Frisk: “Are you an interior decorator? Because when I saw you, the entire room became beautiful.“
Chara: “I think you’re trying too hard, Frisk.”

Charisk is important. Now to try working on things that I was supposed to do tonight.

My fae boy’s about to sprout wings and deliver the Apocalypse,, loaf him <3


anyways the Most Important Thing about this makeover is that it’s a telling sign to me that Hanzo has begun to Move On from the Defining Event Of The Last 10 Years, he’s not as stuck on the past and The Traditional Look he’s Moved On with a Physical Change

which leads me to believe that he has started on or is in the middle of the path towards reconciliation with Genji and coming to terms with the past and

my point is Genji is so stupidly proud of his brother’s dumb punk look he took fifty pictures as soon as he saw him sporting it for the first time and then went around dragging Hanzo around to show it off to Everybody Right Now Immediately Look at My Big Brother He’s Done This To Himself And I’m So Proud Of Him

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Request by @xdayxdreamerx : I was wondering if I could have a Jimin smut. He’s my ultimate bias and yeah. Please and thank you so much :)

I wrote this at 4 AM so sorry if it sucked it hasn’t been proofread either, I’ll do it later. Thank you for requesting, and I hope you like it.

Member : Park Jimin 

Genre : Just +1K of smut and nothing but smut. So read with that in mind. 

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“Can we not do this right now?” You brushed his hand away from you, a bit harshly.

“Come on, Y/N. You’re here, I’m here.” He pulled you closer pressing his lips messily against yours “I don’t see why we can’t.”

“The members are also here, the managers and practically anyone who can open that door.” You stood up, pushing him back again. You couldn’t manage another step before he pulled your wrist strongly, making you straddle his legs your back facing him. He had the upper hand in this position, which he was nothing but happy about. One hand pinned you against him preventing you from getting away this time, his erection pressing against your lower back. The other hand roamed your body, trailing up your inner thighs, pushing the skirt out of the way, to your panty line which was starting to damp.

“You know you want to do it, babe.’‘ He whispered into your ear, the warmth of his breath embracing your skin like a ray of sunlight, while outlining your slit  ”You like the risk, look at you, already so wet just from the thought of it.“

”Jimin~ah … “ His name turned from a scold into a breathy moan when his thumb pressed a hard circle on your clit. He repeated the action multiple times until he was satisfied with the begs and moans that were getting caught into your throat as you tried your best to be quiet, muffling the cries of his name into your hand.

”What happened to they’re going to see us?“ He snorted when you reached down palming his erection through the sweatpants, feeling it throb against your gentle gaze. But his laugh was cut short when you pressed a little harder, your finger digging into the sensitive skin.

”Just trying to speed things up.“ You glanced back at him with a smirk ”You seemed to be taking your time.“ His eyebrows shot up, and eyes thinned into a line before he pushed you off of him, ridding himself of his sweatpants.

”Then you go ahead and set the pace, ride me.’’ Jimin’s voice was low, and filled with lust. He hungrily gazed at you and took in the image of you sliding off your underwear to once again spread your legs around his waist straddling him. You put your ass in the air, pumping him a few times with your hand and lining him with your entrance.

You looked down at him, capturing his lips in a consuming and passionate kiss before slumping down onto his lap and taking him in fully in one motion. He groaned into the kiss, his lips parting for a short gasp of air,  you took it as a chance to let your tongue explore his mouth, the taste as sweet as ever.

Jimin’s hands easily found your hips, his fingers bruising the skin from the tight grip urging you to move. “Always so tight for me.”

You let your knees fall to the couch, sinking deeper onto his length, and thrusting your body forward until your chest met with his. Although he may have made it seem like you were in charge, his arms guided you, rocking your hips into his lap in the pace he felt like. You entangled your hands in his hair, your head falling back and mouth gasping when he picked up speed inside of you, hitting you at a new angle that made heat pour down from your entire body.

Jimin moved down onto your neck, tracing gentle then rough kisses down to your collarbone, while whispering things you couldn’t quite catch with the trance you were in. You grounded yourself against him when he bit a little too hard on the sweet spot he knew too well, sending you into complete euphoria. He smiled against your skin, happy with your reaction. You clenched hard around him, pulling his hair tighter than before and driving him into you with a loud echo of skin against skin.

“You wanna play this game?” He yanked you up, your legs still wrapped around his waist, before throwing you back against the couch with him hovering over you instead.

“Jimin, don’t get too carried away.” You said, seeing the dangerous shift in his eyes and the dirty smirk he was giving you. He reached down planting a melting kiss on your mouth, teasingly dragging his tongue across your lower lip before biting down, pulling out almost completely then thrusting back in. You couldn’t help the scream, both pain and pleasure mixed together into an uncoordinated call for him name, both a warning and a plea for more. He continued to abuse your lips, roughly pulling at them in a messy kiss. He hooked one of your legs over his shoulder allowing himself to perfectly brush his head against your g-spot with each drag of his length.

Jimin’s body was welling up with an uncontainable energy as he pounded into you, making you go numb for a moment by the force of it. When your senses came back, it hit you harder than ever, sending unexpected strings of utter bliss through your muscles making them spasm against him so tightly it was starting to become hard for him to move. With each deep stroke, you felt closer to the edge, with each moan of your name that was muffled into your mouth, you felt the heat in the pits of your stomach spreading. His expression became intense as he broke the kiss, focusing more on his thrusts and angling them right for you, and him, to reach your climax.

“I’m c-com -” The intensity of your orgasm stole the words right out of your mouth and replaced them with a piercing scream as you came around him, you walls clamping on him. He picked up the pace again, not far from his own high. He plunged into you one last time, settling for grinding, while his seeds sprung loose inside of you in waves of continuous pleasure. He collapsed on top of you, making sure not to crush you with his weight, as he came down from the consuming orgasm that left his head in a white mess. You kissed down his jaw and neckline, tasting the salt of his sweat, as you help him ride out his high.

You stayed like that, with him still inside of you, for a long moment catching your breath. He buried his head into the crook of your neck, panting against your skin in the most erotic way possible, his arms embracing you closer to his exhausted body.

“Great, now I have to walk around with your cum dripping out of me.” You whined putting your panties back on and tidying your skirt, clothes and hair.

“Just don’t let anyone see it” He caught your lips into one last kiss, this time it was just a gentle brush of lips “Or do and let them know exactly what we did.”

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"I didn't know it was possible for Chat to get akumatized..."

“I didn’t know it was possible for Chat to get akumatized…” Marinette said to Tikki, staring at the blond boy clad in white.

Adrien pouted, unsuccessfully trying to brush off the flour that covered him from head to toe. “That would the way it would happen. Chat Noir, so angry with flour that he becomes the dreaded Chat Blanc, flour monster!” He attempted to look menacing but that was impossible with the amount of flour on his face.

Marinette giggled and stuck her tongue out at her boyfriend. He reached over and ruffled her hair with his flour covered hand.

She glared. “You’re going to pay for that!” She launched herself towards him with a fierce yell. 

“Are we going to make this pie or not?” Plagg asked, exasperated with the flirting couple.

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May I request the chocobros and their S/o chillin out having fun on a beach? 😄 w some frank sinatra songs playin in the background or different songs w the same genre? Just carefree fluff w the boys on the beach :D who would chill in the sand and who would throw their s/o in the water LOL

Carefree fluff is the best kind of fluff, anon.

Writing this spurred this beach-lorn lust inside of me, and now I can’t shake the desire to go on vacation.🐳

As far as music goes, I’m positively elated to hear that you’re requesting some Sinatra! 

He’s honestly one of the first vocal jazz artists that got me into the genre itself, launching me into what now has become a love affair of big band, classic, and modern jazz alike.

He really was a class act, wasn’t he? ❊


Song: “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Frank Sinatra

  • While the prince may not look it, he’s an aboslute natural stripped down in his colorful swim trunks at the beach
  • Being able to be outside basking in the glow of the sun alongside you, without the trouble of worry of daemons really puts him at ease
  • His somewhat hidden cheekiness will shine through, as he suddenly scoops you up in his arms and runs to the shoreline, you playfully writhing and squirming within his grasp, before he finally throws you into the water
  • The look of your shocked face will send him to his knees as he positively dies of laughter, mumbling apologies and words of affection, promising you that you couldn’t be any more adorable
  • He won’t even stop when you pull him in alongside you - only chuckling against your neck as he pulls you close and presses suple kisses to your jawline
  • All worries of PDA are out the window; Noct is on vacation, and nobody or nothing could take that blissful lack of care away from him

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  • Person: *Raps a thing*
  • Me: I can rap
  • Person: okay...
  • Person: Oh cool...never heard that one...
  • Me: Yeah... It's by Marquis de Lafayette...

Day 7 SFW: Napping for @kyluxpositivityweek

After the roller coaster ride, they decided to take a nap. I love clan techie too much…he’s a pure cinnamon roll that need to be protected. Add some millie up in there cuz she need loves too.

With all the commotion of moving into my new apartment. I can’t find my color pencils :’c! Hopefully they are buried into the million of boxes i have in the living room.

More to come….!