I’ve been awaiting the episodes Jennifer Getzinger directed for Outlander ever since I found out she directed Mad Men’s “The Suitcase.” That was an episode where it was primarily Peggy and Don spending the majority of the time in Don’s office and it displayed a myriad of emotions between them and focused entirely on the characters. 

Getzinger didn’t disappoint with “Surrender.” All those subtle, quiet, one-on-one moments were brilliantly pulled off and I think that had a lot to do with her. I cannot wait to see what she does with Episode 3x08. It’s the Laoghaire reveal episode. Obviously the post-reveal fight will be great. But I’m primarily looking forward to the scene where Jamie tells Claire why he didn’t tell her and why he married Laoghaire. I hope “Here in the dark, with you, I have no name” is every bit as powerful as I’m imagining it to be.

Of course, the acting and writing are important as well—It’s so sad to think this was Anne Kenney’s final episode for Outlander. 



*so Eiffel knows many cosmic truths now, fine, ok

*as we suspected, the DLs are both separate from human morality and immortal

*this is no time for pop culture references

*that part about music as an advanced technology blew my mind

*so pryce and cutter got to the Hephaestus (AAAAA) where are Lovelace, Jacobi, and Kepler? what did yOU DO TO THEM

* what did they do to HERA……..


*im scared

*congrats urbina you’ve killed us all again

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Hiiii so I just realized like yesterday that the symbol on Nino's shirt looks a lot like the code lyoko symbol and like I read somewhere that Thomas Astruc worked on Code lyoko for like 1 season and just,,,,,, if you haven't already please watch this show because it's amazing it was my childhood and it's super old and like nobody knows what it is and all the episodes are up on YouTube LEGALLY so just like. Give it a chance.

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and i noticed the symbol thing too! pretty rad! 

Thank You For 1000 Followers!!!

As promised, guys, here we are. For those who are fairly new, here’s what’s going on.

To celebrate reaching 1000 followers, I said I’d cover an episode of another show. This is something a lot of people have asked about for awhile, and it seemed like a good way to show my appreciation. One of the donors requested American Dragon: Jake Long, and yeah. This show does seem right up my alley.

I was a bit torn on which episode to cover. I was initially going to just go over the first episode, but if I’m going to be covering the entire thing at some point, I won’t want to leave myself with nothing else to say. Instead, I decided to cover what was one of my favorite episodes as a kid. The second episode, Dragon Breath (which ironically is about a school dance where the protagonist’s date turns into a monster. Go fig.) This episode features just about all the important characters and introduces some things that give me a lot to say.

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Any thoughts on how Bliss could have been done better? (to be fair, there aren't a lot of ways to do worse, though)

Based off of what I gathered from the episode, a better version would have honestly been:

1) the PPG’s wanted an older sibling and create Bliss. Unfortunately Bliss’s popularity among the school gets the girls shelved aside because not only is she amazing social wise, but she’s also more powerful than any of the girls combined. Make something outta that.

2) have her be the original PPG buuuuuuuut don’t make the professor a selfish shitty dad. Have a situation where she ends up being captured by a villain and they try to brainwash her into hurting the girls and the prof.

3) maybe don’t make her a powerpuff girl at all, so ya know. They don’t shit all over canon. Make her a PPG fan girl who wants be like them but doesn’t have the powers to do so. The girls help her find another job worthy of her skills

Ritsuko doesn’t relate to the Mother, hated the Woman, and respected the Scientist. Casper… is the Woman.

So ends episode 13! Yeah, yeah! Between this and episode 12, it feels like it’s back to being the NGE I fell in love with. Not to say that the other episodes are bad. They were just… pretty different, ya know?

As I said, it was a treat to see a very inventive Angel that gave the scientists in the wings their time to shine. And as always, we got a cherished handful of answers and a heaping helping of mysteries…

I kinda wish we were able to see a microscope sample of a Copywight. Just to see what they looked like. Maybe next episode…?

I rate episode 13 of Neon Genesis Evangelion a 9/10.

Shinji did not need to Get Into The Goddamn Robot™, maintaining the series total at 10.

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How did you get to know about Ducktales and what episode or arc caught your attention the most?

Aaah, well, that’s kinda a long story. Around a year ago I get obsessed over Scrooge. I remembered him ‘cause I found some old DVDs with shorts like Mickey Mouse’s Christmas Carol and Sport Goofy in Soccermania. Then I wanted to know him more. So I made a research about him, and heard about an 80′s show called DuckTales. And I started watching it. Just like that. And I loved it. Then a week after that I heard about the reboot, and that it was around the corner. Then I tought “ah, I’m really lucky”. xD And episode after episode, I started to love each character more and more!

There’s not exactly an specific episode that caught my attention the most because I watched the series in order and always wanting more, but I guess the ones that I liked the most were the ones from “Time is Money”.

So I started thinking about all of these shows that have been off the air for years and come back later for another run (X-Files, Full House, Will & Grace, etc.)

What if Supernatural did that?

What is s13 was the finale and they come back in like 10 years? Maybe by then Robbie Thompson and/or Ben Edlund would come back and write for us again!


What if after being off the air for a long time we got another small run? And what if the first episode opened on Sam living in a normal house, wife, kids, dog. Apple pie lifestyle. <3<3<3


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I think JJ is the right fit. He's a very talented and smart man. I'm hearing things like "all he'll do is re hash ROTJ" which imo is irrational coz the endings are dependent on the story and the conflict; the story and conflict of the ST will clearly be vastly different from that of the OT, as stated by JJ and Rian who ALREADY made ep 8, so ep 9's gonna be different. Even though TFA had similar plot points to ANH, it managed to bring a fresh story and characters, and that's not an easy task.

All excellent points, and I couldn’t agree more. I am incredibly excited to see what J.J. does with Episode IX, and look forward to seeing how he rounds off the story.

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You dont think Cas will be Jacks guardian? I kinda think Cas and Jack will go away together by thd end of ep 6

I’m gonna have to bring out the heavy disclaimers for this one:

I don’t really speculate about specific plot points like this.

I don’t really enjoy trying to guess plot points like this.

We have so little to go on as to make it nearly impossible to guess what’s going to happen six episodes down the line.

I know some people like to make these sorts of guesses, and that’s great! Have fun!

The one “guess” I’m personally a bit attached to is that Jack’s not going to be immediately attached to Sam and Dean at the beginning of the season, and that he’s not gonna be permanently attached to them for long stretches of the season. But that’s not based on plot-related guesses about where the season’s going, but on how this show is typically structured. Just like with Mary in s12 didn’t move into the bunker permanently and join them on every hunt. But again, this is just my gut feeling, and I might be proved wrong.

That said, I guess Cas could leave with Jack after 13.06, but I have nothing to base that guess on so at this point it’s about as accurate a guess as a monkey throwing darts at a list of things that might happen.

There is no long-term value in guessing at this stuff, at least for me personally.

I know I blarghed some stuff into the tags on a post yesterday that was mostly a reminder that in Canon currently, the date where we left off the story was MAY 18, and that we know the story will pick up seconds later when it resumes airing in October. It was a reminder that Cas will possibly be back, alive and with the Winchesters, by September 18, encouraging people to feel good about writing sweet, happy destiel fic for the anniversary, because it’s just as likely they will be together and happy four months later than where we left them in canon back in May.

I wanted to reblog that sentiment, because it had been really bothering me all day yesterday, the number of relentlessly angsty fics I saw (a few of which I read more of than I would’ve if I got that they were unhappily ever after death fic, because wow that’s a cheerful way to celebrate an anniversary… >.>)

And the little bit at the bottom is (to me) a lighthearted cracky reminder of that, that I got an excellent laugh at! But I mean… I think we all understand that Supernatural isn’t about to become a sitcom about Destiel Plus Sam raising Satan’s manbaby, right? Hilarious as that scenario might be. :P

And that’s really all I meant by the tags there. I have like… zero other opinions about it yet. We have nothing but vague set spoilers and the typical PR nonsense to go on yet. We have literally nothing else to guess about what might be going on after six episodes we haven’t even seen yet. The logistics of who’s doing what with whom at that point are… not really interesting to me yet without any sort of plot and character stuff to pin them to.

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I want to rewatch One Piece, but I don't remember what episode I was in (I didn't watch a One Piece episode since somewhere in Thriller Bark.) but I also don't want to start over because I don't want to go through Chopper's past and Going Merry's death again (These were the only parts I have ever cried in any anime tbh.). Should I watch from the start anyway or just try to remember which episode I was in?

well let’s see! if you don’t want to go through chopper’s past and the going merry’s death again i say skip it and start somewhere else! i do that with the arlong arc haha. i lost it at bell-mère’s death so i refuse to watch that story over again, it would hurt me too much. so i avoid it at all costs…..

personally i think you should try and retrace your steps, or possibly just start the thriller bark arc over again? i think there’s a one piece episode guide and arc spreadsheet so everything is more organized. i don’t want you to make yourself sad. i cried at those stories you mentioned as well ;_; chopper’s was really bad..