“God gives you what you deserve” - Catalina Ponor on IG right now LULZ okay sorry children dying all over the world of famine and disease. According to Catalina Ponor and God, you deserve it.

ottoleitner  asked:

Honestly! If it wasn't enough to host this ridiculous poll about my my favorite jacket, which I find needlessly prying. What does it matter if I use a portion of my wardrobe more frequently? It's hardly news. But I digress, because what most upsets me is this defamation of my character. How dare you imply I would do anything untoward with a scotch mint.

Otto, are you trying to dictate to us what qualifies as news? Because look, it’s sad that Ursula the Sea Witch turned you into the shrivelled mess you are, but that gives you no right to decide what should and should not be discussed in the Sumner Catch! Freedom of the press! And if the press decides it’s important to discuss which ratty dust jacket you use to muffle your rattling bones, then that’s legitimate news!

As for the Scotch mint, we have it on truth from a good source. Don’t deny your love in public, Otto. Respect your Scotch mint. It’s been kind to you when you had no-one else.


No but in all seriousness, is there a support group yet for this man’s fucking face or am I expected to just deal with it?