safe and non toxic, and still enjoy quality Voltron content. Write in the tags what ships you create content for/reblog! 

(EDIT: Also feel free to reblog if you post mostly one character or general Voltron content! We always could use some more non-ship related/team love!)

Also, I really recommend blocking and reporting blogs that are harassing other users, especially those that are attacking younger users. X-kit is your friend. Stay safe! ❤


Oingo Boingo At Dick Clark’s American Bandstand 1983

Hey, do u mind tagging your type and talking about at what point does a ‘discussion’ cross the line and become an argument? Like, what does the other person have to do in order for you to start feeling defensive?

For me, I could be very strongly disagreeing with someone, but I tend to not see it as an argument until they start laughing at me

Warriors Birthday Game

so I was hanging out with a friend the other day, and we got bored. and this is basically what happened.  

take the first word you get and match it with the second. example: if the first letter of your name is V, and your birthday is the 27th of a month, your warrior name is Nightshade. 

you can reblog it with your name, put it in the tags, or reply if you want. 

(*you can do the first letter of your url if you’re not comfortable with sharing the first letter of your real name)

A New Tag~

Introducing simple regression!🎉🎉🎉

• What is it?
~ Simple regression is a neutral, sfw tag for age regression posts! This is NOT a community, just a tag.

• What do you mean neutral?
~ This means it doesn’t belong to any community! As long as you aren’t n*sfw, k!nk, or 1*8+ only, you can interact with anything in the tag, doesn’t matter if you’re in a cozy community or a plain ol age regressor

• What can I put in it?
~ Anything sfw and related to your regression! Pictures of toys, text posts, art, crafts, whatever you wish!🍼

• Any rules?
~ Yes! Please please keep it safe for work!!! this is very important!
~ No banners excluding others (unless it is a banner that says no ns*fw/k!nk) the point of the tag is to be a neutral place! so for example, including a banner that said no c*hire or no ki*dhearts would be a no no!
~ please don’t use the tag if you aren’t ok with ANY kind of sfw age regressor interacting. we want the content to be ok for everyone to reblog so pls don’t set yourself up to have your boundaries broken if you aren’t ok with it

• Why make this tag?
~ As a neutral age regressor, sometimes people will look at my blog and assume I’m under a label I’m not because of a post I have. Hopefully this will help with that! The age regression tag itself is a mixed bag, with most all communities posting in, so sometimes it’s hard to tell if I’m respecting everyone’s wishes on what to interact with.

• So what’s the tag again?
~ simple regression, or simplereg for short!🎈

• Anything else to say?
~ Yep, currently there’s about 3 random posts in there due to tumblr’s tagging system, just ignore those
~ please share this with other regressors! I’d greatly appreciate if you reblogged or tagged others! 💕
~ thanks for reading this mess of a post!!

hey guys, i can’t believe i reached my goal right before christmas!! what a nice present. this is just a thank you to everyone i follow because you make my tumblr experience so amazing by just existing, i love you all ♥  ♥ 

my loves:

my lovely wife marissa, i know we joke all the time about being married but honestly i love you with all my heart and i dont know what i would do if we didn’t talk everyday or i couldn’t tag you in anything. honestly you are the most amazing person and im so lucky you love me as much as i love you ♥ ♥
katie omg i literally love you so much like i can’t put it into words. everytime you reply to my gifsets or seflies with ridiculous shit like you did the other way i literally die, you’re so funny and beautiful and you make me so happy, i love you!! ♥ ♥
@lyidastiles: carly my love, you are my honestly such a bae and so hilarious, like your tags on everything give me life. you’re so much more together at 15 than i was lmao, like just keeping do you because you’re amazing ♥ ♥
@obrodens: mariaaaaa my darling, sincerely from the bottom of my heart you are one of nicest i have EVER come across, like honestly you’re such a ray of light and so beautiful, i love you so much!! ♥ ♥
@hollvndroden: dasha i know we only just started talking but honestly i love your blog and your gifs and you so much, i feel so honoured everytime you tag me in your gifs and i look forward to all the conversations we’re going to have in to future!! love you ♥ ♥
@martinskki: cassie you are a ray of light!! honestly i love reading your posts and tags and just hearing what you have to say, keeping doing you i love it ♥ ♥
@merrykristoff: jj my darling, i just realised the other day that we never shared any fandoms except for t100 yet we always found random shit to talk about lmao, honestly though you’re beautiful and lovely and i love having you on my dash ♥ ♥
lyss my love, i know you’re on a little hiatus but i miss your lil face and imparting my wisdom on you, please come back soon and i love you ♥ ♥

favourites are italicised


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so sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone, here is my blogroll just in case. have a nice holidays and love you all ♥  ♥


Tag yourself “Kiwi’s Gijinka forms of anthro cars” edition. 

I think i can see the other side. This image has 103 layers for some reason and its 2 am what happened. 

A helpful guide to quarian feet, since I went in the tags and saw… lots of things that weren’t quarian feet. I’m no expert, of course, as I didn’t design them, but I think this was what Bioware’s folks had in mind when they put the Quarians together, and if this can help people, then I’ve done good.

There are a lot of other things about it that I didn’t have time to draw - the way the muscles and tendons would pull the toes in both pics, the way the feet would likely be shaped from various angles with the bones of the toes starting at the ankle - that I might do later but probably won’t. Until then, I hope this helps.

PS: quarians with human feet would be really impractical on Rannoch from an evolutionary standpoint guys, stop drawing them that way

The death stare

This one I wrote purely to make myself feel better about myself. I hope it can help others too.

Probably should put a warning here: low self-esteem and self-hatred. It’s a little bit angsty, but with fluff, of course. 

As always: let me know what you think. And if you want on or off my tag list. Feedback is much appreciated.

Word count: 1478

You’ve always been kinda fond of your hair: the long locks are thick and luscious, and although the colour is a bit plain, it’s the one thing you like the most about you appearance.

But this case is a royal pain in the ass, and you have to do something to avoid being recognised. Hence the appointment at the local hair salon.

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misadventures in the mist. mistadventures?

damn, i can’t believe i actually finished this drawing, the sketch is actually a month old, but my drawing program crashed on me so many freaking times, that i just kept putting it off. the only one who escaped the loss of progress and redrawing is diath (uncanny dodge??) everyone else had to be redrawn at least once.


SO… i did a poth child (little jammy hood)

i know that rouge said she will not add more kids to the poth family
BUT no one said that i still can make my own >u>

welp his name is ginger(ginger of a gingerbread c:)he is a skele-werewolf
but he can walk in 4 paws c::::::
he very patient and friendly,he cares about others and he conforts them
(sorry i dont know what more to put lol)

little jammy hood : @thegreatrouge
goth: @nekophy
palette: @angexci
cant tag anyone ;-;



  • Please, keep this a secret, don’t tell the person you are paired with that you are the one to give the gift.
  • There’s a deadline to send the gift, so please respect it!
  • You have to respect the timeline , otherwise the other person is waiting and disappointment is horrible.
  • Don’t bash characters EVER, think of the holiday spirit! Puppies!
  • If you are drawing, try to make this as finished as possible
  • For a fanfiction, try to write no less than 1000 words, but drabbles are fine if it’s a series


the application is HERE  Put as much as possible so the other person making your gift will have a good idea of what to give you!!

Once I receive your application, you’ll be on the participant list

You can check out the Timeline

You can track the tag #dlss2016 so everyone can follow updates.

If you think you can’t make it, please contact me!

anonymous asked:

stop putting your irrelevant shit in the code geass tag no one checks character tags to see your shit thanks xx

Nope, I’m gonna carry on putting things about Code Geass in the Code Geass tag. Lelouch is the series protagonist, and Suzaku is another main character. They’re part of the series, so I’m gonna tag it as such. I mean what? Did I hurt your feelings by saying how Lelouch and Suzaku don’t have romantic feelings for each other or something? Lol.

If I were to talk about Goku and Vegeta, and put that in the Code Geass tag, then that would be irrelevant. Nothing I’ve tagged as “Code Geass” has ever been irrelevant. So next time, how about actually knowing the definition of the word before accusing me of putting irrelevant things in the series tag.

And now I’m gonna use the exact same tags as I did last time, just because I can. You’re not welcome.

to people who are leaking/spoiling/have hold of spoilers: in case you guys haven’t already been noticing, a lot are trying to a v o i d that. we’re waiting for our own full experience with the rest of the world

if for some pressing reason you really.can’t. help yourself from posting, please at least take other measures to help people steer clear.



try not to attach pictures of story spoilers (aka don’t do it ;__;)

#ffxvspoilers or #ffxv spoilers is the most common ones i’ve seen used. so please be mindful of what you’re putting out there in the main tags. it only takes an extra 2 seconds to tag. and with 2 seconds, you can save hundreds of lives

this has been a psa