The story behind HEAVENS instruments: Eiichi Otori

inspired by @unpleasant-nagi‘s post [ 1 out of 7 (maybe?) ]
you guys know how much i love to write this kind of things (and if you didn’t, you do now) 

Raging Otori was a serious man. He had a serious agency, and was the brain behind one of the most talented idol groups in the world according to Nagi ) he knew how to make things work, and was familiar with the industry, too. He’d been watching his ultimate enemy, Shining Saotome for years now. And he was ready.

At first he thought that a trio would do. The group leader was his own son, his blood. How could that go wrong? Exactly, it couldn’t. 
But Raging was wrong. STARISH seemed to have something his idols didn’t have. What was it? HEAVENS had everything! Flirty, yet serious looking Eiichi Otori.. Quiet, attractive, and fond of adorable little animals Kira Sumeragi… They even had Nagi, the cutest, youngest, unrealistic-hair-colored Nagi Mikado! What was Shining secret, then? Those guys didn’t have anything his guys didn’t have already….. OR SO HE THOUGHT.

IT WAS RIGHT THERE, IN FRONT OF HIS EYES! How could he be so blind? Laughing at himself Raging Otori always had a great sense of humor, laughing when Shining copied his idea of turning his own son into an idol instead of sueing him ) he found the solution. More idols? Sure, he could do that. First it was EIJI, the kind, lovely younger sibling and almost forgotten second son ) He NEVER thought his future would hold better things than giving Eiichi his coffee, but DESTINY took him from potential slave… To angel. Then it was YAMATO. Brother conflicts? CHECK! Raging loved drama. Followed by SHION, Aijima’s Cecil counterpart. Shion was more classy, attractive, and smooth than the magical cat boy ( keeping the mystic aura, of course He couldn’t go wrong with that. Last but not least, VAN joined the group. It took Raging a while to find someone who could compete against latin lover Jinguji Ren, but he did it. Blonde hair, ocean-blue eyes? NO WAY! That was too cliché for him. 

RAGING OTORI ADDED NEW MEMBERS TO HEAVENS. COOL, DANGEROUS MAGNIFIC ENTRANCES. SMOOTH WAYS OF INTRODUCING THEMSELVES. But there was something left to do…. If Shining Saotome had instrument players, so would he. And so it began.
He would give Eiichi Otori a recorder. it had seven finger-holes, SEVEN. The magic number for him. Wood-made? NOT AT ALL! He’d give Eiichi a plastic recorder. Plastic took hundreds of years to decompose, and so would be HEAVENS. yes, he did got the idea from a Greenpeace advertisement )

But THAT, my friends… Was just the beginning. There were 6 members left. Stay tuned for Sumeragi Kira, and his story about how the spoons became not only his instrument, but his OWN TRUE PASSION.

Messy Zen+ Symmetra fusion courtesy of @kuueater​ for mentioning this in a tag. 

Designing them also made me think, considering that Symmetra weaves the physical world around her to maintain order, Zenyatta’s spirituality could possibly lend this fusion the ability to also manipulate the minds and spirits of those they deem it necessary to change….