yoongi literally shushed everyone before his bultaoreune .I’m so done with him


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura


Check, Please! Lockscreens Part 3/?  - Lardo + Art

So we sell this brand of suit at work whose logo is the same trident used to symbolise Poseidon in PJO and I have this idea for a fic okay hear me out

  • Piper hadn’t wanted to take over Aphrodite’s Bridal House when her mom had died, partly because she had no interest in weddings, or fashion, both of which seem to be basic requirements for running a bridal salon, and partly because she and her mom hadn’t been all that close while she was alive. 
  • But when no one had wanted to buy it and Piper had realised that if she didn’t take control of it, it was going to disappear forever, she’d stepped up.
  • And Annabeth had come with her, because as bad as she was at wedding stuff, Piper was even worse with business stuff. She’d gotten better at both over time, but if Annabeth hadn’t been there to help her get everything sorted the place would have shut down a long time ago.
  • The plan is to get the business financially stable again, and then Annabeth’s going to redesign and update the whole salon.
  • So anyway, Annabeth and Piper and probably Hazel work together as consultants.
  • And Rachel is the seamstress, customising dresses and sketching out changes for customers at the drop of a hat. She’s like magic with a needle and thread, and has on more than one occasion predicted exactly which dress a bride is going to choose, or what customisation they’ll ask for.
  • Silena is the designer/supplier, making these gorgeous gowns to suit every type of bride. Her work is such quality she’s like an icon in the industry. 
  • Annabeth is very proud of her track record of finding the right gown for brides, as she prides herself on her ability to read people. She has a competition going with Rachel over it, and it gets pretty heated at times. 
  • Piper has a crush on this businessman who comes in every few months to order a new suit. His name’s Jason and he looks damn fine in those tailored trousers and jackets, but she can’t quite bring herself to admit how much she likes him when she’s kneeling in front of his crotch and taking measurements of his hips. 
  • Annabeth teases her mercilessly about this. 
  • A lot of people ask Annabeth if she’s married/engaged/excited to get married or engaged and she always laughs it off because no, actually, she’s single and kind of resigned to that fact, thanks. She’s pretty busy and this industry is just a pit stop anyway, she’s just helping Piper out until she gets on her feet and then Annabeth’s off to properly pursue a career in architecture.
  • Sally Jackson books an appointment and gets scheduled in with Annabeth. It’s her second wedding, she doesn’t want anything too fancy, and she comes to the appointment alone.
  • Annabeth feels a bit sorry for every bride who comes by themselves, so she amps up the charm and is extra determined to find Sally the perfect dress.
  • She finds something that Sally loves, but it’s just… missing something?? So she excuses herself from the dressing room for a second and goes to grab a belt.
  • But on her way she spots someone running in the salon door - a very attractive someone. 
  • He starts sauntering over, and before she can entertain any inappropriate thoughts, Annabeth quickly rationalises his visit. He must be a groom, here for a suit fitting, or to pay off a layby for his fiance, or something else that grooms do. Why else would a hot, young guy willingly walk into a bridal salon?
  • But he’s not here for any of that.
  • He’s here to surprise his mom as she picks out a wedding dress.
  • And Sally is surprised!! So surprised that she starts crying and honestly it makes Annabeth a little emotional.
  • They find the dress, and Annabeth reluctantly says goodbye to Percy, thinking she’ll never see him again. But of course he needs to buy a suit. 
  • And once that’s organised he just. keeps on finding reasons to come back??
  • Checking on little details, or the status of the order, or enquiring about shoes, or asking to add a handkerchief to his suit order or -
  • Piper thinks it’s hilarious and doesn’t hide her glee as his excuses for visiting get more and more outlandish.
  • Annabeth, meanwhile, is starting to panic because Sally’s wedding date is getting closer, and what’s going to happen when Percy runs out of excuses to visit the salon??