whoever invented chess knew what they were fucking doing cause like yeah the king is the one you want to protect, but the queen is the one that holds the most power like honestly think about that for a second some big important soldier knight guy is knocking people down left and right and all of a sudden the queen shows up and fucking destroys him like wow you go queenie i know what i want to be when i grow up

Because it seems as though this needs to be said once more;

  • Anonymous is not a tool meant to be used to make people feel like crap, or poke upon touchy subjects
  • People can write with who they want, and not write with those they don’t want to. Going into their inbox, and poking at it, when already they’ve said they’re not comfortable with it? It’s not cool, so please stop. Respect those boundaries people have put up.
  • It’s not to compare users to one another.
  • It’s not to be an asshole with.
  • You don’t know what sort of state of mind the other person is; you don’t know if what you say will push them towards self harm.
  • Sometimes people stop being friends, it’s as simple as that. There’s a falling out; but you don’t need to intrude upon it and make it worse. It’s happened to me, and I’m sure it’s happened to others.
  • Take a lesson from Thumper, guys. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”
“They have so much chemistry, it’s literally insane,” he explained. “If they were our friends in real life, we would all be going, ‘Dude, why aren’t you two together?’ […]
As you probably already know, the character of Felicity Smoak wasn’t part of the plan in the beginning – or even when they first introduced her. "Once we saw those dailies and we saw what Emily [Bett Rickards] did to Stephen [Amell], especially early on, it was just this thing that just kept growing and growing and growing,” he shared.
—  Andrew Kreisberg about Olicity (x)

One of the worst things I ever was taught when I was growing up was “Nobody’s going to love you unless you love yourself” like what the fuck is that bullshit? I dont care if you’re the most self conscious person on earth, there can still be someone that will look at you as though you are worth everything in the world to them. 

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nickname: Jess, Jessa, Sam, Sammy, J-bird, and for one very unfortunate summer Jazzy-Jess (never call me the last one)

star sign: Scorpio according to astrologists, Libra according to NASA (tbh neither really applies to me much)

height: Five foot four, I think???

time right now: 6:02 p.m.

song stuck in your head: Burn - Hamilton

last movie you watched: The Crossing (It was some boring revolutionary war movie for school, the last one I chose to watch was Pleasantville, which was amazing)

last tv show you watched: Steven Universe

what are you wearing right now: A Steven Universe T-shirt and jeans

when did you create your blog: October 31st of last year

what kind of stuff do you post: Steven Universe, Hamilton, memes, art, stuff from my web series I write, fandoms, etc.

do you have any other blogs: @ptf-and-asm is a blog my friend @fandomsamazing and I made for extra content for our webseries (plural), and I’m also a mod at @sapphic-arts

do you get asks regularly: No, but I wish!!!

why did you choose your URL: It’s a reference to my webseries (sorry for mentioning it a ton of times), because the characters are all named after social media websites.

hogwarts house: Pottermore said Ravenclaw, but I’m more of a Slytherin. Tbh I don’t really care.

gender: Female, I think.

pokemon team: Mystic!

favourite colour: earth-green and bright indigo

average number of hours of sleep: 6-8

dream job: Creator/head writer of a show on Cartoon Network, but tbh I just want to write as a career, preferably for TV

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1 or 2

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Growing up I wasn’t allowed to play Pokémon. My mom always made excuse after excuse as to why I wasn’t allowed. When we revisited the topic after I became an adult, it boils down to my mom didn’t want to spend the money… which well, I guess, because we were kinda poor.

But now I’m really intrigued about the whole Pokémon Go thing, but I am lacking over 20 years worth of knowledge about the whole subject. I can maybe name like 10 Pokémon. Halp!

Like should I just jump in and see where it goes or is there a brief crash-course to teach me basics?


I can’t stop going through the #growingupfat tag on Twitter and Tumblr…it is making me so emotional. It validates every time I’ve looked in the mirror and been disgusted with what I saw, every time I’ve believed a family member when I’ve been made to feel worthless because of my weight.

It has coloured every day of my life, tinted with sadness, and constant worry about being fat and ugly. I’m so sorry that so many people understand it..

When we started working on our new album ‘Homecoming’ in July last year, we wrote a list of what we wanted Short Stack to be. First, we wanted to write songs together. No co-writers, no bullshit, just us three in a room making music we love, 100% ourselves. We feel a MASSIVE connection with the songs because of this. The next thing we wanted to do was go back to our roots. Guitar, bass, drums & vocals, just like we used to play at punk shows growing up. Lastly we wanted to be a better band than before & more importantly better friends.

Here’s a pic I took while recording the vocals for Television. We all fell in love with this song & it marks a huge turning point for the band. We were so nervous releasing it but the reception you guys have given it beyond what we expected. We were saying today never in our career before have we sold out a show in a day haha. We can’t wait to play live for you & for you guys to hear the new music. It’s by far the best thing we’ve ever done in our career. We want to thank you so much for being with us all the & and keeping the faith alive. Bigger things to come!



what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i’ve been rewatching a lot of the tv shows that i really really enjoyed when i was growing up and the only thing i can see now is the misogyny and sexism inherent in a lot of these teen dramas that i didn’t even notice when i was 15 and now all i want to do is go back in time and sit down with my past self and say chuck bass lITERALLY tried to rape a girl in the pilot episode and he became the iconic romantic lead i D ONT T H I N K SO.