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I hate how elena says "i'd do anything to find the cure because lately I don't like the person I've become" and then she gets it at the end of season 4 and yeah she offers it to Stefan out of love BUT when he refuses to take it because he wants it for her, she doesn't take it because she wants to please damon and its like wtf? that was probably what you wanted most in the world and now you just gave it up? for damon? are you sure you ain't sired?

Yeah the show never actually portrays how Elena comes to accept being a vampire because she doesn’t because they bring it up again two freaking seasons later and give an SE plot to DE.

To my Bamon, Bonkai, Kennett and Klonnie shippers,

Something wonderful happened tonight. We were freed from the shackles of our confinement. Ironically on the same day one of Julie Plec’s shows was (rightfully) cancelled we were shown unequivocally that Bonnie Bennett will never come out on top on TVD. Not by herself, not with Damon Salvatore, not with Enzo St.John, not with Kai Parker, not with Kol Mikaelson, not even with dumb as fuck Jeremy Gilbert. Bonnie was left alone, crying in a vault which is basically symbolic of what us Bonnie Bennett fans have been doing for 7 years. 

Bamily I love y’all, you ride so hard and are so creative and so passionate and you never ever gave up. I admire so many of you so much. 

BonKamily I wish I had discovered you sooner, I cannot tell you how many times I watched Kai tell Bonnie he liked her palms and how much I hoped but never dared to dream for anything more, Plec’s dismissive tone with respect to BonKai’s future just highlights why we probably won’t have to worry too much about her showrunning many more series in the future. 

Kennetts and Klonnies, y’all, the only thing I love almost as much as Bonnie Bennett is Katherine Pierce and Kol Mikaelson, I am heartbroken we never got to explore it. Klonnies, I have read the same damn Klaus and Bonnie fanfic over 10 times, we were robbed. 

Finally Bonenzo, I could have gone there, and I almost did until I realized Plec was throwing mere scraps at our table to shut down the Bamily. Bonenzo should have had a love story from season 6 instead of sequestering Bonnie for half the season all alone. Which brings me back to the series finale. Bonnie is again alone, but we’re not, we as a collective fandom can choose to peace the fuck out. I’m now tapping out of this toxic, racist, misogynistic, godforsaken show because the only reason I lasted this long was Kat Graham and my girl does so many things that I’ll miss none by skipping this.  Much love to you all, you all deserved better, at least one of our ships should have sailed Bonnie fam, be not sad because TODAY IS OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY, WE ARE FINALLY FREE!!!!!!

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@xhidingintheshadowsxthis is not enough to combat the fluff, let alone the fluff & the smut

    “What? Stefan, no!” Caroline looked down at the ascendant in her hands. What the hell was she supposed to do with it? She wasn’t a witch. Kai was. But he was also going to kill them. She couldn’t leave Stefan. Not like this. But if she didn’t… “—okay,” she agreed softly, nodding her head. She’d figure out how to get home and then she would make sure to save Stefan. “I promise, Stefan. But you need to promise me that you’ll stay alive so I can bring you home. Damon needs you. I need you.” She gave his hands a squeeze and leaned up to kiss his cheek. “Please be safe,” she whispered before vamp-speeding away.

They should’ve ended up together...

Elena looked at Stefan at his most vulnerable state, and she didn’t turn away. She was fascinated, loving him fully.

They both loved each other “so much” from their first night together, to the day she had to say goodbye. I love you wasn’t enough, they had to make sure it was clear how much they loved one another.

Elena fell for him instantly, no hesitation, Elena fell in love with every part and every side of Stefan. No matter what she felt towards Damon, it was always going to be Stefan.

With everything that happened, even with all the heartache Stefan would go back to Elena in a second without any question. 

When they kissed, it was full of passion and love - the kind of kisses where it would ignite a fire in your body 

Elena never gave up on Stefan. When he was the worst version of himself, she stood by him because she wouldn’t accept the fact that he would forever be a “ripper.” Elena pushed him, she fought for him, she did not give up on him. She did this all because she knew that he would never give up on her. 

Stefan was Elena’s comfort. Whenever she’d hug him it was like she could finally breathe again, a relief came over her and she felt safe, because she was home. 

Stefan changed everything for Elena.

They were supposed to have a future together. He knew her better than anyone else, and she knew him better than any person ever could. They were soulmates & there is no denying that. 


One minute you were passionately locking lips with the “mega-powerful” Kai Parker and the next he was being yanked away from you by your fuming brothers. You didn’t even notice them walk in, you were just too wrapped up in what you were doing with Kai. 

“Damon, what are you doing!?” You screeched out as Damon threw Kai into your bedroom wall. “Stop! Don’t hurt him! Stefan do something.” You pleaded as you turned to the kinder of your two brothers.

“(Y/N), why is he in your room? Why were you kissing him?” Stefan asked, not sparing you a glance as he glared daggers at Kai. You thought through what you were going to say, but then opted for just pulling Damon away from Kai and stepping between the two men. 

Kai gave your brothers a confident smirk and mumbled, “See ya,sweet-cheeks.” as he gave the top of your head a kiss. And with the snap of his fingers and a quick wink, he disappeared from his place behind you. You huffed in annoyance as your brothers’ anger shifted right to you.

“Well, I guess you’re gonna start yelling now…” You grumbled sadly. Your brothers never yelled at you. They saw you as their sweet sensitive little sister and, even though you’re not an innocent little girl, it still hurt every time they even came close to yelling at you.

“(Y/N), why do you have to make this so difficult for us?” Stefan said disappointingly. You gave him a confused look and he continued, “How are we supposed to protect you when you are chasing after sociopaths? He could kill you and not even bat an eye, you know that right?” His voice rose as he spoke until he was almost yelling, but not quite. You remained quiet, your head hung low.

“Yeah, what were you thinking?! How could you be so stupid?!” Damon roared at you. you quickly wiped away a tear that fell down your cheek and you shoved past your brothers, walking out your bedroom door. 

“I don’t need to take this from you two,” You grumbled as you walked out and to your car. You ignored your brothers as they ran out the front door, calling out to you. It wasn’t long before you found yourself at the Mikaelson’s front door. You knocked twice before a smiling Rebekah opened the door.

 “(Y/N), I didn’t know you’d be coming.” She spoke cheerfully, pulling you into a quick hug before continuing, “What brings you here?”  

“I had some problems with my brothers…and Kai.” You let out a large sigh, glancing down at the toes of your shoes before meeting Bekah’s knowing eyes. Of course she knew that you and Kai were a thing. She read you like an open book, so as one of your best friends, she never let anything go unnoticed. 

“Please, come in. Tell me all about those wretched brothers of yours.” Rebekah hooked her arm in yours and guided you into the sitting room that held the rest of the Mikaelson siblings. Elijah sat besides Klaus and Kol was perched on the arm of the chair across from them, but instantly stood when he saw you enter. 

“Well, hello (Y/N). I must say that you look ravishing, as you always do.” He spoke with a smirk as he took a seat on one of the sofas, patting at the spot beside him. You gave him a small smile, taking the seat next to him with Rebekah at your other side. 

“Love, why do you look upset?” Klaus spoke up, eyeing you as he sipped whatever liquid was in the glass he held, probably whiskey by the looks of it. 

“Damon and Stefan found out about Kai.” You spoke quickly, feeling the hurt from your brothers’ anger tug at your heart again. Elijah gave you a sympathetic look as he looked between his siblings. 

“Well, what happened?” Elijah asked gently. Reaching over to place a comforting hand on your knee. 

“They…They freaked out. Damon threw Kai into a wall and then when he left they started yelling at me about making stupid decisions. And…” You didn’t finish, instead you sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose in frustration.

 “Well, you’ve been alive for over a hundred years.” Klaus started with a light chuckle. “I think you’re old enough to make decisions for yourself.” Klaus clinked his glass with Elijah’s as he nodded in agreement. Elijah was about to make a comment about how Kai definitely wasn’t the best guy for you to be seeing, but he kept his mouth shut because he knew that you just needed support, right now. 

“You’ll be with whoever you want to be with. It doesn’t matter if what you have with Kai is just a fling or if it’s a long-term relationship. They should not be screaming at you for doing as you please with who you please.” Bekah stated with finality. 

“I mean we could always kill them for you…?” Kol spoke with a proud smirk, but that quickly changed to a scowl when you gave him a swift smack to the back of his head. 

“I would rather keep my family alive, thank you.” You said, barely holding back your laughter. 

“Well, you know you always have a place here. If the Salvatore family isn’t suiting you then you could always come here. We all consider you to be part of the family.” Klaus said as a boyish grin spread across his face, revealing those charming dimples of his. They all nodded along, smiling their own unique yet similar smiles. 

“Oh, I have an idea!” Bekah jumped up happily. “You can stay in my room! We haven’t had a sleepover in forever!” She pulled you up from the couch happily.

“Well I guess staying here is better than getting screamed at at home.” You smiled, giving a shrug, before Rebekah started pulling you to her room.

“Now tell me everything that happened with Kai and your brothers, don’t leave out any details.” She spoke excitedly as you rolled your eyes and began to tell her the story.


A/N: I had done an imagine similar to this a while ago, so when it was requested I tried to make it a little different from the first one. Thank you for requesting! 

Stefan gave up his freedom to save his brother and protect Elena.

Damon gave Elena the necklace that Stefan gave to her in order to protect her from Damon. Oh, and he held off trying to get into her pants for 5 whole minutes.

I think it’s OBVIOUS who the selfless one here is: Damon. It takes a true romantic to slap his name on someone else’s gift and act like she owes him something. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.


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i was originally going to July 27th’s date to see Pierce The Veil & Black Veil Brides, but when i heard what YouTubers were coming i flipped out was determined to meet them.  when i got up to the front i got a selfie with Damon first & we talked about the weather & he said he loved me.  I then talked to Bryan.  i handed him a thumb-drive that had a small, poorly filmed video on it explaining how MDE has impacted my life in a positive way.  he was very confused, nonetheless & i was very ADD when filming the video, so i’m not sure if the video turned out as well as i planned.  Next i met Johnnie & i gave him a pizza hat with tweets explaining why i had given it to him & Jordan started freaking out because “pizza hats are cool” & i then got a hug from Johnnie (he gives good hugs btw) & then got a selfie with him, followed with one from Jordan.  i really couldn’t have been more happier because i met 3/7 people who have helped me in the past months.  i love them all so much, including damon (of course), & i hope to see them soon again.  thanks again.

{{btw, there was a boy in front of me named Joey & now him & i are dating (: he looks a lot like Jordan & Johnnie mixed.  couldnt be happier}}

i can see it now

chaos running a muck in the armory

enzo, damon, the shaman… bonnie fighting against matt holding her still

“alright sever the link to the ever lasting”

bonnie starts to cough up bloods, starts dying

panicking ensues, enzo’s pleading with her, damon frantically rifling through the shaman’s book

“me me, link her to me” damon says in a last ditch effort, desperate to save her life

spells happens, bonnie starts to heal and become herself

damon realizes what he gave up by saving his witch, he collapses to the ground next to a weakend bonnie. enzo and matt are staring at him. zoom out and fade to black as damon’s face crumples in relief and pain

i am screaming 


Delena Meta Love Month : A Delena July

JULY 21 : Favorite Moment Involving Alaric (present or not)

The seal of approval. His best friend and basically his daughter have fallen in love and found their way to each other. The idea of Damon and Elena together was always a little rocky for Alaric. He was torn between being protective over Elena and wanting what was best for his friend. In this moment he really expressed to Damon that he was happy for them. He was happy that they were happy. He smiles and looks at his buddy and helps him realize he finally got the happiness he always wanted. Then he switches into protective father mode and warns him not to screw it up while Damon lets out a little smile because his best friend just gave him the fatherly warning. 

I am literally still trying to process what Elena said

“thank you forgiving me everything i wanted”

lets see

season 4:

  • Damon told Elena how to feel and how to act
  • when her brother died he took all of her emotions away
  • he killed Matt

Pre season 5:

  • they had sex
  • he murdered people

Season 5:

  • they went to a dance
  • they argued
  • he broke up with her
  • he slept with her
  • he broke up with her
  • he slept with her
  • he broke up with her
  • he slept with her
  • he broke up with her
  • he slept with her
  • he broke up with her
  • he slept with her
  • he broke up with her
  • he slept with her
  • he broke up with her
  • Katherine broke up with him
  • he killed the one friend she compelled for herself in college
  • he tried to kill her brother he threatened her “best friend”
  • he slept with her he broke up with her
  • he killed himself for his brother
  • she hitched along, fully aware of the painful consequence for her “best friend”
  • he died

thats me, still looking for what Damon gave Elena

What really gets me angry is the fact that every episode seems to be an “lets-shit-on-stefan-because-he’s-so-terrible” episode because we saw Caroline, Enzo, Alaric, and Damon say something to him about how he “gave up”, or Caroline whining about he didn’t call her ass and how he should apologize? 


Stefan is the LAST person any of these people should be hating on, because he’s saved each and every one of them time and time again asking for nothing in return. He’s helped Caroline be the vampire she is now, he’s saved Alaric, sacrificed and been there for Damon when Damon’s done nothing but treat him like shit, and saved Enzo’s ass even when he didn’t deserve it so the last thing he should be getting is attitude. He’s a fucking hero, and lets get one thing straight he didn’t HAVE to save them but you know what that’s the kind of man he is and wouldn’t dare let them die so they can all shut the fuck up. 



Feb 3: Favorite Dance- Not a Care In The World

I think it can be said that every time this two dance, its something special. Each time has a specific purpose. Whether it was to save her from the embarrassment of a no show, distract her from a plan that he knew wouldn’t end well, grant her the dance she didn’t have a chance to get, or attempt to stir up compelled away memories. There was always a reason. 

However this night, there was no reason. The objection was for Damon to teach Elena how to feed without killing. But Damon accomplished more than that. He gave her a chance to embrace who she is and what she was. He freed her by allowing her to truly just be. No worries. No judgement. No expectations. Just acceptance of what she was now. And the connection they share always draws them together somehow. So, for a just a few moments they forget what they were there for. They forget the world around them and just revel in what’s right in front of them. Not a care in the world. Just each other.


The passion 💕

—it seems like everyone ships either Stelena or Delena but I really ship Klaroline. I think it’s utter bullshit that Caroline has allegedly been in love with Stefan since season 2 because I’m pretty sure she was all about Tyler. I don’t know what’s up with the TVD writers but I rejoiced on the 100th episode when Klaus and Caroline gave into their passion and made love. Stefan and Caroline are forced and should remain besties like he is with Lexie. That’s just my opinion tho. And don’t get me started on the monstrosity that it Klayley.

Ivy & Care & Stefan & Enzo thing

Seriously Caroline shouldn’t be blamed for Ivy’s death.
She was crying because she was hurt.
She didn’t want Ivy to die.
Enzo wanted to help Caroline but didn’t understand her situation.
Gosh, he didn’t understand anything.
He had no idea what Stefan went through after Damon’s death.
It was their first meeting since then.
Stefan had to deal with his brother’s death and he was trying to.
He didn’t hallucinate him. He didn’t go mad trying to find him.
Damon was dead, Stefan couldn’t do anything about it and he realised it, so he gave up on finding him.
That’s the thing: he didn’t know what happened after Damon had disappeared. He tried to contact him but - doesn’t it sound crazy? - every lead was a dead end. That’s why he gave up. He never stopped loving Damon. He moved on but it didn’t make him suffer less.

And then Enzo and Caroline came into his house, started talking about his mission and almost ruined his relationship with Ivy.

I get why Caroline was sad.
I get why Stefan stopped looking for Damon.
I get why Enzo was mad at Stefan
but I don’t get why:
▫️Enzo promised Stefan eternity of misery (in fact Damon kept his promise and gave Stefan that whole eternity of misery thing)
▫️Enzo killed Ivy (she was innocent)
▫️people blame Caroline for Ivy’s death (like I said, she was just sad)

Stefan was a ripper and you never gave up on him. Ummm…someone help me out here. He left Stefan in 1864, let Stefan go in 1912. Taunted Stefan with human blood. I mean—is she referring to–well what in the hell is she referring to? If Elena can’t remember any of the good things about Damon then wouldn’t that mean she doesn’t remember Damon trying to help Stefan? What does Elena remember, anyway? This is sooooo jacked up.

So... here’s some bad writing...

Bonnie and Damon were trapped together in the prison world for 4 months, right? They had breakfast together HOW many mornings? Heck we even saw the PICTURE AND CUPS OF COFFEE that were part of this ritual, in 6x01!

Idk if it was too large of an episode gap for the writers to recall, but seriously??You gave up good and CONSISTENT writing, for a “joke?” A punchline?

Damon GUESSED what coffee to get Bonnie?!?!

When Bonnie seemed to know EXACTLY how Damon liked his coffee, in 6x01! We’re expected to believe that with 4 months, he wouldn’t have know the SAME about Bonnie! At the VERY LEAST, if they want to pawn the idea of Bonnie being the only coffee maker on us, she would’ve reminisced about her favorite Mocha, Frappo whatever, and how she missed it so! 

Absolutely NOT BUYING the fact that Damon would not know this information. It was just laziness, writers. Laziness, negligence, and inconsistency.  :/ We are doing a pretty good job, but we MUST TRY HARDER! We must give ALL of the storylines and pairings 100 percent, yes?

I’m extremely happy someone mentioned the whole Damon possibly being upset at Elena giving up on him. I mean, he lived and PINED for Katherine for over a hundred years! Elena gave up after four months!

I’ve mentioned this before, but real life humans lose their loved ones all the time. I’m pretty sure those memories they have is among the most PRECIOUS things they have! It’s what keeps the loved ones “living” - in their hearts and minds!

But even if we aren’t talking about the real life applications: Not even Jeremy wanted to be compelled to forget Anna, or Vicky, or Bonnie. (Seriously bro, you carry “girlfriend death” spray in your pocket or something!?) I never thought I’d give a point to Jeremy, but compared to his sister… yes… yes, I do.

I’m just tired of seeing Damon continue to get hurt when it comes to love… From Katherine’s betrayal, to having to pry Elena out of her two-timing/flipping emotions, to having to use sweet moments of Stelena to comfort and reach Elena’s humanity. I’m done! Damon needs to let the fuck go pronto!

Who is Damon without Elena to keep him in check?

DRIES: Without the good angel on his shoulder, and just the devil? Well, luckily, Bonnie has decided, “My best friend is in a coma. Her boyfriend is out. I’ve gotta make sure that he doesn’t become some freak show while she’s away,” so when she wakes up, he’s not a completely different person. She’s the moral compass for Damon. What she’s not realizing is that when you hang out with Damon Salvatore for a long time and you buddy up with him, some of his bad behavior starts to rub off on you, and she’s going to be Bonnie 2.0, a little bit. We’ve seen her grow all last season, as well, but instead of grieving or feeling guilty that Elena is gone and she’s not, she’s actually empowered by that. Elena gave her stamp of approval to be empowered. So, Bonnie is sort of the good angel on Damon’s shoulder, and also a little bit of a devil and encourager.

How does Damon feel about Bonnie trying to keep him in check?

DRIES: He’s the one who decided to save her life, so she wouldn’t die, but they have it out in the premiere. He’s been harboring a little bit of resentment because she’s here and Elena is not. They’ll air out all their dirty laundry, and then move on.

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