ch 41 is such a interesting chapter because we see sumin’s internal conflict show with herself as she struggles with her relationship. at first sumin treated her relationship with sungji as “entertainment” than she was like “okay..maybe shes not that bad” then she kind of slowly falls in love with sungji then leading up to ch 41 where she realize that she really likes sungji and just doesn’t know what to do anymore.
she’s so careful with sungji its like sumin is carefully dipping her toes in the pool and making sure that sungji is okay with her actions. she wants to do more but whats the limit? shes restricting herself so she doesn’t hurt sungji. since this relationship is sooo different from the ones she had before (the one night stands), she starts to slowly fall in love again and i just really like her character development. 

I deserve so much more than I have ever given myself credit for. My next relationship is going to be something I deserve. I deserve to be cared about & to be treated 10000000x better than anyone I’ve been with has treated me. I’ve been messin around with people that I shouldn’t have been. I’m about to make things right.

lbh peggy’s backstory is 100% better if she isn’t straight

Cant wait until it happens to you

Reading online newspapers articles of my childhood friend that got murdered yesterday. I was trying to find out what happened. After reading many articles I found the comment section that every news article puts out. Many were people outrage on such a crime. Some giving their unsolicited expert opinions of what happened and then some were just full of people making jokes about a murder. People that didn’t even know my friend or even the motive of such senseless act. It seems that everywhere there are people that feel the need to leave the most disrespectful comments on articles no matter what the article says. I personally don’t get it and trust me I joke a lot. But never about the death of anyone. What is up this generation? A generation with so much opportunity a generation with so many artist and entrepreneurs. Yet many are just wasting time trying to bash strangers because they think its cool or funny.

I cant wait for the day one of their family members dies tragically and they go to the comment section and read a bunch of jokes assholes wrote about their mom, dad, family member or friend. I just cant wait to see if they find it as funny as they did when they made a joke about a wonderful person they didn’t even know!