I literally headcanon that when Marinette finds out that Chat is Adrien, she wears ladybug related stuff for Adrien to slowly piece the clues together to find out that she is actually Ladybug.

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Anton Walbrook behind the scenes of ‘The Red Shoes’, 1948.

every single time i pause on the a dance practice video i get something like this i mean what is even happening in this ending pose? why does jinyoung look like his soul has just ascended from his body? why is youngjae touching his dick? why does bambam look like he’s reaching for something on the top self even though he knows he can’t reach it but is too stubborn to give up? wtf is yugyeom so angry at? why does jackson look like one of those guys who doesn’t understand personal boundaries and mark is just smiling to mask his uncomfortableness? jaebum is just happy to be there. 


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I have a new inking pen and wanted to see how quickily I can ink with it. It’s actually pretty fun to use it and since I was on it (it’s one of those brush-pen thingies, never used them before), I threw some Copics at it. Nothing special but overall it was fun to draw. Some experiements always help to improve, right?

So here’s a very quick doodle of Error. I wanted to draw him with glasses for a while now anyway. He looks like a shy nerd this way, lol

Error / @loverofpiggies