In season 11, Dean and Sam go shopping.

Sam must drag Dean away from a rack of red button up shirts.

“You wore them enough in season 10, Dean.”

“I never get on you about wearing plaid or that bacon shirt!”

“I thought you like my shirts!”

“I lied!”

*five episodes of brother fighting*


A continuation of yesterday’s wonderland!mormor, requested by pocket-companion and some other bloggers in the tags–how could I refuse?

As if their height difference wasn’t already great enough, Seb of course finishes half of the “eat me” cake before realizing its effects…

Bioware ladies’ profiles I sketched while at work today. Lot’s of dead hours with nothing to do, it’s really too bad I just can’t bring my computer with me.

From top to bottom: Arya Lavellan, Eleanor Shepard, Marian Hawke, Nyreen Mahariel and Enya Surik.

as someone who never makes defninitive statements towards anything or anyone (mostly anyone) on tumblr, let me be the first to say… stop

everyone has a million reasons to be annoyed with tumblr, you know… those annoying updates and interface changes that give the illusion that there is some kind of progression on this site…

but the whole “I don’t want my pictures stolen” or “tumblr doesn’t protect the creators” …come on

is your goal to take photographs… or is your goal to feed your ego?

I’m not saying it’s okay for people to rebrand your work for themselves… but imagine how sad of a life those people must have to do something like that… is it really worth letting it ruin your day?

let it go… move on… there are shitty people who are going to ride coattails their entire life… it’s what some people choose to do

be proud of yourself for “creating”

create for yourself

To anyone currently following one particular blog that has been doing a horror-themed dare day today, I just want to make a suggestion, in case you’re considering doing any of the “games” or “dares.”

If any game or ritual or anything tells you in its rules that you can not have any warding or blocking charms or sigils or symbols/materials intended to protect you from negative forces and unwanted interaction with entities, DO NOT DO IT.

Nothing is worth the risk of inviting a negative entity into the place where you are. NOTHING. And if you feel the need to play these “games” please proceed with great caution!

I mean, have fun and do stuff if you want to, but if anything tells you to forego protection of any kind, skip over that entire game or ritual. Do not summon or invite forces at random. Do not invite anything and everything that might pick up on your message.

(And don’t try to travel to another realm. What the actual fuck. Why would you do that? Seriously. Reading the freaking instructions is a creepy experience on its own for anyone with a big enough imagination. I mean yikes.)

Cleanse your house after these games. Cleanse the room(s) in which you did stuff and cleanse the people who took part in the games. Some of these are actually fun sleepover games, but some of them are not so safe, spiritually speaking. If you need help finding cleansing rituals or anything like that, a quick search on Google or on tumble can find you some good and genuine resources. There are even smokeless cleansing options for those of you in dorms and such.

So basically [sex ed. teacher voice] use protection, kids!

   &.  supxrsticions   |   based on this.

     Max had been working all morning. Hard. His sights had been set on getting a few nights off work, but it wasn’t looking good. But his shift was over soon, so he’d have to work a few more full days if he wanted to get off for the festival─ “ Заказать вверх!” he shouted over the counter, sliding an industrial sized order of cupcakes over the counter and clapping the flour off his hands. “Max! Возьмите счетчик,” his obtuse shaped boss shouted at him. Max pulled the cap from his head and moved to the counter, “Могу я чем-нибудь помочь?” 


[05. 22. 91] At first , our members argued a lot. But we have a leader. He took care of everything, listened to all our opinions. After a certain point, we became like a family. - Baekhyun. It has been three long happy and rocky years since we started sharing memories, I’m thankful more than anything. You don’t know how proud I am of you. Words are not enough to express how much happiness you bring to me. I hope you receive everything you deserve on this very special day. I will always support you no matter what. Happy 25th Birthday! my star,  my sunshine, my king, my inspiration, EXO’s guardian, Suho, Kim Junmyeon!~ I love you for all that you are and yet to be. ♥~♥