Fame Game [Part 5]

Calum changes because of Fame and with the help of you and the boys he struggles to get back to his old self. 
[Part 1] [Part 4]

Recording was finally done and the album had a few production touches that needed to be added to it, but for the most part it was done with and I could finally go home and relax for a couple of weeks. I could finally be home with her. My behavior hadn’t exactly been up to par since the fan incident, but I tried to keep myself together, that’s what I was telling everyone anyways. They didn’t get on me too much about it because they knew I’d be home with her soon to help take care of me.

She welcomed us at the airport, running into my arms and making all of my baggage fall to the ground, literally and metaphorically. As happy as I was to see her, I felt like I needed time to just be a kid again. I needed time to go out and party.

“You sure you don’t want to just stay in and relax for a night, Cal? You did just get home,” she inquired as she ran her fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp. I hummed in response, enjoying the feeling too much.

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(picture taken by Marv Watson)


this is long overdue and i’ve had to postpone it several times now but here it is…you guys have no idea how much i appreciate this and how awesome the support i get on here is. so thank you all so much!! i love you all very much.

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In case u find the time for prompts how about something Exo where Suho is sick and everyone us trying to nurse him back to health but except for Yixing no one's got any idea what they're doing?

Exo huddle around a rather sickly looking Junmyeon, sneezing and coughing and sneezing some more. Sehun peeks over the couch where the leader currently has five blankets piled on top of him. “Have you tried unplugging him and plugging him back in?

“He’s a person not a computer,” Minseok argues.

“Well he’s the motherboard of the group,” Jongin pops up behind Sehun and gives him a high five.

“Vixx are computers,” Kyungsoo mumbles to himself.

“That was just a concept,” Minseok reminds him but Kyungsoo is already saving pictures of Vixx into his phone under an album titled, “Illuminati Confirmed.”

“I’m going to pray him back to health,” Jongdae announces and falls to his knees.

Baekhyun nudges him, “Suho doesn’t believe in God though.”

Jongdae looks up to the ceiling, “But God believes in him.

Chanyeol stomps towards them, his long legs knocking over the furniture, and pours a bucket of water on Suho.

“Oh my gosh,” Yixing hurries over and starts toweling the leader off. “Chanyeol what are you doing?”

“I heard applying cold water helps when you’re not feeling good!” he says in his quiet voice which is 800 decibels too loud for normal speech.

“Yes when you have burns not a cold!” Yixing informs him, frustrated. Then he yells, “Exo! Scatter!” and all the members frantically begin running away, oftentimes into each other.

Yixing looks down at Suho on the couch, now damp, still coughing his head off. “There, there,” he says, patting Suho on the shoulder. “I’ll make soup for you.” There’s a loud smashing and screaming sound from the other room, “And I’ll take care of whatever that was.”

question, would anyone be interested in a 10" picture disc lathe release of Dadfad demo? There was a lathe release of this album in planning for a while but it was put on the back burner but now Structures//Agony Records (conner) is revamping it. so this little mock up is what they are thinking, it would be pre-order only with only as many as are ordered being made (with a /50 limit), from pre-orders it would take about 2 months to get them complete and shipped out and it would be pretty expensive around $20 bucks each. What do ya’ll think? should we try to do something cheaper and more plain or would ya’ll want something elaborate like this?

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What cheers the boys up?

How to Cheer Your Boys (Up)

  • Noctis: When he’s feeling down, he likes to open up an old photo album that contains all of his memories as a child. From his first bath, to his first time going to a royal event, to the picture of him making a mess in the courtyard, to the picture of Gladio chasing after him… he goes through it all. Reminiscing about the past makes him feel like the present isn’t so bad.
  • Ignis: To cheer himself up, he’ll usually seclude himself for awhile, giving himself time to forget about his problems without needing to explain it to anyone. To make himself feel better, he’ll head to his lab and create chemical reactions that he knows will fizz up/slightly explode. There’s something satisfying about watching a gummi bear explode with potassium chlorate. 
  • Gladio: Nothing picks Gladio up more than a trip to the gym. He can punch his frustrations away onto a bag until he’s feeling better. When he finally manages to catch his breath from his strenuous workout, he feels like he can tackle anything that comes his way. 
  • Prompto: If Prompto needs a pick-me-up, he’ll take to watching the stupidest videos on the internet. Cats, obscure animations, pranks; you name it, he’ll watch it. He’ll usually pig out on spicy chips or various junk foods while watching them. His key to happiness is laughter. 

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What if this whole circle thing with Troye is just a joke...I know it's not but imagine if after it goes white it just starts to regrow back into that same picture... who knows he might have a circle fetish or something haha

Honestly it’s likely to be a total joke or some dodgey shit out of left field.  The only way I’ll be shocked is if we get straightfoward information about the album’s release date

Had to screenshot this because versacefeast apparently blocked me over this. Far too good to let slide.

Listen here, Frank Ocean wouldn’t know an oboe from an elbow, and Mescudi sounds like a pasta. Also, I heard that Childish Gambino is doing so badly that he started making shitty comedy videos on YouTube. I don’t know who J. Cole even is, but I Wikipedia’d him and judging by his picture, he clearly needs to cut his nails. And I can only assume that “SZA” was just a typo caused by you hitting the keyboard in a musical rage, because that is only three letters and not anyone’s name.

I’ll tell you what, I haven’t listened to a single album since the release of 1975′s A Night at the Opera because when my papa tossed that shiny new vinyl on our Fisher 2381 MusiCenter, I knew that nothing would ever top the pristine beauty of Freddie Mercury’s golden pipes backed by whoever he decided would work for that album (Because Queen was really only one guy, I bet you didn’t even fucking know that) and that I needed to become the closed-minded hellhole of a human being that I am today.

Now that America is pretty much done with its scene / emo MySpace phase, what did the famous emos do? I mean after a while we all kinda just went back to normal and found our way but what about the people that were MySpace models or in a one-album wonder scene band? Do they just enter mainstream America and get normal jobs? Like I’m picturing that one got a job as an insurance agent or something and his coworkers Google his name, and they find all these photos of him biting his lip with his side swept bangs over his eye, or a photo of him with his cheeks puffed out like he’s holding his breath underwater while tugging on his beanie, and all the coworkers are just cracking up in the office until he walks by

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i don't know got7 is and hanae natsuki. who are they? i noticed the opening of tokyo ghoul and durarara? was it the ending of durarara with the trust me? what's with the freaking youngjae got tons?

Like the others in my playlist, GOT7 is an Korean boy band. They consist of 7 members and I freaking love them all equally. If you want to know more about them… I can list their names and their picture here. I’ll do it now since I got nothing to do. xD 

This is their newest album. It got released just a few days back. 

The members— Oldest to Youngest— 

Mark Tuan. (04/09/1993)

Im Jaebum/JB. (06/01/1994) 

Wang Jackson. (28/03/1994) 

Park Jinyoung/Junior,JR. (22/09/1994) 

Choi Youngjae. (17/09/1996) 

Bambam. (He’s actually Thai and I can’t even type down his real name here. D:) 02/05/1997

Kim Yugyeom. (17/11/1997)

If you still need to know more about them, uh, for starters here’s the link

Alright, for Hanae Natsuki? Nacchan is actually the seiyuu of Kaneki Ken. :D If you look it up, you’ll see it. 

You got it right. Trust me is Durarara!! ‘s ending and while the Unravel is the first opening of Tokyo Ghoul. Also the freaking youngjae got tons of parts! is actually GOT7′s newest song ‘Just Right’. Listen to it and you’ll get addicted. xD 

It’s a long post but hope it helps you. :D 

Imagine #3 he asks you out - Beau

Originally posted by schweinderlin

You were walking around in the mall looking for your favorite store. you walked to the escalator and took some selfies not paying attention. once you went to the top you see two boys in one of the mall benches. one looked at you and winked. the older looking one grabbed your phone and started taking pictures. he typed something on my phone. “ Beau, Beau Brooks” he passed me my phone. I was about to tell him something but security came and told them that he had to put back bench. I laughed and walked away. while he gives me a peace sign while sticking out his tongue.

Originally posted by outofsmylimit

As I went from store to store I wondered about Beau. I chuckled what a weird guy. I left the mall and headed to Starbucks. I checked my photo albums to see that he took a lot of selfies with my phone. I checked my contacts to see that he gave me his number and put Beau, Beau Brooks as his name. I texted him “ hey weirdo its the girl from the mall btw its yn.” I hit send. I got a response right after I sent it “ well hello Yn nice to finally know the pretty girl I seen at the mall.” he replied. I blushed and started texting him. 

while I was walking he asked me where I was at. I looked and I was at a park I went to sit  on the swing set that was over by a bench. I texted back saying “ at a park.” he didn’t reply back. I sighed and started swinging myself. I went higher and higher. “BOOO” someone yelled. I screamed out and turned around to see Beau. “ omg you shithead you scared me” I said. “ that was the plan love” he smirked and continued to laugh. “shut up” I laughed. we ended up hanging out at the park until sunset. 

Originally posted by itslikeigotthismusicinmymind

We had just watched the sunset and it was beautiful. “ If you dont mind me asking yn. would you want to go to the movies with me” Beau asked as he looked at me. “sure why not Beau.” I smiled. I jumped on his back “ Onward my horse” I said. “ hey I’m not a horse” Beau said. “ fine Beau can you please go” I looked at him and he chuckled “ Alright lets go” he carried me till we arrived at the movies. “ Two tickets to Sinister please” Beau said. My eyes widen “here you go enjoy the movie.” the guy said. “Beau why that movie” I whined. “ what yn you chicken” he teased. “yes yes I am” I said. “oh come on man up.” he laughed. I punched his arm. “shhhhh it” I glared at him “I’ll protect you babe.” He pulled me close to him. I blushed at the nickname. Once we went into the screening room I hugged him tighter. 

The movie started and it was okay. As the movie went on I literally held on Beau. He smiled and would always whisper to me “ I’ll protect you yn” or “ Don’t worry I got you yn”. At this point i’m covering my eyes with my hands. I hear Beau chuckle and felt him grab me and place me on his lap. I hugged him and nuzzled my face into his neck. He didn’t mind and just held me. I could stay like this forever. I drifted to sleep. After awhile I felt someone shake me I just held on tighter. Beau sighed and said “what am I gonna do with you yn” he carried me outside. He sat on a bench and said “yn come on wake up” I fluttered my eyes open I gave beau a tired smile.

“ such a scaredy cat yn” he smirked “shut up Beau” I smiled and looked at him. He looked down and smiled back “be my girl?” he asked. “just kiss me already” I said  he smiled and kissed me “of course i’m yours and your mines.” I said. 

This crazy day meeting beau had became one of the most greatest day ever.

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leaving for California on Friday in shaa Allaah. i’m excited because i can finally have my life back. but i’m sad to leave nyc. i really like this place. i love how theres so many Muslims here and in almost every college they have a prayer area. it’s not like that in California. anyways it’s for the best so Alhamdulillah. 

on sunday i had so much fun. i went bike riding at central park with my brother and cousin. i got on a bike after 7+ years so that was fun. i was gonna crash a few times because i was scared to turn the wheel lmao. imagine if i did and fell in front of all the people aaahhhhhh. i’d die of embarrassment. i did well though, i was wearing a dress [not easy with that]  and some uncomfortable shoes. i felt so alive. 

if you haven’t checked out the new miiverse, it is *great* for bloggers. it connects way quicker now [it used to take, no exaggeration, a couple minutes to connect on my shitty internet], and there’s an option to save to your “screenshot folder” instead of “play journal”— your screenshot folder is private, so no comments on your pictures of “what’s your fc??” or “why are you commenting with just a random symbol?”. and it’s super quick, you just click “save to screenshot album” when miiverse starts up, and then the very next page has “resume game”– no need to go back to your home menu or anything! you can save 100 screenshots to your private album [so if you’re blogging, just clean them out after you’ve saved them to your computer], there’s no daily posting limit or even a quick succession posting limit

while i was typing this up, i saved six screenshots [a conversation in acnl] within two minutes! i love the new miiverse!

If I was a singer with a moderate to large fanbase, I would upload really mysterious pictures of animals in black and white and abandoned places and sit back and read all the theories my fans have as to why I am uploading them. Like, She is probably signaling what her next album will be like. The pig that was followed by her latest upload means that it will be an animal MV because…. Or She’s uploading them because when she was younger this and that happened and she is crying for help……etc etc.

And I’d just sip on a glass of wine like Nope, I just uploaded them to see how much bullshit my fans can make up so I can entertain myself on this lonely day.

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can we see your infinite collection? u w u


(every ifnt album except for 24 hrs and dilemna i think and some other jap. ver album along with some other bands)

(also not pictured is she’s back le edition. second invasion evolution blu ray le edition, and their second invasion polaroid tin set which are all under my bed ahahhaha, this is also where i put my manga/bessatsu spoons/clear files but the majority are on another shelf)

(not pictured: sie poster set, ogs poster set, ogs returns poster set, summer concert 2014 poster set, and a whole bunch of other anime and infinite posters)

this is what happens when you’ve been a hardcore fan for 4 yrs r.i.p

the-wandering-wanderer asked:

So what do you think of Dallas's new song, Woman? :D

it’s nothing short of amazing, i really like the spectral and haunting instrumental vibe projected from it, yet it’s kinda comforting also. it’s just fresh and distinctive. it’s really set apart from his previous songs, yet you can still hear it and be like “yep. that’s dallas.”

there’s also this kind of progressive rock element to it (maybe it’s just me). not forgetting his vocals as always are incredible. also there’s these extremely haunting notes eg. (4:23) and (7:19) which he holds. they definitely show what his voice is capable of. they really gave me the shivers. those particular parts really remind me of jeff buckley and matthew bellamy also.

i honestly hope there’s an album attached this so i can go to a coupla shows (assuming there is because of a picture he posted a while back regarding finishing up tracking).

pot of context now! but i would also like to add a big ‘fuck you’ to all the people i’ve seen recently complaining that they just want dallas to be him and an acoustic guitar. fuck, let musicians evolve and explore each and every corner they can. i’ve always had more respect for singers and other types of musicians alike who like to be more open minded and experimental. above all musicians who make music for themselves, because I believe music should be created selfishly. honest musicians create what appeals to them, not others and if other people like it, that’s great!

sorry for the wall of text and i see you thoroughly enjoyed the track too!

While eating I played my favorite band UpDharmaDown’s album Capacity. From way back in college I used to watch their concerts all over Manila. I even take pictures and get signatures from them. Armi Millare’s voice is captivating. She is my inspiration before when I used to sing in the Music Ministry of YFC and showchoir.

This is one of their songs called Parks

Tonight we stand by the door
Waiting for amends
I’ve lived all this time for love
Tonight you come
With no suit and no suitcase in your hand
I couldn’t wait until the day is done
I never thought that I would be the one who could deal with so much waiting
I never count but look at me now, I see the time I should be saving
O hasty patience help me get around, tell me what I should be taking
Cause I’ve been setup in a situation where I’m terribly mistaken
Tonight we look into the eyes of the strangers we’ve become
With that we lift the weight of time
Tonight we say the words that are due to each other
Can you pretend like you lived one life for my love?
Thought I was tough to never care enough about what everybody’s sayin’
Waiting on the world to take you away while I remain in where I’m staying
O hasty patience help me let it out, don’t like the way that I’m behaving
Thought I was right but look at us now cause we are terribly mistaken


I don’t even know where to begin. This whole thing is so different from what I expected. An installment? What does that mean? I thought it would be a full length album. Is it? I don’t even know.

I feel so overwhelmed. I’m tired as hell from staying up for the announcement, I’ve had so much adrenaline in my body for the past like 10 hours, and now I don’t really know what to do with myself. I guess I’m in a state of shock, kind of.

There’s the website, a password, a zip-file with pictures, and apparently new content on the website every two days until the release. I’m so confused. Troye, I thought we were done playing games!


And now I need to sleep.

I’m looking through old pictures, and wondering if anyone else can mark the exact moment the puberty fairy punched them in the face.

Like, I’m not going to lie to you guys. I think I was pretty cute as a kid.

I got through most of elementary school relatively unscathed by the whole awkward-teenager-thing.

But then, as far as the family albums are concerned, I just kind of disappeared off the face of the earth for a few years. I assume I was off being a surly preteen. And when I came back -