MOre OCs ok

Thorn Alford: I have a werewolf OC so of course I have to have a vampire one, right? Thorn was born some time in the 1700s somewhere in England(very specific i know). He is highly educated and very proper. He sometimes uses his charm as a means of manipulation but only when he needs to, otherwise he loves to have sincere conversations with people about just about anything.

Tax McLain: He’s a fox shapeshifter and is also Devon’s cousin. He’s almost the opposite of Devon in the way that he doesn’t talk much and doesn’t try to bring any extra attention to himself. When he does talk however its usually questions, he is very curious and likes learning about things and people, which is also why he enjoys reading/researching. Even though he isn’t a werewolf he is still an honorary member of Devon’s pack(shown by the maroon feather).

Cypher Clemensen: A music loving, hyperactive, put on this earth to annoy Tax to know end, dweeb with an affinity for electricity. He is basically a genius when it comes to anything that needs to be plugged in but when it comes to anything else, not so much. He’s Tax’s best friend and is the loud and expressive to Tax’s quiet and resevered.