James Flint + that probably shouldn’t be attractive and yet.. 

[requested by daughtersofthanos]

If You Could Throw Cold Spaghetti at Any Cast Member, Who Would It Be?

Melanie: Kat. Because she showed up last night looking so beautiful at…the Eisner Awards. And I was like, who are you!? [makes throwing motion] (x)

Dominique: If I could throw what!? Oh my God! Tim! Because it would get stuck in his moustache! (x)

Kat: If I could what!? Cold spaghetti!? I don’t know!! Shamier is the first who came in my head. ‘Cause he’s always like super put together and I would just like to ruffle his feathers a little. (x)

Tim: Shamier Anderson. Easiest question anyone’s ever asked me. He’d take it well…. He’d probably eat it! [But] not on his clothes! (x)

Shamier: Bobo Del Rey. [Interviewer: A couple have said you.] Oh really!?!? First of all, [Dolls] is so quick it wouldn’t even get on him. Just so you know. If they throw spaghetti at me, Dolls would be like [martial arts moves lol]. (x)