2:30am is the best time to try out a slightly more masculine make up test, right?
I spoke to someone at length today about how I choose to present myself, and it was good to come to the conclusion about how I am.
And also, it feels good to feel good about how I look. I’m getting this andro thing down for when I need it again.

At my grandmas house while her neighbors have a family party
  • Grandma:*pushes me towards party* go see what game they're playing it looks like fun!
  • Me:*feels panic attack coming as I see the giant mass of people I don't know* no thank you * walks back inside*
  • Grandma:why don't you want to go play? Is because there's boooyyys???
  • Me:*looks her in the eyes* It's because there's people. *walks away and eats cake*

Oh.. I’ve made a mistake. Some wondered if gender thinking of, anon is me.
Well … my art is what gender you look like?

One time I went skinny dipping with my friends and I have never felt more comfortable with my body because I know that my body could never change my friendship with them and that they don’t care what my body looks like, they will always respect my gender.
Moral of this story, if your friends would make you feel bad because they saw what your body actually looks like, they aren’t the right friends for you.

What does sexual liberation look like?

        I learned in my gender studies classes about the rise of sexualized image in the media. We would talk about how women being the victim of sexual objectification, the rise of rape culture, and how it negatively affect woman’s body image especially for young girls. When talking about women being a sexual object, I always thought about women who are confident with their body and love to show it in the media. Are they also a victim of mainstream media? Is this the result of years of being pushed to be the “world’s most beautiful woman”? Or are they just liberated?

        Miley Cyrus is known for being crazy. She was a sweet Disney child star that evolved to be this ‘wild girl’ who loves to stick her tongue out, wears skimpy outfit (or often topless), has a lot of tattoos, and curses in front of camera. She is outspoken, brave, unapologetic, and the world is not ready for her transformation. The public opinion seems to split into two when it comes to Miley Cyrus: either you love her or you don’t. The haters would call her selfish and being a bad influence for little kids since she has many underage fans from her Disney years. The lovers would say, “Good for her, she is having the best time of her life”. Recently Miley Cyrus opened a foundation called Happy Hippie for homeless LGBTQ youth in Los Angeles. When asked about how she feels about people calling her names, Miley said she is glad that she’s getting all these attention. She said, “I’m trying to redirect the attention to this wonderful organization. So even when people hate me, at least they know what I am doing and are aware of Happy Hippie”. I, myself used to dislike Miley Cyrus for being hypersexualized, but then I thought if she is sexually liberated and just loving herself for who she is, then what is wrong with that?

        I never really understood what sexual liberation look like before this class. My older sister, who is 10 years older than me, would read Cosmopolitan magazine when I was little. I always tried to take a peek on the magazine as I wasn’t allowed to because I was too young. I remembered the titles of the article would be “10 things to make him happy in bed” or “how to be the girl he wants”. Today, I scrolled down my Facebook page and I saw 6 articles about female orgasm: the science behind it, different types of orgasm, and tips to achieve it. I also realized that there are so many body positivity articles that encourage women to love their body instead of “how to lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks”. While reading these posts I suddenly realize “maybe this is what sexual liberation looks like”. Our happiness is no longer revolve around men and we’re starting to put ourselves as the priority. 

4 years ago, I would spend hours slut-shaming Miley Cyrus with a friend, but today I’d just scroll down her Instagram and say “good for her”.

I was tagged by emowentzz to do this questions tag so here it is (even if it is a little late)

Nickname: Nicock, Nicki, Nick (my names Nicole btw)

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 175cm (not sure how accurate the thing I measured with is though so maybe taller)

Gender: Oh golly who knows???? I don’t know what my gender is but most of the time I like either looking fem or androgynous

Time/date right now: July 1 2015 and it’s 12:19pm

Average hours slept: Usually 6 and a half or 7

Last google search: lyric genius (that website with all the lyrics bruv)

Favorite fictional character: Idk???? I’m gonna say Dwight Schrute from The Office lmao

Favorite famous person: Patrick Stump (like it wasn’t obvious) ALTHOUGH followed by Taylor Swift and Halsey

Favorite book: At the moment probably A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Favorite musician: There are heaps but the mains are all of Fall Out Boy (including pre-FOB and hiatus for all of them), twenty one pilots, Halsey, Nicki Minaj tbh, T Swift, Beyonce too

Last movie seen in theaters: Poltergeist (it was crap js)

Dream job: I can never decide but right now I think work at a pet store or dog groomers, maybe librarian though, maybe in tourism, maybe engineering who knows

Wearing right now: Grey fat pants and a grey t-shirt cause that’s the shit I wear for pajamas

Tagging: Honestly I’m so lazy so anyone who sees this and wants to do it then feel free to go ahead and do it and just tag me in the ‘tagged by’ part because yeah @ everyone wanting to do it this is me tagging you rn

Witch Meme

I was considered tagged by rainy-day-witchcraft
Mundane name: Elizabeth
Craft name: Flora / Kephira
Gender: nah
What my BoS looks like: I made it by hand, it’s a soft leather cover with a leather strap and hand torn paper
Secret witch? Nope. If someone asks, I tell
What sort of Craft I practice: eclectic (hedge, cottage, hereditary, green)
Preferred tool: Pendulum or my hands
Favorite Divination type: I love reading tarot, but if the answer is simple I will use a pendulum
When I started practicing: I was raised in a magical environment, but I really got interested at around age ten. So I’ve been doing this for quite a while.
Why do I craft? It calms me down, and helps me be who I truely am
Favorite herbs: Lavender, Cardamom, Mint
Favorite Crystals: Rose quartz, calcite, hematite, amethyst
Favorite Ingredients: Cinnamon, ginger root, peppercorns
Favorite time to craft: depending on the spell, usually I like either early morning or mid day because I’m awake :)
Favorite Spell: Glamours that I can eat or smell like owo
Last spell: A chai tea glamour from memory
How do I feel about curses: I’ve only cast one, and oh man they are still feeling it. Only if you feel very strongly about it.
Last astral dream: I had one a couple nights ago about my shadows
Spirit animal: I’m in a pack, and I’m an alpha, but I’ve always loved cats
Last spirit communication: I haven’t communicated with spirits in years, but I have a few Veil creatures in my head chatting me up
Magical Last Words: I don’t understand this one but probably “I will it, thus make it so. Don’t mess up.”
I tag honeycoyote, hedgewitchonahill, and anybody who has the patience to do this ;3

One of the most frustrating things in the universe is when someone does not and will not ever understand a rational argument presented in a rational manner.

anonymous asked:

OK. You ready? Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Oxlip, Heliconia, Azalea, and Dandelion (⌒-⌒; )

Heck yeah I’m ready!

Jasmine: I’m not sure what colour I look good in… blue maybe? I like blue!

Orange blossom: I wouldn’t mind what my child’s gender was or what they looked like. I’d love them regardless, and I think a surprise would be nice!

Oxlip: Tough one. I’d have to really like the person to be part of a LDR because I get lonely easily and thrive on being with other people.

Heliconia: I don’t like it when it when it rains because I’d rather be out in the sun. :P

Azalea: I don’t normally cry at movies unless it’s something where it’s based on real events that were unpleasant.

Dandelion: If I can make someone happy or help someone in some way, I’m important. Everyone’s important, even though I don’t feel that way sometimes (and I do feel that way). 

Thanks for the message, this was fun! :D

Reasons why my pup is my fave:

-He doesn’t care what I look like

-He doesn’t care about my gender identity/ sexuality

-He doesn’t care if I’m “popular” or not

-He loves me no matter what

-He forces me to go outside to play with him/walk him

-He makes me feel loved always

-He loves me bc I love him, and not for any superficial reasons

This is why I love him more than the vast majority of people.

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Carnation Orange Blossom Daffodil

Carnation: 100% definitely the 1975 because they’re not fucking coming to my state this tour :(

Orange blossom: I mean if I was gonna be completely logical in society I would choose for my child to be an attractive male, so he could be successful, but no, in reality I don’t care what gender my child is or what they look like as long as they grow up happy and love themselves.

Daffodil: the present from my best friend on my 16th birthday. She gave me 16 little things, that all had to do with life events we shared together or inside jokes. It was really great :’)