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one of my ex-fps kept abandoning me and i got sick of it and split on them which resulted in blocking them on everything and now they won't leave me alone and i got into something recently and they keep trying to take it from me & keep vagueing me & its really upsetting ?? idk what to do I just feel so tired and they act so mad that i left them. where was all this when they wanted to go off with other people and leave me behind lol..

keep them blocked. if you can avoid all their social media so you can’t see them vague you. they seem a “want what they cant have” kind of person

The thing is. If I say ‘yes we are more than friends’
What then? Do we need to act differently with each other? I’m not a touchy feely person, At all.
Would we act the same in public and then find places to kiss privately? Just hang out and read poetry and listen to music and sometimes drink? That’s basically what we’ve done so far minus the kissing… I wouldn’t mind that I don’t think but do I want to kiss him? Maybe sometimes..… life is too weird for me rn
Can u tell I’m a Relationship Virgin

20 ideas for being kind

1. Be resolved to become a kind person. How do you do this? Think, speak, and act with kindness.

2. Love kindness. When you do what you love, you are happy. A master of kindness is a master of joy.

3. When encountering someone, let your first thoughts be, What kind words can I say to this person and what kind things can I do?

4. Keep asking people, What can I do for you?

5. Everyone needs encouragement. Ask yourself, What can I say that will be encouraging?

6. Wherever you are, you are there for a reason. Ask yourself, Since I am here now, what kindness can I do?

7. Every kind person is unique. You have unique talents, skills, knowledge, and resources. Utilize them to help others in your own unique way. Ask yourself, In what unique ways can I be kind?

8. Do a daily act of kindness without letting anyone know who did it.

9. Learn from every kind act you see or read about. Ask yourself, What can I learn from this to be kinder?

10. A valuable rule is, Even if you do not feel like a kind person, you can still act like one. Think of a kind act you can do that you do not feel like doing.

11. Think of a kindness telephone call that you can make today.

12. Think of a kindness note, letter, or email that you can write today.

13. View your own pain, distress, and suffering as tools for empathy and understanding. Ask yourself, How can this experience help me be a kinder person?

14. Keep asking yourself, If I were this person, what would I want others to do for me?

15. As soon as your recognize a need, volunteer to do something about it. Do not wait until you are asked.

16. Listen to those who need a listening ear. Listening to someone is a great act of kindness.

17. If you know that someone is looking for a job or needs to earn more money, ask yourself, What can I do to make it happen?

18. Be empathetic and compassionate. Be resolved not to cause distress, pain, or loss with your words and action.

19. Learn from everyone. Keep asking people, What kindnesses from others have you appreciated?

20. Pray for the welfare of others.

I just wanted to say that, of course you can speak your opinion wherever and whenever you want. That doesn’t mean that people won’t have a reaction to it, and over time if you keep on angering people and edging them on, then your an idiot to assume nothing is going to happen to you.
People get mad, people react. That’s been a trend for, oh, I don’t know. Literally fucking all of written humanity. Why are people so surprised CK got doxxed? Why are some people acting like its way out of line? That’s what happens on this website like …. There’s no big shock here

Imagine cooing at a sleepy Woozi because he tends to act a little cute when he’s tired.

  • Yugyeom:You’re not my mom and you are not their mom! [Points to Jackson and Bambam]
  • Jinyoung:I never said I was!
  • Yugyeom:No, but you certainly act like it! You think it’s your job to boss everyone around, but it’s not! You’re just a regular guy like the rest of us! So stop acting like you can tell me what to do! I can do whatever I want!
  • Jinyoung:I don’t act that way! [Looks at Jackson] Jackson, do you think I’m motherly?
  • Jackson:Hey, I’m staying out of this one.
  • Jinyoung:[Looks at Bambam] What do you think, Bambam? Do I act like a mom?
  • Bambam:[Rubs his eye] Well. I, uh...
  • Jinyoung:Stop rubbing your eye and speak clearly when you talk!
That One Anonymous

I was that person who asked about the M!Countdown Encore Lotto Stage and I was just wondering about this

External image

Chanyeol goes to his dongsang (who I believe is Jaemin from NCT Dream) and here you can see Baekhyun dancing the Lotto dance but he abruptly stops when he sees Chanyeol and Jaemin (it looks like he’s sucked in by a magnet hehe)

External image

Baekhyun follows quickly (a little too quickly in my opinion) and Chanyeol’s doesn’t really look at him like he usually would

External image
And then Chanyeol leaves in the next second and makes his way to the other side of the stage in a few

What do you think about this? Thanks for answering, anyways :) 

I might be acting like one of those over analyzing Firelights that everyone gets annoyed of, but I just couldn’t help but feel that Chanyeol/Baekhyun wasn’t acting like usual :/ I’m not trying to force my opinion on anyone I’m just saying my point of view…


(here I am still don’t know how to reply to a submit like a pro… if anyone knows how to reply to a submit please let me know..)


i do noticed that chanyeol definitely did it again.. he definitely noticed Baekhyun, and walk away.. i get your point..

but again, like i always said, but i dont know why, i felt like they avoid each other but they actually are not willing to do it.. you know - like they NEED to avoid each other but they don’t want to actually.. 

this is their initial position, when the song starts.. Chanyeol went all the way to the end of the stage (or the center of the stage) to be with NCT Dream members, and ask them to join the encore stage.. 

suddenly their distance get smaller and Baekhyun was just few steps away from chanyeol..

and then your gifset moemnt happened.. Chanyeol went to Jaemin(?) and Baekhyun went to Jaemin, and Chanyeol’s face suddenly get nervous.. 

but after that, Chanyeol didn’t actually totally leave the area.. he lingers for few seconds around there.. in your last gifs, Chanyeol went to his right and he seems like he left but he didn’t.. he turn back and stay for few secs.. 

after that they suddenly so far apart from each other.. lol.. 

ok, i need to emphasized that these are my opinions.. it could be wrong so please don’t take it as facts and think it is actually what chanyeol and baekhyun were thinking and doing.. 

in my opinion, like i always said, they look like this avoiding game is not something they want to do willingly.. because if you said, they chanyeol is mad at baekhyun about something, thats why Chanyeol is so obviously avoiding Baekhyun, shouldn’t chanyeol supposed to look mad or angry before he left Baekhyun at the spot..? 

from what i see, i don’t see anger or annoyance in Chanyeol’s face when he walk away from Baekhyun.. what i see was nervousness and cautiousness.. he noticed Baekhyun’s presence and he always look hesitant before he walk away.. am i the only one seeing that..? its the same in Dream Concert, in SMTown, and here.. 

and for Baekhyun,some people see guilt in his face whenever Chanyeol avoids him.. but to me, i see such grieve and sadness.. he looks disappointed.. for the past few weeks/months i bet you all can see that Baekhyun is the one making his move towards Chanyeol.. if you guys a Firelights, you must’ve noticed that before this, Chanyeol is the one who always start making moves and do something with Baekhyun.. but now, its Baekhyun who did all that.. from secret stares, to initiate closeness, all made by Baekhyun.. 

i might be wrong but thats what i saw.. yes theres no denying that Chanyeol did obviously avoiding Baekhyun, but its also obvious that Baekhyun not complying.. 

i think something or someone might be the influencing factor for Chanbaek behavior lately.. i don’t know what or who but i strongly believe so.. maybe the rumors going around about their shared apartment and all other stuffs are finally get to them.. and to avoid further damage they need to make drastic decision.. 

anon, i know that Chanbaek’s behavior lately is very concerning, but please believe in them.. this pull-and-push game between them might continues for quite some times i’m sure of it, but please just keep holding on.. like i always said, Chanbaek never disappoint me.. NEVER..! whenever i’m in doubt, they will be out there making me believe in them again and again.. 

stay strong nae Firelights.. 

love -Ai-

p/s: sorry if there’s any grammatical or spelling error in this post.. its 1am here when i wrote this.. hehe… Good night my Firelights Fam..!!

How do you do it?“ she asked me.

“Do what?” I respond.

“You know, move on so quickly. Act like it never happened. How do you do it?”

I wanted to tell her the truth.

That truthfully I don’t.

I don’t move on at all.

I would say every heartbreak becomes a part of me in small ways. I hardly forget any of them, but it’s probably because I never really know how to anyways. So I play a game nobody knows I play. I make it appear as if I don’t care anymore, as if I’ve moved on. You’d be surprised at how good I am at this. I am damaged from every heartbreak and everyone always thinks I’m okay.

—  j.t.l

You thought I was kidding about the Random Acts Of Hux thing, right?

As if I would joke about something like that.


If you want to win a movie that will have you sobbing in a really embarrassing and snotty way, then this is the post for you.

All you have to do, is inbox me with a few sentences of story about Hux having a good day. Can be AU, or canon. Just a snippet of Hux not having to deal with the overgrown emo and being happy (bonus points for Millicent appearing).

Because I am basically poking you and telling you to tell me a story, I’m going to leave this open all week, because I understand that writing is stupidly hard.

The winner will be the one that makes me grin the biggest. Like literally the more ridiculously fluffy it is the better. Can it be fluffy if it’s not romantic? I guess, if you have to, you can throw in some Kylux, but for god sake, make Kylo tolerable.

Yes. These are my conditions. Write the thing, win the thing. I’ll decide on Friday, or, if nobody writes anything, I’ll fling it into the sun or something, idk.

“Where does this service ethic come from?” I asked.

“From God, at the moment of creation,” Azim said. I looked at him a little blankly.

“It is best articulated in Sura 2 of the Holy Qur’an,” he told me.

I went home, opened my English translation of the Qur’an, and read. God created Adam, the first human and therefore the representation of all humankind, by blowing His breath into a lump of clay. God made Adam his abd (servant) and khalifa (representative on earth). It was Adam’s responsibility to be a good steward of God’s beautiful creation, taking care of the oceans and rivers, the forests and animals.

After God deputized Adam, He called the angels forth and told them to offer respect to His viceregent on earth. But the angels refused and responded, “Will You put there a being who will work mischief on the earth and shed blood, while we sing Your glories and exalt Your utter holiness?” God did not refute the angels directly, instead choosing to say, “I know what you do not know.”

God then sent up a contest between Adam and the angels, asking each to name the different parts of creation. The Angels could not do it, protesting that the only knowledge they possessed was for glorifying God’s name. God turned to Adam, who proceeded to accomplish the task.

I finished the story, closed the Qur’an, touched it to my forehead, and kissed it. Outside, the grass in Oxford, greener than anything I had seen before, seemed as if it was shining and pointing to heaven. Two blue-winged birds flew out of one of Oxford’s towering trees into the hedges below, cawing loudly. I saw a boy and his mother walking, finished with their afternoon play, going home for dinner. She playfully grabbed the ball from him and began to run away with it. He laughed and followed her. This was creation. God had made it holy, had entrusted humanity to be His representatives here.

From the time of our ancestor Adam, each human had been given God’s breath, a great goodness that not even the angels could perceive but that God knew and spoke of. And what were we able to do that the angels could not, that gave us the ability to serve as stewards of creation? We could name things. We had creativity. We could learn and apply our learning to improve creation.

– Eboo Patel, Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim