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Dude isn't 2nu at least a little creepy what the shit is wrong with you

I just draw what people like to see. At this point I’m so sick of seeing this, I’m contemplating just leaving. Sorry there is something “wrong with me”. Why is it that all of you have to repeat the same things to me nonstop…..just why.

Over these past few days I’ve gotten messages to kill myself, told I’m messed up, and so much more from people like you that it’s killing me.

All of you just stop. It’s a cartoon. Stop hurting me over a cartoon.

@voice-like-crimson replied to your photoset “they officially have THREE joint sprays, roadrat confirmed”

Well, they are partners in crime and were released as a duo, so one would assume they’d have conjoining sprays…

Does leaving self-righteous comments on jokey shippy posts make you feel good about yourself?

Let gay shippers have their fun without being a killjoy.

I’m looking under the #columbine tag on Tumblr and all I’m finding is “omg eric is soo cute” and “dylan is bae 💓” and other bullshit like that.
I’m pretty sure if I looked under #holocaust, I would see people praising Hitler.
If you’re a so-called “Columbiner” and you’re interested in this topic, that’s fine, but Dylan and Eric were cruel heartless monsters, not cinnamon rolls.
Thank you and fuck you.

People that are going to participate in the trend “CANCEL THE 100” are really fucking morons

Can’t you stop for a minute…stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about the hundreds of people that will loose their jobs!!???

Think about Eliza, Bob, Marie, Lindsay, Paige, Devon, Isaiah, Henry, Chris, Adina, RIchard, Jarod, Sachin, etc

Think about the directors

Think about the coustom disigners

Think about the make up artists

Think about all those people that go to work everyday, to give their families what they need, and who give their 100% best to deliver you a good time…who work long hours under any climate and any circumstance

Think about the good times that this show has given you because of the people who work in it 

It doesn’t matter if they will eventually get another show…THIS IS THEIR FUCKING JOB NOW…their time to shine and grow, their time to do what they love most

Don’t be a pathetic selfish human being and then pretend to walk on this world like you deserve the fucking best. IF YOU ACT LIKE THIS YOU DON’T DESERVE A FUCKING THING….

Wishing the worst to other people makes YOU a bad person…go and take a look at yourself in the mirror…if you think you are a good example and that you want to show the world that we as humans can DO better and BE better…that you can be the change…THEN FUCKING BE IT….don’t act like a 2 year old (who will probably not be as bad) and don’t participate in something as childish and disigusting as this…

Like an Anthology of Parallels

“You took everything that I loved. Everything!”

“Seek victory, not fairness”

“Competition is an excellent motivator, but not when it turns you against each other.”

Do I need words?

And how could I forget…

“Your own daughter will go through her life cursing your name”

So im a Wiccan, and i like to doodle pentagrams and all sorts of important symbols. Its so ill get better at it. plus it just makes me feel better. good stress relief. BUT NOW I CANT BECAUSE EVERY TIME I GET ASKED IF IM INTO SUPERNATURAL, AND IF I PERFER BABY SAM OR DEAN OR WHAT EPISODE DID I CRY AT FIRST. Then when i say “No i haven’t gotten into it yet, this is just my religion practice” I get really evil stares, and i just wanna crawl under a rock or something. T_T I would get into the fandom if i had more time, and another soul to sell to a tv show…

As my tweet has exploded both on tumblr and twitter, I’m getting disturbed by how more than a few guys have responded by telling me that this tactic wouldn’t stop them, or that it would encourage them to hit on women more.  It disturbs me because you recognize that this tweet is expressing the distaste that women have for being hit on, you see how much it resonates with us, and your response is “haha that won’t stop me”?

First, it’s not on US to stop you, my tweet was a joke, and it got picked up so much because other women understand the place the joke came from and it puts humor onto our experiences, but it’s not meant to be THE solution, the solution is on you guys to not harass women.

Secondly, if you recognize this as an expression of our frustration, and your first response is “haha, I don’t care”, or even worse “if you try to stop us, we’ll do it more”, then you really are a villain.

And thirdly, this shows that at least for the dudes responding like this, it really isn’t about social awkwardness, or them not knowing this bothers us, it shows that even if they know, they don’t care.  Even if they get the message of “stop”, all they do is laugh and go “you’ll have to do better than that.”

This just illustrates how hitting on women is as much about power and control as it is about attraction or wanting a woman to date them, because even when they know we DON’T want to date them, even when they know this is bothering us, they don’t care.  All they care about is inflicting their will on us, on doing what THEY want.  And they throw the responsibility for their actions on us.  It’s up to US to turn them off, not on them to stop when they know we’re not interested, and if they don’t feel like stopping, it’s our fault for not doing better to dissuade them.