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Have there been any horror spoofs that have actually been good?

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Young Frankenstein is the holy grail of horror spoofs. As it should be. The thing that makes it different is that it comes from a place of love. Mel Brooks is a huge horror fan and grew up on the Universal classic monsters. He even produced David Cronenberg’s The Fly. 

He made this spoof as an homage, because he loved Frankenstein. He loved all of those old films. That’s what separates it. The Wayans Brothers, talented as they are, they made Scary Movie because they hated Scream. They hated I Know What You Did Last Summer. Hated that whole wave of horror in the late ‘90s. They were legitimately making fun of all of it. And that only grew more and more obnoxious throughout the sequels. 

Mel Brooks was taking these classic movies and he wasn’t making fun of them. He was finding humor in them, and that’s a completely different thing. That’s why Young Frankenstein holds up so well. 

I also have to give a shout out to Brooks’ less-beloved horror spoof:

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Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Because I just love, love this movie and I always have. It’s one of his least-appreciated films. But I encourage everyone who’s dismissed it to go check it out or give it another shot.

Trevor Noah is great because he can call out people like Donald Trump and Tomi Lahren in a way that even Jon Stewart never could.

“You don’t know what real racism and working class suffering is, you silly pampered NYC liberal!”

“I grew up in apartheid South Africa, my own birth was technically illegal, I couldn’t play outside as a child because I was obviously mixed race and I have seen my fair share of crazy egotistical fascist demagogue dictators.”

That’s why Noah stands out amongst late night talk show hosts. Most of them now are like: “How could this ever have happened!? In our country?”

He’s like: “Nah, I know exactly how this happened.”

Perspective, man. 

replace jyn’s childhood scene with bodhi rook watching troopers come in and demand his father work for them while he hides in the grass with his mother

and then his mother pushes him towards the wilds telling him to go, go run away and do not look back

because she cannot abandon her husband, she cannot, not after they’ve run for so long, not after the shadow of the empire ruined everything they’d built under the republic

and they kill her and bodhi does not run, he screams. he screams for his mother, and they take him. they take him and so his father surrenders without a fight, because they have a blaster pointed to the head of his only child.

and so bodhi rook who grew up free for the first eight years of his life, now becomes what the empire desires him. he rarely sees his father, they keep them separated, but always aware of each other. proof to his father that he is alive, that his father had best obey or else. it twists bodhi inside, knowing that every successful flight he makes, the tighter the yoke around the neck of the galaxy.

but one night his father appears in his quarters, a wild look in his eyes. he presses a data disk into his hand and to run, to find saw gerrera. tells him the same thing his mother did all those years ago. to run and never look back. his father’s embrace, too, feels like a final goodbye.

“you are going to save this galaxy,” his father murmurs, clutching him tightly. “you are going to be the spark that ignites the flame.”

and he tells him. tells him all about the weakness in the death star. and then sends bodhi off in a ship stolen in the dead of night. lands him on a dry planet that hums with the ghosts of jedi.

“who are you?”

“I’m the pilot. I have a message for saw gerrera.”

SO @saisai-chan was telling me about a cute idea she had that when Uraraka grew up, her parents always kissed her bandaids after putting them on a cut, because they were too poor to have like anaesthetic spray or anything? And then she applied it to a kacchako idea where Bakugou protects Uraraka from something and gets cuts and Uraraka bandages him while he’s out cold and kisses it and so on.

Anyway I kinda… did an alternate take on her idea and she asked me to post it BUT REALLY THE MAIN IDEA IS HERS SO IF YOU LIKE THIS THANK HER FOR IT.


So, what if the students were out doing like a training exercise, and same thing, Bakugou protects Uraraka without thinking with his super fast reflexes, and he gets banged up. And because they’re supposed to be self sufficient or something during the training and they’re just scratches, someone hands Uraraka some bandaids (maybe Momo makes them) and Uraraka applies them to Bakugou’s cuts.

He’s just sitting there, fuming because he’s having bandaids put on him for stupid cuts and he can’t believe he even got cut in the first place. But Uraraka just sees him sitting there sulking and has a lightbulb moment.

And she’s like “Oh! I forgot!” and she kisses the bandaid on his forehead (or cheek or something) and she’s so in the moment she’s just like “My parents always said that bandaids aren’t magic unless you kiss them!”

And everyone is just going ?????????? did Uraraka just do what we think she did?????

Bakugou starts literally steaming, speechless. And only then does Uraraka realize what she’s done.

“James Potter was an asshole who deserved to die!!! It’s his fault Snape was mean to Harry!!!!!”
Both James and Snape were 15 and assholes with a long rivalry between them but one of them grew up and fought for what was right until he was brutally murdered by a genocidal maniac while trying to save his wife and infant son and one joined the side of the genocidal maniac and then went on to bully school children as an adult in a position of power so forgive me if I see one as more sympathetic than the other

So I have been checking up discussions from last year about Santa Claus being Black and how much of an unnecessary controversy it caused and it got me thinking, does the public even know if Batman was white or do people just assume he is? cuz lets be real, the man is covered from head to toe and only appear at nights, that’s not enough to know someone ethnicity so what if every kid in Gotham believe that Batman is the same race as them and will not allow someone to tell them otherwise?


White kid: But why do you think Batman is black?!

Black kid: Why do you think he isn’t?

White kid: Why? have you see his chin skin? its white so how can he be black?

Black kid: Heelloo, black people with vitiligo exist so….

White kid: Bu- thats-….that’s just an unlikely to thing to be. Thats all. 

Korean kid: Well if you’re so hang up on skin color then Batman might be Korean? we have fair skin too.

White kid: What?? how can he be Korean if he doesn’t have Asian eyes??

Korean kid: Ah, well not all of us have “Asian Eyes” and even if we do, Batman has his mask on him at all time, so how do you know he doesn’t have “asian eyes” under there?

White kid: Because I’m being logical and going by facts unlike you.

Arab kid: Well if you really wanna be “logical” wouldn’t it make the most sense if Batman was middle-eastern?

White kid: And how does THAT make any sense?!?

Arab kid: Well I mean the current Robin is obviously Arab and unlike all the other Robins he refer to Batman as “father” which would mean Batman is his father so it would make sense if Batman too was the same ethnicity as his son.

White kid: Okay all of you really need to stop attacking me right now because Batman is white just like Jesus is >:(

Arab kid: Oh boy if you think Jesus was white then I got some news for you…

Here’s why I love Illyrian!Nesta the most because– either as fae or as illyrian but especially if she grew wings and learned how to use them and then learns that oh, most of the time they’d cut them so you couldn’t– she’s gonna show up at those camps like a force of nature and throw the fuck down. And she’s gonna assemble and train and lead an all-female aerial force in the war because what is anyone else gonna do, stop her? while her boyfriend, the general of the entire Illyrian forces (who showed back up with some grisly wing scars making him even more terrifying than he was before) beams with pride as he watches her tear men’s hands off for trying to clip some poor girl’s wings? After a while, gross Illyrian dudes have literal nightmares about Nesta, or about the stories they’ve heard about Nesta and the justice she deals when she shows up at a camp. (and the little thirteen-year-old girls who are terrified to bleed, they hear stories about her too, and one day Azriel overhears a girl saying she wants her turn in the ring because she wants to fight, she wants to be like Nesta–) When Cassian needs men to fall in line, all he has to do is lightly suggest bringing his mate by for an inspection, and the dudes pale at the thought and hurry to comply. And Nesta teaches these women to fight and to fly and to tell men to fuck off (the story about her kneeing their commander in the balls gets so much mileage. so much.) and these women teach her that there are beautiful things about their culture, too, songs and stories and history and it’s hers now, it’s their culture.

Illyrian Nesta gets thousands of new sisters and this time, she’s going to protect all of them.

EDIT/OP’s NOTE: Thank you to everyone who has received my post well. Just before you decide you have an argument/point to discuss, check here, here, here and here. Or it might simply interest you to read. :)

As someone who grew up in a country with a diversity of different cultures (including the Indian culture), I just want to say that Jonghyun did not mock them - that’s almost how all Bollywood movies are like, and if you’re someone who isn’t exposed to them, then maybe you’re just being butthurt and/or self-righteous by making a huge deal out of this - but yes, he still shouldn’t have, in the words on people nowadays, ‘appropriated’ that culture in any way.

That aside (and no, I am not saying Jonghyun is right or fine to do that at all, that is a different discussion), he has already issued an apology.

This was pretty much the first thing he addressed since his concert ended. He didn’t wait and decide to speak up after the series ended. He didn’t let SM or his managers speak for him. He could have easily done all that - let SM represent him or talk about this AFTER everything, but no. He took it to his Twitter on the first night of the concerts and apologised himself. He realised he’s wrong and even assured that that bit will be taken out of the video. What more do you want from the man?

Okay, maybe someone found it really offensive or insensitive, and you have every right to be upset. You can point it out and tell him about it, but you have no right to bash him after he’s publicly apologised. You don’t get to put him on a pedestal and destroy him when he took the time to explain that he knew he was wrong and he would not make such a mistake again.

We are all humans. He is as much a human as you are. You are, by no means, superior to him just because you’re socially aware of such issues. Not everyone gets the same exposure. Everyone is ignorant in some way, and different races/countries/cultures perceive things differently. For example, in America, because of its history and racial diversity, you might learn that joking about skin colour is wrong, but in some parts of Asia, it’s perfectly normal to joke about it. 

For Jonghyun, he grew up in Korea. Maybe this wasn’t something he learned while growing up. I don’t know, but maybe. I certainly wouldn’t if I didn’t grow up in a racially diverse country and didn’t have Indian friends. Yes, the world is global, but everyone grew up with certain ideals and beliefs, and you need to be aware that just because it applies to you doesn’t mean it applies to someone else. 

You preach about the need to educate and to fight for what’s right. Yes, you’ve done that. He is aware and has admits that he’s wrong. Just because he’s an idol doesn’t mean you can go on and on about how he intends to hurt people or etc. He’s an idol, yes, but it doesn’t mean he naturally knows about everything and everyone.

To those who are hurt by what he did, you have every right to be upset. If you feel like his apology isn’t good enough, I’m sorry, but what do you expect him to do? Go down on his knees and beg until you forgive him?

He’s an idol and an adult, and I think the fact that he spoke up about his mistakes himself, at the first moment possible, is commendable. It speaks a lot about who he is as a person. He’s a human, like all of us. Everyone makes mistakes. Can you honestly say that you have never been accidentally/unintentionally ‘racist’ at some point in your life? How would you like if people bash on you even if you gave a sincere apology about a mistake you did not intend to commit?

We all know him. He’s a sensitive soul. Do you honestly believe he’s done this on purpose? He apologised. Give him a freaking break. He’s a human with feelings. Don’t be a jerk just because he’s an idol whom you expect to be a ‘PERFECT’ role model. Nobody is. People learn and change. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say a-freaking-gain, from the perspective of a disabled poc, DCEU Superman is relatable. He is the Superman of this generation. The world that exists in the DCEU is the precise parallel of the world we live in right now. The people squabbling over whether this man who is not from their world, a man who has done no harm yet based on false perceptions fueled by xenophobia and hatred of anything that is not the “majority”’s kind.

Unable to fit in, unable use his native name, fear of being revealed, forcibly assimilating into society, watching as people who don’t know him, don’t know his heart, and only judge him because of where he’s from, not caring that this man precisely grew up among them and never did them harm regardless, judging him based on terrorist actions of a few that he had nothing to do with, and so on.

I could literally switch out Superman’s name for any minority when describing what he deals with and y'all know it’s the precise similar things minorities go through. You literally cannot debate on DCEU Superman’s relation to this generation. The Superman Zack Snyder has given us is the real Superman. It’s raw. It’s honest. It’s the bold truth. Every way that the media in the DCEU reacted to Superman is a direct reflection of how this world is. It’s only “controversial” if you choose to reject the very real struggles he faced solely because of his identity. It didn’t matter to the world that he was a good person, it wasn’t enough of what he did for people, they rejected him. That is more relatable than anything else rn. To me, as a poc I identify with those nuances and those struggles.

He’s our Superman. He’s my Superman.

Guys can we just talk about how much deeper Philip’s character is. Not in the sense of who he is but where he came from. Let it sink in that his life at home was so bad that the court decided to completely detach him from his only family (Anne) and his childhood home, and the city he grew up in. He is not allowed to even contact Anne until the court grants them permission- can you even possibly imagine what was happening in that house, what state they found this young man in, what conditions he was living under that they had to go to the full extent of ripping him away from there and demanding that he doesn’t go anywhere near there, or get in contact with Anne unless the demand was alleviated? To me that’s the worst thing about watching Philip get hurt constantly, he’s already beaten to the pulp and just when he thinks it’s getting better, it slides down hill for him… again. 

idk i really want jacob to just one day question newt “don’t you have anything normal like a dog???” and newt is just like “no??? why would i that’s a muggle pet.”

this is newt scamander we are talking about. he grew up around magical beasts. his mother breeded hippogriffs. of course he’s heard of dogs before but why would he be interested in them?? do they deliver messages like owls??? no. so of course newt asks “are they dangerous, what do they do??”

what do they do???? jacob is very confused. “…they sit on your lap…?” by this point he doesn’t know if newt is just screwing with him or if he’s never interacted with a dog besides seeing them on the street.

jacob takes newt to the kennel and his heart breaks. newt doesn’t care that these animals arent magical or partially fantastic like his beasts. he just can’t stand that people actually abandon these cute little things???? how are muggles so heartless????

jacob is slowly realizing his mistake cause now newt wants to adopt every single dog in the kennel. newt is adamant. “jacob i have all the space needed. they can run around in great fields all day instead of being locked in a cage. im sure they’d get along nicely with the others, too!!”

eventually jacob talks newt down because for one newt can’t just stuff all these dogs in his suitcase in the kennel and there is no way they are walking out of there with twenty dogs between the two of them. and two??? dogs probably look tasty to a lot of newts creatures??? newt is offended no one would touch these dogs hes a good mum he raised his magical beasts better than that.

but newt won’t leave without adopting at least one. he walks up and down the cages for what seems like hours. it isn’t easy to chose one and condemn all the others to being stuck in their tiny cages.

but eventually, newt picks one. the biggest, meanest looking dog. it snarls at newt and jacob when they approach it and its fur is matted and dirty all over. the owner even warns against if that “this mutt should just be put down its so ugly and nasty”

well now newt is personally offended and adopts the dog right there. the dog nearly bites his hands and legs multiple times and jacob refuses to walk next to it but newt is happy.

it takes him a lot of hard work and time but the dog eventually comes to love newt and is extremely loyal to him. the dog is the biggest baby around newt omg he’s so affectionate and grateful for saving him from the kennel. he’ll cover newt with sloppy kisses as a greeting and collapse at his feet demanding attention.

just please give me newt and a whole bunch of rescue dogs

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Yooooo what if the family Reaper is watching from afar in the Christmas comic is Reyes' ex-wife and son? They now believe him to be dead, but he can never reveal himself because of the monster he's become. All he can do is... check now and then, to see that they're alright without him.

Oh boy, going straight for my feels without hesitating, don’t you?

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Alright yall I have a thing

What if Rebecca Barnes grew up and had children. And then those children had children and so on. 

One day, one of the great grand kids gets an assignment in history class about finding an interesting ancestor and writing an essay on them. So the kid goes on Ancestry.com and learns that Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, is his great grand uncle. 

And that kid tell his parents and the entire family is like “woah!!”

So somehow, the kid contacts Tony Stark and asks him about Bucky. And Tony, feeling extremely guilty for how he treated him, comes up with a brilliant plan. 

When Bucky Barnes wakes up in 2018, he’s surrounded by all of his nephews and nieces and grand nephews and nieces and that one specific kid walks up to him and holds out their hands. 

In their hands is a giant scrapbook of Grandma Rebecca’s life and his family.

Please give me a hug i’m in tears omg. 

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OT4 Nonsense pt. 2

@hchano I kept going… make me stop… 

A follow up to this post: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/153805587621/ot4-nonsense

Because apparently now that I have started I just can’t stop adding to this idea… 

Nino tapped his pencil fretfully against the table as he desperately tried to focus on his homework. However, his attention kept falling on the two girls across the table. Well one of them in particular.

The repetitive rap of the pencil grew faster as guilt ate away at him.

“So what did you guys get for number 4? Cause I am drawing a blank,” Marinette asked.

“Where is Adrien when you need him? Isn’t it his job to handle all the math and science questions?” Alya groaned.

“He’s at a piano lesson.” Marinette responded automatically.  Because she had his schedule memorized. Because she was in love with Adrien.

And he had ruined everything.

She was such a nice girl too, she deserved so much better. He took a deep breath. 

It was better to just get it over with. Like pulling off a band-aid.

“Marinette I think we should talk.”


“I… god how do I say this? I think I might have screwed things up.”

“Sooo… we need to redo problem 3?”

“No, not the assignment, I mean with Adrien.”


Alya snorted, burying her face behind her textbook.

“Look I know how much you like Adrien, and I have been right on board with it, 100%. I totally was rooting for you guys to get together and make everything work.”


“But I… I think… I think you might have to let him go.”

Her face went a deathly shade of white, her normally cheerful smile dissolving into a worried frown.

“Did Adrien say something? Did he tell you that he isn’t interested in me? Oh god, did I scare him off? Was it the cookies? The cookies were too much weren’t they, he probably thinks I am trying to make him fat to ruin his career or something! Oh no! Did he find out about my phone theft? Is that what it is? Because I swear there was a perfectly logical explanation both times!”

The sound of desperately muffled laughter sounded from behind Alya’s textbook as Nino stared at the babbling mess in front of him.

“No, nothing like that! He loves the cookies, and what are you talking about phone… you know never mind that’s not important right now. It’s just… and I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, and I wasn’t trying to mess things up or anything but…”

“Oh god he’s gonna say it…” Alya squealed, but Nino chose to ignore her.

“I think it’s only fair to tell you that, through no fault of your own, that ship might have already sailed. And as a friend, I think that I should tell you myself and not have you find out through other means… well… Adrien and I are dating.”

Alya erupted into loud hysterical giggles while Marinette groaned and flattened her face against the table.

“Yes! I win! I SO called it!” Alya called out gleefully.

“What the hell?” Nino stared and his girlfriend who was doing a strange sort of victory dance from her seat.

“Less than 36 hours and you already are freaking out and overthinking it. Marinette you now owe me three nights of patrol stalking duty.”

“Alya… do we HAVE to go stalking after Ladybug and Chat Noir?” The smaller girl whined into the table.

“You were the one dumb enough to bet against me so yes, yes we do.”

“You guys were betting on me again?” Nino asked incredulously.

“I don’t know why you are surprised by this.”

“This isn’t funny!” He glowered at Alya, “We are dealing with a very serious issue! The happiness and stability of our group is at stake!”

“Are you planning on breaking up with me to go run off into the sunset with Adrien?”

“No, of course not!”

“Then I don’t see a problem.”

“But if Adrien and I are dating too, doesn’t that means he’s interested in me, like, romantically?”

“Yes. And?”

“So that’s going to make it a little harder for Marinette, seeing as how she isn’t Adrien’s type!”

“Emotional, neurotic and melodramatic? Sounds like Mari is exactly his type.”

“Hey!” twin voices echoed in the library. Alya just shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“But I’m a guy!”

“You’re still dating me.”


“Think it through honey.”


“Are you done freaking out over nothing?”

“I am really new to this ok!”


Draco Malfoy
  • me: Draco Malfoy is a deeply misunderstood boy who grew up with the inner turmoil that his parents supported Voldemort and now he has to follow them, but really he just is an innocent gal who did no wrong. However, his motives do not serve as a good excuse for what he has done.
  • also me when Draco called hermione a filthy little mudblood: Draco u little bitch

Carlo: “Certain of the most notorious serial killers produced by society are Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Henry Lee Lucas…what do you think of a guy named Ted Bundy?

Ramirez: Say What?

Carlo: What do you think about Ted Bundy?

Ramirez: See, when serial killers come up in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago-these are media centers of the world. That’s why more attention is paid to these guys, because of where they are located at. I’ve heard of serial killers in the Midwest who you’ve never even heard of but they’ve got twenty, thirty murders under their belts. As far as my views on Ted Bundy was that your question? Ted Bundy he was intelligent. He…he grew up and he found in his mind his own pleasures. These were his pleasures. A man’s own pleasures are his own business, I think. He… he liked to do what he did, which was kidnap women, have sex with them, torture them, and kill them and whatever else. On the outside, to whomever he met he met on the street, he seemed like a very normal man,one you would never suspect of doing such things.

- Richard Ramirez On Ted Bundy.

bodhi rook and finn

when i saw bodhi’s backstory in rogue one it immediately reminded me of finn. bodhi was someone who had a second chance (given by galen erso), a chance to do something good and he grabbed it, sticking with it til the end (the way he says “this is for you, galen” fucking broke me cuz it was just before he died). finn, a boy who grew up inside the first order, being indoctrinated by them; when he saw what the first order would require him to do to others, he ran to the first rebel he saw and started to help the rebellion, almost losing his life in the process. they’re both mentally complex and beautiful characters (which is something we don’t see very much out there with characters of color); they chose to be good when they easily could stick to their status quo and work for a fascist organization who gave them nothing but traumatic experiences. they need more love and comprehension, always. 


They didn’t get home until almost five o’clock the in the morning. Ryleigh was exhausted, but happy and they both fell into bed fully dressed. The night had been a lot more fun than she’d been expecting it to be and she’s made a lot of new friends, several of them had even gotten her number and promised to keep in touch.

“You seemed like you had fun tonight,” Salim yawned wildly and shifted into a more comfortable position.

“I did,” Ryleigh rolled over onto her stomach and raised herself up onto her elbows so that she could see his face. “I had a lot of fun. Your friends are really great people.”

“I know,” he grinned smugly down at her. “And they all really like you, but then I knew they would.”

“Oh that reminds me,” she narrowed her eyes at him. “What exactly have you been saying about me to them?”

“Oh you know, the usual,” his smile grew wider as he brought a hand up to tuck her hair behind her ear. “Just that how incredibly beautiful you are and how hopelessly in love with you I am.”

“Suck up,” she stuck her tongue out and he laughed. “Speaking of beautiful, how is anyone supposed to feel pretty standing next to Nayeli? The woman is ridiculously good looking!”

“Don’t be silly,” Salim rolled his eyes in amusement. “No one is as beautiful as you.”

Ryleigh laughed quietly and rolled over onto her back. Salim tucker her underneath his arm and pulled her close, leaning down to kiss her on the top of the head. 

“Tonight was great,” she mumbled sleepily.

“Get some sleep beautiful,” Salim chuckled quietly.

ToG6 theory #1

Remember how Lysandra’s jeweler kept being brought up and praised? I find that suspicious. Sarah wouldn’t have just thrown that detail in the passage if it didn’t have a future relevance. Now, remember Nox Owen from the first book? Adorable, lovable Nox who grew up in the streets of Perranth, Terrasen as a jewel thief? I have a feeling I know what he’s been up to. Nox is Lysandra’s jeweler and he’s been helping the rebels ever since his disappearance!