My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?

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Pairing: Dean x Female Reader
Rating: M
Summary: Look, no one told you - warned you – about how good Dean Winchester looks in glasses. The worst part? He totally knows what he’s doing. 
A/N: Fun fact, I haven’t actually watched this episode yet. I just saw the glasses, and was inspired. Ahem. This is short. Sorry.

Dean is walking slowly next to you, eyes scanning your surroundings, and he’s clearly trying not to smile. You kind of hate him. 

Kind of.

The thing is – okay, you’re not dumb. Dean Winchester might be in his late thirties, but he’s hot, okay. He knows it, too. How could he not? People are always swooning over him and you’ll be damned if you’re going to be one of them. 

He’s wearing glasses today. You know it’s for a job, but still. It’s been hard for you to take your eyes off him since he put them on. You’re pretty sure he’s noticed, if the self-assured swagger in his step is anything to go by.

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in case you were wondering… i have better taste in men than i do in women.

i wasn’t planning to draw these two then uh, i did, so here is a boring contribution to the boy lovin’ vidal effort

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TOP! 5!! WAIFUS!!!

1. Holo

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2. Azusa

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3. Noel

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4. Kagami 

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 5. Kaiki

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Hi hi, I just wanted to say that your art of Keith made me fall in love and I haven't even seen Voltron yet but just your rendition of him and the way you draw him and portray him made him my favourite, so thank you :) Stay awesome! ♥

In The Shadows

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the story itself. Please do not copy or credit this as your work. Photo above is not mine.

Pairing: Connor Kenway x reader

Requested by Elly: You’ve made it a habit to watch the strange hooded figure that hangs around the markets near you, until one day, you realize you’re not the only one doing the watching (Connor & his crush, basically 😂)

Warnings: none

Words: 861

A/N: Apologies for any potential OOCness and off-promptness…

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It was a warm summer day when you first see him.

Sellers yelled out deals from their stalls along the pier and streets as the market sprung back to life. You wander into your favorite flower shop as you search for that one bouquet you were eyeing the day before.

“Y/N? Are you looking for these?” The shopkeeper, Emmaline, asks and you turn to see her hold the bouquet you were looking at.

“Yes, thank you Emmaline. Did you save these for me?” You joke and she laughs but shakes her head.

“I would’ve had this man not come in and paid for it himself.” Emmaline replies and you look up in confusion.

“What man? What did he look like? What was his name?” You question but Emmaline shakes her head again.

“Never got his name. All I remember is that he looked like one of the members of the local Native American tribe and he was wearing a white hood. Oh! He was also carrying weapons on his body.” She answers and you frown. Emmaline looks out the main window and nods out towards the opposite side. “There he is.”

You face the window and catch a glimpse of a hulking man wearing what seemed like an axe on his back as he gazes at you before heading into the alleyway.

You see him again as you’re buying fish at the docks.

As you finish paying the stall owner, you lift your head slightly to see the man you saw standing in front of Emmaline’s flower shop walking and talking with another man that you recognized to be Paul Revere.

The man you saw was wearing what appeared to be white robes with a hood shielding his face with a belt made of blue and red fabric. A tomahawk, you could see clearly now, hung at his side as a full quiver and bow were strapped across his back making an x and you could see the outline of what appeared to be a bracer of sorts on his right forearm.

Paul looks over in your direction and waves and you wave back only out of courtesy with a somewhat forced smile on your face. Paul motions towards you and presumably tells the mysterious man your name and you immediately duck into the bustling crowd as you catch a glimpse of the mystery man turn to face you before you fully blend into the crowd and dash back towards your home.

“You like him.” Emmaline states as she hands you a cup of tea.

“I do not, Emmaline. I barely know the man anyways.” You say as you sip on the hot drink before setting it on the table next to your elbow.

“But he clearly likes you! Why don’t you try to talk to the man?” She exclaims and you almost want to spit out the tea you were currently swallowing.

“Talk to him? If anything, he should be the one trying to. He’s the one who should be talking. The bloody man is following me around like a dog for God’s sake.” You argue as you manage to force the tea down your throat.

“Oh please. With the way the two of you are acting, he won’t even think about coming within close range of you. Well any closer than he is now.” Emmaline snorts and the sinking feeling in your gut agrees.

There was a certain appeal to him in a way. Mysterious to a fault with a sense of intrigue about him but most definitely influential from what you could only assume with his affiliation with Paul Revere himself. There was a revolution brewing in America and you were more than sure that this mystery suitor of yours was a part of it.

All you had to do now was figure out what role he played in this entire political mess. 

As you walk back home as the shops begin to close, you look all around the main market area and shop streets for the man and you were near ready to give up when you felt someone tap your shoulder.

You spin around to see a tall Native American man dressed in white with weapons all over his body and you want to drop your purse in surprise. It’s him.

It’s you.’ You say to yourself but not to him.

“Y/N L/N?” He asks somewhat hesitantly and you nod.

“That would be me, yes.” You say and you swear a faint smile is spreading across his face.

“It’s good to meet you.” The man replies and you fully smile at him.

“It’s good to meet you to…” You trail off, unsure of what to call him.

“Connor.” He tells you.

Connor.’ You think and it rolls off your tongue better than you expected. Not that you were expecting anything honestly.

“It’s good to meet you too Connor.” You reply as the sun begins to set.

“May I accompany you to your home? It is getting dark now.” Connor asks and you hold your arm out for him to take as the two of you set off on a beautiful new relationship.

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DuDe i frickin love your art wth. It gives me so much life, even the shitposting drawings (Especially the shitposting drawings). Also, i love the way you draw hands, maybe one day you could post a mini tutorial of that's possible? Unless you already have, then that's perfectly fine uvu. But don't feel the need to, you have every right not to do it, and that goes for requests. You're a busy ray and we understand. Just remember we're rooting for you !! <3

asdfk Wow thank you! I AM Extremely insecure about my hands and honestly I probably wouldn’t make one becuase I don’t think I’m good enough at it yet to be doing anything with it? Although I am pretty sure you can find some really good reference around tumblr ;_; Thank you so much for this ask you are super encouraging and I’m honestly so happy rn

it’s just really interesting being on tumblr and following all of y’all as someone who doesn’t care about anything dc-related and has no clue what’s going on

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is pidge trans? im pretty sure the character still used he pronouns after telling the group about their past, but i think you called pidge your beautiful daughter. no offense just curious xx

What has been confirmed is that Pidge is a girl. After Pidge comes out to the group that she is a girl, they stop referring to her by male pronouns, unlike how they had before she came out.
In the fifth episode of the second season, “Eye of The Storm” Coran refers to the Paladins as “gentlemen” and then “gentlelady” referring to Pidge, (since Allura was not in the wormhole generator with them).
Lance- Wait, Coran! How dangerous is this?
Coran- Honestly, this is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever seen, or heard of, but since we’re probably going to die anyway, what the heck, let’s give it a shot! Good luck, gentlemen and gentlelady.
It’s been a pleasure.

* “This is the first incarnation of Pidge and the first full-time pilot of the Green Lion to be a girl. Lauren Montegomery was the one who insisted that Pidge should be a girl to show how a female character could occupy the space usually given to male characters with nothing in the story needing to change.”

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Do you know fics that take the canon and expand on it? Kind of like "Winter Song" or "We Call Everything..."? I'd love to read one from you, since I love your style and headcanons, but you're not writing one, right? Unless you plan on it? I like the two I mentioned but I can't get enough. The canon is mostly the sport and I need more of the times in between competitions, so much time together we don't get to see! Do you have recs?

Ooo yeah I do know those fics!!! They’re so interesting to read I totally agree!! I don’t personally see myself writing one like that – but if I thought of a good enough idea I totally would!

Haha if you were to ask me for recs with that trope I totally would’ve given you the two you recced to me!! But maybe some people could reply with some good ones? Also you could check out @victuurificrec

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I like all the yonko commanders so far. Marco is a pineapple, Jack is a wholly beast, and dogtooth is actually pretty and this weird feminine/masculine clash. They're all insanely powerful and it makes me want big mom pirates to survive just so we can see a yonko vs a yonko? Like kaido beast pirates v big mom pirates idk i'd pay to see that

yesss i love them all!!  they’re all so….big and badass and different from one another, it’s great.  and omfg i never thought about that before but it’d be super rad.  i really doubt the big mom pirates will be taken out this arc, but i also doubt we’ll ever get to see them face up to kaido’s crew either….you never know, though, and i would be so excited if we did.  

especially since idk, i get the feeling that with the pace this arc is going we won’t get to see big 1v1 fights with smoothie and katakuri showing their full strength, and it’d be hype af to see them actually go up against other yonko commanders of their level.  as it is for now i’m just hoping we WILL get to see smoothie and katakuri go full strength at some point, vs kaido commanders or not.  though on the other hand maybe not bc i don’t want any of the protags to get freakin murdered