yesterday i was feeling really damn blue and then @ about 5am friggin’ fashiondisastercecil randomly sends me a link TO THIS SONG AND IS LIKECecilos driving around on their honeymoon” and i just couldn’t stop laughing at how perfect it fit them, especially my carlos and cecil I JUST CANT STOP LAUGHING LIKE A TUMSHIE I CANT BELIEVE  THIS IS A THING THAT WE MADE

(but you know what i m so glad to be smiling and laughing <3 THESE DWEEBS, MAN…also isla you’re a terrible wonderful influence)


you know, it’s a little difficult to answer big heavy questions like ‘who do you get your happy-go-lucky attitude from’ or 'so how did you pull out of your depression’ or 'how are you so comfortable with just being yourself when you don’t really know what that is?’ when one of the prime answers is a weird blue thing with a funny nose who does excellent impressions of pumpernickel bread

but I do get asked, so there you go

I am twenty seven today, you have this… 'whatever’, to thank

The point is, the Muppets have always had bits of adult humor sprinkled in among the kid-friendly laughs. So when the Moms claim that The Muppets “is not what Jim Henson created or imagined,” they’re completely off-base. The Muppets co-creator Bill Prady actually worked with Henson on a number of Muppet projects before Henson’s death. Who would know better what Jim would’ve wanted: Prady, or these moms?
—  One Million Moms Are Completely Wrong About ‘The Muppets,’ And Here’s Why.