Achievement Unlocked!

Thrown out of a D&D game during the “Character Concept” phase!

So one of the guys in the group wants to run a “Nordic” campaign. You know, Grunty Northmen, furry shorts, everyone has a level in barbarian, etc.  These *can* be fun, but this is also a GM that Takes Himself Way Too Seriously, and really ought to be playing Vampire The Masquerade or something, but that’s Not Macho Enough.  Whatever.

We pitch character concepts to the GM to make sure they’re OK/party balance reasons.  Kyle, GM’s dramabro buddy, goes first.

PC Kyle: So I wanna play a Human Paladin Of Odin, a great explorer who made it to many exotic lands so he has twin scimitars and Knows about gunpowder.  his name is Halfdan, after the graffiti in the Haiga Sophia.

(that sound you heard was every former RA Salvatore fan cringing)

GM: I like it! Anyone else have an Idea?

Me, An Asshole: I wanna be a Goliath Barbarian with a belt of “enlarge person” named “Fulldan”

*six people chime in with various levels of distress over the pun.”

PCJenna: Aw, I wanted to be the barbarian!

Me, Still an asshole: Sure!  That was a joke. I’d really rather play a rouge.  I like  the stabby-hidey halfling build.

GM: Ok that’s great, this is as SERIOUS campaign, so no joke characters.

Me: His name is Quarterdan.



anonymous asked:

no matter if Tom Keen is dead, you still will not get a romance between Reddington and Elizabeth Keen.

See Anon here’s the thing. I’m quite happy in AU land since I’ve been here for awhile and can ship in peace so if you think you’re bothering me lmao please get real. And as a special bonus I have all sorts of future Tom free episodes to look forward to while you….um…don’t. That’s because Red is here to stay since Spader is the one carrying this whole damn thing.

anyways not saying i’m aromantic but i realized romantic companionship does nothing for me and attempting it does nothing but make me stressed and depressed and constantly irritable. doesn’t even matter if it was the greatest person in the world i just c a n t