A BBC Sherlock fragment

I was going through my abandoned WIPs folder, and I found this.


“He was…big.” The woman sniffles.  Her handkerchief is permanently pressed over her nose.  “A…a lot of facial hair.”

“A beard?  What colour?”  Sherlock makes a ‘get on with it’ gesture with his hand.  John kicks his ankle.

She nods jerkily.  “Big and bushy.  And black.  A really striking black.”

Sherlock sits back, eyes narrow with satisfaction.  John nods decisively.  “Thank you.  We’ll take your case.”  He leans forward to put a hand on hers.  “If anyone can find your sister, it’s Sherlock.”


“Bluebeard, John!”  Sherlock does a pirouette once the woman leaves.  “At last!”

John clears the tea cups, Sherlock’s ebullience putting a smile on his face.  “Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve wanted his hide ever since Germany.”

“Hmmmm.”  It was as much a dissatisfied growl as a hum.  I had expected Prince Charming to be able to deal with the adulterous little ogre, but…”

I have accidentally read unfinished ficlets from ljkinkmemes that I wrote and been annoyed multiple times today. I really am a piece of work, aren’t I? I apologize to anyone who ever expected any of them to be finished.


We know that Anti appears the most with Fnaf sister location. I’ve noticed that Jacks uploads fnaf every 3 to 5 days (Episode 1 : October 10th , Episode 2 : 13th, episode 3 : 18th and episode 4 : 22nd)

BUT with Jacks twitter, it is confirmed that Anti will come on October 31st.

So there is a few options :

-Fnaf last episode will be like the others and will come in 3 or 4 days (sooo 27th or 28th) and Anti will become more powerful, but he won’t take over yet.

-Jack is going to make us wait more and upload Fnaf last episode on the 31st and Anti WILL take over on the last episode (what happens next? Who the fuck knows)

-This one kinda follows the first theory : Anti will have his own video, maybe it will look like a vlog or something.

So what will happen? I guess we will have to wait.

i’m not sure what i feel

last night on the walking dead was rough. like, really rough. i’m sort of numb right now. to the point where i’m not even bothering to capitalize anything. so what do i do with these feelings? (or lack of feelings as it were)


yeah. so there might be a bombardment of fanfic in the next week or so because i don’t want to think about what’s going to happen next or who was so brutally torn away from us (the walking dead fandom). it might get a little feels-y, but i’m sort of just going to fill whatever prompts in my box strike my fancy. 

I’ve seen a bunch of posts implying that it’s “Jerza’s turn” for a death scare but we’ve already seen that. Both Jellal and Erza had a death scare in the fight with Nienhart. There was a whole thing with Kagura and CPR and kissing. How was this so easily forgotten?

I can’t predict what’ll happen next but I’d like to think we’re past that. I’d LIKE to think we can get on with the actual plot now.

Final order

“Alright soldiers, here we are. The cusp of victory. I have one last set of orders to give before total domination is ready. First objective, we must be rid of all Royal guards and make sure they are not a threat. Second objective, attack Asgore in any way you can. Third objective, make sure no guards stand a threat to the new regime. Make sure our control is total. You have your orders, now go and spread the word of Unity!”

//Side note, any who would like to defend, like this post. Any who would like to attack, reblog this post and make sure to tag any event activities under

Event: Foreigners Legion recruitment.

//It’s up to you guys on what happens next. If the defenders can hold out for long enough, the event will end in a defeat and the Royal guards will be the winners. Remember no god modding guys and gals. Have fun!

I Told You Not To Sneak Up On Me

Pairing: Reader x Sam, Steve, Bucky, Natasha

Summary: Taking the trash out the reader hears a noise, what happens next?

Word Count: 594

Warnings: Violence, fluff maybe?


It was trash day, and of course, you forgot to take the trash out. It was now pitch black outside, as you gathered up the trash. Piling it next to the door, so you could take it all out at once. You take the bags and are placing them into the bin when you hear a rustling of leaves behind you. You sense, rather than turning around, a person moving behind you. You grab their arm and flip them over onto their back.

“Oh hey, Sam.” You say cheerfully, once you recognize the person you just body flipped. “Hey (Y/N).” He wheezes at you, “Why did you just flip me?” He asks, getting up, you shrug at him.

“I told you not to sneak up on me.” You replied.


You groaned as you tried to show another paper plate into the trashcan. It was too full, but it was too late to take the trash out. You sighed, tying the bag up and putting a new one into the trashcan. You grab the bag and take it out to the cans, hearing on high alert. You didn’t live in a bad neighborhood, but it wasn’t necessarily safe to be walking when it was dark out. As you place the bag into the can, you hear a scuffling noise from behind you. Your SHIELD training kicks in, and you flip the person over your shoulder. When they land in front of you, you realize that it’s just Steve.

“Oh hello, Steve.” You say, and he looks at you. “How did you just flip me over your shoulder?” He asks, picking himself up off the ground. You shrug, turning to go back inside.

“SHIELD training, besides I warned you not to sneak up on me.” You answer, going back into your place.


It was an early morning, you had just gotten back from a mission, and your trash can smelt like death. It was dark out, and you grumbled to yourself as you took the bag out of the trashcan and put in a fresh one. You step out into the dark, and head for the trashcans. As you are putting the lid back onto the trash can, someone grabs you by your waist. Your reaction in immediate, a kick to the leg, and then you flip your attacker over your shoulder. Once your attacker is on the ground in front of you, you realize that it’s Bucky.

“Oh hey, babe.” You greet him, and he laughs at you, before getting up. “I just wanted to hug you, after you get back from a week long mission, and you flip me over your shoulder.” He chuckles, grabbing your hand.

“I told you not to sneak up on me,” you say, shrugging.


It’s a dark rainy day, and you had been putting off taking the trash out. But you can no longer ignore the overflowing monster. You grumble as you tie the bag up and place it next to the door, you replace the bag, and pull on a coat. You head out into the dark rain, making a beeline for the trashcans. As you are closing the lid on the trashcan, you hear a soggy footstep behind you, and you react. You grab an arm and flip the person over, as they are landing in a puddle at your feet you see it’s Natasha. The spy looks impressed.

“How did you just do that?” She asks, getting up, and following you inside. You shrug, “I told you not to sneak up on me.”

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jock!ty and nerd!j is always good oofocidj what about j ridin tys face n his /thicc/ thighs are wiggly n ty loves!!it!! n i don't rlly care what happens next mkay ily thnx

Ily2 baby also Time2Overshare but I dunno what I did to the group chat? Everyone talks before I get there and they literally stop and disappear as soon as I send a message then when I leave they come back like literally this happens within a span of like 5 minutes n just ??? The fuck??? Did I do????

Josh would an absolute nerd, which confused everyone considering his boyfriend was at the top of the school chain and was basically the complete opposite to Josh. Tyler would be a popular jock, and yet he’d somehow have his heart stolen by some nerdy boy with cheap red dyed hair.

But the one thing Tyler loved most about Josh, was his thick thighs and even thicker ass. So when Josh’s thighs are twitching and wobbling while he simultaneously tries to ride Tyler’s face and sloppily do maths homework, Tyler is fucking in love.

He’d moan and giggle and gasp, hips rocking and thighs wiggly as he tried to complete the work. That was the deal, he had to finish before he could cum. So Tyler would lazily lick over his hole, nipping and sucking at the sensitive skin as Josh tried to focus.

And when josh announces his success Tyler speeds it up, spreading the boy’s cheeks apart with his hands and fucking delving Josh’s ass. His nose would be pressed against Josh’s skin, tongue licking sloppily and fucking in and out. And the little nerd just clenches his hands and cums with a squeal, all over his homework.

And the process would start all over again.

Sherstrade club fic! ( Victor is a bit of an arse...)

“Let’s go get high and fuck. C'mon baby, for old times sake.”

Victor’s hand went to Sherlock’s crotch and Sherlock flew out of his seat, the chair hitting the ground, the noise covered up by the music blasting on.

“Get off me Victor or I’ll break that hand of yours.”

Sherlock nearly hissed, stepping away to have some more distance. People close to their table were watching, eager to find out what would happen next.

“Oh c'mon baby, don’t be like that! You love it when I fuck you! C'mon, don’t play coy now!”

Victor stumbled forward, grabbing Sherlock’s wrist and holding him in place. Sherlock winced at the force of it. Victor’s eyes shone with lust and malice and Sherlock’s breath caught in his throat.

“That’s more like it! Now, let’s go!”

Victor gave a vicious pull and Sherlock nearly stumbled. He tried to break free but Victor just held on tighter, sliding his arm around Sherlock’s waist and moving him forward, towards the exit. Other people around had looked away, not daring to interfere and Sherlock felt panic raise inside him. Not again. He looked around, trying for a way out when suddenly a voice called out behind them. Sherlock saw a tanned hand on Victor’s shoulder and he felt relieve flow all through his body.

“Excuse me, I think it’s obvious he doesn’t want to go with you. Let go of him. Now.”


I’m spell checking this baby right now! Could be posted this week! WOOOHOOOO! 

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In my opinion, I think Cyborg Noodle will return in this phase, but for revenge because she was stranded in that submarine while Murdoc was the only one that was captured. Plus, we seen how violent she can get, so it wouldn't surprise me. But this is my theory though.

I’m thinking the same thing. But I’m not getting my hopes up. I would love to know what happened to her after Murdoc was taken away. Like you said, she probably might track him down and try to kill him for stranding her (which I’m surprised the ships didn’t take her away as well. They probably didn’t know that she was with him.) And she also looks very violent compare to how she was in Phase 3. So she might’ve gone a bit haywired. But yeah, again it would great if Cyborg officially comes back. But I don’t know how Noodle would react to her though. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

AU where, through a succession of events, Roadhog ends up as an anarchist group’s demolitions expert despite not knowing anything about explosives. He has no idea how to get out of this mess and has to try find a way to learn how to be the best explosives guy overnight. But that’s when he sees a half singed fuzzy rat tinkering with his mine that he fucked up and actually making it to a quality standard. We all know what happens next…

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