A doctor’s Opinion

Grayson was not supposed to overheard the conversation. He didn’t even meant to eavesdrop but it happened and his psychiatrist brain was already linking the dots on that one. Based on what he knew and what he study all his life, and also on what he heard,  was more than normal reaction. Healthy, no, not even, but it was understandable. 

Unable to resist he interrupted the conversation.

Based on what you said… I’m not surprised you’d dee this to yourself… 


Dear World followers!

It is time for me to write something so you know what’s up.

Firstly, I welcome you to my blog. For those who don’t know me my name is Marek. After a long journey around the universe I landed in Copenhagen Denmark, where I started my Global Nutrition and Health studies.

I will be doing one and a half internship over the period of 8 weeks. Both of them are in Denmark and both equally exciting, none of them better than the other. Just different.

I did not look for this specific internships. I just allow energy to flow and everything is happening just like it suppose to.  There is time for everything and everything come at the right time. 

So like Asger mentioned in his post we will be collaborating and designing a cooking book together with Sir Steven Duncan.

Th other internship is designing a Polish food basket together with Alexander Parlesak for WHO Europe (the real deal). I will explain everything later. I will keep you posted my faithful followers.

Stay strong and keep positive mindset. Hakuna matata! :)

That time when Kylo decided to perform The Black Parade from My Chemical Romance. 
Phasma’s actually ok with playing drums, Lieutenant Mitaka’s wandering if he can sue Kylo for bossing, TR-8R misses his spinning training. General Hux regrets everything in his life.

Well hello there! Welcome to my blog. 

I suppose I should begin by introducing myself, so incase you don’t already know me, that’s me! (But I hope you guessed that much). 
My name is Ida, I’m 21 and from Copenhagen Denmark. I’m a 4th semester student at Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen, where I study Global Nutrition and Health and specialize in Public Health, Nutrition and Food Policy. 

For the next 8 weeks I will be going on my first internship, which happens to be what this blog will be all about. 
I will be going to DONG Energy with my friend Sara-Louise who also studies GNH but specializes in Lifestyle and Health Education. We will both be a part of their department responsible for food and health for the duration of our internship. 

I’m incredibly excited to be going on this internship. It will be so nice to get an opportunity to take all I’ve learnt so far and try to implement it out in the real world. 

I start Monday the 8th! So I will keep you posted once I’ve begun, but perhaps I will treat you all to a little post before that, telling you all about a very exciting meeting I attended yesterday. 

So stay tuned if you want to keep up with my experiences!

elite4champion asked:

So, I've just found out about Candi and read it all in a weekend and I loved it! You're amazing! Not to pick favourites, but I love Linda and Becca's looks. One thing I found amusing was how technology evolves waaay faster in the Candi world; one year a CD isn't enought for a printing file, the next there's study hookup apps on smartphones :D Anyway, (1) is there a release schedule? (2) ever thought about having a Disqus section for each strip, like GGaR webcomic has? And again, you're amazing!

Hahaha that’s what happens when less than two years time is happening over 11 years of comics…. >_> 

The schedule is supposed to be MTTF… but with being generally busy, depression/anxiety, and not wanting it to get worse by only staring at screens day and night, it’s been more like twice a week. 

There isn’t a comment section, BUT there is an active forum where fans discuss each strip: http://candicomics.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=2 :D 

Thanks for the nice words! 

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   || “Gods! I can’t believe I forgot to go pick up my replacement sword…” He growled under his breath. The tactician knew he was supposed to get the thing so he could use it in battle today. However, he was so caught up in his studies that he forgot everything else. And was–now–so caught up in this, and it caused him to forget where he was walking and, in turn, trip. “…What did I do to deserve this today? First I forget something important, then this happens? The Gods must hate me today.”

08.02.16 // 11:27 p.m.

Second post in a day what??

We’re supposed to have a huge storm tonight so I’m staying in residence with my best friend so that I don’t miss class if it happens tomorrow.
She’s gone to bed so I’m doing readings by nightlight! I’m not tired so I might as well be productive!


Bridget: He spent the night.
Roommate: Did he really? I thought you two were just studying?
Bridget: Well, that was what was suppose to happen.
Bridget: I failed all my exams.
Roommate: Really, wow…
Roommate: Do you like him?
Bridget: He seems like a nice guy… I don’t know… I’m still looking.

Anonymous said: Reiji-senpai,I write books and I love it.I would write for money in the future,but now I’m in high school. I have a lot of work, but i don’t feel like spending all my life with books I must read.I prefer writing them!What am I supposed to do? ;_;


Reiji: Writing? My my, seeing you so motivated pleases me. Very much so. Still… Although you seem surprisingly enthusiastic about this, how do you intend to follow through with this ‘dream’ of yours if your way of thinking when it comes to your education is so pessimistic? Do you think someone who is uneducated, lacking any sense and needed intelligence is of any worth? Please do not waste my time with stupid questions such as these and continue on with your studies. You, who has only the social standing of a human, cannot happen to oppose me. Or are you longing to be educated by me instead? In that case, it is a different matter…

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Angie I've seen that three glasses screen cap like five times in my life someone tell me what the fuck i'm supposed to be seeing?

in germany, you don’t hold up THOSE particular three fingers when saying “three”. you hold up your thumb, index, and middle instead. (i believe bridget explains in the scene following the massacre, when she’s telling aldo and the others what happened/why the nazis figured out they were bogus.) it’s something i knew thanks to my dad’s side of the family being german, and the pal i was with at the time actually studied abroad in germany.


In Japanese, Kin means gold and tsugi means attach or put together. Logically speaking, the term means mending things with gold. It is an art of reviving broken ceramics by mending them with the most expensive kind of gold. The art was supposes to be a way of saying “There are beauty within the cracks of imperfection and mistakes”.

I apply this method on regular basic. Not because I’m trying to be an artist or anything. I have good reasons for it, two in fact.

First, from birth, my family had known me as a clumsy kid, a klutz, that one kid you do not want to be near any expensive plates. I break things all the time. It’s like a curse of some sort. I know the outcomes; I know what would happen; even study and carefully analyze everything. Yet, things still break. Plates, video game disc case, bowl and myself. The last one is what I break and try to fix the most. I try to avoid breaking it, I know how to avoid breaking it, but still, nothing changes.

Second, I have to re-fix everything. Probably because don’t have any gold to fix anything. I’m not a billionaire or a Japanese philosopher. I’m just a regular guy with duct tape. And the thing with duct tape is that, despite traditional belief, it cannot fix everything. It can sticks things together for a while, but eventually, everything will fall apart, or look extremely ugly, or both.

Times to times, people ask me, what my hope and dream are. I kept silent, because saying: “I hope I stop breaking myself, and dream of gold to permanently mend myself” is not a normal thing to say.

It’s weird how I went from being the 15 year old girl on tumblr who wrote scathing posts about how “evil” Lord of The Rings was to the 17 year old queer person who reads Harry Potter, watches Buffy, and has pre-marital sex on a daily* basis. (*Almost every day.) This transformation wasn’t what was “supposed” to happen. I know my mom is, in some form or another, disappointed with who I’ve become. By homeschooling me, there was supposed to be this guarantee that I would turn out the way she wanted me to; that she’d get to mold every aspect of my personality and being. But this time, that supposed guarantee failed. I ended up thinking for myself, instead of blindly adopting her faith and beliefs as my own. I thought about them, studied them, and they weren’t for me. I don’t care that, in her eyes, it makes me a rebellious child and a failure. I may be a messy, complicated human being, but I am not a failure just because I became my own person and stopped being an extension of her.

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She studied his expression, attempting not to over-analyze any fidgeting && squirming. What did I do wrong ? She swore her life to PROTECTION, && blamed herself for anything that happened to Anakin. Whatever was wrong HAD to be her fault: someone she didn’t save, something that could’ve been avoided, something.

We have to be able to. I’m supposed to protect you. 
She couldn’t do that without TRUST.

Assistance, please

Does anyone have experience starting a patient advocacy group within their local hospital system in the US? I’ve been trying to get one started after a series of incidents with EDS patients in the ER, including what happened to me (presented with severe chest pain, no angio CT, told I was a drug seeker, said it was anxiety, completely dismissed. I had a dislocated rib.) 

I’ve been talking to the patient advocacy center and the director of the ER. They keep saying they don’t have the power to start a group and then send me to one woman who is supposed to be able to set it up. But she keeps sending me to other people or ignoring my emails. 

I’ve been sending her studies on the mistreatment of EDS patients to stay under her skin, but to no avail. 

Did you start a patient and family advocacy group? How?? 

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“I thought relationships were supposed to make us better people.”

the statement threw lourdes off, reverberating through her mental as the silence between the two thickened. everything that they were doing was completely new to lourdes – at least on the grounds that what they were doing was actually something serious and not a one-time fling. the truth was, she wasn’t built for anything like this. she was hostile, guarded, her worries always circulating on the dangerously high risk of her profession rather than studying and analyzing a relationship. she thought that they knew her better; but they weren’t exactly the saint in their situation either. wrongs had been done from both parties, neither willing to admit them until it gutted them both, coming out in the form of painful threats and general insults with cruel intentions. they crucified each other on a daily basis, and this was evident – but they didn’t not love or care for the other. they had to, or else one of them would’ve given up a long time ago. that she knew. “baby, i was never a good person. neither were you.” her voice was hollow, but her eyes still glanced at them with a fiery passion within them, everything she spewed at them proving to be evident. “you’re a psychotic, overbearing, manipulative piece of shit who decided to involve yourself with a possessive, overly aggressive cartel cook. we were never good people – i thought that was thrilling for you.”

Always repost the rules. Answer 11 random questions posted for you. Create 11 new questions and tag 11 people. Let the person who tagged you know that you’ve answered. 

(I’m only doing it again because they’re new questions, but I won’t tag again)

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  1. Are you in any fandoms? If so, which ones?
    I’m not really active in any fandoms, but I do like lots of things!

  2. How did you come up with your URL?
    Well… I’m Allyson and I’m learning Graphic Design haha

  3. What is your favorite day to do on a rainy day?
    I’m assuming that’s supposed to say “thing to do” not “day to do”, so I like to snuggle up in bed and I start to feel really cuddly haha.

  4. Is there anything that you really want to study just for fun?
    Um, whatever happens to catch my interest at the moment, haha. I did a little bit of reading on the business side of design, info design, and I’d like to read into things that I think would be interesting!

  5. What is your favorite thing to do on breaks?
    Depends on my mood again… I usually like to be on the studyblog or making something for it because I like staying productive! That or I’ll chill on YouTube or Skype. I also like planning new projects haha.

  6. What is your school like?
    It’s really small for a university, but it’s a private one. It’s usually pretty quiet and close-knit (you’ve seen everyone, but not really talked to them). It’s kind of average otherwise. There’s lots of history to the school though and it’s really pretty with all the trees!!

  7. Are you in any clubs? If so, which ones?
    Not really, I don’t have time to be in one, but if I could choose to be in one I would re-join Choir!

  8. Describe one of your hobbies.
    I used to really like playing Magic the Gathering (I’m a nerd) and video games, I just don’t have anyone to play with… Video games though I have some single player ones. :)

  9. What is your earliest memory?
    Honestly… I have no idea. I have memories but I can’t place them chronologically at all when it’s that early… I have horrible memory, haha.

  10. Is there anything you’re absolutely terrible at? Explain.
    I’m really bad at straight memorizing, or trying to learn something that doesn’t really make sense or can’t be “figured out” and you just have to remember that’s how it is… Like remembering dates and names is so hard for me, but concepts of events and event timelines are easier for me because I can rationalize how one thing led to another.

  11. Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal?
    They’re on the end of my bed, but I don’t hug them or anything, haha.

Thanks for the tag!