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When did Keemstar make fun of Calvin's parents??? 😠😠😠

Yesterday. I have no idea how to link tweets, so here it is.

Imagine being so fucking pathetic that you use a 21 year old’s parents rough past against said 21 year old. Disgusting.

my city flash flooded today on the way back from class and i have no idea how we made it home, there were cars everywhere flooded over (in some places over the hood). that was The Most stressful situation ive ever been in,,everything was a giant lake and you couldnt see the road anywhere (and there were like, rapids??) 

0/10 do not recommend that experience, its unreal our car didnt flood out

  • me:oh yeah, I love critiques on my work! Go ahead.
  • them:*harshly critiques my work*
  • me whispering quietly but with feeling:listen here you little shit.
How do I tell my super needy cake customer

To kindly fuck off because I don’t want to make a figure of her dead grampa?




  • me:oh man i leave for boston in two days and i haven't packed at all
  • me:
  • me:*slaps hands on table* i'm gonna make peach jam

Lapis Lazuli


the raven ring: trips through the gangsey’s iphones → henry cheng


Okay so I wanted to avoid the post to get too long for the gofundme campaign to help me get out of the debts I gathered. More information on it you can find here I am at 40% of my goal, I am enough rent behind that my landlord can kick me out at any given time and I have debtors at my door on June 15th my landlord can legally kick my ass out.

Short version? My mom took all my money and used it for herself instead of my medical bills, I moved out with nothing and got cancer right of the bat, while I was also transitioning. Been trying to do this on my own for 2 years, I tried getting government support and was told I didn’t have enough debt to be helped properly and didn’t earn enough for the other option.

I understand that just giving me money to help me out isn’t something a lot of people would do and honestly it’s not something I enjoy asking, I am a giver more than I am a receiver it always makes me uncomfortable to receive without repaying people some way, but in this case I have no choice. 

On top of donations though I figured it might be a good idea to offer something in return. So I was thinking what do I do best, well that would be writing fan fics for spideypool, devilpool, taskpool etc…

So here’s something I can offer you guys, for 5 EUR I will write you a request for a fan fiction, it can be other pairings too, just send it to me first, because if I don’t know the characters at all of course I am going to tell you sincerely that I don’t feel comfortable trying this, because I take pride in staying true to the characters which I can’t do if I don’t know them well enough yet. (commission examplesI am also selling shirts on redbubble, and you’re welcome to make a request of a silly shirt you want to see for some marvel characters and I’ll see what I can whip up.

On top of this if you want to help me out and you don’t want to commission a small fic or something you can check out @lordjenjen‘s etsy because this amazing lady, who is a super nice friend is doing a sale with free USA shipping or $5 discount on $10 or higher purchases with the following codes:  Free Domestic Shipping (Use coupon code: CALTHEBEST ) or $5 off (Use Code: LUVCAL ) and the money from that will be deposited in my fund. 

The wonderful @dracoaries (aka @ask-elliecamacho) is doing commissions for whoever donates, no matter the amount you can find more information about the art style and such here

My sweet friend @furdonkadonk (aka @menacespawn) is doing chibi commissions for everyone who donates, more info here

An other great friend of mine @that-one-mod (aka the nerd behind @ask-theheroesforhire, @askchibisinistersix, & @ask-the-redteam) opened commissions as well to help me out.  Lineart for $5, a fully coloured character with no shading for $7 and shell shaded for $10. A character with fading shading for $12 and extra characters for an extra $2 each. Simple background will be an extra $1 (single colour with gradient or little designs) and more detailed backgrounds such as a forest or city for an extra $5. (examples)

And my other amazing buddy @anciellee (aka the gooober behind @ask-frankcastle) is doing commissions for the same prices (Lineart for $5, a fully coloured character with no shading for $7 and shell shaded for $10. A character with fading shading for $12 and extra characters for an extra $2 each. Simple background will be an extra $1 (single colour with gradient or little designs) and more detailed backgrounds such as a forest or city for an extra $5) (examples)

The sweet @randodeadpool (aka @deadpooldraws) will make arts for donators who want as well. So for silly drawings like Deadpool’s Francis drawing in the movie are a go.

If that wasn’t enough my good friend Zet aka @deadpool-art will do free commission requests whenever I hit the 100€ caps which even includes OCS -drawing that it’d cost $55dls +BG- but now THEY ARE FREE!!!! (examples)

I will always keep this post update about the stance of the fundraiser

EDIT 6th of June: 

I fucking can’t even…I got a surgery I legally needed for my transition as well as needed for my cancer situation and was promised they’d put it on cancer so I could get it paid by social security (because trans treatment is luxury in Belgium). But the doctor apparently put it on Transgender anyway, so now I got a total in medical bills in my mail box of 1073.44€.

On top of my behind rent and all that stuff, and I have to go back to the hospital this week for more test and again in two weeks for more, it’s just a never ending pit of bills and I had to up my goal to 3.5k and hope to god I can make it. 

Edit 12th of June:

Since I paid one month of rent my landlord is giving me a bit of delay to pay of the rest, I got in two big hospital bills, one of them being the one from the previous edit, I did manage to pay all the older bills now, thanks to all the commissions and lovely people who donated without using the services offered by me and my friends. 

But I am still only a third of the way that I need to be, but I am farther than I expected to get. If it weren’t for all of you guys helping out so far, I’d be packing up my clothes now, so thank you. 

EDIT 21st of June: 

I am a year on T this week, I imagined myself celebrating this kinda birthday like event with peace of mind, maybe a small piece of cake or a creamy chocolate chip frapuchino. Instead I spend all day in the hospital only to return to an other bill in the mailbox from the hospital. At least today’s bill will only come in like 2-3 months…
I am not famous, I don’t wanna paint or decorate my home with rainbows, I just don’t wanna lose my roof. Me and my friends are offering you cool things, It’s all I can do, but I need your help, Literally even 2€will already at least give me money to buy a bread… 
I put my heart and soul into living and doing good for others, but the stress is making me sicker than I already was… I barely have the energy to get out of bed, to interact with people. To make the call of am I gonna risk lifting a jar of chocolate paste so I can put something on this bread I am buying. 
Please… use these commissions, tell me what kind of redbubble items you wanna see, or just reblog this if you can’t donate… 

I have already been told I am pathetic for asking this of people, but if I need to crawl and beg to not end up on the street or worse at my mother’s mercy again, I will fucking crawl and beg. 

EDIT 3th of July: 

Some of my friends are getting a bit aggressive in pushing my  fundraiser, because they know how desperate I am getting. In no way do I want people to feel obligated to donate. 
It’s been a long time running by now and I am not even halfway yet, but I already got so much help and so much words of support and for that I am eternally grateful.