It’s fascinating to me to see how harshly these movie critics had been with the movie 

and what made me face palm was one critic that claimed this movie was worse than the Emoji movie, like serioiusly? 

Also I can’t help but to notice that the Lego Ninjago movie now has a higher score than MLP

But one part that at least shows  a more fair number is in the audience score for each, which is much higher for the MLP movie. I saw the Ninjago movie too, and I found it mediocre, even boring, and while I never watched the cartoon series to that one, I could tell that this movie was trying to be its own thing and not to be related to the tv show, given that they replaced all the tv show actors with celebrity actors, at least with MLP they kept all the same actors  to all the characters we know of before, and they were the main focus of the movie, while using the celebrity actors for the supporting new characters only.

Sensory Overload #2

I should probably designate a schedule for these, but right now they’re just whenever I feel like it. Or before I forget what movies I’ve seen. I say “so” a lot. :)


Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I had a ball with the first film (when I ignore the last scene) with its outlandish, but still very English, spin on spy movies. A circle is how the first half feels as well as being part of the tagline. After the initial action sequence that was a lot of fun, the film ping pongs across the globe and back again without doing a great job of setting up new characters and plot. I think it could have established things much quicker and simpler, giving the message about the war on drugs better service. I am also sad with how they seem to be changing locations to continue the franchise. Taron Egerton is still charming as hell.

Blade Runner 2049

Truth #1: I only saw this movie because I love Denis Villenueve. Like, to a level where I took a day off from work just so I could spend it watching all of his earlier films and shorts on Amazon (beware all you gals watching Polytechnique for  Evelyne Brochu). Truth #2: I don’t like the original Blade Runner. It’s gorgeous and I appreciate it for how it’s influenced so many films I DO love, but I get so frustrated with the plot, characters, and its portrayal of women (so rape-y). The sequel is basically rinse and repeat of the first for me. Women again barely have any agency or dimension, the future is as diverse as a vanilla wafer, and the plot - while, thankfully, has more going on than the original - is predictable and falls apart in retrospect. Truth #3: I don’t like Ryan Gosling. His acting…his face…nada, and I know I’m a minority among my kind with ovaries. The best part of this movie was the pre-show viewing of Ryan Gosling’s Acting Range.

Professor Marsten and The Wonder Women

What. A. Surprise. I, and most queer ladies with a Blockbuster card, go back with Angela Robinson from the D.E.B.S. days. Despite this affinity, I was not expecting this film to be as tight and…well-made as it was. The color script, the lighting, the dialogue, the acting…all gold stars. Rebecca Hall shines like a fucking beacon and I want her in everything (I’m still peeved at her being screwed by Iron Man 3). I don’t think there have been many mainstream depictions of polyamory and bdsm, but I can say it’s the best portrayal I’ve ever seen, and likely due to the fact that it was directed by a queer woman. Give it your money, we need more stories like these.

I, Tonya

Got to see an early screening of I, Tonya and it is a performance powerhouse. After 30 or so minutes, the actors ceased to be and all I saw were these flawed and, often, horrible people. As a kid I remember the Harding/Kerrigan scandal, but this film made me realize I knew absolutely nothing about Tonya’s life and how it got her to that absolutely insane turn of events. INSANE. Most of y’all probably wanna hear about Sebastian, so I’ll say dude delivers. He does so well as dumbo Jeff with that…that voice, that my ovaries inverted any time he opened his mouth, and something I never thought I’d say when he’s on screen. Moral of the story: stay in school, kiddos.


The Good Place

I only started watching this because I sent out a request for a light-hearted show, as one can only watch Parks & Rec to combat stress so many times. The Good Place was the most suggested by far. It’s got all my people behind it, but the ones that are in front of the camera are what I have issue with. The concept is SO fun, and the dialogue can be SO funny, but SO many times Bell and Danson fail to nail a joke, or timing, or expression. I’d be incredibly frustrated if I were a writer or director on this show. Someone show Danson clips of Jim Rash from Community, please. That’s all I want. I’m sticking with it because the plot is what’s most interesting and I want to see where it goes.

Voltron S4

Whaaaaaat was that?? No spoilers, but…I really don’t know what was going on in the writers’ room or the PTB who chose to potentially segment the series as it has. I was hoping charactesr would be more fleshed out and have more interesting dynamics with each other by now. I feel like we still know so little and rely on stereotypes with the characters, and emotions only operate in the extreme. I also wonder what the budget and scheduling is like and what constraints it’s adding to production. I felt S3 culminated into something pretty solid, so this felt like a step back in quality - as if they were forced to cut corners. SO many still characters with flapping lips and panning standing shots. The designs are so dang appealing and Studio Mir is so solid, that it was disappointing to see animation so trimmed down. Not to mention some early keys looked strangely off-model. Perhaps they had to contract out some animation…? I dunno, ya got some ‘splainin’ to do, Voltron.


Between the World and Me: Ta-nehisi Coates

Ok, so just about EVERY line in this book is worth quoting, sharing, and remembering. Mostly written as a letter to his teenage son regarding the world and his experience as a black man in America. Full of sadness, anger, hope, and despair for the past as well as future. Being a white girl from the suburbs,  I can’t begin to understand and fully know his experience, but I can be better about reading from perspectives that are not my own. I really need to pick up his take on Black Panther…


Latest trend is lady vocals over chill beats.

Say So - Terror Jr. (Vasco remix)

Baybee - Jay Som

Secret Garden - Soda Island & Izzard

I think Nickelodeon, Disney channel and cartoon network should do like a short 30 minute movie of what our favorite animated characters are like grown up:

Danny phantom

Jimmy nuetron

The fairly oddparents

American dragon: Jake long

Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

Codename: kids next door

Teen titans

Ben 10

Kim possible

Essential Movies

What is an essential movie?  To me it is a movie that you give as a reason why you love movies.  It’s a movie you wish to share with everyone you know and spend hours talking about it.  It’s a movie that on some level changed your life.  These are my essential movies.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Directors: Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise

Writers: Linda Woolverton (animation screenplay by), Brenda Chapman (story by)

Stars: Paige O'Hara, Robby Benson, Jesse Corti

It’s hard to say if this is my favorite Disney animated film, but at times, usually after I have just watched it again, it often is.

It is not the best animation I’ve seen from the studio, it lacks a level of detail that their best work has, but it is some of the best character design and background work they’ve ever done. The capturing of the movement of the characters, especially Belle’s dresses and the Beast’s movements are some of the best in all of animation. It also has a wonderful story that combines the best Disney traditions of humor, adventure, romance, and a fair bit of the darkness that all good fairy tales bring.  Plus the awesome awfulness that is Gaston, the paragon of the patriarchy and toxic masculinity.  Rarely has there been a better villain.

It is a classic, and the music is some of the best they put out at a time when they could do absolutely nothing wrong in that department. You find something new every time, sometimes something wonderful like the painterly textures on some of the backgrounds that are reminiscent of impressionist brush strokes…and sometimes something that shocks you that you never noticed it, like the fact that the curse had lasted 10 years, and ended on the Beast’s 21st birthday.

He was 11 years old when he was cursed. Someone needs to do something about these out of control enchantresses! And his parents, did they just abandon him out of shame? It lends a whole different level of tragedy to the story, and explains much more about the Beast’s behavior…cursed as a child, abandoned, and raised by his staff who were also cursed for no good reason.

I love this movie, and I will never get tired of returning to it.

Rating: 5/5

Favorite Quotes:

Gaston: It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas and thinking.

Gaston: [rudely flipping through Belle’s book] How can you read this? There’s no pictures!

Belle: Well, some people use their imagination.

Cogsworth: Well, Your Highness, I must say everything is going just swimmingly. I knew you had it in you, ha ha!

Beast: [sadly] I let her go.

Cogsworth: Huh, huh, huh! Yes, yes, spled…


Cogsworth: You what? How could you do that?

Beast: I had to.

Cogsworth: Yes, but, but, but but why?

Beast: Because I love her.

Belle: [singing] I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. / I want it more than I can tell. / And for once it might be grand / To have someone understand / I want so much more than they’ve got planned.

Belle: Gaston, you are positively primeval!

Gaston: Why, thank you, Belle!

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Questions by @ambrosiaswhispers:

  1. A show you wished would have had a longer run? FROM DUSK TILL DAWN DAMN IT!!!!!!
  2. What character do you feel was perfectly cast in any of the Netflix shows? Eleven from Stranger Things
  3. Which cartoon alien do you most identify with? Umm… probably Kif from Futurama
  4. Fairies or Mermaids? Mermaids
  5. What book that always inspires you? Uhh the Harry Potter series? lol
  6. What movie is your guilty pleasure? Umm, I don’t believe in guilty pleasures lol, but I guess The Covenant, since everyone says it’s a trashy movie, but I actually like it haha.
  7. Climb a mountain or deep sea dive? Climb a mountain.
  8. Joel Kinnaman, Joel McHale, or Joel Edgerton? Joel McHale (Honestly, I had to look these names up ‘cause I’ve never heard of them 😂)
  9. TV couple with the worst chemistry? Uhh… I dunno, lol. I’ve watched so many tv shows, I’m pretty sure there’s at least one couple I’m forgetting that I don’t like because their chemistry is the worst to look at haha!
  10. Still, sparkling, or flavored water? All of them. I love them all.
  11. If you could trade places with someone for a day would you? I wouldn’t, as much fun as it sounds, I just couldn’t do it. It’d feel weird lol.

My Questions:

  1. Favorite song that begins with the letter D?
  2. Last movie you saw in theaters?
  3. If you came across a huge, big pile of leaves, would you run and jump in it?
  4. You’re given a choice to learn a skill that you’ll be able to master in a single day, however you can only choose one skill. Which skill would you choose to master? 
  5. Vampires or witches?
  6. Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, what’s something you’d like to do on Halloween night?
  7. Favorite hot beverage?
  8. Favorite genre of music?
  9. Is there a TV show character that you cannot stand?
  10. A song that makes you feel safe?
  11. A character, fictional or non-fic, that you’ve looked up to when you were a kid? Do you still look up to that character now as a grown-up?

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battbeans  asked:

What movies or tv shows do you like? I wanna leave references in your inbox randomly

I like marvel and DC movieesss, and I like camp camp, parks and recreation, The Flash, svtfoe, simpsons, futurama, uhhhhh (I can’t think when I’m put on the spot XD) I LIKE MORE THAN THAT BUT I CAN’T T H IN K

brain plz work 

Halloween Adventures

Word Count: 530 
Genre: fluff, kinda humor i guess?
Member: Minghao (the8)
Requested: Requested by @just-pig! Sorry it took so long! Also sorry its so short :’)
Prompt: 10. “Shit we’re out of candy, and those kids are on their way.”

You and Minghao had settled down for a long night of doorbell ringing and movie watching. “What’s better than watching a scary movie, and right at the climax, the doorbell ringing,” Minghao had said, earning a very large eye roll from you. You poured a few bags of candy into a big bowl and set it by the front door, ready to be passed out to any child that comes, and then, popcorn in hand you and Minghao jump on the couch and began your thrilling movie. Usually your neighborhood never got many trick or treaters. Key word being ‘usually.’ This year, you weren’t nearly prepared enough for the hordes of people to come up to your door and basically demand candy.  At first you and Minghao paused the movie every time the doorbell rang, but soon it was such a constant thing that the two of you decided to pause if for a good amount of time and just camp out in front of the door. 

“We are starting to run low…” you pointed out to him, shifting the bowl around in front of you. 

“Hopefully people just stop showing up.” Minghao grunted, leaning back on his arms. 

“Let’s hope.” you sighed. 

The kids didn’t stop coming however, if anything they just came more frequently. 

“Where the heck are they all coming from?” you practically yelled as you shut the door for the hundredth time that night. 

“Shit! We’re out of candy, and those kids are on their way aren’t they!” Minghao yelled from the kitchen, racing to the front door, holding an empty bag that once held candy. 

“Minghao! What do we do?” you asked in a slight panic. 

“Quick, let’s just turn off all the lights, inside and outside, and maybe they won’t come because they’ll think we aren’t home.” 

And just like that, the two of you raced around the house like maniacs, trying to turn off every light in the house. Oh, what a sight it was, the two of you ran around, aggressively flipping switches off and unplugging things until finally the only light left came from the full moon outside and the paused tv.  The was silence for maybe a good ten minutes, and the two of you thought Minghao’s brilliant plan had worked, and just when you were about to say that, the doorbell sounded. You looked at Minghao and he stared back at you. 

“I feel terrible about this oh my gosh.” you whispered. 

“They’ll be fine, they are kids anyways, i bet they get candy every week if not every day.” 

“True.” you said, moving to sit on the couch. “Well now that we are here, and have no reason to get up again, how about we finish the movie?” you asked.

“With all the lights, off?” Minghao questioned, and slightly scared, slightly joyful look on his face. 

“Oh of course, it’ll only add to the night.” you said with a laugh, gaining a chuckle from Minghao as well. He quickly stood up and jumped onto the couch (almost onto you) and the two of you stayed there until the movie was over, never once budging to answer the door.

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1. Who’s your favorite Disney princess and why?

One of my coworkers asked me this the other night and I blanked then too. Rapunzel perhaps :) (Are we counting just Disney actual royal princesses, or Disney “princesses” too, because I also love Mulan a lot.)

2. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

Blues Clues or Clifford. I was a dog kid before I became a cat lady. XD (Fox and the Hound was also my favorite animated movie)

3. What’s your favorite thing about your best friend?

Man, where do I start? She is so amazing, and fantastic, and I just don’t know what I would do without her. She puts up with a lot to be my pal and I can never thank her enough. @traveling-magpie I mean, she also helps pay rent, so. ;) ;) ;)

4. What was the last song you listened to?

“Let Go of Me” by Michael Mott, performed by Jeremy Jordan. Wow. There is nothing the dude cannot sing, but I personally love when he combines his flawless classical training and emotions of a character. *flops*

5. The mountains or the beach?

The mountains, but I really wanna see some beaches too. ^_^ I would live in the mountains though, I wouldn’t want to live on the beaches. :)

6. Cats or Dogs?


7. What’s your favorite art or craft supply?

Alphabet stickers and Washi tape for making my musical boxes. ^_^

8. Are you a morning person or night owl?

Hoot-hoot. I’m a vampire. A confused vampire who hoots like an owl…

9. Coffee or tea?

Tea. Definitely.

10. Do you collect anything? If so, what?

Buttons. Not, like, shirt buttons, but those little metal pins that you can find in fandoms, band merch, etc. :D

11. What’s the most underrated movie you’ve seen that you want to tell the world about?

OH GOODNESS THERE ARE A LOT. THE PRINCE OF EGYPT. AMAZING GRACE. FINDING NEVERLAND. NEWSIES LIVE (idk if that counts, it’s actually pretty highly rated I think lol, but still a lot of people don’t know about it)

My turn!

  1. Tumblr Mobile or Desktop?
  2. You have company coming over, what signature dish do you prepare? (or order in?)
  3. Name a story you would watch as a musical:
  4. Favorite style of pizza?
  5. Three sentence appreciation rant about one thing you love, go!
  6. Do you buy real butter or use margarine or another substitute?
  7. Hotel or tent?
  8. Do you do writing/homework better at home or in pulic, like a cafe?
  9. Cold weather or hot?
  10. Do you jump right into the spirit of celebrating Christmas as soon as possible, or does this lifestyle and Thanksgiving erasure irritate you?
  11. Your ipod/whatever player kids are using these days, gets a glitch to where it only plays five songs, which ones could this be that you would never tire of?

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anonymous asked:

Your character is the star of a movie, what genre is it? What is the plot? And who else is staring in it?

“I don’t know. I’d probably be in one of those really artsy experimental type of films. You know. The ones with very little dialogue, the main characters probably only have like ten lines each, and the shots are always either very far away or really close up to their faces. It’d probably be labeled as a comedy but no one would really understand it. I guess my character would have some really kind of lame job, like an ice cream driver, and his truck breaks down so he has to hitch hike to get back home and ends up meeting lots of weird people along the way. He doesn’t really connect to those people though, and they just yammer on about inconsequential things, and he doesn’t respond to them really cause he’s saving his dialogue for when he meets someone interesting enough who gets him. And then he does. And I guess maybe that person would be Bellamy. I guess maybe it would be a lame indie romantic comedy with a really awful ending. Like, he finally gets back home and is just standing in front of his door, and she starts to leave cause job done, right? And he just looks between her and the door and then looks towards her and the movie ends. You never know if he actually goes back home and back to his normal boring life selling ice cream, or if he goes and follows her for another little adventure. I don’t know.”