You could say that, yes. I mean, they don’t “translate” into actual words survivors could understand or anything, but it’s generally easy to tell that different types of growls and cries mean different things. Warning screeches, signal barks, happy purrs, stuff like that. They tend to vary from individual to individual, group to group, type of Infected etc. though, of course. You learn to read ‘em, you adjust.

(That’s about as simply as I can describe it to somebody who’s not an Infected themselves. Haha.)

dailycupofcreativity asked:

I love how in-character your responses always are! Seriously, I look up to you! You're my ask-idol. :D Anyways, can I ask a question? :3 To the spirit: did Shadi ever find out you had the millennium eye with you? Does Ryou know? How do you hide it?

{aaaa /)////(\ YOU MADE MY DAY- Like seriously- thank you I’m glad that you think of me that way *blush blush* PS. I’m sorry for the poor Bakura.}