dear 13 year old me,

the one is not what you will imagine it will be,
it will come when you’re 16 and you’re not looking for love,
when all you want is to pass your maths exam,
it will come on a busy day outside of PE class when she picks up stray pieces of grass and throws it at you,
or when she drops your pen and you fight over who picks it up.

the one will have you questioning what it truly means to be in love,
but don’t think of it as a burden,
because she will teach you the real meaning of the word safety,
she will wipe your wet eyes even when the tears are mirrored in hers,
she will lift you so high that you’re sure you are floating,
and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

the one will not be how you want it to be,
it will be snotty noses and blood curdling sobs into pillows,
it will be making mistakes and asking for second chances,
it will feel like a knife wound sharp to the gut,
but don’t fret because you will take it all just to hear her laugh at her own jokes.

the one will come when all the odds are stacked against you,
when the years turn to months turns to days till you have to leave for your future,
when the space between your bodies turns from a double bed to two cities,
but her crackled voice on the other end of the phone will give you more meaning than 10 years attending church ever could.

the one will come with hardships you didn’t ever think would exist,
but the one will give you shelter from your own broken heart,
and she will capture your heart so completely there is no way you could ever be apart,
so be patient because the one is right around the corner,
she will hop on a plane in a year from now and she will enter your life as the new girl in school,
and you will forget why you ever thought you would be better off alone.

p.s. please talk to her. no, she doesn’t think you’re an idiot.

“Bucky,” Steve said. The hard edge of his voice demanded Bucky’s attention, and Bucky straightened his shoulders as he raised his head. Steve was sitting casually crosslegged, but he looked at Bucky with the intensity of a sniper at his scope. His jaw was firm with determination. “Listen. What you said before – whatever you did when they had you. None of it matters. You’re a good man.”

my art submission for the stevebucky big bang 2016! for the fic Out of Time (link coming soon) - by ibroketuesday + AO3


I’m getting more into painting and using photoshop brushes again!! <3 And as ppl might figure i’m now Voltron trash too LAWL