Sure. It should be noted that I believe Mildred is talking about Dean’s uncontrollable feelings towards Amara in the “pining” scene tho, textually. Those feelings, as a vulnerability, either physically, or through Dean’s secrecy towards Sam, are what caused Dean to be attacked imo (by a cleavage-clad, dress wearing, tongue wielding, controlling monster with dark hair, mind you).

With that in mind, I rewatched the scene, trying to understand the people calling it a Dean/Cas situation, because I did not understand it that way at all. It was then that I noticed how weird it was for Mildred to be shot with such a space between her and Dean, almost as if what was in the background was meant to be seen as something between them, in the same manner cages and walls separated Sam and Dean visually in S9.

Between Dean and Mildred is a shuttle van, a human transport vessel, if you will, to take residents back and forth. And it bears the name of the home, “Oak Park”. So as far as visual subtext goes, this simplifies into “a human vessel at Oak Park” and where does Cas’ human vessel go this episode? To walk about the oak trees in the park. Visually, Cas is between Mildred and Dean here, present in their conversation through Casifer’s earlier strolling scene.

Regardless of who Mildred is textually talking about, the show’s visual subtext suggests it could also be Cas.

Green is the Hunter

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: Dean treats the reader like a little sister, but gets jealous when another guy hits on her (Fluff and possible smut)

Warnings: jealous!dean, smut, car sex (is this a warning?)

Words: 3417 

Note: I missed smut ): hope you enjoy this but-deans-back-tho ! (holy crap this turned out long, sorry!)

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I feel like Supernatural and Teen Wolf can bond over a lot of things:
  • That one character that the entire fandom knows is bi that the writers refuse to acknowledge
  • Dean and Stiles
  • A really broody person with dark hair that doesn’t know how to interact with humans (Derek/Cas)
  • The broody person having a fairly undetermined sexuality, actually, now that I think about it (possibly ace but who really knows considering they have slept with people)
  • Female characters that deserved so much better
  • Dean and Stiles
  • Bi bi bi
  • That random fucking wendigo in that one episode that no one really paid attention to afterwards? and it was like the focus of that one episode but then “bye bye what the hell is a wendigo?”
  • Poor relationship choices
  • Loved ones dying
  • That wendigo tho i’m serious
  • People coming back from the dead
  • Bisexuality exists guys
  • Oh yeah apparently there are werewolves in Supernatural duh
  • and hunters
  • freaking Dean and Stiles are bisexual like it’s just one kiss away from being canon
righteouschester replied to your post:dean’s s10 hair tho

long hair that’s gonna look so good with cas’ hands in it i’m *_______*

“Long,” Cas says, the word barely a breath into Dean’s mouth.

Dean smiles, his lips shiny and swollen from kissing, from the rub of Castiel’s stubble against them. “What?”

Castiel pulls on Dean’s hair to emphasize his point, curling his fingers tightly into the strands and bringing their mouths back together. Their lips part and their tongues meet, swirling over each other, tasting, exploring, savoring.

“Oh,” Dean chuckles. He cups the back of Cas’s neck and squeezes. “You like it?”

Castiel’s response is another tug, followed by the very enthusiastic continuation of one long, long overdue make-out session.

And I’m Trying to Find My Peace of Mind

Professor Dean Masterlist

Reader gender: Female

Word count: 2200ish

Summary: Part one of the aftermath. 

Warnings: Cheating, mentions of alcohol (although in past tense rather than present), feelings of betrayal, slight angst.

A/N: So I managed to whack this one out today, sorry it’s been so long (explanation post here) but please let me know what you think and whether you want me to continue :)

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A new battle~ Chapter one- Waiting

Written by: redlittlefox

Word count:2k+

Prolouge Master list  (Read the prologue first)

A/N:I have no idea what this is turning into. no planning goes into it I just sit down and write. Be sure to leave a comment, reblog and like for more 

Dean X Reader

Sum: The reader is sleeping and only time can tell if she wakes.

Warnings: None.

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She laid limp on the bed trapped in her mind, she had been like this for a little over a week now. Her hair was just as I left her, though the layer of grease from her unwashed hair was slick and beginning to smell. Her clothes now hung loose on her body. Sam and I tried to find food that she could easily swallow without much effort. Honey, Applesauce, soft fruit… Nothing seemed to take. When we both noted that she swallowed the water just fine we began to mix the honey in with the water in heavy amounts. Anything to keep her alive.

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Look at what I’m working on you guyyyyssss!! So here’s some art progress… Here’s a drawing of Fili I’m doing for Dean dfasdfASFDfadfafa! I’m going to work on the hair today. I actually really like how this is coming out, and apparently my artwork is about 2000000% better when I know I’m going to give it to Dean O'Gorman. Oh gawsh I’m nerous tho, I hope he likes ittttt! Is that how you write “Fili” in dwarvish?
Anyway, I’m doing the sword last because I really really really suck at drawing swords and his sword is a little more challenging than I had expected. Taken at a strange angle, once again, with the camera on my phone hahh.
@stephratte What do you think? :D