get under the car.

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Fluff / Humour.

Summary: Today is supposed to be a peaceful day off, but when you find a pair of hands sticking out from underneath your car, it becomes all the more interesting.

Count: 2,400+ words.

Note: Adapted from my old story of the same name. Not much has changed, I just liked this piece and wished to repost it!

A day off is well needed after six shifts straight, alongside a whole lot of homework from lectures that have kept you up until the late hours of the evening. Or more so, into the earliest minutes of the morning. So when you notice that your Thursday is completely free of absolutely anything at all, the sight of the blank space on your calendar nearly brings a tear to your eye, and you decide it can be the perfect twenty-four hours to treat yourself, to at long last, kick back and relax. 

And what a lovely day it has been so far! You sleep in without any concern of an alarm, briefly waking only to roll over and drape yourself back into your sheets, welcoming another hour and a half of dreams. The sound of your roommate slamming the front door on her way out to one of her own tutorials has you decidedly getting up, taking your time to make toast, switching the kettle on to boil until you open the coffee jar and realise the dreaded fact that less than half a teaspoon of grains is found stuck to the bottom.

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03/02/17 || What a tiring day today has been, I’ve woken up at 6am to go to uni because I had to register one of my grades. I then came straight back home and started studying again. I can barely keep my eyes hopes, I don’t know how I’ll be able to keep this up.

I also wanted to say that I’m sorry I always moan in these posts, but it’s just that this is my main outlet for this kind of stuff. So yeah I’m sorry but I do know how lucky I am to have this life so yeah.

What an exciting day today has been!! Accepted into uni and the whole day spent with my lovely! 💞 Nothing could have possibly gone better and I couldn’t be feeling more grateful! On another positive note, shoulders are finally starting to GROW! 😜

What an emotional day it has been.
Bryan made me tear up, Demore is the sweetest cupcake ever and I think I don’t need to say much about Aaron and Scott.
And then this happened, obviously.
I can’t even describe how much this means to me.
People who know me understand but just for all of you who don’t this is a major deal for me and I was hella worried about Hugh not being ok with my idea.. but he was and made me the happiest girl in the world!
I am so grateful for today, not only because I got to meet a part of the Hannibal cast but also because of all the amazing Fannibals I met today.
You guys rule and thanks for welcoming newbies with such open and loving arms ❤️

booyahkendell  asked:

46, because that's who I am. (;

So… this was a prime setup for an AU from The Nanny and I really, honest to God couldn’t help myself.  

“Javi, Vero, Matt!” Sonny called across the terminal.  “If you’re not lined up in front of me in five seconds, hand to God I will leave you in Paris.”

Javier, the teenager, rolled his eyes but started a begrudging slump in Sonny’s direction.  It was a start, at least.  Veronica rolled her eyes but didn’t look up from her book as she walked, following her older brother without so much as a glance away from the page.  Behind them followed Matt, just over five, with his backpack over his shoulders and an old model Corvette in his hand.  He went straight to Sonny with a smile on his face, green eyes sparkling and his missing top teeth bared for the world to see.  It was reflex when Sonny bent to pick him up - Mr. Barba insisted his legs were in working order but he couldn’t help it.  Matt was the baby, which meant he was sweet on Sonny and still found it in himself to listen.

“You wouldn’t leave us,” Javi muttered as he dragged his suitcase behind him. 

“Try me,” Sonny shot back.  “You can’t even put Pop-Tarts in a toaster at home, let’s see how long you last ordering in French.”

“I can make Pop-Tarts.”

“No, you can ask Olivia to make you Pop-Tarts.  Not the same, I promise.”

“Sonny, where’s Dad?”

“Dad’s on his way,” he replied to Vero, his lips pursed tightly.  He should have been there an hour ago but Sonny wasn’t going to say that.  Everyone was tired and Sonny was stressed out.  Both for Mr. Barba, who was supposed to be in negotiations for some new Broadway show, and because of Mr. Barba, who was supposed to be flying back with them when the plane took off in just over thirty minutes.  

Mr. Carisi, I’m sure you’re more than capable of getting the four of you through security, he’d told him on his way out of the hotel room that morning.  Call me if you find yourself struggling to remember their names.  


He’s lucky Sonny puts up with him.

Loves him, a stupid voice at the back of his head reminded him but he shook that errant thought away.  

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April 17, 2017

Hiveswap is not out yet.

We all fade away. After the new trailer, all we can do is wait. The next important homestuck date is 6/12 which is like two months away. We sit and rewatch the second hiveswap trailer forever. Getting lost in it, and getting lost in time. What day was it? What hour was it? What did you do today? you have been watchjng the hiveswap trailer on loop. Had it not been for the title of this post, you would not know what day it was.

It has been (-108) days since “January 2017”.

01/06/17 || June has started off real good you guys, I’ve got the results of my exam back and it has gone so good it couldn’t have gone better and I’m so happy right now, that huge weight has gone off my shoulders. I also finished my journalism manual, it looked huge and impossible when I started reading it and now I’m done and I’m so happy about it. What a great day today has been, hopefully the rest of the month will be as good as today has been (also I’m turning 21 at the end of this month, like where has the time gone? How am I nearly 21?)