Ellie Lee: let’s take a pic looking cool.
Jin: I’m a mother fucking bad ass look at my fake ass gun I will fuck u up with just one finger
Namjoon: if looks could impregnate you’d be pregnant 85 times already
Taehyung: sit on my face
Jeon: look at all the fucks I give
Yoongi: soft swagger thumbs up
Jimin: I don’t know whats going on but I’m going to just act cute 🤗
Hoseok: I’m here to fuck shit up hashtag fuck bitches and get money hashtag mister steal your girl hashtag where’s the weed


they need help (i need sleep)

um i don’t mean to freak out over nothing…but all the giddiness, tension, and longing that damen incessantly waxed lyrical about?? LAURENT FELT THAT TOO. IT WAS MUTUAL. HE HURT HIMSELF WHEN HE HURT DAMEN. HE PROBABLY GAZED LONGINGLY AT DAMEN’S BICEPS AND FULL LIPS AND RICH, DARK CURLS WHEN DAMEN WASN’T LOOKING. HE HAD A FUCKING CRUSH.

i love that prompto is the canon spicy food eater because it means i can take this to the logical extreme and headcanon him as that person who always thinks something is Not Spicy enough. 

he’ll never say it to ignis, he’s too polite and appreciative of being able to eat good food at all, but then one day in lestallum there’s a spicy food challenge for a prize weapon or something that the bros enter and he’s just READY. 

noctis is out of the competition and crying immediately because all his faves are comfort foods, he was not prepared for this. ignis lasts only a little longer and his glasses are fogging up. gladio sticks it out on principle because he doesn’t want to lose to prompto but he is tearin’ up, he is sWEATin’ and meanwhile prompto is just…there, chillin’, having a great time, honestly forgot about the competition, he’s just happy to be eating for free.

the table is on actual fire, all his friends are red and ugly crying around him, and he’s just like ‘man these are great but they could be a little spicier’

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Jim buys McCoy a shirt that says "save a horse, ride a cowboy" as a joke. Spock takes it very seriously

Spock didn’t understand Bones’ shirt, nor the slightly embarrassed grin he wears whenever someone points it out. He decided to ask Jim about it. 

“In essence, Spock, to ride someone has a double meaning. The first to literally ride around on their back, the other is to have sex. Ride their dick, basically.” Jim didn’t seem to know if he was enjoying the explanation or embarrassed by it. 

“I see,” Spock said slowly, responding to Jim’s expectant gaze. “Why does McCoy wear it?”

Jim grinned proudly “He’s about as close to a cowboy as you can get these days.”

(gets kinda nsfw under the cut, nothing explicit)

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