Does Nick Valentine even once- once- call the Sole Survivor ‘kid’ in game? Or, literally anyone? Ever? Why is this so, so common in fandom? I feel like I can barely find a post with Nick speaking to anyone without calling them ‘kid’ these days.


Some fantasy-sci fi-steampunk au cherik sketches. Procrastinating homework as usual

i lost myself

I have gone mad, I don’t recognized myself
among all the shards, doubts cutting me
in pieces, I am bleeding and pouring out
again. You’re the anchor that keeps me from
sailing, and I sink every time I open my eyes.
“Let me sleep. Just 5 more minutes” or I’ll
have to face my demons, making me question
my ability to survive, I am careless about
my existence, my purpose, I have gone mad
and that’s the only thing I am sure of


Though Hanamaki Takahiro’s favourite food is profiteroles (cream puffs), today is International Chocolate Cake Day, so, instead, let him eat cake!! And maybe some Mattsun afterwards.

I love the Seijou ALL the third years even /especially the obscure ones.

Donuts ~ RedQueen Cop!AU

Title: Donuts

Fandom: Once Upon A Time

Pairing: Red Queen

Rating: It won’t kill you

Summary: Regina and Ruby talk over some baked goods.


Ruby shut the door and grabbed the box off the roof of the car. Regina was waiting on a stoop, sitting with one fishnetted leg mindlessly bending back and forth and back and forth in boredom. As she got closer Ruby tried to get a read on the situation; the cop side of her said nothing was wrong, but instinct said something wasn’t right either. Regina was usually on the corner - her corner - trading her wares, or had to peel away from the other girls who still were wary of Ruby and her wares before being able to speak. Tonight she was… just by herself, and a couple streets off the main drag. Ruby glanced back down the street, sure nothing was gonna jump her but still unsure of things nonetheless.

“Heyya pup, what’cha you got there?” Regina greeted, her bored look perking up when Ruby was within speaking distance. She looked the same, her clothes just straddling the border of tacky and sexy. No bruises. No worried spark in her eye warning her to be on guard. Still…

“Donuts,” Ruby said, opening the box to show them off. “Figured you and the girls might be snackish.” Regina snickered, nabbing a pink frosted treat. “What?”

“Oh, just glad to see you do fill some of the cop stereotypes. What, no coffee,” Regina said, grinning at her earned Ruby glare before biting in. “Oohmmm, you went to the place on Drury Lane, good choice.” Ruby smiled, taking up a cinnamon swirl and sitting a space away and step up from Regina. They sat like that for a while, just enjoying the closeness without words, one of the few times Ruby could think of Regina not heavily lacing every sentence with innuendo.

“You may have to help me polish these off you know,” Regina quipped, reaching for a second. “It’s just me tonight.”

“I noticed. Pretty off usual beat too.” She just put it out there, hoping she wouldn’t need to prod too much.

Regina sucked in air through her teeth, looking out over nothing. “Yeah, well, I’m not great company right now, according to some.”

“What and who,” Ruby instinctively felt for her service piece, a rush of righteous anger coming to her; a move not unnoticed by Regina.

“Hold your horses there officer, nothing you could do anything about,” she said, putting a hand over Ruby’s to hold her off. Ruby’s breath caught until the well maintained manicured fingers finally glided off her own.

“And why not?” Regina said nothing, seeming to mull things in her head. It was then Ruby noticed the tired look around her eyes that even heavy makeup couldn’t hide, the slightly dinged fade to her clothes like she’d slept in them a couple times. Instincts were right; they were always right.

It was another moment before Regina spoke. “You hit the Pyg Brothers’ place last week, yeah?”

Ruby blinked, remembering the raid. “Yeah, The House of Straw. Big illegal gambling house takedown, plus 20 pure kilos and a small armory of unregistereds hidden in the warehouse. Why?”

“Was it true you were the one to blow him away?”

“Blow away, do people still say that?” Ruby couldn’t tell if she was avoiding the question or not, but figured it was leading to something. “Yeah, unfortunately, it was me. Fat bastard holed up in a back office, and drew on me when we finally busted through. The place was appropriately named, the walls in that place were thin as hell. Had to deal with stupid amounts of paper work and his two stupider brothers threatening to sue the force for ‘wrongful death’.” Regina stayed quiet, rocking back on her heels a bit. “Why, what’s that to do with you?”

“Word on the street is you got the scoop to move on 'em from me, since I was there just a few hours before.” She glanced over at the officer. “Nothing like that, they were celebrating some stupid haul or something and wanted to ‘party’, so me and some girls were called over. We did our thing, got paid in cash and not coke,” Regina spat the words, she hated ‘other forms of currency’, “and were gone. Then you hit. So, apparently, now I’m the narc of Library Town.” She met Ruby’s startled but pissed look with one of bemusement, sadness and acceptance of her own. “Didn’t you know pup? I’m your girl.”

Ruby glared at the - former? – Queen of the streets, not angry (well, yes, very angry) but definitely not happy. On one hand, her pickpocket CI wasn’t known, so Abu held up his end of things and wasn’t going to end up in some rolled up rug. On the other, a frie- an associ- an aquient- a friend was being blamed for something she didn’t have a hand in and it was apparently affecting her work.

“So you being here is…”

“Punishment. I got bigger dues to pay this week, and next week, and the next week. Prove I’m not just on the take and waiting to turn everyone in.” Regina snorted, standing to pace a few steps. She’d laugh if she didn’t trust herself not to cry.

Ruby pulled her knees to her chest, studying her denim knees. “So why still be here? With me, ain’t that more trouble?”

“Bah,” Regina waved that off, “I’ll make it, I’m still leagues above Cora no matter what she says. ‘Sides,” she sat down, right next to a suddenly very aware of proximity Ruby, “I like ya. You bring me cop food.” She stroked Ruby’s chin, soft fingers tracing a strong jaw.

Ruby stood quickly, to get breathing air between her and Regina or because she needed to go soon she wasn’t sure, but the second was the excuse she was gonna use. “Well, they’re wrong. And I’m glad you were gone by then, it got ugly. I wouldn’t want you hurt.”

Regina placed a hand over her heart, pouting her lips out. “Aw, is my little pup going all mama wolf over little ole me?” Her joking smile slides just a bit when she notices Ruby pulling out her wallet and leafing through the bills.

“Damn right,” Ruby remarks, pulling money out and returning the wallet to its back pocket.

“Com’on Red,” Regina stood, sauntering closer, “You know I’d never charge you.” She leans in closer so only Ruby would hear. “I didn’t last time.”

Ruby instantly turned beet red, nearly dropping the folded bills to the ground. “We don’t talk about that,“ she said under her breath. Her moment of weakness. Of passion. Of want, for her, for contact and for endless repeats.

You don’t,” the Queen said, having regained her flirty pull over the officer. She stepped back anyway. “I however, enjoy it quite well.” An equilibrium had been found apparently, and the cloud that Ruby felt over Regina was lightened. Not gone, but she knew that it’d pass quicker than if she hadn’t shown up. She put up a game face; time to return to duty.

“For you,” Officer Lucas said, presenting the money to Regina, her tone stating she was back on the clock and off to work as she walked back towards her car. “You can keep the donuts.”

Regina quickly counted through what she’d been gifted, then recounted, stared at the amount, then recounted again; Ruby had finally done something to stun the street Queen, turning to look at the retreating officer. “There’s like five bills here?”

“Well yeah,” Ruby called back, not stopping or turning around fully, but enough that Regina could see the profile of smile on her face. “I gotta watch out for my girl after all.”

Accio Love
  • Accio Love
  • Ministry of Magic
  • Triwizard LP

Accio Love - Ministry of Magic

Lyrics changed to be Dramione:

Accio Lust

He smirks when she’s not looking
She daydreams when he is not there

It won’t be long ’till they discover that
Draco and Hermione have sexual tension

He looks at her, she looks at him
And they start to feel the fire within

While Harry is fighting He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
They try out some brand-new bondage games

Someday you’ll read
(Maybe in The Daily Prophet)
‘Bout Draco and Hermione
(Behind the Whomping Willow)
The Death Eaters can try to fight
(But you know that Draco’d save her)
And they’d go riding into the night
(On Draco’s new Firebolt)

They’d go riding into the night

He smirks when she’s not looking
She daydreams when he’s not there

It won’t be long ’till they discover that
Draco and Hermione have sexual tension

If Hermione knew the Patronus Charm
The conjured incarnation would be Him

Voldermort is sound; he cannot die
When she’s in danger Draco yells, “Crucio”


Someday you’ll read
(Maybe in The Daily Prophet)
'Bout Draco and Hermione
(Behind the Whomping Willow)
The Death Eaters can try to fight
(But you know that Draco’d save her)
And they’d go riding into the night
(On Draco’s new Firebolt)

They’d go riding into the night

He smirks when she’s not looking
She daydreams when he’s not there

It won’t be long ’till they discover that
Draco and Hermione have sexual tension

And they’d go riding into the night
And they’d go riding into the night

I just care about Carlton Lassiter a lot okay?? He pretends to be so hard and cold but his heart is full of love. You can see it with Marlowe, obviously, but also in the way he trusts Shawn’s visions, and how he always always has Juliet’s back.

Lassiter and Juliet are so special to me. Their partnership…their friendship…it is so important and real and honest. They are one of the best platonic relationships I’ve ever seen on television. There is not an ounce of romance between them, but they would follow each other to hell and back at the drop of a hat. What they have, it’s an unconditional sort of love that is incredibly special and incredibly good to see on TV. They have faced down death together for 8 fucking years. Their friendship honestly means more to me than Shawn and Gus’s to be honest, because I’ve seen a lot of relationships like Shawn and Gus on TV before, but Jules and Lassie? That’s a rare one–especially between a man and a woman.

SPEAKING OF SHAWN. Lassiter has known the whole damn time that Shawn isn’t really psychic. he knew. And at first he was fed up with Shawn’s antics because he’s so by the book and here was this random man child asshole mucking up his investigations but at a certain point you know he realized that Shawn does. good. Shawn may not be psychic but he’s sure as hell a great detective and Lassie would never admit it, but deep down he thinks it.

He destroyed the CD on which Shawn was about to confess that he was a fake, not only destroying the evidence, but giving himself plausible deniability. Because after all that, after years of knowing but being unable to prove that Shawn was lying, it didn’t matter anymore. Not only that, but he didn’t want Shawn to be found out. BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT SHAWN MORE THAN HE WOULD EVER ADMIT. BECAUSE AT THIS POINT HE KNOWS SHAWN HAS DONE MORE GOOD THAN HARM. BECAUSE CARLTON LASSITER HAD SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT EVER.

Like. Compare season one Lassie to season eight Lassie. He has a family. His life is not just his job anymore and he understands that balance and that’s so important to me. And like…The fact that he couldn’t take his dream fucking job if it meant having to throw Jules under the bus?? I’M WRECKED OKAY THIS MAN HAS WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS AND WHEN IT COMES DOWN IT HE CAN’T DO IT. BECAUSE HAVING HIS PARTNER’S BACK IS MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM. BECAUSE SHE’S MORE IMPORTANT TO HIM. DON’T LOOK AT ME. 

On top of all this he’s canonically (word of god canon, BUT STILL) pan. All of this development and care and love that the writers put into this character, and to them, he’s pansexual. It makes me emotional just thinking about it.

TL;DR: Carlton Lassiter is super important to me.