you know me too well dammit D:<

> *shows up three weeks late with a doodle just because she gave up several times trying to draw legs* yo

> @ rogue: pls change ur haircut son its impossible to draw

that scene at the party where isak is dancing with emma and even with sonja and this cool remix of call your girlfriend is playing in the background and isak is staring at even so obviously it’s like he doesn’t even try to hide it and then…..even fucking looks right into isak’s eyes while full on kissing sonja like…..THAT SCENE ! DESERVES !!!!!! AN OSCAR

Full Disclosure








*old man voice* you new pjo fans are so privileged these days with all your fanart and queer characters, back in my day we only had detailed posts about why every character that wasnt from the original series + leo was an awful character and people shipped nico with their self insert daughter of poseidon