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i had a dream that i was a cashier at walmart and morgan freeman came up to me and said that we need to save the world i was like heck yea and we hopped on his magical unicorn and flew to poland and picked u up then we fought a group of angry lizards and we used ur awesome art skills to defeat the evil pepe and then we all high fived mid air but the you paused and said "what even are pineapples" and then i woke up but i was a lizard myself so i panicked and then i woke up for real ...

…I’ll have what you’re having…

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???? ?? ? Su what did I wake up to?? ??

LMAO SAAAAAME I woke up and I had 73 new asks and im shook but its alright people just want me to commit suicide and or fall into a hole (not sure what happens after I actually fall inside the hole) 

I have to write a dystopia for English class, like what the world would be like if I woke up in 2116 and I’d actually like to write that everyone has died in World War III or due to nuclear radiation but I’m afraid this might not result in a good grade lmao

a couple days ago i had a dream that i was in a dance class, but the teacher fucking hated me because i could not do this one dance move, and they were about to kick me out of the class over this and i was so upset i woke up but i still remembered what the move was called and it was so ridiculous i wrote it down so i could tell my friends later. the dance move itself was whatever the fuck drake was doing in the hotline bling video and it was called the banana cam auto perry and i could not fucking do it to save my life

I really just woke up and have no idea what’s going on but they have re-adapted cases before and have alluded to doing so again! They talked about it with relish post-s2, the blind banker and tso3 are both adaptations of the sign of four

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12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now? - revolution radio by green day, the whole this could be heartbreak by amity affliction, heathens by twenty one pilots, the whole the young and the hopeless album by good charlotte, and almost anything off california by blink-182

21. What are you bad habits? - i talk too much, i’m untidy, i get sad and offended really easily and i can list these for days

26. What do you do when you wake up? - regret that i woke up

37. What do you say during awkward silences? - something stupid

46. What are you paranoid about? - everything, dude i have anxiety

100. How are you feeling? - a little lonely

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11, 13, 12, 15 <3

Hi Pema! how are youuu today? 

11: what’s an inner joke you have with your friends? 

- inner joke? i don’t think we have that tho, and i’m not really a type of person that’s full of jokes. haha . 

13: what’s something that made you smile today?

- as i woke up today, i saw Seokmin’s picture and he looked damn handsome. it just made me smile :) haha

12: what’s your favorite planet?

- my favourite planet is saturn . because it’s different than other planets 

15: go google a weird space fact and tell us what it is!

- “according to astronauts, space smells like seared steaks, hot metals and welding fumes” WOW, that seared steaks smells tho … 

thank you Pema love! ♡

these are actually hella cute y'all


”- Well, we all know what was happening last Monday and who you were with. So I’m assuming…
- Dad, what the hell was I supposed to say? ‘Hi, that’s Derek Hale but he’s deaged. Because that can happen. Oh, and by the way, Agent McCall, your son is a werewolf?!’

Sterek AU: When Derek gets hit with a temporary deaging curse, the pack does it best to hide this fact. Stiles thinks he did a great job but the “cousin Miguel” thing gets out of hand and soon half of the town thinks Stiles is secretly dating some guy (including “cousin Miguel,” the actual guy that Stiles wants to date).