some point in the future
  • Wally:*gets the Speed Force*
  • Barry:What are you gonna call yourself?
  • Cisco:*faint shouting from outside* Impulse!
  • Wally:Hmm...I dunno...
  • Cisco:*throwing rocks at the window* IMPULSE!
  • Wally:Maybe...
  • Cisco:*climbing in through the broken window* IMP-
  • Wally:Kid Flash!
  • Barry:Welcome to the team, Kid Flash!
  • Cisco:*screeches*

One of my biggest things with the whole Fine Bros deal is that they made this huge fuss & then tried to backtrack by saying that, for the most part, they only have people in their videos from Southern California, & they want to get input or reactions or whatever from people around the world.

Newsflash, my dudes- people all around the world are already doing that. I literally watched a random video the other day of Koreans reacting to Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. You can’t act like these videos aren’t already happening and people aren’t watching them. It takes 3 seconds to search on YouTube and you can find thousands of results for nearly any reaction video you want, from a wide range of content creators across the globe.

And honestly, if you really want to hear the voices of people from around the world- your channel is/was successful enough that you have every opportunity to travel around the world and make these videos with people in different regions & countries!!! Seems to me like you want to make other people do the work and then take the credit.

So yeah, what annoys me the most is the whole, “We want react videos from around the world.”
They already exist. You’re just not making money off of them.

I’m scared for Bellamy’s character after the “you should help them get those missiles ready to launch” comment…. And he says to Octavia that he HAD TO kill those grounders….

I feel like he is reversing his development :/

Fine Bros receiving HEAT!!

We all know about this fine bros scandal.

So here’s some statistics I worked out:

They’ve lost 50,000 subs in the last 10 hours.

That’s 5,000 an hour.

That’s 83 a minute.

Just think about it.

Every 60 seconds 83 people unsub.

DAMN they’re gonna be out of subs by the end of the week.

Also… they are on the BBC website…




a devastating blow, a worthy opponent.


Your voodoo powers couldn't save you from me during the fire drill.

staylifted-livestoned replied to your post: Ha well if that shit was real then it would happen there.
that being true as it may be, i have voodoo powers also, so come at me bro haha

to know that you could send out a few messages, take a piss, wash your hands, make yourself a banging sandwich with a tall glass of juice, respond to some more messages, and probably reblog a few posts, by the time you get back to your room to lay down, FineBros has lost at least 1,000 subscribers and will continue to lose about 1,000 more every 10 ten minutes is truly a blessing in this world of chaos