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What shit is Brendon talking about in that tweet?

This reply is also for @fragilecapricornsays I hope you don’t mind me answering this altogether over here. There was a sarahurieconfessions page on insta where people were saying rude things about Sarah among a few other insta pages. There were people constantly spamming all of Sarah’s posts on her ig with the 🐝  emoji that was in her insta bio “bee kind” which she has removed now. 

She also privated her once public ig (sarahurie). Brendon’s also screenshot his own tweet and posted it on his ig page as well. And Sarah has said that it wasn’t just bc of the bee emoji but bc of getting spammed all the time on every post. 

It was on all of her posts, constantly.

This is a screenshot I took from someones post on ig which was in her tag, I don’t have the original bc I don’t waste my time on those kinds of pages. But this was just one example of something ppl were saying.

It’s just childish. Other stuff people were saying about her were that she’s a gold digger, she’s cheating, etc.

This is about as much as I know about this. I hope it helps.

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I agree with what you said about submissive Keith being ooc too. Also dominant Lance (like the ultra dominant, borderline yaoi-seme kind of icky) seems really ooc for him too, considering how he canonically sits on people's laps (like he did with Nyma) like a big cheeky cat and gets flustered when tied up--

These two are often broken down in the fandom it seems personality wise? Like legit, if you ever really did focus on these characters, it’s appalling how much the fanon versions can be lacking.

In Keith’s case, I’ve seen some cases where he’s legit submissive as hell and strangely delicate. It makes no sense. No sense at all. 

“Keith is hotheaded and temperamental, much like his lion, which makes it hard for many to work with him…

Keith is a man of action who hates running from a fight, although sometimes his bravery causes him to get in situations that are way over his head. He also has a somewhat antagonistic relationship/rivalry with Lance, which causes the most friction on the team. Keith is confident, but sometimes forgets that patience is necessary in his line of duty…

Keith’s unstable and unpredictable nature causes him to be extremely susceptible to overwhelming berserker rages, shutting down his normally calm personality and putting him into a frenzied state of uncontrollable anger and blood lust…” (source: wikia)

The wikia literally puts emphasis on Keith not being one to back down. Keith being strong. Keith being an impatient hot head. Yet I’ve seen him being reduced to some submissive, fragile uke. Ugh. This is why I’m not a big fan of Keith. Fanon Keith made me lose my liking towards the guy.

Ah, and now onto Lance. I’ve only seen a few where Lance is portrayed as the dominant-yaoi-seme type and that kinda irks me too. And sadly enough, the fact that Lance can only be seen as the walking meme makes me a tad upset too, though I can see why. We have yet to have gotten any real development with him yet aside from the homesickness thing. Hopefully we’ll get more deets about him in season 2.

But anyway

“Lance’s personality is outwardly very egotistical, cocky, confrontational, flirtatious, and sometimes downright arrogant. He’s usually the first to make light of a delicate situation and the most impulsive of the team second only to Keith

Lance is the kind of guy who walks around with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, but in moments of clarity he’s a lot more than his actions suggest. He can actually be quite sensitive, reflective, and distant at times when his teammates aren’t around or when his guard is lowered…

His arrogant and materialistic attitude serves as a cover for his feelings of homesickness, and is pretty transparent at that…

Like water, Lance can take many states, and he is not always as he appears and holds hidden depth within his seemingly shallow personality.” (source: wikia)

Ah yes, the all mighty ultra dominant Lance who is a smooth fucker. Buddy, his confidence is just a freaking cover up. He’s just an emotional baby who misses his family a shit ton and desperately tries to act cool and funny to lighten up the mood. I REALLY can’t see an ultra dominant Lance. It’s freaking impossible for me.

You bring up a good point too! I mean, he’ll try to flirt and all but like literally he’s as smooth as crunchy peanut butter.

Lance: *flirts*
Person: *flirts back*
Lance: *blushes* Honestly I didn’t think I’d make it this far.

tl;dr: ooc portrayal of characters man what the fuck

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Wait what kind of parallel between MinaKushi and NaruHina did NS make? Kushina screaming? What? Context?

This one:

Which, as you may know, was meant to mirror this:

Like idfk how these people can deny the NaruHina/MinaKushi parallels when we have official artwork confirming it:

As well as manga parallels:

And even SP showing it:

Because Kushina=Naruto, Minato=Hinata

I guess switching the parties involved is too much for antis to handle?

I s2g, they’re so embarrassing

Originally posted by blazehero

“There’s a moment when you finally realize, there’s no way you can change the rolling tide, but I know, yes I know that we’ll be fine.”

My headcanon is that the original lyric here was “we’ll” but Liam changed it to “I’ll” under Bunetta’s advice. With that in mind…

Do you ever think about the circumstances that prompted Louis to pen lines like these? “There will always be the kind that criticize, but I know, yes I know we’ll be alright”. Do you ever just stop and think about what a resounding love note of ultimate reassurance this is to the love of his life? Do you ever think about how, when Louis wrote this, he was writing about the moment when he realized that it was Harry or nothing, Harry every single time? Because he HAS had to choose. He has. And how he looked at someone once and said, “If you make me choose, you already know the answer, cause it’s Harry every time, it’s always Harry”. 

They’ve chosen each other every day for nearly six years. They’ve fought harder than anyone I know, just to love each other. 

Like, the first thing that immediately came to mind was like “Yeah Ganondorf would totally be a Templar”, because they essentially do the whole conquer the world thing, but then I thought of it a bit. 

See the Templars do the whole “take over the world” gig, but at the same time their ideology centers around order and control. It kind of reminds me of what Hyrule is like; there is a certain order that is imposed on the world, and as soon as someone comes to challenge that AKA Ganondorf, he becomes this unruly force that challenges that notion of order that is set, and he must be stopped. Then comes this hero out of nowhere ordained and bossed around by fate that has the entire support of all these gods to kick his ass. Then there’s the whole thing where the Templars seem to have a lot of power and money (given they’re also a big money corporation in the present day), and well, apart from his own magic and prowess, Ganondorf doesn’t really have that kind of influence in society. 

Then I was like “Ganondorf wants to be the king of the world, but does he really want to control free will?” I mean, the only time he was truly successful in conquering Hyrule, the only people he saw merit in actually controlling was anyone who posed a threat to him, else everyone else was pretty much free to do what they wanted (apart from the whole letting the land die because he has bad nature management skills or something). 

Then you have the Assassin’s Order which is all about freedom and individual growth. I mean, I can see Ganondorf valuing this to a certain extent, especially when it comes to himself, but he would also want to have some control over it when it comes to others. I mean, there were instances where Ganondorf allowed Link to grow as an individual before actually facing him in battle, so he does see merit to that. Plus they kind of operate in the same way he does; in the shadows, not out in the open until the most crucial moments yadda yadda.

Maybe he would be right in the middle somewhere XD

Cole: We need not wait to judge police behaviour in Abdi's death
Many questions about Abdi’s death must be answered, but based on what we already know, it would be irresponsible to hold back our outrage at his treatment by the police.

Police and politicians are asking the public to reserve judgment about the death of Abdirahman Abdi, a 37-year-old Somali man who  died after a violent altercation with Ottawa Police on Sunday, and who was pronounced dead at The Ottawa Hospital on Monday. Many questions about Abdi’s death must be answered, but based on what we already know, it would be irresponsible to hold back our outrage at his treatment by the police.

Yes, the Special Investigations Unit has been called in to determine what happened to Abdi, and to decide if two officers involved in the death should be charged. But we don’t need the SIU to tell us that certain kinds of police conduct are never acceptable. The most dangerous thing we can do right now is entertain the possibility that Abdi’s treatment was justified.

It is never okay for police to respond to a situation with escalation and force when they have other options. Eyewitnesses say they saw police chasing Abdi from a coffee shop in the Hintonburg neighbourhood to his apartment building on Hilda Street. They say they watched as the first officer to catch up to Abdi directed pepper spray at him, and began beating him with his baton. A second officer arrived and, according to eyewitness Ross McGhie, “administered a number of very heavy blows to the head and face and neck of Mr. Abdi.”

The SIU may well determine this kind of violence was legal, but the officers’ conduct violates the spirit of their profession, which is presumably to protect civilians from harm. Witnesses say Abdi did not seem to be harming anyone else at the time officers engaged him. Whatever his reasons for running, the officers had no right to take him down so violently.

But it is the conduct of police after their initial violence that is truly damning and must be condemned without hesitation. Shukri Samater watched as police knelt on Abdi’s head as he lay on the ground. Samater also said police were shouting at bewildered bystanders not to call 911. Another eyewitness said police continued beating Abdi after he was handcuffed. There is no justification for such police conduct, ever.

Eyewitness videos show a police officer using his boot to roll Abdi, who was lying on his stomach, his hands handcuffed behind his back, his clothes soiled with his own blood. Such callous disrespect can never be explained away. Several eyewitnesses said that additional police who arrived on the scene attempted to seize cellphones from bystanders recording the incident. The SIU can’t convince us that police should have intimidated or taken property from the civilians who were filming them.

But the worst insult to Abdi was video showing officers standing over him while they waited for paramedics to arrive. Legally, police only had a duty to call the medics, but their decision to stand over a seemingly unconscious Abdi for several minutes instead of doing everything they could to revive him, shows how little they valued his life. Given that Abdi had no vital signs when paramedics arrived, the police’s indifference to his condition is particularly grave.

Abdi’s family hails from Somalia. Shukri Omar, who has been acting as a spokesperson for the family, told me over the phone that “the family came here seeking safety and protection.” Instead, the police treated their loved one with a disregard that is all too common for people of colour, immigrants, the poor and those living with mental health issues.

“This is the last thing they expected to happen,” said Omar. The SIU will can make legal pronouncements about police conduct, but it must never dictate our moral standards for policing. The officers who promise to serve and protect us should never treat anyone the way they treated Abdi, and now is the time to say so.

Desmond Cole is a freelance journalist and activist in Toronto.

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HAPPY 8.500 POSTS SWEETIE! ♥ ♥ ♥ May the Sherlolly force be with you, to give us even more in the future! ♥ Love you! ♥ ♥ ♥

awww thank you dearie, you’re too kind to me! SHERLOLLY IS MY EXISTENCE! I adore those antisocial weirdos :3 I’m certainly not planning to stop just yet :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Scribble-Doodle: Loyalty

This is a missing scene from episode 110. For years, Raj had to watch Izzy and Jace get away with their stupid stunts with a slap on the wrist, with things less privileged people would’ve been severely punished for. And he’s fed up!

Based on the “Raj has feelings for Alec” prompt. Raj has definitely strong feelings for Alec in this fic. But what kind? Who knows? Maybe not even he himself.

“Feel better now?” Isabelle snaps at Raj as he pushes her inside the plush room that Lydia ordered her to be locked in instead of one of the plain holding cells underground.

“No, I don’t, Isabelle,” Raj answers, stopping in the doorway. “But I would lie if I said I didn’t feel any satisfaction at finally seeing justice done.” 

She twists around furiously. “Justice? Sending innocent Downworlders to their deaths? That’s your idea of justice?” 

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‘Same Coin’ Addendum/Clarifications


Hi everyone, thank you all for giving my crazy theory a chance!  I really enjoyed discussing it yesterday with all kinds of cool people, and I’m generally just very excited to talk about it.  So feel free to send me more asks and messages - I’m off from work for the week (kinda) so I have a lot more free time to answer.

What I really want to do in this post, however, is clarify some things about the theory.  I know that there’s some controversy boiling (understandable, because it really was a crazy theory) - a lot of people feel uncomfortable or hurt because of the conclusions made in the original post, and that was never my intention at all.  I also realize that there’s a lot of Bad Implications (™) associated with it, depending on the interpretation.  So, I want to clear much as much of it as I can, though I do understand some of the misgivings come from the core of the theory itself.

Before I get into all that, however, I want to say two things.  

One, feel free to blacklist the tag ‘same coin theory’ - I’ll tag everything so it’s easy to block, and I urge everyone else to do the same.  There’s no hard feelings at all, trust me.  

Two, I want to emphasize the fact that I do not think the theory will ever be canon - and more importantly, I never ever want it to be confirmed canon (more on that in the end of this post.)

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spit fire - chapter five

paybacks a bitch and you know that shit

He stares at her and doesn’t say anything more. She draws back. “What?”

“Why, Noa? Why do you even let him talk to you?”

“I don’t know. Convenience.” She answers honestly, shrugging.

Harry pulls open the building door, holding it for her. She can easily speed off now and leave Harry behind. Instead, Noa finds herself standing outside, unmoving and peering at Harry Styles. He has something to say, she might as well let him say it now when she doesn’t feel the need to rip his head off.

“That’s kind of sad.” Harry declares with a look of exasperation somewhere on his face. “You deserve so much more than being an afterthought. I don’t even really know you but I know that.”

chapter five on 1dff - read below - story page - manip by ash! - mood board by eriza!

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What's the difference between passé composé and passé simple?

The passé simple tense in French is a kind of overarching ‘simple past’ tense, which could also be called the ‘preterite’ tense. The passé simple is pretty much exclusively used in writing, and even then quite formal writing. That’s why I don’t ever really make mention of it on my blog, because to be honest it’s a tense that’s out of fashion now. In my university lectures about French grammar (taught by highly educated French native speakers), I was told that ‘we’re going to teach you the passé simple for the exam then you can forget it and never use it again in everyday life.’ 

When talking about things that happened in the past, I will usually refer to three different tenses; the passé composé, the imparfait and the plus-que-parfait. If you’re wanting more detailed posts about any of these tenses then check out my French resources page on my blog, or send me an ask pestering me to make a new resource post :) 

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so im trying to ask this without sounding like a perv whos trying to hear about your sex life but what u said abt u and ur gf having really great sex thats not all weird performative porn bs had me curious. my bf and i are both intersectional feminists and we dont watch porn, but we (live everyone else) did our whole lives. anyway i guess my question is what do u mean ur sex isnt weird gender role patriarchy sex and how can i get mine to be more like that?

i mean. this is kind of hard to answer. but i can clarify what i meant by that.

sex that is highly influenced by porn culture and gender roles can look many ways. even without practicing obvious acts of violence, male abuse, BDSM, acts made popular by porn, etc. in het sex for example, it can look like the woman being hyper aware of how she looks/how sexy she looks in which position/filling the sexual fantasy she thinks the man she is with wants, etc. it can look like the woman not being able to relax enough to orgasm, or communicate about what would make her orgasm. it can look like a failure to set boundaries and vocalize specific desires, give constructive feedback and/or respond to their partners body language. 

mostly i think it’s about women habitually self-monitoring, thinking mostly about how they look in their partners eyes, and not authentically experiencing their own sexuality, but rather experiencing themselves as a sexual object through the eyes of their partner. it looks like a woman not being able to have sex unless she is dressed up/feels sexy. it can manifest in many ways, with or without BDSM. 

the reason I love my sex life so much is honestly pretty cheesy and would just consist of me talking a lot about how in love i am and how happy i am with my girlfriend, so i’m not gonna get all gross about that. but the trust, intimacy and passion in our relationship means that during sex we can both be relaxed, honest and communicative. it means we both equally enjoy giving each other and receiving pleasure. it means we can have all kinds of sex: sex when we are not dressed up or feeling “cute”, lazy sex where we just share a vibrator together or cum together in other easy ways, elaborate sex with all the different sex toys we like, slow slow tantric sex with tons of massage and intentionality and buildup, sober sex, sex enhanced by weed or other substances, sex where only one of us orgasms but it’s still just as hot, spontaneous sex, planned out sex, role-play sex (like role playing our favorite TV show characters - an example of something “kinky” which isn’t disgusting and built on abuse), etc etc 

we also worked hard on ourselves and our communication to get to that point, b/c both of us had internalized plenty of misogyny which influenced our sex lives. we actively work on communicating directly, not feeling guilty about saying no, etc. but the sex that results from the trust we’ve built is just like. the hottest most intimate sex i’ve ever god damn experienced. 

to some extent, patriarchal power dynamics are going to be present in any hetero relationship, and het couples will have to actively work to deconstruct those dynamics even more than gay couples. 

(also hi babe if ur reading this lol hope it’s cool i’m telling strangers on the internet about our sex life) 

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I don't think the article was "shocking", but fuck. Mark said it's okay to write Johnlock but that's NOT what they're doing, it's not some kind of conspiracy, and it's rude to keep putting words in their mouths. Which is obviously what they'd say if they WERE doing it, but the tone of the article was very serious, and idk somehow it felt really heartfelt. I think TJLC is a logical deduction of what we're seeing, but I'm suddenly very uncomfortable, & terrified that it IS just a no homo joke. :(

Ok, sorry I didn’t answer yesterday but I was very busy and also this entire mess put me in a bad mood. Even if I tried to resist, in the end I read the thing too because I wanted to discuss it with my friends. I was angry at the article and some of the stuff that was said but the thing is that i started questioning several things regarding the events that occurred yesterday:
- the reason behind the alleged question from the author 
- the way it was very partially written,
- the lack of transcript,
- the tweets the author wrote on Saturday specifically targetting johnlock not being canon and nothing else, that preceded the publication of this article,
- the curious research this author claims to have done focused on a very specific topic made on a specific date (tjlc and sdcc and our reaction),
- the fact that there was no transcript but a narrative of an interview, quoted with added commentary (despite what mark said),
- the way it was delivered (two parts);
and to all that you add:
- the fact that we are not stupid and we have eyes and lots of very intelligent people with degrees analysing the show,
- the fact that they are contradicting themselves from other interviews,
- the fact that if they are not doing what we believe they are doing then there’s a lot of stuff that have been done awfully BAD (from acting, writing, directing, music, photography, production design)
- the contents of the second part of the interview in which they talk in a very non-aggressive way (as opposed to the first part), they say how much they appreciate the fans and how much THEY HAVE TO LIE to keep the story a surprise (which we knew already)

then I for one, choose to believe in what we’ve been saying and writing and producing all this time. Even if I don’t condone the - as a friend said - psychological violence as we had and have to endure, I still believe in Johnlock being canon in BBC Sherlock. It’s important to believe and trust in what you believe is real, because that’s where the evidence we have points to, it doesn’t point literally anywhere else. The show makes no sense otherwise.

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What three animals would you most like to see get Kwamis based on them?

I would love to see an aquatic animal as a kwami. Like a fish, dolphin or octopus. It’s the only kind of animal missing from the current lineup. There are bugs (butterfly, ladybug, bee), feline, canine and I’m not sure if Wayzz is suppose to be a sea turtle or a tortoise. I want someone to have water powers! I love water.

I also want to see two kwamis have a partnership because the animals they are based on also have a partnership. Like while Ladybug and Chat Noir are partners based on luck/bad luck, I want to see something like the wolf and raven. Ravens and wolves have a relationship together when they hunt.

(gif from here)

I love this question. Thanks! Tell me about what animals you guys want to see as a kwami and why?

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You know i thought you're 1 of the mature kaisoo blogger who can face this kind of situation (lgbt pro & con) or at least answering in a mature way but i was wrong.u cant accept someone's opinions & being angry with tht.

what are u even saying?? sorry but i cant accept it when ppl think that being gay is wrong/unnatural

and me shipping kaisoo has nothing to do w/ this why are you even bringing it up wtf

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I dont get whats wrong with submissive keith. please explain. (i hope im not upsetting you by asking,ive only been in the fan base for liltte while.

For me it’s more of a “this is ooc as fuck” kind of thing but as Klanced said, it’s also got some asian fetish linked to it too. o:

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I just want to say, thank you for continuously responding to anti-choicers with strength and conviction. it's really hard sometimes. There's a reason I don't have a solely pro-choice blog, and it's because my mental health isn't equipped to deal with anti-choicers literally all of the time. I do what I can but thanks for holding the Tumblr fort. Keep up the good work. So many of us are on your side <3

Thank you so much for this kind message! Your support is very much appreciated.

honestly that scene where keith rescues lance from the corrupted airlock is so cute because

well, one, keith risks his life to save lance. but he’s a defender of the universe after all, so of course he would. but also

once he does — even though keith literally just evaded getting his head cut off by a gladiator bot — the first thing he thinks to do is ask lance “what were you doing out there!?” … and lance, even though he almost died too, doesn’t even answer him. he just screams “who was that guy!?” … and it’s only after they’ve asked about each other that keith tells lance the gladiator bot was trying to kill him. and lance tells keith the castle is out to get him too. like … they checked on each other first … and that’s just so cute.

( ,, also … it kind of reminds me of another iconic red/blue “did they hurt you?” “no no, i’m okay. did they hurt you?” “who cares?” “i do!” scene … just a little bit tbh … )

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Am I the only one who has different types of OTPs? Dynamics wise, Yoonmin. Cute wise Namjin.. but Vmin seems like the most realistic. Idk man. What do you think? Also what ship do you think is the most realistic/possible?

honestly my opinion on which ship is the most ‘realistic’ changes with the weather…… like it’s a tossup between jikook and vmin for me and last month i answered this with jikook here so this time im going to say vmin for propriety’s sake lmao

vmin have easy dynamics, they’re supportive of each other, and they know each other so well, like down to the faults….. not to mention theyre quick at resolving conflicts and are super in tune w each other’s feelings. importantly, they have communication (which is so key), theyre equals, and they know how to make each other happy. vmin honestly have everything it takes for a relationship and they already act like theyre dating anyway so it wouldnt take much to go that extra mile and make it official