from what we have seen on shadowhunters:
  • the “come at me bro” squad: jace, izzy, lydia, simon, clary
  • the “seriously touch them and i will come at you....bro” squad: alec, luke, magnus
  • also the original “idc what happens to them as long as it doesn’t affecthlkgdYOU WILL DIE FOR THIS IM COMING AT YOU BRO” squad: RAPHAEL

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Break Free

The Storybook: Rapunzel

Characters: Hoseok x Reader

Word Count: 8321 words

Sweat was trickling down his neck, covering his whole body, making him feel sticky in the stuffy air of his room as he kept his eyes on the mirror in front of him, analyzing his own movements to the music coming from the speakers of his little stereo.

The way his muscles contracted to the beat, the way he danced so fluidly that it felt like he moved automatically without even having to think about it, with nothing but the melody resonating from the speakers in his head- it was almost art.

He felt it inside of him, the need to move to the rhythm, to let it all out and dance until the exhaustion overcame him, making his muscles scream and his lungs beg for air.

It wasn’t seconds after he had stopped the music to take a sip of water, panting and wiping the sweat off of his face with a towel, when he heard her yelling his name.

“Hoseok, where are you?”

Shit, she was home.

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concept: frank and joe go undercover at a college (v 22 jump street) and to play the part they have to join a fraternity

say what you want about fraternities (i live next to one so i know believe me) but just….. just imagine….. the dress shirts….. and shorts….. and….. bye


Look, I’m not saying that Lucina should have a clone moveset.

But if she really needs to be a clone, just follow your own logic and make her a clone of Ike.


*muffled I Burn and Red Like Roses playing in the distance* 

also because it was 7am and I felt like doodling more before sleeping here’s a bonus picture:

Title: Reflections
Pairing: Freya/Ravenna (The Huntsman)
Words: 2.4k
Rating: M, mature themes discussed and some violence and other things alluded to.

An alternate tale of Freya and Ravenna.

It’d be really great if my family could stop hating me 🙃