Do you ever wonder what happens to all the naive promises made during young love?

i really hope we get a XY remake similar to emerald and platinum. i really loved XY but the story was just terrible. like, compared to ORAS, XY doesnt compare story-wise, but XY had really great visuals and ORAS did too but it didnt take advantage of camera angles like XY did and it really disappointed me

Welcome to Kulle.

silveth asked:

If you were a Time Lord who took on a companion or companions, who would you want to have along, or if not someone specific then what sort of person(s) would you want to have?

Well, I don’t know. I mean I would love to take my best friend or all my friends. Or if I have to choose people I don’t know personally but really like, I would take David Tennant, Robert Downey Jr, and Catherine Tate. But hey I have a Tardis I can take a whole bunch of people with me, why do I have to choose. We can just have a Tardis party. I be like I will invite you, and you can invite someone and then they can invite someone, and so forth and so on. I mean technically the Tardis has an infinite amount of space in it, so no one would get anyone’s way unless they want to be, and don’t worry I will hand everyone a personal gps navigator no need for people to get lost. But yeah I think I would do that if I were a Time Lord. So hey you can come too!

I just I LOVE Daddy Charming, ok?

He reminds me SO much of my own father. Like ok, so I’m going to London on a work related thing and I have to meet new people and do stuff and I was kind of stressed about it for so so long and just now dad calls me and is like, ok, don’t worry about stuff too much. If you ever feel like that place isn’t good for you, if you feel unsafe or attacked or anything, just come back. We’ll deal with it later. 

And if you need me to come down, just tell me in the morning and I’ll be there at night.

I love my dad a lot. <3

(I just realised that this was a completely random train of thought with no point haha)



Sam Wilson aka The Falcon

if steven dies do you think there’s equal chance of either him or rose regenerating


in BH6, the chick at the botfight wears an eyepatch, not from aesthetic but because the basement for botfighting is badly lit but san fransokyo is is blazing bright 24 hours a day, so she needs to able to quick adjust for lighting. 

Once, the gorllaz tried to put Noodle into a standard school while on hiatus in England, and Noodle managed to somehow communicate with all of the children despite not speaking the language. by the time the boys were there to pick her up from middle school she was the head of a newly established girl gang. 

also general hilarity was had during first week meet the teacher when she asked if all 3 of her dads could show up.

i keep my grades on my wall so when i get stressed i can look at them and think u have put like 30% effort into ur degree and ur doing absolutely fine

So what if all the nice people in the star wars fandom kinda made a group

where we would go into the depths of fanboy territory

‘befriend” them

and slowly but surely turn them back to the light side of the force