Woo Hee said that if he is Baek Ah, then she is Zhong Ji Kee, referring to an ancient story. In that story, Zhong Ji Kee chanced upon Baek Ah when he was playing his instrument by a river, and complimented him with a poem. They became sworn brothers, in an another word, see each other as soulmate. They agreed to meet at the same place again during the next mid-autumn festival. However, when Baek Ah was at the same river a year after, he found out that Zhong Ji Kee passed away. He was so sadden that he did not touch his instrument again, as he believed the only person who understood him was no longer around. (x)

the first time I learned that auras are a thing that happen right before a migraine, I cried tears of joy because I realized I wasn’t schizophrenic. there was just an average explanation for why things were glitching around me. And then I cried tears of pain, because OW!!! MIGRAINES!!!

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Dear mods of NoChocolate, I have a question that may require some research so if it is too much I apologize, please ignore me. Does Sans ever use exclamation points in his dialogue aside from when he dunks you? I think he might use some when he's talking in his Toriel voice, but aside from that I just don't remember any.

(undertale spoilers)

Actually there are a few more times that Sans uses exclamation points! In addition to the two you have already mentioned, we have the following.

» Dinner with Sans

do you get what i’m saying?
that promise i made to her…
you know what would have happened if she hadn’t said anything?
…You’d be dead where you stand.

» Exiled Queen Ending

undyne spearheaded the revolution, of course.
she was pretty mad after what happened to asgore.
she threw the queen out of the castle with her strength.
then she became the empress of the underground…
and banished the queen back to the ruins.
seems like undyne’s… hmmm…
even more vehement about destroying humanity than ASGORE.

Note: Dialogue may vary depending on who dies, but Sans will always say the “but hey! it’s not all bad!” lines if Toriel is exiled.

» Genocide Battle

well, here goes nothing…
are you ready?

» Sans After Chara’s Tenth Death

hmm. that expression…
that’s the expression of someone who’s died ten times in a row.

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What's inktober?

it’s when u draw something every day in the month of october using ink (so like, pens, or if you have something else like inkwash and brushes n stuff then u can do that)!!! 

How does one come out to the parental units bc I lied to my dad last night bc I froze up and every time I have an opening to do it I Freeze and he knew I was being weird too bc he was like ‘yeah Elizabeth is being rly sketchy about her plans she’s probably lying about what she’s doing’

with ash in her lungs and blood on her lips,
she rips apart kingdoms and at the end of the day she is all that is left.
she is made of sugar and spice and steel,

sometimes the fire controls her.

she is taught to strike first, to wear gold and silver and praise the gods.
then she is cast from the sky,
she is unpredictable,
and the sea parts for her.
she is a storm, nature’s royalty,

even the earth bows to a queen.

crafted from amethyst and precious metals,
she is almost ethereal,
and kings fall for her silver tongue.
she is hypnotic and her kiss is poison,

no one ever taught her to behave.


sugar, spice & steel, that’s what goddesses are made of.

@shayara murder me what the fuck have i written