targuzzler  asked:

don't listen to the haters, twenty one pilots is sometimes alright if you ignore the pretentious lyrics and personas of the people behind it and listen just for the melody and nothing else

wow, what a good opinion! im glad some people are correct on this website and good and you also seem sexy based on your words alone thank you for your input you genius of a human


ill compile a proper eye tutorial on monolids and epicanthol folds and the basics of drawing “asian” eyes (notably in e/s.e asians however monolids and epicanthol folds can appear on people of other races too)

however this is the basic concept that i use for drawing any eyes: blue dots for the corners, green line is the top lid, red bottom lid. the idea is that the eye will generally look the same on everyone in some cases bigger/smaller, what im really trying to teach is how to draw the skin and fat that shapes the eye tbh

possumpuppy said: to blondie’s fuck friend, what is a hairline?
donovan: your hairline is where the hair on your head meets your forehead and temples. your forehead is the part of your face above your eyebrows. hair, in this situation, means the fine threads made out of keratin growing from your scalp. let me know if ive lost you

soup-place said: I have questions for your characters are they good dudes or spicy ? Huh
donovan: what?
ian: im – im a good dude
jules: i can do both

poptart42 said: What’s Ian’s favorite thing to do in the rare/nonexistent instances where he feels safe?

nerbull said: Hi, @ Donovan, what kind of weather do you like?
donovan: love those huge thunder storms where it feels like the world might be ending. but, more practically, 75 degrees and sunny

Anonymous said: Can we see ians peen again
ians peen is on vacation and is not taking work calls

Anonymous said: Ian, I have a question, do u like jolly ranchers?? If so what flavor?? I like red n blue
ian: im not a fan. they make my teeth feel like theyre going soft. i can say, though, that purple is the worst

fart-czar said: Hey Donovan, Do you have romantic feelings for Ian? Or do you just like him platonically, and occasionally bang for fun?
donovan: we fill each others needs pretty well. thats all i got

parq-stuff said: What are their favorite TV shows /cartoons?
ian watches bob ross & infomercials & cooking shows & like, boxing. or horse racing. mostly to just have some noise & something to watch without having to concentrate. donovan watches bob ross & cooking shows with ian & tries to get him to laugh. he also likes true crime shows. he starts series on netflix but never finishes them. jules watches all the good shit u kno it👍👍👌👌✌

strusork said: How many things has Ian eaten (or atrempted to eat) that he shouldn’t
hes eaten at least one dumpster hotdog. he ate a donut he found in the grass as a dare. once he was walking past an outdoor restaurant patio & there were two half-full glasses of riesling on a table & he drank them & nobody noticed. he ate some questionable carrots, also out of a dumpster, because he thought eating some vegetables would make him feel better, but they didnt

asdclaptrap said: yeah. what’s ian’s relationship with his parents? ive always been curious.
ian is not in communication with his parents and has not been for several years. this is by his design