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What does my gender identity look like?

This is a question that a lot of gender variant individuals ask themselves?
But why?

I believe its because as a human being, I want society to recognize me.
I want to be able to step out in public and for people to immediately be able to understand a little bit about me without having to explain myself to everyone. Unfortunately, for gender variant individuals, it can be a challenge to convey their personality through personal style because there is simply not much inspiration out their.

That is why I started House of Alexzander, to give other gender fluid individuals inspiration. However, I quickly began to understand that their is a whole community of individuals around the world who identify their gender as something other than cis. I discovered the gender variant community.

That is when I truly felt that I had a responsibility to do something more than simply inspire the community with style. I also recognized the need for a gender variant clothing line, so that others could also be expressive of their variant gender.

That is when I had the idea for GENDER FLUX APPAREL.


To find out more about the GENDER FLUX project,
visit, http://www.genderflux.com/how-it-all-started
To support the project and get a t-shirt, like the one in the photos above,
visit, http://www.genderflux.com/



I’m nb trans, and aporogender more specifically. Being fat and having big boobs in addition to dressing the way I want essentially means that I never pass in any situation. I have been told to just loose weight or bind so that some people will be more willing to respect my identity. I want my body to stay the way it is. Bodies don’t have gender identities, people do. Clothes don’t have gender identities, people do. My gender identity is valid regardless of what I look like or how I dress. Sorry, not sorry for being someone who takes more conscious effort to respect, the way I am and acknowledging that has been the defining thing that keeps me from ending my life.


white/white-passing trans folx: can we please share more tpoc and especially dark trans black women? Also let’s not fetishize them. Let’s not talk about how attractive they are to us. They don’t exist for us to have something beautiful to behold.

Nonfat trans folx: please represent fat trans folx. Not just cute fat or sporty fat. Like actually go through the tags and rep all fat trans folx.

Able bodied trans folx: let us represent any disabled/mobility challenged trans folx. They are fucking valid and rarely if ever get representation. Also let’s not talk about what inspirations they are. Their life struggles are not there to make you feel better.

Financially stable trans folx: We need to represent poor trans folx. Money gives us access to soooo much that can help alleviate some of our pain or at least make it somewhat easier to manage.

TLDR: trans folx, represent other trans folx that are marginalized in ways you aren’t. While trans representation is abysmal enough, trans folx who are white and thin and able bodied and have financial stability are the vast majority of the kind of representation our community does get. Let’s do better.

*I definitely didn’t mention all the different levels of marginalization or marginalized identities within the trans community. Feel free to add to this, correct any mistakes I have made, etc.

** for those trans folx who are not wanting or not able to participate, you are in my thoughts today. You are not alone.

***I will go through the tag as much as I can, but also feel free to submit or tag me in things to make sure I reblog them.


Felt pretty androg. today 👌 (she/they)

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures from today.
All my cuties all together in one picture.
Being around my friends makes me so happy


I finally built up the courage to post these. I was kind of scared to post selfies today because I’ve been told that I “don’t look trans”. But then I realized that my gender identity is valid, no matter what I looked like. Happy trans day of visibility! I hope everyone in the trans community has a great, safe, and wonderful day! And remember, no matter what you look like, your identity is always valid! 

「Genderfluid; she/he/they」


A fewwwwwwww people have gotten curious on what I look like and my gender and all that jazz
I will be making a separate blog for you to keep on my life and all that, just in case~
BUT, I’m genderfluid, my name is Tempest/Sebastien Moran. I don’t necessarily care on pronouns, but I usually go by male. If I do “change up”
My gender then continue calling me what you find comfortable. Have a nice day everyone ☺️