It Pays to Economize....

A/N: Just a little bit of silliness inspired by the sneak peek for 6x19 (the bullpen one). Enjoy!!

Monday, February 16, 9:47 a.m.

Deeks has his head buried in a case file as he heads along the corridor towards the bullpen. It’s not that engrossing - just an older open case that he’s doing some follow up work on - but he’s distracted enough that he never even sees it coming until it’s too late.

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Right On Time

AN: Just a little future wedding drabble.

“I’m late, I’m late, I’m late,” he muttered frantically as he ran down the hallway unbuttoning his shirt as he went. .He felt like that rabbit from that movie he had watched with Sara. What was it? Alice In Wonderland. He had always been late too. Hopefully Felicity wasn’t in the mood to play the Queen of Hearts today and decided to ‘go off with his head’.

He laughed a little. It was kinda ironic actually. Felicity was going from Smoak to Queen today.  Then it hit him again. How could he be late for his own wedding? He WANTED to marry this woman for goodness sakes and here he was. Late. As usual. “She’s going to kill me.” 

He ran around the corner, and there she stood, wrapped in a white robe and more beautiful than he’d ever seen her, even with her arms crossed and her brow furrowed.  “I know, I’m sorry,” he explained.

“For what?” She asked while uncrossing her arms. He froze.

“For being late.” He said in explanation. Suddenly he was graced with a beaming smile and his arms were filled by the petite blonde. She placed a kiss on his lips that made him want to drag her into a empty room.

She pulled back, her arms still wrapped around his neck. “You’re not late Mr. Queen, you’re right on time.” She smirked at the confusion clouding his features. “I told you to be here two hours before you were supposed to be so you would be on time.” She explained.

He chuckled and shook his head. “You woman never cease to amaze me.”

“That’s why you’re marrying me.” She said as she started to back away from him.

“Oh no, I’m marrying you for a lot more than that.” He started to reach for her again but she stepped out of his grasp.

“Uh-uh,” she waggled her finger at him. “I have to get ready.”

She started to slip into her room when he called her name. 

“Felicity?” She turned to him, her curly blonde hair cascading down her shoulders. “I love you.” She smiled.

“I love you too.” 

She crooked her finger to him and he hurried to her. She kissed him like it was the start of their honeymoon and the only thing that made him stop was Digg clearing his throat behind him.

“No time for that man.” Digg said with a knowing look. Felicity blushed and closed the door to put her dress on.“Time to get dressed.”

He and Digg started to walk into his room across the hall. “ Why? I’m early.”

Digg handed him a garment bag, only one word leaving his lips in answer. “Pictures.”

He winced. Oh. Two hours and a ton of pictures later, he and Felicity said their vows. She was finally his and he was finally hers. But if he wanted to get really serious about it, he was hers from the day she turned around, chewing on a red pen.        
Letters of Gravity Falls #15

Greetings! I have a lot of letters for this post.

First, a letter from Dipper to Stan, in response to his last letter (which you should read first if you have not)  IMPORTANT!: THAT LETTER CONTAINS SPOILERS TO THE LATEST EPISODE: NOT WHAT HE SEEMS. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN NOT WHAT HE SEEMS YET, YOU SHOULD NOT READ THE FIRST LETTER! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!

Second, a letter from Mabel to Stan

Third, Stan’s response to that letter

Last, a letter that has to do with the second and third letters in this post

Before I begin: Last letter posted (Wendy to Dipper) and that letter from Stan to Dipper that I mentioned earlier that  you should read first (which I couldn’t get you a link to earlier in the post because tumblr is a piece of shit and wont let me for some stupid reason)         

It took me two flipping days to post this and I’m so not happy now >:(

since louis seems to be doing what we want lately, can he pay my college tuition and come live with me, thanks in advance

Unexpected Passerby- closed RP w/amthebrains

It was evening, late at the time, many of the humans that have been saved here in New York were sound asleep in their comfortable homes, still in repair after the Kraang had finally vanished for now.

The moon was half full, only to get hidden a little by large night clouds, as the soft spring air blew throughout the night. There, kneeling down at the edge of a building, was a man about the age of 18, muscular and big for his age, his hand near his face, as his lips pinched at the cigarette before inhaling in the smoke. It’d had been awhile since he smoked, but after what has happened lately—frankly after what’s been happening all these years—he deserved a smoke for once.

His mind was lost for the while, eyes focusing on the leaves of the many trees at Central Park. He was nearby, wanting to go there, but he promised himself he would make sure the people around the area would get a good night’s rest. They deserved it, after the shit they’ve been through. Destruction. Being mutated. Being kept as slaves in another dimension. It was like hell.

Taking one last puff of air, he flicked the cigarette away, and got back onto his feet. The light from the street lamps illuminated his hazel yellow eyes, making them look like cat eyes, as he turned his heel and walked away from the edge. Walking, now forming into his true animal, he began to run on all fours in silence. He was determined to be the watcher on this night. To keep everyone safe.


oikawa tooru:

but no you’re right, he almost hit kageyama that one time which clearly makes him evil!!11! he obviously felt no remorse whatsoever, and kageyama was clearly traumatized. oh wait. 


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I’m not lonely, Sherlock…

Going about your afternoon pretending the last 20 minutes of Season 2 never happened…