Drew some Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria ^ q ^

I think I kinda have crush on him alskflsfk sob

Anyways, the left one is actually from a scene in the game xD

So everyone went to sauna and Zaveid teased Sorey about going to be the beauty hunters (to peek on the girls xD)

Then there’s Mikleo who just came out from sauna with that pose, and Sorey’s (refering to Mikleo because dude’s too pretty) like ‘Oh you mean that?’

Zaveid’s just 'You’re right but that’s not what I meant!!!’

I just can’t with various events in this game omf there’s also this scene where they make up a story to get pass city guards, and the outcome was hilarious laskflsf

Also ToZ has this school outfits for the charas and I swear megane Mikleo’s the best thing in the game //// O)-<

Probably gonna doodle more of this pretty boy, I haven’t got enough of him yet hshshs //////