another family photo ruined.

Why does the majority of fandom think Steve would have to eat lunch alone when Nancy literally CANONICALLY knows he saved her brother’s life? And helped protect Mike and all his friends? And helped Dustin especially even after all that shit went down?

Fuck yall Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan eat lunch together every day and Steve visits the Byers and Wheelers house all the time

can i whine about tags for a minute?

i live in the Mitch Rapp/American Assassin/amasedit gif tag and i have been using them profusely for the movie chapters and i have been really confused as to why there were like no gifs really for “Mitch Rapp”

and i accidentally typed “mitch rappe” with an ‘e’ the other day while looking for a gif and it was like i hit the motherload.




that’s not how you spell the murderous boo’s name.

i hate everything. 

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Dude isn't 2nu at least a little creepy what the shit is wrong with you

I just draw what people like to see. At this point I’m so sick of seeing this, I’m contemplating just leaving. Sorry there is something “wrong with me”. Why is it that all of you have to repeat the same things to me nonstop…..just why.

Over these past few days I’ve gotten messages to kill myself, told I’m messed up, and so much more from people like you that it’s killing me.

All of you just stop. It’s a cartoon. Stop hurting me over a cartoon.

@voice-like-crimson replied to your photoset “they officially have THREE joint sprays, roadrat confirmed”

Well, they are partners in crime and were released as a duo, so one would assume they’d have conjoining sprays…

Does leaving self-righteous comments on jokey shippy posts make you feel good about yourself?

Let gay shippers have their fun without being a killjoy.

something that really pisses me off is when exclusionists just shit all over aces/aros for making puns or joking around harmlessly. I get it if they’re trying to make aces seem better than non-aces, but for god’s sake if someone’s just making a joke about cake or making puns of words that can have “ace” put in them and generally just having a good fun time, and you lot decide to go “omg aces are so cringey” or “this is why everyone hates asexuals” or “this post made me allo/gave me x mental disorder”, then you are seriously a pathetic person.

Don’t you lot have anything better to do? Go call out shitty inclusionists and exclusionists are legitimately disgusting. Cringe culture is shit and mocking people for having harmless fun is pathetic and sad, and makes you seem like a shitty person. God damn.

this is just a vent as well. i’m not in the mood for arguing or anybody coming on my post trying to make fun of me or being childish, nor do i have the energy or tolerance. i’m pissed about this n i’m allowed to be.