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What Halloween movies do you suggest?

I made a master list a while back but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. 

Fun Halloween films

  1. Hocus Pocus 
  2. Halloweentown trilogy 
  3. Nightmare before christmas 
  4. Edward ScissorHands 
  5. Coraline 
  6. Adams Family
  7. The Phantom of the Opera 
  8. Practical Magic 
  9. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  10. Legend of Sleepy Hollow (the Disney one)
  11. Young Frankenstein 
  12. Gremlins 
  13. BeetleJuice 
  14. Corpse Bride 
  15. Ghostbusters 
  16. Casper 
  17. Little Shop of Horrors
  18. Paranorman

Scary/Gory Films 

  1. Evil Dead trilogy (first 2 are scary the 3rd one is great campy fun)
  2. Evil dead 2013
  3. Drag Me to Hell 
  4. Jeepers Creepers 
  5. The Thing (80′s version still is one of the grossest films out there)
  6. Alien films (1-resurrection) 
  7. Any Scream film 
  8. Poltergeist (80s version)
  9. The Conjuring 1+2 
  10. Sinister (I love love love this movie it still freaks me out)
  11. Insidious 
  12. Any Halloween Film 
  13. Silence of the Lambs 
  14. Cabin in the Woods 
  15. Saw 
  16. Battle Royale 
  17. The Descent 
  18. Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton)
  19. Sweeney Todd 
  20. It Follows 
  21. Paranormal Activity 
  22. The Shining 
  23. 13 Ghosts 
  24. The Blair Witch Project 
  25. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? 
  26. Let Me In 
  27. You’re Next 
  28. The Exorcist 
  29. Dawn of the Dead (The 70′s version)
  30. The Babadook
  31. Ringu 

That’s it for my list for all that I can think of! But I’ll update this if I think of anything else. Hope this helps!

Ghostbusters 2016 is still one of the best things ever

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I need a sequel. I need Zuul and these ladies kicking more ass. I need Kevin falling prey to a ghostly mishap and the ladies groaning at the realization that this was inevitable but they’ve grown fond of the idiot. And I need Sigourney Weaver to be around under pretense of evaluating Holtz’s work but actually she just really wants to get in on GB action and she ends up in the middle of an emergency and just grabs equipment and is the first in the car. 

I REALLY LOVE THIS MOVIE AND EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH IT! Where do I send my fanmail? I need to shower everyone with love.

THANK YOU to the producers and administrators/etc. and all those behind the scenes people who pushed this project, marketed it, and took a chance on it. I know this film is hated by many and there’s been a lot of shit said, but goddamn it this film is successful on so many levels and I am gonna rock this so hard. Favorite! SO TOTALLY THE BEST.

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It's Halloween! :-D What's your fave Halloween costume you've worn? What's your fave horror movie? What's your fave monster? And if it was down to it, would you choose Frankenberry, Boo Berry? Or Count Chocula? :-D

1.  Fave Halloween Costume:

Hmmm.  Well, I won a costume contest as Poison Ivy during my Sophomore Year of High school.  The uh…Uma Thurman version:  

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The guy I was dating went as Batman.  ;)  

2.  Fave Horror Movie?  

I enjoy Dead Alive (Braindead to some of you)  

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But that’s really more of a gorey, Dark Comedy, I guess it could be considered horror, given the zombies.  

And of course, the kung-fu priest:  

Yes, that’s an actual line from the movie.  ;)  

Also, has the best zombie killing scene ever, involving a lawn mower and a house full of pus-filled undead to hack through.  ;)  

3.  My favorite monster?  

Probably whatever the hell Jeff Goldblum turns into in the Fly.  Like.  Omg.  Horrific.  But I watch that movie every year.  

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(Not from the Jeff Goldblum version, but I’m not posting gore here. ;) )

4.  Frankenberry, Boo Berry or Count Chocula?  

We are a Count Chocula Household, thank you very much.  

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get to know me meme; 20/20 animated movies: howl’s moving castle (2004)
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