Them: you like AO3, Tim Burton, Kerrang!, Jeff Dunham, and dancing in your underwear. You can’t sing, you can’t stop shipping people, and you don’t know what snatched means. Face it. Your never gonna make it.

Me: I don’t wanna make it. I just wanna… awesome guitar riff

Them: did you just say awesome guitar riff outloud

Just in case anyone needed the reassurance.

Here I am, a person with Real Actual PTSD who has been professionally diagnosed for 19 years and got that diagnosis re-confirmed by a different professional 3 years ago, telling you that:

  • Self-diagnosis is valid.
  • It doesn’t matter if it was “just” bullying or “just” emotional abuse or “only” mild physical abuse or “not that bad” of an accident or “not that dangerous” of a situation.  All of those things can cause PTSD, even if it wasn’t as severe as what other people have gone through.
  • Your triggers are not stupid or exaggerated or made up.
  • Your triggers don’t have to cause a full-blown panic attack or flashback to be real.
  • Your flashbacks don’t have to be vivid visual hallucinations of a past event to be real.
  • You are not too young to have PTSD.  Trauma doesn’t card you.  Your age doesn’t make your experience invalid.
  • You matter.

For the best person in the world @rniq

Don't feel ashamed of doing "CHILDISH" things

•buy toys/dolls/crayons
•play with Legos
•play old videogames/dress up games
•weave friendship bracelets
•watch cartoons
•use stickers
•draw pics of your favorite characters

If it makes you feel nice, do it.
Don’t even worry about what other people think, because it doesn’t matter–if it brings you happiness, it’s not “ridiculous”, or “immature”.

You deserve to enjoy yourself.

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I'm still not over how quick Niall looked to Louis when the Bears were mentioned. Also I miss them

Honestly, they all exposed themselves except for Louis. What they moment really taught me was that I would only be able to call upon Louis to be able to successfully cloak my underground bear operation in the secrecy it needed:

Even Company Man Liam, world class liar extraordinaire, played himself with his whole “What’s a Rainbow bear? What’s even a bear? What are people?  THANK YOU for telling me about the thing which I did not know about until you just told me right this moment here now and not before because I had no prior knowledge I FEEL BETTER NOW” as his very life flashed before his eyes:

Honestly though I’m J-Si right here:

Meanwhile, Louis remained calm and was a true masterclass in endearing smugness:

Relive it here:

P.S. I miss them too

I’ve seen a couple posts today that are about how Hufflepuff is always represented by flowers and sweaters, and by mushy headcanons. Here is a board for those of you who don’t understand the dark side of Hufflepuff. 

Yes, we are friendly and kind to a fault but here’s the thing. We pay for it. We push down everything we worry about, everything that stresses us out because we are the happy house, the friendly house. People come to us with their problems and we are more than happy to listen to them, give them advice, and support them. But what about us? 

We turn around and have a problem and no one is there to listen except our own house because that’s what we do. We love people when they can’t even love themselves and by the end of the day there is no love left to give ourselves. We put on a happy face so that you can’t see the turmoil inside. 

When it comes time to protect our friends, we do it. We don’t think about it, we don’t worry what others might think. We do it. We take that bullet for someone else. We sacrifice ourselves to protect the ones we love because we are loyal. If that means taking down an army of people to protect the ones we love, it doesn’t matter. We would fight until we couldn’t physically do it anymore. 

We are emotional, not going to deny that but, if you sit there and honestly think that we are always going to be push overs or that we’ll always be the happy ones, or that we’re weak than you are wrong.

Hufflepuff is the strongest house in Hogwarts even if it isn’t brute strength or a sharp mind or driving ambition. 

We have iron hearts that can gut you with a single sentence. 

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I can't believe people are still demonizing you for the clexacon drama (actually, I'm sad to say I can believe it). it's always hella telling when people see a cishet dude getting prioritized over actual LGBT voices and try to jump through hoops to prove that you/LGBT people somehow deserved it. anyway I hope you're doing well and I have so much respect for you for continuing to stick up for yourself and the rest of us!

I’m just really glad there are an even larger chunk of people like you who see what’s actually happening. Thank you. 

what’s even causing people to doubt so violently now comic con was like yesterday and they were just spilling beans left and right? don’t tell me it was the article from the anon i thoughtlessly published while driving up the 5 i will collapse

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Out of every comment I've read on ao3 and here, the only one who has been "violently disgusted" has been you. Maybe there were some comments I didn't see, but all the ones I have, they have been calm and collected as they expressed their opinions and pointed out the reasons they think you should tag your story from the start if you make a character trans. Meanwhile you have just labelled anyone who disagrees with you transphobic.

1. I’ve deleted some comments that were transphobic on my previous trans fic but there’s still some of them! Obviously you’ve not seen them ;)

2. *does a little dance* the reason you believe trans people have to be tagged is because youre transphobic! let me explain for ur dumb little ass since you clearly haven’t read any of what I’ve said about this before even though many other people have been annoying me about this:

  • a. the idea that trans people have to be tagged stems from the belief that trans people are an abnormality. if you did not think this way, you would ask for cis people to be tagged as well. thinking that trans people are abnormal is transphobic.
  • b. the idea that trans people have to be tagged stems from the belief that cis people are the default. cis people are not the default, and this is a transphobic opinion.
  • c. the idea that trans people have to be tagged stems from the fact that cis people are uncomfortable with seeing us. if youre uncomfortable with a character SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE they’re trans, you’re a transphobe.
  • d. the idea that trans people have to be tagged stems from the fact that cis people only want us to exist when and where they’re okay with us to be there (aka, they’re only okay with us when they can fetishize us, but they get uncomfortable as soon as we’re anywhere else where they haven’t been planning for us to exist). this is a transphobic mindset.
  • e. MINORITIES. DO. NOT. HAVE. TO. BE. TAGGED. sorry! thats just how it is! if you wanna tag a minority youre an intolerant bigot!

3. if you defend the idea that trans people have to be tagged: You. Are. A. Transphobe. yes, i am labelling everyone who disagrees with me as a transphobe. you know why? because their opinion is transphobic. if you have this opinion you are a transphobe. im sorry, those are the facts.

4. the reason you’re on anon right now is because you know you’re wrong and you fear being known for the transphobe you are ;) come off anon and maybe i can take u seriously lol ;) until then: fuck off my blog.

Why there is no resolution to the Marina Joyce situation:

Her friends confirmed that she is okay, her family is confirmed that she is okay, apparently police have confirmed that she is okay, multiple newspapers and websites have confirmed she is okay, she HERSELF has confirmed she is okay.

And yet people don’t believe it. They say she is being forced to say this, that every single one of her friends and family are behind what has been happening, some have even accused them of keeping her hostage. People assume she is being forced to live stream, and that she avoids questions about abuse or her bruises because her attacker is in the room with her. Has anyone stopped to think that if perhaps she is mentally ill, and has somehow harmed herself, she doesn’t want people asking her about it or drawing attention to her self harm? I know I hate it when people point out my scars or even acne. People hate having skin marks pointed out, even ones they have caused themselves.

She could very well be in trouble and her whole group of family and friends are lying and keeping her hostage in a house somewhere. Who knows? It’s good that people are concerned, but jumping to the worst possible option is so dangerous. The spreading of false information, the fake tweets and photos, the overanalyzing, the panicking…if this girl really is in danger, then the circus that Twitter/Tumblr has become concerning the situation helps no one. It raises awareness, but solves no issues, only creates a jumbled mess of conflicting information.

Her friends and family have said she is going through a rough time and does not want to talk about it, which people take as them lying and covering up them abusing her, but perhaps they’re telling the truth. There are a thousand ways to look at this and no matter what she does it’s a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” situation for her. If she doesn’t confess that it’s not abuse and she has a drug/mental health issue, then people will carry on panicking. If she does admit it, it will likely not be because she’s happy to do so, and surely people will be mad about it. She might have actually been abused. It’s hard to say. She says one thing, the public and her videos say another.

Yes, she has liked tweets saying she needs help, yet she has also liked some saying she’s fine. She has even liked some accusing her of faking and claiming it to be a hoax. She has said on camera that it was a publicity stunt– started by her followers without her permission– but of course people think she’s being forced to say it. There is no resolution for now until people start to believe something or she absolutely admits to something and there’s more proof aside from her own videos. People said they wouldn’t accept anything as fact until she admitted she was fine on video, she did, and people still don’t believe it. We are all at a standstill concerning the safety of this girl.

Also, addressing some false info being spread (I’m on mobile and don’t have links at the moment, but would be glad to add some later):

-Bethal Green is a place, not a store. It has no opening time. The “party” she was talking about was in reference to a morning rave she posted a link to earlier. It is near Bethnal Green, and starts at 6:30, so she likely planned to meet there and walk to the party with fans. She has since cancelled going there.

-The black video of her “crying and telling people not to go to the party” is fake. It was never posted on her Twitter. Strange how everyone found supposed deleted tweets of hers and managed to screenshot every single one but this one. Yes, it’s a video, but there is no proof it was ever on her account. Apparently, it was posted on Instagram by someone claiming to be at the “event” but when someone pointed out that at 6:30 in Bethnal Green the sun was out, they deleted the post and possibly their account as well.

-The picture of one of her recent selfies with “help me” written on a box in the background was Photoshopped. As for the Jason mask in the back of her room, it appears to be a teddy bear at an odd angle. It has appeared in other videos in the same spot where it’s clearer to see.

-As far as I’m aware, she is not in California. The rumor going around that her IP has been traced there is false. They tracked her IP through Twitter, which apparently leads back to Twitter HQ in San Francisco.

-Phil DeFranco, who I personally admire in situations such as this thanks to his level headed demeanor, has spoken with her on Skype. I’m unsure at the moment if the video of them speaking has been uploaded, but would encourage people to check out his YouTube channel every so often to see. Youtuber Daz Black has said he’s spoken to her and she’s fine, and that he plans to do a collaboration video with her soon. Unless he too is being held captive, I don’t understand how her “kidnapper” would allow her to film with another Youtuber who would surely notice if she were chained up and beaten.

Do we want answers for why she is so bruised up and acting so strange? Yes, but already so much speculation and false information have caused issues. People had said she died and all her videos were posted using bloopers and old footage, when clearly that’s not true. It’s okay to be worried, and it is okay to want to see Marina get help. But it is not okay to cause a panic and spread rumors. I just urge everyone to think this through with a level head. I’m tired of all the wild theories and “make believe” CSI investigations. Attention needs to be brought to her situation, but not so much so that it does more harm than good. Please, please, please, everyone try and fact check any new information before posting it around, and let everyone know if something is proven false. If something sounds too wild to be true, or even looks fake or Photoshopped, there’s a good chance it is. Just think things through and hope for the best for Marina.~


He asks her about the bruises and tries to get a clear explanation as to what is going on.

Random Musings: Dead Horses

Okay guys, obviously that confess reply was some nasty tongue-in-cheek. I’m hardly going to stop shipping anything let alone 90% of my ships because of some made up “rule”. But I’m really tired of this us vs. them shit.

Do you have to be a cat to support cats? Animal welfare? Be a cat to be against animal abuse? Awkward.

You don’t have to be gay to ship gay ships. You don’t have to be straight to ship straight ships.

And likewise, not every ship in the fandom has to be gay. And not every ship has to be straight. Not every ship has to be romantic even! Who cares what other people ship as long as they mind their own business?

( And I hope by ‘gay’ we’re all on the same page here to include everyone, not just homosexuals - otherwise… yup, that’s just as problematic)

And further more, calling someone a homophobe because they don’t ship your ship is like calling someone a slut because you don’t like the clothing they wear. When you sling a word around like that it loses it’s meaning and severity and turns into a petty insult.

Stop harassing other people for their ships. 

This is like the fucking fanservice thing. Some people are going to like fanservice, some people aren’t. Both are valid. Is there injustice involved? Yes, but we don’t have to pulverize the dead horse’s bones into dust over it. Nor should you be calling out an entire GROUP of people on either side when individuals of the group are responsible for your grudges. Nor is it appropriate to target young teens, harass them and question very personal aspects of their private lives. 

Practice a little respect for once.

Police Chief Retired After Calling Black Lives Matter A Terrorist Group

A North Carolina town has approved the retirement of the police chief after he referred to the Black Lives Matter movement as a terrorist group in a Facebook post.

Local news outlets report that the town council in Surf City approved the retirement of Police Chief Mike Halstead during an emergency meeting Tuesday.

Halstead is white and had planned to retire this year. The town approved the retirement following a September 3rd Facebook post by Halstead. He had been police chief since 1999.

In the 662-word post, he called Black Lives Matter “nothing more than an American born terrorist group” and said the government needs to step up and put a stop to it. He said the movement glorifies criminals and vilifies members of law enforcement.

The real terrorist is whoever denies the power of the Black Lives Matter community. I’m endlessly thankful to the members of the organization because they are people who actually care and want to change our country for the better. What even makes people say such stupid things? It was rather obvious that he wouldn’t get anyone’s approval and he’d get lots of hateful comments. Thank god he was retired and there’s now one pig less in the police department in North Carolina.

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Can you believe Jackson Wang saved America???

He saved the whole world,the whole universe,planet,galaxy,my life.Like really Jackson,what say about him?how can people even hate him?he can’t hurt a fly well he is scared of insects tho Everyday he surprises me,being humble and caring for the fans,and just being himself.The things that he say that can be said without even noticing,like he treats both male and female the same way,he says you can be whatever you want and who you are and for that he is already beautiful.He says you can have any religion,have any weight,height,any sexuality,BE YOURSELF,and in a society that be yourself is wrong?! is just so nice and comforting have someone that reassures that you is you and the rest don’t matter at all.Jackson Wang is fucking beautiful both inside and outside and I just want him to notice that,because he says that for everyone,but he sometimes don’t listen to himself and that is so sad and wrong.

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why do you voters always have to bring eisuke into it when you're talking about voting, like, just let people decide on their own, and even if eisuke wins again, so what, it's because people voted for him and it's their right to do so, so don't shame them just because you guys want someone else to win, which is ridiculous because you'd take anyone over eisuke just to not let him win, so lame, at least be real and not just vote for someone to overtake someone else but for you fav, just saying

Whew, I’m sorry if I’ve offended you in any way. It was never my intention to NOT make people vote for Eisuke, the whole Eisuke comment was supposed to be a lighthearted joke but apparently that didn’t come across well :p. I don’t want to force my opinion on people, I was just simply sharing it. If people don’t share the same opinion with me, I’m fine with it. I didn’t pick Tsumugu because I don’t want Eisuke to win, I agree that that’ll be lame, I picked Tsumugu because I sincerely like him very much if that wasn’t clear enough. Thank you for sharing your opinion with me anon and may this clear up any misunderstanding.

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"I experience acephobia when people ask me about how I'll have children." So like sexism? You mean you experience sexism.

what the fuck i’m not even ace and people ask me about how i’ll have children all the fucking time like that aggression doesn’t exist to target ace people, it exists to target W O M E N 

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what are frank's thoughts of other people becoming "inspired" by his work and wearing the skull too?

Oh I don’t think Frank likes it at ALL. I mean, every time I’ve seen it happen in the comics it’s kind of rubbed me a weird way, and it always seems to end terribly, and I think Frank knows that. I think he’s acutely aware of what he’s turned his life into, and he doesn’t want people to be like him. Even in that fucked up in-between stage before he was the Punisher, on the boat with Matt, DEMANDING Matt let him kill a guy he knew wasn’t the Blacksmith, he’s still got it in him to go ‘you don’t want to be me’. Matt’s about to concede that he was right, that everything Frank said on the roof top was RIGHT, and Frank backtracks.  He’s close enough to bearing the Punisher mantle that he knows that nobody, nobody should become or be inspired by the things he does or the things he’s about to do.

He’s under no delusion over what he is, I think that’s an important definitive trait for Frank. He knows. He’s fully aware. And like. IDK I think when other people put on the skull I feel like he would deem it a sort of failure on his part. I think he sees himself as a preventative measure, and seeing another person put on the skull and take what he does to heart is like? Another family died in another park. Another soul is forfeit to this war of his. Even in the comics, with like, Cole-Alves, I think he understands, helps her, works with her, but I don’t think, even for one instant, that he endorses it. 

I don’t believe Frank wants anyone to be like him. Especially not when they have some life left in them.

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how...how the fuck are people even coming to that conclusion???

To what the pedophile thing? That’s because I reblogged a picture of mccree/d.va together since my friend drew it and people automatically called me a pedophile for it even tho d.va is 19 and a legal adult haha.

But that’s kinda old news, I have a lot of younger mutuals so?? Idk dude I got like no ‘receipts ’ on me