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1/2 Hi :-) Gotta dump some thoughts on ya: IF there's a 4th episode, we'll all end up like Anderson in TEH. Moftiss faked Sherlock's (the show's) death. Most people are convinced it's awful, all but Anderson (us) who keeps believing in Sherlock (the conspiracy). When he returns, Sherlock (4th ep) will come out of the blue (like he did in TEH), and reactions will vary, like they did then. I'll probably go Lestrade's way and think: You bastards! The episode tells us what happens, and we'll end up

2/2 looking at our ideas and be a bit unsatisfied: Yeah, nice, but not what we would have done. Look at all these metas! They’ll go: Ugh, everyone’s a critic (which we are), and then leave us with what they came up with. And we… well, we’ll basically do what Anderson did at the end of TEH.

Lovely, I agree with you completely! You know, it’s funny because I was thinking of this very thing at the gym this morning. IF there is a secret episode, they WOULDN’T advertise it though would they? It would be done like TEH’s return from Reichenbach. Suddenly the social media are the ones “advertising” the return, not the network. 

So either this is the most clever ARG ever created or Mofftiss have deliberately tanked their own show. Honestly, I can’t believe they thought TFP was the best thing since TGG. :/ UHM. No.

my dad during the nashville game: i hate pk subban

what my dad just texted me: what have we done as a country to be blessed by Pernall Karl Subban. hes so good to children & hes such a nice guy. i love him

DGM AU where everything is the same but all of the hairstyles are scrambled around (but not hair colors). (Courtesy again of @beansproutjesus)

- Kanda has Lenalee’s pigtails, Lavi has Kanda’s ponytail, Lenalee has Lavi’s style, and Allen has Link’s bowl cut. Link has Alma’s style (post-Third Exorcist fiasco) and Alma has Allen’s.

- Cross and Bookman switch. Cross mysteriously has a harder time picking up women. Bookman is thrilled.

- Komui and Jerry switch too. It’s much harder to take Komui seriously now.

- Johnny and Reever. Reever tries to maintain his dignity.

- Marie and Miranda (where Miranda is bald and Marie’s hair is in dreadlocks) and Krory and Daisya (where Daisya loves his little white streak.)

- Timothy and Emilia. Emilia’s father mourns.

- Neah and Lulubell. Lulubell pulls it off quite well. Neah tries.

- Tyki and Road. Sheryl fusses over both of them bc he doesn’t like this configuration.

- Fiddler and Jasdevi. Fiddler’s hairstyle is objectively terrible and also harder to weaponize, and Jasdevi is not pleased.

- Millennium Earl and Mana. So that now the current Earl has Mana’s long, flowing locks, and Mana has middle-aged man hair.

- What is this I’m so sorry

When the university closes for the holiday