save him. 



Call-out post.


First things first, Megan reblogged this post 134 times before stopping, and mainly because she hit post limit.

Also, she sends the cutest messages and has smiley wars. Smiley wars who wouldn’t want that.

Such nice and sweet tags i mean. Come on look at them.

She has a tag on her blog for happy things, to go through and see pictures of baby animals and happy pokemon apparently (which is great)

She also has tags for bad days and postivity. That is amazing and great, and I know I’ll be using them at times.



Precious nicknames everywhere

And just a sweet and genuine soul in general that the world is blessed to have.

Thank you, Megan.

you said no bad puns but

Sheep jokes are shear hilarity Even though some are quite baaaaad Ewe and I can distinguish the difference between pun levels Because you can’t pull the wool over our eyes

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anonymous asked:

I almost had a panic attack when you first followed my blogs; I just looked up to you and was always intimidated by your skill. But lately, you've been an inspiration to me to improve as an artist and a person. You're very nice, and you've clearly worked hard to get where you are, and I don't know, that just motivates me to keep pushing through even my hardest times. It's dumb, but I felt like sharing. Thanks, Del, you inspire me. <3

                                          ^ me getting this message. 

Oh my gosh. Anon you are so sweet. This message made me smile ear to ear. Sorry to have almost induced a panic attack (ack!!), but I’m so so honored to inspire you!! Gah, words are failing me but I just wanted you to know how much this message means to me.

I’m such a huge dork and I just love drawing and characters, it’s hard for me to believe I could be intimidating? I really don’t know how I come across, but I do try to be good to people and chug along on my work, so I’m really pleased to hear you think I’m nice and hardworking. That’s all I try to do :) I’m not the best at self-advocating and I’m not the most outgoing, but I’m so glad my work and the way I am can speak for itself. 

It’s not dumb, thank you so much for sharing, this message really made me feel good, and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for being so sweet, for your words and thoughts and your support of me. ♥ I’m always going to draw and I’m always going to work hard because that’s just me and it makes me feel good- but having the support of people like you, and the honor to inspire someone else out there, just… wow. That really keeps me going through the hard times too. 

Thank you. 

And just… thanks for everything, from everyone out there watching. ♥


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