I can’t be the only one who wonders why we didn’t see Jasper’s face at all, right?

some aus to consider

  • rival superheros who are trying to protect the same small city
  • “i have no idea how to work this washing machine, can you help me?”
  • both stuck in the dorm common room because their respective roommates needed “alone time”
  • person A asking for directions from person B because they’re new in town and hopelessly lost
  • constantly fighting for the best seat in the library/coffee shop/whatever
  • posted a joke ad in the classifieds but someone actually responded
  • person A who sits in the back of every staff meeting and makes snarky comments under their breath about everyone the whole time and person B who arrived late and sat next to them and can barely hold in their laughter
  • met while buying condoms at the corner store
  • strangers who end up on the kiss cam at a sporting event
  • date auction for charity
  • neighbors who only meet because “i cannot get this stupid jar open, can you help?”
  • “i promise i’m not hitting on you but you smell really good”
Happy Birthday Eiichiro Oda! 1.1
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Few years younger Lexa & Aden messing around during practice.

Bonus: Indra & Titus

Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

i want a scene where anakin’s kickin it at padme’s and he’s fiddling with some piece of machinery and padme’s having some girl talk with a fellow senator who’s complaining about how she’s been getting beard burn from her lover or whatever, and anakin, without looking up, just chimes in “have him trim it to medium length and use beard oil on it every night. works like a charm.” and the senator is like “oh. thank you. i’ll have him do that.” and padme just side-eyes the fuck out of anakin like “yes, thank you anakin. though since when have you, my clean-shaven friend, been an expert on beard care?” and anakin’s like “congrats i played myself”