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I would like to commend you over your fic: Between Nature and Nurture. I was a bit hesitant about the idea of an Alpha/Omega "kink" (I guess you could say) but after sucking it up and entering the fic without misconceptions I found that I throughly enjoyed the fic! I reread it about three times last night and this morning. Excellent job, amazing writing, and perhaps the best Eruren fic I've read so far : )

I don’t even know what to say other than THANK YOU! I’m so pleased you are enjoying the fanfic; I am having a blast writing it. *^^* You’re incredibly kind by sending this to me, I’m going to be glowing for days! thank you :)

i tried to sleep earlier last night, but i was seriously struck with migsy family feels at like 3 am in the morning. so here are some random garbage scenarios. 

  • Miguel eventually learns to value his parents after X event (I dunno what it’ll be at this point, depends on verse i guess), and returns home to reconcile with his mama and papa. I HAVE LIKE THIS WHOLE THING THOUGHT OUT, AND IT JUST—. My kokoro was hurting. I’ll write it out, mebbe eventually. 8D 
  • Miguel finally visiting his sister’s grave site with his parents. Somewhere over the rainbow, Maria is happy that her family is finally whole again. Oh, and Miguelito still lives with parents every time he goes back to Spain, not by himself.
  • Even though Miguel had rebel issues as a child, I feel like by that point that he’s reconciled with his parents, he’s pretty much mellowed out, so therefore, he finds that, hey, I actually have more in common with my dad than I thought back then. I mean, where does miguel get his gruff, i-hate-most-people personality from? Papa. I imagine when they’re about to go to some party or something, migsy’s papa showed his mama like two possible shirts he’d like wear to it, and his mama was like ‘oh, shirt A looks muy bueno’ and then migsy’s papa goes to miguel and asks him what he thinks. And then migsy is like ‘shirt B is gud’, and then migsy’s papa was like ‘huh, i thought so too’ and then goes with shirt B. 
  • Migsy and his papa have father-son projects, such as building things outside, repairing stuff in the house, and oh, remodeling papa’s old car together; this is the car that migsy takes around, so when he invites his foreign friends over, he’ll drive them around in papa’s car. 
  • Also, headcanon that Migsy’s parents are small business owners and own a little grocery with a pharmacy in their small town; so when he visits his parents, he works there on most days, helping his parents out in various ways, such as doing the heavy lifting, restocking shelves, or working the register. People who live in the town will be like, THAT’S THE BRAWLER DUDE FROM THE TOURNAMENT ON TV! 
  • Miguel LOVES his mama. You do not talk about his mama. You will die. Oh, and he can’t ever raise his voice to his mama. She always gets her way, period. 
  • Type of lady to have lots loud of older lady friend hangouts (then mama’s friends take turns passing miguel around whenever he’s home, touching his face, pinching his cheeks, calling him guapito and remarking how much he looks like his mama, saying ‘oh i should introduce you to my daughter or my niece they’re single too, etc, etc to which miguel is like ughhhhhhhh im out), go to lots of fiestas, and watch spanish-language dramas on TV whenever she’s at home. Miguel would turn off the TV sometimes when she falls asleep on the couch watching them, and she would just immediately wake up and irritably tell him that he turned off her show. 
  • Used to force Miguel and his sister to wear silly-looking traditional Spanish costumes as children, and she has about 1000000000 pictures of it ( she loves her camera and takes pictures of everythinG); she would always show them to guests and shit, and 8/10 little miguel is frowning and is looking like he’s thinking of homicide because honestly those were the worst times to him back then. When mama would pull out those old pics, miguel would just get the hell OUT. 
  • Oh, imagine miguel trying to sleep in and then suddenly his mama starts screaming his name from downstairs and miguel be like ‘jesus what the hell’s happening’, so then he frantically rushes downstairs still in his pajamas and then he finds his mom on the couch and she’s like, how do you put a smiley face on facebook :)? 

Guess what other video feels relevant for today



okay so I just watched every up to date ep of Prince of Stride (it’s already half of the series, it makes me kinda sad that it’ll be over so soon)

and I gotta tell ya




also did you know that PoS was originally an otome game, I can’t fucking comprehend this, how in the world

so I searched shit up and actually originally there is a NOVEL. game came out last year, not even 7 months ago tbh, and novel started running (see what I did there? :P) in 2012 and is ongoing.

& DON’T LOOK AT WIKIPEDIA BC IT’S FULL OF SPOILERS I spoiled myself such a big thing just now OTL

Well guys, Amy time is over! I have to say, that I liked her a little more in season 7, can’t put my finger on why this is, though.
In the end the grand finale of the ponds even touched me a little. I did not cry or something, but the emotions of the characters felt reliable and authentic for the first time in what feels forever.
The Doctor’s reaction in the next episode though - not so much. I thought they were trying to do the same thing they did with ten after the thing I don’t want to talk about because my kokoro is still brokoro. But somehow it was not very credible….

But well, I like Clara so far. People told me that she will be worse than Amy later on, but in the first episodes she seemed kinda cool. And a lot more useful than Amy!

(Does anybody even read my blubble about the shows I watch?)

If you ever feel bad about yourself, just know I sent a drawing of myself looking like Jesus to my crush, now boyfriend. When you find the one, it’s best if you both are such good friends that you both laugh together and get along really well. Those kind of relationships work out the best no matter what shit goes on around both of you. Also, don’t hold yourself back, that will destroy you both. You’ll find the one eventually, so don’t give up.

- wise words from Dani Jesus