Some Kala doodle from sense 8. Guess what show I am binge watching this weekend :D❤ ( Apologise if there is any error on the clothing, couldn’t see some of the details on the screencaps) 

hey tumblr what should i watch/re-watch this weekend in between transcription? my options (each with compelling reasoning) are as follows: 

  • anne with an e (because it looks really pleasant and full of good vibes)
  • american horror story: hotel (because i’m learning the tour company’s Spooky tour and we talk a whole bunch about the hotels downtown that inspired it, so i’m in a mood) 
  • the white queen (because aneurin is beautiful and i’m the awful ricardian fangirl of ur worst nightmares who’s one day going to write self-insert R3 romance solely to piss off Serious Historians™)

Private Romeo - Official Trailer

Guess what I’m watching this weekend….