Summary: Reader confesses her love, only to be shot down.      

Author’s Note: Oh, Billy… You always seem to get your ass kicked out at some point.    


Feedback always appreciated! Positive or negative! I always want my work to improve!

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Thor: It got cut off, do you not like it Y/N?

Y/N: To be honest, it suits you just as much as your long hair did. I am going to miss braiding your hair though.

Give No Quarter XXIII

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Thorin followed Y/N through the cramped quarters of the merchant ship. Guiding them was the balding captain of the vessel, Arland. What remained of his thinning white hair was secured at the nape of his neck with a leather tie and he walked with a stilted limp. To Thorin’s surprise and amusement, Y/N had bartered with him a place among the crew and with a few well-placed coins, she had also attained them a private cabin.

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cherry-ism  asked:

Hello cutiepie ! Your art is so cute ! Would you mind to draw a chibi Ky Luc q///q (he's my obsession in OnS) ? Sorry if I'm straightforward, but I'm quite clumsy to ask qwq'. Thank you ~

Art Requests || Accepting~


[ ;;ooc;; ]

I hope you like it! I’m so sorry I can’t draw chibis..;w; but here’s a sweet little Ky~

princessrapnzel  asked:

So I was looking at pictures of the real Rapunzels journal and the one that came with the DVD and started thinking about the blue vial that's on it. We know what white horse hair is supposed to be from Max but I was wondering if the vial could be one of Varian's alchemy experiments...

Hey, that’s a possibility!

nonsimsical  asked:

All the Yellow's for Ophelia! Please and thank you my scrumdiddilyuptious crumpet! 💛😘😘😍

Yellow - Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
“I’m more on the optimistic side of the spectrum. I do have my moments of pessimism…especially when it concerns my mother.”

Dandelion - Would you consider yourself stubborn?
“…..Okay i’m grown up enough to admit that this is one of my major flaws”

Marigold - What types of flowers are in your setting? Do you have a favorite?
“I like having flowers around but not too many so we have some chrysanthemum, hibiscuses, and the usual roses and daisies. My favourites are chrysanthemums”

Blonde - What is your hair color? do you like it?
“I’m ginger and I adore it. I also flip between blonde and purple ends”

Lemon - Are you more of a clean or dirty person?
“Dirty personality (at times) , clean in everything else”

Safety - What is the most traumatic experience in your life?
“I was involved in a car crash when i was younger and that…it was..it was something. It changed my whole life to put it mildly. It’s getting easier to talk about though”

Gold - Would you consider yourself more rich or poor, in comparison to the world you live in?
“rich. all i’m missing is being a man and I have the trifecta”

Butterscotch - Is there candy in the world you live in? If so, do you have a favorite one?
“Anything cherry flavoured…or bubblegum…or pineapple…or apple…there’s a lot okay”

Daffodil - Do you like trying new things? What is something new you’d like to try?
“I do! The next new thing I want to try is this whole marriage thing..I mean me and Seth and basically married now all we need is the official paper but there’s something extra that comes with officially being married and I am very excited to experience it”

Sunshine - Are you a more active or lazy person?
“Depends. Though with Puck trying to run around everywhere and Honey Bee crawling everywhere I am far more active these days!”

anonymous asked:

(What if endeamom's hair are fire (literal fire that she can't turn off maybe it's her quirk idk) and Enji always wears his fire beard to look more like his mom)

(im speechless. thanks for this omg)