30k celebration (Soon™)

so with 30k coming up i wanna do something neat to celebrate this, but i am unsure on what. if you have some ideas on what i can do, i am all ears

Im also going away for a week on holiday the upcoming Wednesday so expect some less content when that happens.  

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Hey, you know who I feel doesn't get enough love in these batfam headcannons? Lucius Fox. Imagine all the times the kids have come to him with some insane gadget request or they crashed the Batmobile and don't want Bruce to find out. I don't know, maybe it's just me. You think you could come up with a few funny Lucius Batfam head cannons?

(sorry it’s taken so long for me to get to this)

-Lucius would get a series of panicked phone calls because “Hey, how bad would it be if I asked you to maybe completely remake the Batmobile in like… a day? This is totally theoretical of course, but if you could…” and he would sigh and just say “Bring whatever’s left in and I’ll see what I can do”

-Tim gives Lucius these blueprints that he sketched on a napkin after having an energy drink cocktail potent enough to kill a water buffalo and Lucius is thinking “I don’t get paid enough for this”

-Sometimes Lucius will comply and make some of the less crazy requests from the kids (and occasionally Bruce) just to surprise them, though he usually only does this for special occasions like birthdays and holidays

-If he’s feeling a bit vindictive, he’ll make the fam do a whole bunch of ridiculous things just so they can appreciate how much trouble he goes through  and then as soon as they finish, he just laughs at them and tells them that he already finished what they asked for a week ago

-The family does get him gifts and whatnot as thank you presents because they know how difficult it is to try and make these things (this was discovered after the kids tried to make their own equipment and they failed miserably only to come into the lab and have Lucius just give them this look of pure judgement)

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So how would the host react to getting to meet Matpat and sharing his theory? Would they nerd out over theories together? Would Matt freak out about the egos? ❤

(Yay! Finally an excuse to write MatPat!)

Amy tells Mark about the theories that Host has concerning the FNAF lore. The way that his face seemed to light up as he explained it to her made Amy decide that she was going to do everything in her power to get him an audience with the famous Theorist. “Come on, big shot YouTuber,” she teases Mark one day. “Throw a little of that seventeen million follower weight around and get Matthew to see the Host.”

“You’re just catering to my ego,” Mark says and then laughs when he realizes the irony of that statement. “Okay, okay. I’ll see what I can do.”

Host is sitting at his desk in the library when he hears Lewis scuttle off in the direction of the elevator. He assumes that its Amy or one of the other Egos, and in fact, he hears Amy’s voice as she speaks fondly to the little dragon. But then he hears another familiar voice. “This library is phenomenal! I’d love to peruse his collection sometime, if you think he’d let me.”

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?” Amy asks as the two of them round the last corner and Matthew Patrick gets his first glimpse of the mysterious Host he’s heard so much about. “Host, this is Matthew. Matthew, Host.” Amy shoves a timid MatPat forward towards the Host, hoping that all her lessons in people skills are going to pay off.

The Host stands awkwardly and offers Matthew a hand. “The Host is quite pleased to make your acquaintance, Mister Patrick. The Host is a big fan.” His voice and hands are shaking, but he’s making a decent effort not to scare the Theorist away, which is a plus.

Matthew, to his credit, doesn’t ask about the bandages or the little glowing dragon that is currently lying across his feet. “It’s an honor to meet you, Host.” He shakes the other man’s hand with that stage-performer smile, and Host gestures for him to sit down.

They talk for hours, going back and forth with theories and calculations and scientific proofs. At one point, Amy slips out quietly when Matthew pulls out a notebook and starts taking notes. By the end of their talk, Matthew promises to return soon. Amy reappears beside the Host after showing Matt out, and she bumps him gently with her hip.

“So, you made a new friend!” Host just smiles and gives her a soft, playful shove.

WolfAU! BTS Reaction: To another male wolf trying to take away their girlfriend


I think Jin would take the situation as a joke, since the another wolf is younger than him he is not worry.

“Ow cute little thing…Look at him, trying to steal my mate, hey kid! You will never take her but keep trying!”

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He would take it serious, even when you’re marked and all his essence is on you the another wolf was so annoying with you, that would make Yoongi angrier.

“You’re pissing me off…. And you don’t want to see what I can do when I’m pissed out”

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“Oh wait… He was serious? He really think he can have my girlfriend?”

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He may look as an angel that never would hurt anyone but it is about you, everything change

“Don’t make me laugh! For some reason she is MY mate and not yours”

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The same with Jimin, but I think he would brag about how much you two are in love with each other.

“Don’t you have seen how her eyes shine when she looks at me? You think she will ever look at you in the same way she does with me?”

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Since he is the most playful of the boys….

“Did you hear that jagiya? He will take you away from me, isn’t the best joke of all time?… It was not a joke? Oh… then is even funnier!”

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He is young buy he would use his strenght if he have to, and with another wolf telling him that he would take his girlfriend away, he would not be affraid of use it

“You should not mess up with me or my girlfriend…Or the things will get bad around here”

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“A-as much as I have faith in Selene, I-I learned how to defend myself if that was ever needed! I know she might not be near my 24/7, so I have to be ready” Zabrina took a deep breath, a hand on her chest as she tried her best to calm her nerves. She was never one who can handle any kind of straight forward flirting. Regaining her composure, she realized that eventually she would have to tell someone. These people don’t seem to have the same mindset as nearly every mon she had come across.

“What I can do…it isn’t magic. It is nothing supernatural, but it’s something that I learned. I called it Shadow Shift and I…” she took a deep breath, grabbing her gown at the shoulder and pulling it down.

“And this is why I am always in danger”


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And Cassie, I don't care if you're both "technically legally dead" you should still have a wedding (I'd take care of any legal issues if you're so concerned because hello, archangel, that stuff is childs play compared to what else I can do) OH OH OH I COULD BE THE POPE! DIBS ON BEING THE POPE! -Gabriel


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the thought of Bucky catching me dancing to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" & then asking me to ride him & show me what my hips can do & then showing him exactly what I can do with my hips has got me feeling some type of way

I’m sill hung up on Despacito damn it and I’m about to go shower and listen to it hahaha

Moaning Monday™

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some days i feel like i want to curse my ex. then again i don’t want to curse, i don’t want to use my magic for bad. what i know is i need to end that part of my life and move on. it's been 10 months and i still think about it, not bc i'm still in love but i'm still mad at him for treating me that way. what can i do to ban him from my dreams and break ties and move on? i still have things he gave me i could use for spells (for example i kept some dried roses). i don’t want to do him any bad.

i mean, cursing doesn’t necessarily make you evil or bad. it may not be what you want to do, but it’s not definitively “wrong”. 

you can salt and burn the things you still have of his to move on, or you can do spells to help you move on. there’s isn’t a specific or singular set of things you have to or need to do, it’s up to you how you find your release.

“The new future of the samurai”

It’s been a while since I last did a samurai jack fan art, but with no new materail to work with, what can I do? So I simply imagined how does jack lives in this new future he saved after his adventures in aku’s future. (if you notice, I put a little fan favorite there~)


Want a picture? Well COMMISIONS ARE OPEN! Check the prices in the link in the blog or ask for them directly to me.


Around the World: Santorini, Greece - Day 1.

So it’s day one and I still can’t believe what my eyes are seeing. Today I’m going to walk around the island, shop on the market… get to know what I can do to have a really good time here. It’s such a romantic place… I’m alone and everywhere I go I remember Matheus. God, I really wish he was here to experience this with me. 

Day6 reaction to their S/O having a southern accent

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You were ranting about something that had made you angry, and your accent came through in full force. By the time you were finished, Sungjin was staring at you in amazement. After that, he would be trying not to laugh while trying to calm you down.

“Okay, I know you’re mad and everything Y/N, but honestly that was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.”


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Wonpil is literally in love with your voice. He could probably listen to you for hours. Despite how much he loves it, he’d still tease you. Jae taught him a bunch of super stereotypical southern phrases that nobody actually says, and he repeats them to you, finding it funny when you roll your eyes.

“Howdy partner! What can I do ya for? Anything for my honey bunny!” *wink*


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You have this poor boy completely whipped. Dowoon thinks your southern accent is adorable, and it makes every conversation he has with you special. Any time you speak, all of his attention goes to you. He giggles when you use slang, and often asks you to repeat things if he doesn’t understand what a phrase means.

“What does that mean? Wait, you actually say that? People say that? The south is weird.”


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Jae is the most likely to pick up on slang. He says “y'all” all the time and quickly grows accustomed to the weird phrases and words used in the south. He even says them from time to time, realizing what he said afterwards and laughing about it. He thinks your accent is charming and that it makes you stand out from others.

“Wait, I said what? I can’t believe this, you’re passing on all your weird sayings to me.”

Young K

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He loves to tease you about your accent, poking your cheeks and giggling every time you use any type of slang. Young K loves to tell you that you’re saying things funny and repeat it back to you with an exaggerated accent. Under all that teasing though, he finds your accent insanely endearing. One day while talking to you, he accidentally says “y'all”. Needless to say, he sits there in shock and reevaluates his life.

“Did I really just say that? Oh my god Y/N, you’re rubbing off on me.”

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Stop acting better than everyone else because a lot of 'big' blogs are acting like they are superior to other armies

I’m not acting like i’m better than anyone. Tbh I don’t even think i’m good enough. But i try my best. I know it’s about that shout out ask, maybe you’re even the person who asked for it. But i said nothing rude. And i never said anyone is not good enough for me. I don’t like people asking for shout outs because it NEVER HELPS. Like i said what actually helps is hard work. I’ve got all my followers because i was posting shit every day, trying to do better every time and that’s what i think anyone can do. Just lets rationally think about it. It’s t u m b l r it’s fucking f a k e t e x t s and not something BIG, okay. We all do it FOR armies and not to show we are better than armies. It’s ENTERTAINMENT. If you want to entertain than do it. I want to make people happy like other blogs did for me and that’s what I’m trying to do and that’s what in my opinion anyone should do. Even if i had 10 followers i’ll keep doing the same because it’s entertainment for people and not people for entertainment.

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I can never come out as trans where I live right now and sometimes it's just so hard bc I'll be feeling dysphoric and someone will say something and I just have to be like "Noope everything's fine, I'm fine and I'm TOTALLY comfortable in (x clothing/item/thing making me dysphoric)" and I just,,, can't deal sometimes and I just shut down. What should I do? (I can't come out bc my fam is super transphobic and won't even let me cut my hair shorter)

Can any followers offer advice?

I can only really cope with dysphoria by going on trans blogs on tumblr and talking to some of my trans friends.

I hope you find something that helps- Matthew

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I might be a lesbian , I don't feel bad about to say ' I'm a lesbian ' because I love and accept myself exactly as I am. But how can I be sure without any experience? To be honest , One girl made me realize that , she likes girls , too .. But the problem is she has a girlfriend. What can I do? I tried to ignore my feelings for her but I can't . You know , It's not a choice , it's feeling that you can't change or control. I have only ever been with men but never had sex because I never wanted.

I have already answered to this question and I would appreciate very much if you stopped asking me always the same thing.


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*hugs tightly* I just want peace. I want no one bothering me.

*hugs you* i know but what can i do, there always are people like that… you just need to remember you are 100 times better then them and never stop belive in yourself

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you got some blushing headcanons for your three best boys + kane-san? Like what is something their s/o would say or do that would make them literally die inside from their cuteness. love your blog. keep on being fabulous man.

Thank you so much!! Let’s see what I can do~🌹

• He actually blushes pretty easy. If his partner shows affection to him in public or every time they say they love him are the easiest sure fire ways to embarrass him.

• This jerk has pretty damn good facial control, he doesn’t blush easily and even when he does he always looks away to hide it. You gotta surprise him with affection or something lewd to stand a chance making him blush.

• Like Kane he actually blushes rather easily. Any little thing can tick him off and make him go red. But the best way to entirely embarrass him is just teasing him around his brother.

• Again, he doesn’t blush all that much. Not genuinely, his cheeks tend to go pink if he’s teasing as his imagination runs away but that’s all on him. The way to get him to blush is straightforward declarations of love and trust. It overwhelms him and makes him happy he can’t help but blush.