Why do people have convoluted “terms and conditions” pages for their gifs with fake links to make sure you read the whole page of rules about at what time of day we’re allowed to feast our eyes upon your gifs and what position the moon has to be in before we reblog like holy shit it’s a gif and I don’t care enough to spend 20 minutes looking for your damned gif tag

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ok for some fucking reason safe mode is blocking all of your posts about your new books coming up

What the hell?! I didn’t even use a naughty word in that post or anything!

I didn’t say “fuck” once!

Unless “lesbian” or “bisexual” or “pan” are counted as naughty words…

@staff didn’t you literally post about how you fixed this yesterday? About how you weren’t intentionally hitting lgbtq+ content?

Because if your algorithm for blocking photosets is the problem like you claim, and YA book covers (or covers that would be entirely suitable for YA) are getting flagged, then it’s time to scrap Safe Mode.

But a quick scan through Booklr with Safe Mode on tells me that book covers aren’t the problem.

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[image description: Oprah “So what is the truth?” gif]

Also, pro-tip @staff, if a blog uses image descriptions - like mine does - have your algorithm use them. There aren’t that many description formats people use.

Unless you did do that and it was the two women “kind-of almost looking at each other“ bit that got it flagged…


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