hello welcome to the rpg here is a COOL NEW RACE we just added its called the badarumpus it comes in male n female and this is what it looks like

we are very proud of what we have done here and we would also like to present to you ANOTHER COOL NEW RACE we just added this ones called the splimb and it also comes in male n female

BUT THATS NOT ALL!!!!!!!! wait until you see OUR THIRD COOL NEW RACE called the ZNOOPHOOPS that also comes in male n female

enjoy your game fuckers

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Woah, wait what? I apologize, but what have we said/done that was ableist? I’m sorry if I offended/upset anyone, but I don’t see what we’ve done wrong?



23.10.16 - After long months of being inactive of my studyblr. I’m back! 

A lot has changed, I’m not in high school anymore, i’m in Uni now, everything is in German now, not in French anymore. I moved away… So many things happened. Also my Studyblr is since 3 weeks now 2 years old. Can’t believe it! I documented the most important years in school online, posted what I learned, I improved and my daily life struggles during my high school year. Now I’m in Uni… Time flies, it’s incredible and extremely scary… 

For those who don’t know, I’m studying media computer science and chose business administration as a minor. Media computer science is extremely hard. I’m reading what we have done this week in Analysis (because I didn’t understand anything at all)


you all need to watch this and realize that god is no longer with us and the end is near

there were around 60 food banks in britain when the conservatives came to power. There are now over 400, with around 900,000 people having to resort to using them BECAUSE THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY FUCKING FOOD WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT WHERE THEIR INTERESTS LIE BECAUSE IT’S SURE AS SHIT NOT IN ANYONE WHO CAN’T ALREADY AFFORD THEIR OWN PRIVATE FUCKING YACHT 


Stranger Things Appreciation Month~Day 9: Stranger Things + Food

I hope you’re enjoying your chicken Ted. 

@shesavedus I know why you do it. I’m never gonna stop now.

So the UK has left the EU

The pound has fallen faster than it did in the financial crisis. (2008)

The pound has fallen to lows not seen since 1985.

We have no plan.

The far right are celebrating. Celebrating a decision that they know is going to cost us so much.

A decision that means we will face recession.

Ultimately a decision that means racism, xenophobia, prejudice and hate have just proved to be more prominent in the UK than compassion and humanity.

I honestly expected more of the British people.

I’m devastated. What the fuck have we done