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Hi. I'm the anon who thinks knows the character you dislike the most. I think its Mika? As I said I love him but its also interesting to know other points of view. You dont need to answer if you dont want to. I can see why you are reluctant to do it. Plz be save from the fangirls. Also I really appreciate all the translations and contributions you give to the fandom! Gotta keep it alive! We have to stick together till season 3 or guren's series

Ah, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of hiding it haha. But you are correct, Mika is indeed one of my least favorite characters. It’s hard to explain in a way, but I’ll do my best to portray why. So this isn’t me saying that what I say next is true about Mika, it’s just how I personally see his character portrayal. I’ll also try and keep this short with more statements and I can clarify if needed on points later. (I appreciate your genuine curiosity and non hostile way of asking haha, so I don’t mind answering. And I understand that a lot of people like him a lot, as they have every right to. And yes to hanging on until new content arrives to breathe life back into us!!~) 

Don’t get me wrong, I love child Mika and am really hopeful of his current character development with the Shinoa squad. It’s just the rest that I’m not a fan of. Mainly because I don’t go well with his kind of personality. I get it, his past sucks a lot. I can’t even imagine how horrible what he’s been through was. However. He’s not the only one with a shitty past and present. Some obviously haven’t had it as bad, but some have also had it worse. Yet to me, Mika is the type of character that uses it as a mental crutch to excuse not forging onward in life. Which I personally hate. There’s so many great examples in Seraph of people who have had the literal life sucked out of them in so many ways yet continue in their own way to move on. Even if their way of moving forward isn’t necessarily good, at least they try to overcome. You can see this with Yu. Who despite holding onto his past and staying stubborn in his moral principles, is trying to grow, is trying to become somebody who can protect what he cares about. Sure, it doesn’t always work out the best, but he tries. Where Mika thinks that he can just sweep Yu up into his arms and run. Run where? How? Does Yu even want to run with him? But it’s fine not answering these questions, I get him thinking short term. It’s the fact that Mika doesn’t care about answering them because he thinks he is the only one who could know best. Because even though Yu and Mika are human and vampire, screw humans and vampires apparently. It’s like he forgets that the very family he’s so remorseful over failing were human themselves. Another thing is that I see him as being hypocritical because he acts like he knows everything, including what the humans will do and how they act, yet when any of the other characters try and say they could understand him or know something better than him, he doesn’t accept it. Understanding isn’t a one way street. (This is something I do see progressing positively however, the longer he’s with the squad)
And while I’m being honest, I’ve got to say that in the past, some of the fandom really did some damage for me in terms of liking Mika. It’s definitely gotten a lot better though as people realize they can have their own opinion and visa-versa. But there were some people that I’d encounter that would swear by our lord and savior Mika as the perfect and unblemished angel he is. Which just, meh. Meh. No character is perfect, and if they were, that’d be so boring and unrealistic. I also had some shippers that roasted Shinoa and posts I made that included her (even though it was just official art of her /alone/ as I don’t really post shippy things) and it really grinded my gears. And I wasn’t going to fight them, so I’d just im a friend on here that I was blessed enough to discover shared my views on Mika. We both could see all of these great things worth discussing, female characters worth talking about, plot threads worthy of dissecting. Yet all people would discuss was Mika (usually with Yu). Which to each their own, of course. We just talked in private instead. (Looking back at our convos…oh god we were so sassily salty X’D good times lol) At that time, I tried really hard not to let the fandom be the thing that ruined him for me, but I’m human. And am not going to claim the ability to control what shapes my opinions. And while I was struggling not to straight up hate his character, I kept getting ask after ask about him. Which of course didn’t help but now, I find hilarious. Sorry past me for laughing at your expense lol.
But I think I’ve touched on everything at least a little, and hopefully that makes sense? I’ve never talked about it because I think people see my blog as having influence. And I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I want to use such influence to sway people’s opinions in any way.

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i feel like yata needs to be appreciated more often so please tell me how many times a day does saruhiko think about how much he loves his cute baby boyfrien

Yata always needs more appreciation, he is precious. I imagine that Fushimi thinks about Yata a lot even though he has trouble vocalizing it, he probably has trouble admitting even to himself how much he totally loves Yata. I always tend to imagine that Fushimi goes to bed later than Yata and Yata wakes up earlier than Fushimi unless Fushimi’s specifically going in to work so Fushimi probably either way gets some nice quiet time to just look at Yata’s sleeping face and be in love. Like imagine Fushimi comes in late from work one day and Yata’s been waiting up for him but finally just conked out on the couch. Fushimi staggers in totally wiped out, exhausted and dragging his feet and maybe it was a rough mission so he’s a little on edge too. He sees Yata sleeping on the couch and has a moment of mixed feelings, because Yata looks so cute and peaceful but there’s probably some guilt because Yata waited up and all and here’s Fushimi disappointing him. Fushimi wanders into the kitchen planning on just eating whatever he can grab from the fridge but then he finds a nice covered plate of leftovers with a note from Yata saying he guesses Fushimi’s had a long day so here have some actual nutrition you stupid monkey and then go to bed. Fushimi kinda stares at the note for a minute and then goes and reheats the food and eats. Afterward he’s headed back to the bedroom when he sees Yata there still asleep on the couch and Fushimi kinda leans over the back of the couch so that he can stroke Yata’s hair a little. Yata doesn’t even stir, just snores a little, and Fushimi ends up standing there for a few minutes just looking down at Yata with this little smile on his face, not even really realizing it as he just drinks in the sight of his boyfriend. Imagine Fushimi hasn’t even managed to actually say the words ‘I love you’ yet but as he stares at Yata he thinks about it over and over again, ’I love you. I love you.’ And then finally Yata stirs and wakes up, the sleepiness draining away from his face as his eyes focus on Fushimi and his face just lights up with a smile as he says ‘welcome back.’ Fushimi’s probably so happy that it’s dark so Yata can’t see him blushing as he keeps thinking it again, how much he loves the way Yata’s eyes light up like that for him and how dazzling Yata’s smile is and how very in love Fushimi is with him.


Hello, it is I, the kinkiest ace you’ll ever meet, being Visible™ for Asexuality Awareness Week✌🏼️

[[pinned down by the dark]]- a dark sheith playlist

take it away: the used // dangerous animals: arctic monkeys // emperor’s new clothes: panic! at the disco // a beautiful lie: 30 seconds to mars // the becoming: after midnight project // house of cards: madina lake // sic semper tyrannis: mae // let go control: saosin // reckless abandonment: the spill canvas // fine art: the limousines // twin skeletons (hotel in nyc): fall out boy // grey: yellowcard // sleep: my chemical romance

(art by lightningstrikes)

all of us at avocado house are taking a gouache workshop, and the teacher asked us to fill out a little info sheet and I’m just staring at these two questions in absolute terror

Favorite thing to draw:
Least favorite thing to draw:

Part 8

cute story of Akashi and his mini-bokushi
by @active-mind-15

Link to: Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 

Chapter 8

After their little run in with Kuroko and Kagami, Akashi decided to head straight home, and so he called a taxi and led them to his address. The taxi drove into the upscale neighborhood, slowing to a halt in front of the large manor that resided at the end of the block. When they arrived, Akashi paid the driver and he and Bokushi stepped out of the car. When the taxi drove away, the two of them approached the extravagant door to the front of the house.

“It has been a while since I was here,” said Bokushi. Akashi nodded.

“Indeed, it has been a while,” said Akashi. “I’m just dreading the reaction we’re going to get from the staff when they see you.”

“Would you like me to explain?” The Rakuzan Captain shook his head.

“I appreciate the offer, but it would be better if I handled this.” He sighed as he finally reached his hand up to the door. “Let’s just get this over with.” He grabbed the knocker and hit it against the door three times and waited. After a few seconds, he heard footsteps approaching and then the lock twisted on the door. When the door opened, it revealed an elderly man in a suit. His eyes lit up at the sight of Akashi.

“Bocchama, we were expecting you,” he said. “Welcome…” He trailed off when he realized that Akashi was not alone. He looked down and saw a young boy that looked exactly like Akashi and his eyes widened in surprise as he took a deep breath and…

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Your last post is so spot on about Oswald's mom.I am salty af that THIS is how they are playing this now. I love how they made us think they weren't queer baiting because he's in love! But now this. He's CONFUSED?! I came out to my parents at 15. That is what they told me. I was just "confused." I cannot even express how sick this has made me hearing this. Sick and sad and disappointed.

the vast majority of my anger really isn’t about nygmobblepot sailing or sinking at all, it’s just…  yeah, this. i don’t see any reason why they couldn’t just have let the guy be in love. like, romantic love can be toxic as hell, we’ve seen it on this very show, there was no reason to downgrade it to ~confusion~ in order to let oswald be a jealous, manipulative bastard.

we had such a good thing, here, and we were so sure that, no matter what, we’d always have it, and then they retroactively pull some shit like this. i’m never gonna be able to be happy about any of those scenes again. he’s just deluding himself into believing that he’s feeling something. he just doesn’t know any better. fuck. never heard that one before.

  • Me: Hey I see you got another new pet, but x in the enclosure can and very possibly will kill them, I'm just letting you know you should fix the problem soon!
  • Friend: Oh no its fine! The (most definitely underpaid and undertrained) guy at the pet store (known to sell dangerous and or irresponsible equipment) said it was ok!
  • Me, who has nearly a decade of experience with said animals: .....aight..... guess I'll go fuck myself then....