Music Series: Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Oooh, Ed, Ed, Ed….you’ve done it again….

Unless you are new here on my blog, you know that Ed’s songs make me swoon. It can’t be helped if you are a hopeless romantic like myself. We all wish for someone to love us the way he loves the woman in this song, which he wrote for his girlfriend, and co-wrote with his brother. It is absolutely one of those beautifully sweet love songs that makes you wipe a tear as you realize how alone and lonely you are without a person to love you like the man in this song loves his girl…or is that just me…sniff sniff…

(And please forgive me, everyone…I’m going through a day where I feel like everything I write is shit, so I hope someone likes it. The demons of the mind are a horrible thing.)

Thank you, Anon, for reading and requesting. I had this one on my list to write already, so I’m happy someone else loves it as much as I do. This is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. I am posting the Acoustic Version of this song on Spotify because I like it even more than the original, and you can find it as well on my Harry Styles Imagines playlist on Spotify. xo



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anonymous asked:

What happens the first time Sid and/or Taylor gets sick in Pittsburgh?

Oh the mother henning that occurs.  

Sidney and Taylor have been in Pittsburgh for about a month and she’s really settled in nicely.  Sid and Geno set up the room for her with the furniture Geno still had stored in the garage and she’s developed some pretty solid routines and a good sleep schedule.  

So when she wakes up early one morning, squawking crankily instead of her usual soft laughter and singing, Geno kisses Sid gently and says, “Stay in bed. I get her.” 

Sid smiles drowsily as he listens to the baby monitor, hears Geno going in and saying, “Shhh, sweet girl, what’s…what happen to your face?!” 

Sid’s eyes fly open because what?  But before he can make his way into the bedroom, Geno is back with Taylor whose left eye is crusty and red and her whole face is smeared with dried…something.  Sid reaches for her, concerned, and the moment she’s in his arms she sneezes loudly—and launches a lot of gross stuff from her nose directly onto Sid. When he opens his eyes to look at her, she’s staring at him miserably as her nose inadvertently blows a giant bubble.  

Geno is having flashbacks to their first time watching her. 

“She not look good, Sid. Should call doctor?”  

“I think it’s just a cold. I…”  Sidney stops to think. There are a million reasons he misses Mom every day but moments like this are near the top of the list. Mom would know what to do.  He’s taken care of a sick Taylor before—more than once by now—and he’s no longer a stranger to dealing with gross body fluids but when things are like this, it’s scary. Logically, he knows it’s probably just a cold but he wishes more than anything that he had Mom’s comfort right now, that this wasn’t all on his shoulders. She always knew what to do or at least it had felt like it.

He takes a deep breath and tries to move around how much he misses her and think about what she used to do for him when he had a cold.  Had he gone to the doctor every time?

“I…I don’t think so.  If it’s just a cold, probably we should give her some medicine and keep her hydrated.  I don’t…I don’t think I brought the thermometer from home though and I should probably take her temperature.”

Geno nods and kisses his head.  “I go to store, get everything we need.”

Sidney looks up with a relieved smile and realizes this isn’t all on his shoulders. Not anymore.

By the time Geno gets home loaded down with three different digital thermometers, every kind of children’s cold medicine he could find, tissues and a whole slew of creams and ointments, Sidney’s gotten Taylor cleaned up and has convinced her to have a few bites of oatmeal and drink some juice.  

Together they coax her into taking some medicine and Geno curls up with her on the couch, watching Sesame Street together while Sid goes to clean up her bed and take a shower.  When he comes back to the living room he finds Geno dozing propped in the corner of the sectional with Taylor sprawled on his chest, head tucked under his chin.

Taylor is certainly cranky and a little lethargic but they get her to keep taking her meds, eat some pasta and she drinks quite a bit and they both worry less as the day goes on.  

At least until she wakes up around midnight, crying, and Sid goes in to check on her and finds her incredibly warm to the touch.

He races back to the bedroom with her in his arms.  “Geno?  G?  Zhenya wake up!”

Geno jolts awake and sits up.  “Sid? What wrong.”
“She’s burning up.”

Geno moves to get up.  “You take her temperature?”

Sidney shakes his head. “Geno, she’s so hot. I’m scared.”

Geno is already pulling on pants. “Going to be okay Sid.  Here, I take her, bundle her up.  You get dressed.  We take her to hospital.”

Sidney hands her over and takes a shaky breath as Geno touches his face gently, one arm holding Taylor carefully.  “Going to be okay, Sid.  We take her and she have good doctors to take care of her. I promise.”

Sidney nods and goes to change.

Four hours later they arrive back at home with a diagnosis of a virus and instructions on how to keep her fever down and care for her while she rides it out.  Her temperature has come down with medication and the doctor managed to assure them both that this is normal for a virus and what to watch for.

The next day Taylor is already feeling a little better. Sidney wakes up with a fever.

Where Geno had been calm and steady when Taylor was sick, he’s close to frantic when he realizes Sidney is sick.

“Taking you to doctor, Sid.”

“I have the same thing Taylor does, G.  There’s no point. I’ll be okay.”

Geno doesn’t look satisfied, though, and a minute later, Sidney hears him talking on the phone in Russian.  “What can I do for him, Mama? It’s different from when it was just Taylor sick.  Now they’re both sick and I’m leaving for a road trip in two days.  I’m scared to leave them, Mama. What do I do?

It would warm Sidney’s heart if he didn’t already feel like he’s going to roast to death.

He’s not sure what Mama says but eventually Geno is back by his side, coaxing him to take medicine and drink some juice before leading him back to the bedroom.  He sets a couple of bottles of gatorade on the side table and tucks Sidney, who is freezing now, in gently.  “Get some rest, I take care of Taylor.”   

Sidney’s too sick to argue so he just nods. “Thank you, Zhenya.”  Sidney doesn’t use that name often, usually in special, loving moments.

Geno nods and kisses Sidney’s head.  “Just rest.  Love you, Sid.”

The next afternoon Mama shows up at their door and Geno has never looked more relieved.  

Mama fusses over all three of them for awhile before she heads off to the third bedroom to unpack her bag. Sidney blinks up at Geno from the couch where he’s laying with Taylor. “G you didn’t have to make her come.”

Geno perches on the edge of the couch and runs his fingers gently through Sidney’s hair.  “I leave tomorrow on road trip.  Can’t leave you alone, Sid.  Just can’t.  You mad?”

And how could Sidney ever be mad at that? He shakes his head and squeezes Geno’s free hand.  “No. No it’s okay. Thank you for taking such good care of us.”

Geno gives him a little smile.  “Always Sid.  Promised a long time ago, always gonna take care of you.  Both of you.”

Sidney smiles back.  “Love you, Zhenya.  Always.”

“Love you too, Sid.  Always.”  Geno climbs carefully onto the couch, settling in behind Sidney and wraps his arm around the people he loves.


@avantgaye Hiya, hun! So it seems as though you need more makeup advice than actual face changing. So what I did was keep your face the same shape it was and tried to implement some makeup tricks I know. I have a very round and cute face, myself for a guy. It gets me called “ma'am” a LOT! So this is what I do to myself that seems to work.

Firstly, contour the HELL out the cheekbones and forehead. Gives the illusion of a more prominent facial structure. Just about any darker neutral colors will work. You don’t gotta get all fancy.

Next! The nose is super important! Make the bridge a lighter foundation than your actual skin and then darken the sides!

The lips are after. Put your foundation over the lips and gently pat to make it set easier! Gives the illusion that they aren’t as big or as full. Ladies are stereotyped to have very full and beautiful lips. Maybe add some contour under the lip as well. Could make it look even smaller, but that theory has yet to be proven.

And lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY are your brows! Eyebrows are to become thicker and darker if you’re looking to be more angular.

I hoped this helped. I’m sure you wanted me to actually go in and change you, but uh… you asked to be androgynous and I figured maybe you’d like to implement that in the real world. ❤️